Friday, March 25, 2011

McCain/Palin film ....A Liberal BLAST!

Oh, please, God, if I die and come back as an actress, let me play Jane Fonda or Hillary Clinton in a serious film about them!  I want to have a blast with nuance that shows what I think about them. I want to make Democrats look as bad as the Dems are going to make McCain and Palin look in the new film GAME CHANGE, okay???

It's just not FAIR that liberal Julianne Moore gets to play Sarah Palin and very liberal Ed Harris gets to play John McCain, it'll just be too much fun for them.   They must have jumped at the chance to slam Republicans because, after all, what else could the film be about, there was very little interesting about their side of the  '08 campaign!

Talking about 2008's election, God, do you have the inside scoop of who's going to portray Hillary or Gloria Allred or any of the people threatening voters outside the Houston precincts in '08 when Hillary gets furious that Obama's people were telling people they had to vote for him or leave and they did?, and when Allred blew the whistle about that but suddenly dummied up when Conservatives learned about it?.......From what I hear about Hillary, playing her REALLY MAD might be quite an experience!  OH, but I forgot, I doubt seriously that anything about that cheating by Obama supporters against Hillary will appear on film.   What was I thinking, God?

So, that's my prayer.....  And, by the way, I'm just kidding about wanting to come back OR play liberals......just trying to make a point here.   If I ever came back as Hillary or Allred or Fonda even in a role, just shoot me, God. :-)




beamish said...
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Mark said...

Won't be too much of a stretch for Harris, I'm thinking. McCain may be a Republican but he's not a Conservative. Not a full Liberal either, mind you. The best description of McCain would be a suck-up.

I can't actually see either of them playing McCain and Palin with any believability at all. They don't look anything like them. They should have at least got whats-her-name to play Palin. She looks just like her.

Anyway, Ill go see this one right after I finally get around to seeing "W".

beamish said...

It will backfire, harshly.

Even a mean-spirited, naughty, caricaturized portrayal of McCain and Palin is going to make them seem exponentially more intelligent than the reality of the kinetically militant imbeciles currently in the White House.

That the left doesn't realize this simply exemplifies the commonly accepted meme that leftists are far more likely to pass an IQ test if only they eat it first.

So you'll have Ed Harris going "Bomb bomb bomb Iran" like a cantankerous zombie and Julianne Moore going "I can see Russia from my house you betcha" like a clownish cheerleader on Rohypnol - all while the real world burns under Obama's plan to guarantee the debts of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by cranking up the money printing presses, driving the value of the dollar into the toilet, and spiking up the prices of food and fuel so high that even the Peoria they try to play this movie is in full powderkeg riot mode if not bursting into actual violence as we see in... well take your pick of any country in West Africa, North Africa, the Middle East, or central Asia.

Nobody's going to see this movie and feel relieved that John McCain is not in the White House right now instead of the window-licking moron leftist we have in there now.

Keep in mind, as the world blows up around us, that Joe Biden was touted as THE top foreign policy expert of the party that traditionally has about as much foreign policy depth as your local Taco Bell drive thru girl does. Yeah, the pimply one with braces.

And where is that drunk sod these days anyway?

Ducky's here said...
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Z said...

sorry, Ducky, when you stop the name calling, I'll keep your comments here.

Mark, I'm glad Fey didn't get the part....Palin was asked about who's playing her and said she didn't care who was "as long as I get a part of the money to pay for braces for my kids". UGH.

Beamish, it could backfire, I hope so.
That "drunk sod" these days is being shown on tape from before Iraq's war saying any president who goes in like that should be impeached; which is basically what his hero Obama did, and that conversation's been fun on some of the media venues (no liberal ones, of course, they can't take that leap)

What I can't QUITE figure out is why the left still hasn't figured out that Obama said we're in Libya to stop genocide and that's apparently okay with a lot of the leftwing media, etc., but Bush did the same thing trying to stop Saddam from killing more than the 300,000 kurds and thousands of Iraqis (without Weapons of mass destruction...I guess the numbers have to be bigger for MASS to apply, or maybe it was a Catholic thing? (Smile)) and got nothing from derision from the media AND OBAMA ..Oops

Common Sense said...

As George Carlin once said, "There are two knobs on the TV, one changes the channel and the other one turns it off."

Z said...

Common Sense...right, nobody has to see this film....that's so not the point.
The point is those who do will think it's Oliver STone's ridiculous works.
There are people who don't even understand AGENDA.

