Saturday, March 26, 2011

Geraldine Ferraro.....Rest in Peace

Geraldine Ferraro has died..........May God give comfort to her family and friends.
I didn't know, but she fought multiple myeloma for ten years, which is almost a miracle, and she credited a new drug with lengthening her life without the ravages some chemotherapies can cause.  Mr. Z's doctors gave him the same meds for his Amyloidosis as they give for multiple isn't an easy therapy.
Ferraro was scrappy, I admired her for that..........America was better for her, even if she was a Democrat :-)



Major said...

What a shame. She was a real fighter in her time. Matter of fact I think she's the one that the Palin's, Bachmann's and Clintons owe for breaking that glass ceiling.

Smart, classy lady.

They say these things come in 3's?

Z said...

Good morning, Major.
Yes...Taylor, Ferraro........and I read that Zsa Zsa thinks the third is her! Did you see that?

I do think she broke that glass ceiling...and I do believe America is a better place because of her ...she was scrappy and tough and stayed a lady. I think Bachmann's quite like her, now that you mention it...But I'm thinking Palin will be the first of the women to issue a statement (as usual)

Major said...

Good morning to you too Ms. Z.

Yes I read that about Ms. Gabor. But she's in her 90's I think, isn't she?

If it's her turn, she's had one hell of a rodeo ride!

You're right in your assessment of Bachmann too. Both cut from the same whole cloth.

( Wish you would have put up that CA piece today!! ;-) I would have stayed away...promise.

Z said...

Well, Major, in my pain (smile), I deleted the whole thing...I'm sorry now, frankly.
I wouldn't have minded criticism of the things I had linked, that's why I'd written on them, I hated the stuff, too!, I just didn't want my State bashed anymore; I see it a LOT at other blogs, too, not just here.
But, let's let that rest...and move on! thanks, Major.
Maybe, if I find the time and energy, I'll dig the links up again and post it...we'll see.

Anonymous said...

This is a shame. Geraldine Ferraro was a mainstream Democrat, and she gave it her all.

While I didn't agree with her politics, she wasn't an anti-American politician, and represented herslf well.

The news keeps saying she was the first woman to run on a national ticket, but doesn't anyone remember that Shirley Chisholm who was the first black female to run for the nomination for President? And before her, Margaret Chase Smith?

It's true they didn't win the nomination, and that's the distinction, but I think these women were also instrumental in the effort of women into the leadership arena.

As for Ferraro, she beame a Fox News contributor and seemed very likable and savvy. The Democrat Party, I should think, will miss this level headed woman.


Jan said...

I was shocked to learn of her death. I had seen her in several interviews, recently, and was under the impression that her cancer was in remission, or perhaps, even cured.

Though, not agreeing with many of the opinions expressed in her interviews, I always thought she conducted herself with great poise, and thought that she was a very likeable lady.

BTW, Major..I've always heard that these things come in threes, too--and sometimes, they do.

beamish said...

The only thing insulting I can think of to say about Geraldine Ferraro is that she didn't laugh hysterically at the idea of Walter Mondale running against Reagan.

Anonymous said...

Not only the first female to run for VP, but also (I believe) the first Italian-American. There was a time not so long ago that average Americans regarded Italians and people of Italian extraction the same way they looked at blacks and Jews.

Ferraro was a fine looking woman. I would call her "handsome" rather than "pretty," but there was nothing about her of the "swarthy dago stinking of garlic" traditional WASPS loved to deride.

Despite her tinny voice and New York accent, and despite her being on the wrong side of the political equation, she was a lady. I think she did a lot to upgrade the image Americans had of the Italian Influence on American life.

Were the allegations of her husband's connection to the Mafia ever proved? I thought that was a low blow to use even against a Democrat.

Z said...

I'm pleased that COnservatives can be fair to someone who didn't agree with them politically; you all remember the nightmare of Tony Snow's young death and how Huffington had to shut down under the weight of the gleeful nasty comments (which have all been erased, by the way)...
You remember each time Cheney becomes ill......

ALL of you have realized she was a woman of outstanding qualities even if she didn't agree with you.
I'm proud of all Conservatives..again and again.

Z said...

Jan, I hated to hear she'd been so very ill.....

Pris...she was mainstream and she was a Dem who still loved America..well put.

Beamish, excellent!

"Anonymous"....but Italians are obviously totally accepted now, thank God...and there are still people who insult the Jews, subtly or not so subtly. Very sad.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

She was classy even when she drove me nuts. I wish nothing but the best for her family, not to mention my prayers.

G-Shots TV said...

Rest in Peace Geraldine Ferraro
A Landslide Brought You Down