Monday, March 7, 2011

Jailing Doctors.......Obama Healthcare??

Can someone please show me where this doctor is incorrect?  I am not only worried about my health care and yours, I'm worried about my amazing 36 year old internal medicine doctor with two small children to support and too much integrity not to be thrown in jail if what Dr. Janda says is true:

Please, just present proof he's misreading the Obama Health Care Bill and I'll be one much happier girl.  Thanks.


Opus #6 said...

Z, this is serious. The news gets worse every day. Thank you for getting the word out. Reposted and linked.

Anonymous said...

From THE HILL Healthcare article:

Number of healthcare reform law waivers climbs above 1,000

The closer to election, the more there will be.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Z, I had posted this video of Dr. Janda back during the past election as his friend was running against Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) but sadly lost.

If those who like this monstrosity didn't listen then well I doubt they will listen now but keep it going, we must keep trying.

Jen said...

This is terrifying.
I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but it's not difficult to see how this plays out.

Now's a good time to make friends with the best doctor you can find and hope that he/she makes house calls after 2013.

Anonymous said...

What's a house call??? Just kidding. I do remember the good old days---long gone, but not forgotten, just missed more & more.

Just hope your doctor stays in practice. A friend in California, you've heard of the place, told me last Nov. that 3 of her doctors were quitting. Our main doctor quit, but did turn us over to another in his practice.


Jan said...

I think it is as bad, and even worse, than what he has said.

One of my family's doctors has aleady said that he is going give up his practice...that he would rather find another way to make a living than go along with what he has found out, so far.

Z said...

And WHERE are the voices of these doctors other than stuck on Conservative videos/sites, where only Conservatives can see the truth?
Americans aren't getting this on their CNN, Network news.
Is that honest? Is it LEGAL? :-)
Shouldn't ALL AMericans who vote know what's REALLY GOING ON?
Even some of the dopes who VOTED for this bill haven't heard from these doctors who KNOW.

Instead, here are the wonderful Conservative bloggers seeing what's happening and only commenting at one anothers' sites and the videos and any conservative information are mocked with "OH, it came from FOX" or "WorldNetDaily...what rubbish" etc etc etc.

While the New York Times and The Nation and all the leftwing venues are viewed as truth........none of which has featured ANY of these doctors with their personal, important, factual information regarding the future of OUR HEALTH CARE.

It's almost if was happening in Nigeria...but in AMERICA all people aren't getting the truth? WOW

Z said...

I just had this adorable vision of Ducky reading through the whole 2000 pg healthcare bill so he can come say this guy is lying.
I'll wait :-)
By the way, wasn't it ASTONISHINGLY competent of the Obama Administration to have that bill drawn up so quickly after inauguration! What a WUNDERKIND! :=-)

Anonymous said...

I thought the strangest part was when they just happened to have a lab coat for a 'doctor' who showed up at the WH in civilian clothes. If it wasn't so tragic it would have been funny.

I maybe all the Duck's docs will quit.


Opus #6 said...

If Ducky gets a waiver I'm marching on Washington.

Leticia said...

He is right on target, God help us. We should all be concerned.

beamish said...

You vill recieve socialized medicine even if ve have to jail you first, ja?

Anonymous said...

It's good you posted this Z.
Yes, it's not new info, however, during the time frame this info came out, there was the huge effort to pass the healthcare bill including lies, obfuscation, and ignorance on the part of Congress.

Then, the campaign leading up to the Nov. election.

The info in this video was lost in the shuffle. It's important this become more widely known NOW.

We have to try to make this go viral. Pass it on to everyone on our email lists, and bloggers should carry it so it becomes common knowledge.

Z, I hope Ducky does read the entire healthcare bill, however these regulations were in the stimulus bill. So as usual, Ducky would be a day late and a dollar short. What else is new?

Finally, can you think of a better way to throw the older generations under the bus? We're the ones who remember what true freedom was like.

