Saturday, March 26, 2011

OH, my God.......

........please pray for HER.  I can't imagine they'll let her live.



Brooke said...

It is likely she is already dead, and it was a slow and painful process.

Z said...

I'm afraid so, could they allow her to live? Despicable scum.

beamish said...

At least she'll never be oppressed by anti-aircraft guns.

::rolls eyes at Obama::

Anonymous said...

This is the women courage in the most dangerous situations.

And this is the reason why all types of dictators smash the women first.

Now, imagine how the kids of this type of women are educated.

When you think about this women, think about all the women in the non democratic countries.

According to the Mullahs Judiciary, there is currently 600,000 prisoners in IRAN, the young boys and young girls are rapped regularly before being executed.

To make you insensitive to their case, the opressor lables the victims, Communist, Terrorist,, etc.

AND, it works!


Ducky's here said...

This is probably going on ll over that poor country.

Second guess Obama as you like (and we're all doing it) but he probably acted in time to prevent a major slaughter.

Major said...

I hear the stampede from NOW, springing out of their chairs and mens NBA locker rooms trying to save her and all women from 22 misogynistic Islamic prisons.

Z said...

SAM, it's a horrifying situation....we need to pray for all of them.

Ducky, if only Bush had gone in earlier, maybe he could have saved those 300,000 Kurds and so many who have lost limbs and tongues...etc.
I can't talk much about this, but Mr Z knew awful stories even in his dealings with that country many years ago........was going on a long time...But, apparently, the liberals don't give much credence to Iraqis who are suffering, as Biden and Obama were against going in...Libya, they're delighted to help! go figure.

Major...NOW couldn't care less, could they. THey don't care about women being cut, they didn't care about Clinton's philandering but they SURE cared about Republican Packwood's! typical

Z said...

Major, on another blog, I just saw that someone posted my GAY SEX EDUCATION video and a commenter there thought it was California and wished an earthquake to take the State. THIS is what I didn't want. THIS is the only thing that makes blogging less satisfying, less fun.
Imagine? Picture me doing that to ANYBODY on their blogs about their States? See me doing that?


Major said...

"thought it was California and wished an earthquake to take the State."

My wish has always been to change the political landscape....not the physical, geography of such a truly breathtaking place ( second to Montana of course! ).

I would never wish that on California. I was out there in 89 and saw the terrible aftermath of the 6.9 Loma Prieta disaster.

Yet....stories on California will inevitably draw some flies to the fire too.

Leticia said...

I hope to God she is alive, but I sincerely believe she is probably being tortured and raped again to silence her. And probably murdered.

God help her!

Anonymous said...


Just now, all the FRENCH MEDIAS are showing the Video of that woman.

Thanks to the BRAVE REPORTERS.

I think that with this VIDEO, they will not dare to kill her, they will try to convince her by money or by fear to tell that she was payed by the enemies, but they will not kill her, because all the people in the vidéo could be recognized and tracked by the future justice.


Z said...

SAM, so she may give in and lie to save herself...
I wonder how many thousands of times that happens, which then gives the world lies about what happens.
Thank you for that information, you are probably right.

Major, thanks for that....

Leticia, I hope SAM's right for the girl's sake; on the other hand, I wish she could testify against those who hurt her and put them in jail for life.

Anonymous said...


After showing her video everywhere, Qaddafi will try to bully her, but will not dare to torture or kill her.

This is the way, a dictator is always scared to be condemned by the PUBLIC OPINION.

Qaddafi is thinking for his future, if his crimes becomes public, he will scape immediatly.

If Obama says that he will be countable for all the crimes from now, he will surrenders immediately.

This is the Characteristics of the CRIMINELS who govern.

This is the reason why we do the demonstrations to attract the public opinion and from public opinion to force the free world's leaders to take position.

And the DICTATORS try to demonize the DEMOCRATS, today Qaddafi showed 120 body and said that the coalition forces had killed them, but, we know that he had killed them himself.


Anonymous said...

Sam, why wouldn't they kill her? They've already killed thousands. Do you think this one case will matter amidst the chaos?

Would one more atrocity stand out? I wish it would, but I'm afraid it will be lost in the madness that now confronts the libyan people.

"Second guess Obama as you like (and we're all doing it) but he probably acted in time to prevent a major slaughter."

Ducky, Obama didn't act, he's going along for the ride leaving the command decisions to a committee called Nato!


beamish said...

Second guess Obama as you like (and we're all doing it) but he probably acted in time to prevent a major slaughter.

Reading "My Pet Goat" for 3 minutes after the 9/11 attacks started vs. petting goats in South America for the past month...

Anonymous said...


A Dictator believes that he is loved by all, and he is right on all points,

the people around him repeat the words that he loves.

A dictator is in love with himself.

And a DICTATOR has the nightmares by the minimum of opposition against himself.

A dictator who has manipulated the medias, a dictator who has paid the huge amount of money for his make-up by the medias needs that the people believe him and trust him.

Yes, they kill as much as they can, but, they deny their crimes.

Now that a woman dares to demonstrate the uncovered face of Qaddafi, Qaddafi will try by money or by psychological pressure to force her to deny what she said, but, killing her will worsen Qaddafi's situation.

American advisers and friends of Qaddafi will advise QADDAFI to announce that she was rapped and battered BY THE enemies and not the POLICE.

You know, 2 years ago, after killing NEDA in the street of TEHRAN, the Mullahs said that USA+ Israel+UK+MEK(Iranian Resistance) have KILLED NEDA and not the security forces.

And you see that this kind of mis-information works and the Imbeciles repeat the propaganda of the Islamists.

And OBAMA didn't acted in time; he waited till 8 thousands of the most brave libians be killed, and after FRANC's ATTACK Obama ordered the US FORCES INTERVENTION.


Pris said...

"A dictator is in love with himself."

Very true Sam. What you describe could be our current President.

Anonymous said...

I can only quote Hamlet.

"Horrible, horrible, most horrible."

It really IS.

All we can do is pray.