Anybody want to venture what this film's core will be other than slamming McCain and, especially, Palin (Beamish has it exactly right on that)? What was SO FASCINATING about their campaign that a film should be made EXCEPT to slam them?

And, of course, that IS the campaign where Obama supporters in the primaries were threatening anybody NOT voting for him...but I'll just betcha (as Palin would say, more's the pity with her elocution I can't listen to anymore but there'll be a LOT of that in the film, trust me) they'll 'forget' to talk about the REALLY interesting, fraudulant, vote-tampering lefties during '08.

Anonymous said...

I thought the book was instructive, but I will forego the movie. The simple fact is that I don't care about Hollywood's opinion on anything; it has been a cesspool of communist scum for the past 91 years.

Z said...

Mustang, thanks for that.
I admit I didn't research the book and the only characters cast yet are the Republicans and so I thought this was nothing but an anti-Republican expose(accent over the last e) of the 2008 campaign.

Hopefully, they'll represent the book well and show all the problems...on BOTH sides.

Interesting that your post says they did not cover the millions Obama got, particularly from GAZA.......odd what the media will keep covered up, isn't it.

And it keeps getting worse and worse.........just IMAGINE if BUSH had rec'd money from the GAZA strip?? HOLY COW

Common Sense said...

And it keeps getting worse and worse.........just IMAGINE if BUSH had rec'd money from the GAZA strip?? HOLY COW

I wonder if Bush or any of the Bushs ever accepted money from the Saudis?

Remember it was Saudis that attacked us on 911.

Just wondering.

Z, they're all crooks, everyone of them.

Z said...

No doubt about it, CS, but I can't draw a connection there.
People in Gaza were manning PHONE think those were people friendly to the US giving Obama money? Friendly to democracy?

Time to get over Bush and realize we're in bigger trouble now than we ever were with him and all his foibles.

FrogBurger said...

If they're good actors, and both are great, they'll avoid judging their characters but instead try to understand them. Let's see if they do it. I doubt they will. And I'm a fan of both. (Moore is in my top 10 "girlfriend list" :) )

Anonymous said...

Interesting, isn't it, that they'll make this caricature of a film, but Hollywood is fighting the release of Atlas Shrugged.

Could the left be anymore cowardly? If they're so confident in their political beliefs, why so unsure of themselves?

What we hear from them is a constant drum of whining, name calling and an intolerance on par with the KKK. All of this of course is a sign of insecurity, and soooo petty!


beamish said...

Gadhafi's chemical WMDs are in the same state we found Saddam's chemical WMDs in - chemicals over here, binary artillery shells to load those chemicals into over there.

Only a leftist would look at a collection of gasoline, bottlees, rags, and matches and deduce no Molotov cocktail stockpiles.

Z said...

Beamish, only a leftist could look at the death of 300,000 Kurds and say that wasn't done with a weapon of mass destruction.
Or ignore the fact that we gave Saddam enough time to move WMDs to Finland if he wanted....or Idaho, if he could. Of course, we know HOW he'd have liked to have del'd them to Idaho.

Priscilla, I'd heard about the fight for Atlas it produced yet and they can't find distributors, is that it? I haven't heard anything but there's been some problem with it..

beamish said...

My point is that Saddam didn't move his WMD out of the country at all.

A binary chemical munition spins in flight when it is launched, mixing the chemicals placed inside of it to become sarin gas or VX or mustard gas or whatever do be dispersed over a battlefield when it strikes (as was done to the Kurds)

These chemicals, usually pesticides, are not loaded into shells until they are ready to be used because they can not be stored that way (the loaded chemicals degrade over time).

Saddam claimed he destroyed his chemical WMD precursors (those chemicals to load into binary chemical artillery munitions) when in fact he merely buried them at ammunition depots. Ready to dig up, load into shells, and fire.

Literally thousands of tons of these chemicals were dug up and hauled out of Iraq by US Army engineers and chemical disposal units through much of 2003 and 2004. My cousin was a part of one such team.

Saddam had chemical WMDs until the day he was toppled. Anyone denying this is either ignorant, or an imbecile.

Z said...

I got your point and appreciate the additional information but ...someone I knew well.....said Saddam would have no problem moving WMDs other than chemical and had the time.

Anonymous said...

I think Whoopie Goldberg should play Hillary.

MK said...

Good to see liberal panty-waists are still terrified of Palin. Too bad they can't muster the balls to poke fun at obama, now there's a walking joke.