And we're the ones who talk and write about it. As we speak, our young children are being, and have been, indoctrinated to believe in neo socialism.

They will have known nothing else, save the input from my generation, and the baby boomers. The left would like us gone.

Having said all that, have nice day while you can.

PS. While there may be those who dimiss Sarah Palin, she's the one who warned everyone, but nobody listened. They were too busy stuck in tabloid America.

Brooke said...

Z, I about fell out of my chair reading that last comment of yours!

Z said... careful! :-)
I couldn't resist! I'm still waiting........!!

PRIS IS RIGHT, everyone...I said HEALTHCARE BILL but it's the stimulus package that includes this (thought of it on my way to lunch with a friend..thanks, Pris)


Ducky: just in case you ARE reading the Healthcare's the STIMULUS start reading that!! I'll wait... :-)

Z said...

Christopher, HOW can people have not voted for this guy IF they all heard this?

OUR MEDIA IS KILLING OUR GREAT COUNTRY, FOLKS..with it's silence, it's mocking values and dissing 1/2 of the country's opinions

Mustang said...

I’ve had conversations with several physicians, including my own GP and specialized healthcare professionals; these are older people who’ve been in business for 30 years. They are all saying they are on the verge of deciding not to take Medicare patients, and if forced to do it, they’ll go out of business. Thus, the Obama Administration will achieve what it has wanted all along. With far fewer doctors, the government can announce a medical emergency and force patients into Kremlin Care clinics, and if you are in your 80s you might not get any treatment at all because at that age, you’re just a parasite to the new world order. On the other hand, if you can prove you’ve voted communist all your adult life …

Ticker said...


I sent you an e mail on another subject that you may be interested in. I used your profile e-mail.
Please check and reply if you wish.

Chuck said...

The problem is that it will be hard to derail this now.

As an example. The GOP will likely retake the Senate in 2012 and keep the House. If Obama is defeated, it is unlikely we would sweep in enough votes into the Senate to overcome a filibuster.

At best we will renegotiate some of it.

Ticker said...

Yep the guy is right on. I wrote on this when the "death panels" were being discussed prior to the passage of the OBAMANOCARE. I had read the Stimulus package and found the "death panels and where Drs as well as you and I will be forced to comply or else. No one paid much attention to it then. Wonder if they will now. I sure hope so. Great post and keep on "preaching" the message.

My wife's doctor is no longer taking new Medicare patients because of what he sees in the NOCARE bill. I have three doctor friends who will retire if forced to comply with NOCARE. Others , according to those friends are saying the same thing and Mustang is right, this is what Obummer wants. He must not be allowed a second term and the Dems must not be allowed to keep on allowing parts of the bill to come into effect. Where are the Repubs on this? Hiding under their desk worrying about secondary things rather than the real threat.

Z said...

Mustang, you are hilarious " and if you are in your 80s you might not get any treatment at all because at that age, you’re just a parasite to the new world order. On the other hand, if you can prove you’ve voted communist all your adult life"


Anonymous said...

"OUR MEDIA IS KILLING OUR GREAT COUNTRY, FOLKS..with it's silence, it's mocking values and dissing 1/2 of the country's opinions"

Right Z. They're busy talking about Charlie Sheen. As if we care!
It's all about smoke and mirrors, isn't it? Until the hammer comes down on us all.


Z said...

Yes, Pris, the country's falling apart, terrorists are licking their chops, kids are failing in schools, the economy's tanking, hearings about extremists are being mocked, etc etc., and we need to have Charlie Sheen's shenanigans broadcast practically 24/7.

WOW. who's in control? Who's got the puppet strings? I think we're ALL chasing our shadows around and SOMEBODY much bigger than Obama's in control

Joe said...

Z, I notice that not one of your regular liberal/progressive commenters responded to or refuted a single fact in this video.


You would have thought they would have been lined up to tell you how wrong you were.

I wonder why they kept quiet?

Z said...

Joe, they keep quiet when it's irrefutable.