Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MInnesota and Sharia Law...you won't BELIEVE THIS...

Are Americans going NUTS?    I hope the Founding Fathers aren't rolling in their graves...



beamish said...

I think the scare of khat importation in this clip is rather overblown. Chewing freshly cut leaves will certainly wig you the fug out, but dried khat leaves are pretty much useless as a hallucinogen. Makes a brutal kickstart tea, but a single cup of strong brewed khat tea won't make any you any more jittery than tossing down a couple of those 5 Hour herbal energy drinks at a time. Of course, if you keep drinking the tea... I'm sure you'll turn into the Hulk or something if you can keep it down. But still, you'd never get the potent psychoactive effect of chewing the fresh leaves all day long that Somalis and Ethiopians do in eastern Africa. Once picked, the psychoactive / stimulant ingredients in the leaf deteriorates within 48 hours. It loses its buzz, as it were.

I have tried dried khat tea once (it's harsh tasting, imagine swishing Pine-Sol) before it became illegal in its entirety in Missouri (we're the first and only in the States) It's got zing-pow... coffee is to khat tea as pistol is to howitzer... I can see from that how long term, daily use of the fresh leaves would totally burn someone out through sleep deprivation (and cause the hallucinations they're talking about) but there's just not a lot of next-day air refrigerated shipping coming out of east Africa.

Fresh khat is too expensive to transport from the places it grows best, and dried khat tea is too impractical a product to try to market because it tastes nasty in stimulant concentrations potent enough to impress even a daily coffee or Mountain Dew drinker.

Yes, it wigs out the people that consume it fresh it all day long right off the shrub in east Africa, but the shelf-life of it makes it unlikely anyone is consuming it in that form on a daily basis outside east Africa.

More than likely, they're just making high-octane tea with it.

If I wanted to be that wired I'd rather go cross-eyed with a few triple shot expressos that tastes better and achieve just about the same effect for much much cheaper.

Always On Watch said...

From the video: "Somalis coming to Minnesota are not assimilating."

Instead, they are colonizing.

Just go to any Islamic country under shari'a law, and try to practice Christian law. Won't happen!

Political correctness and multiculturalism result in the suicide of Western culture.

Hayden said...

The former beauty of the United States of America was that people would come to the country and assimilate into the society -becoming Americans. People didn't worry about hypenated titles, they were proud of being Americans and they desired to be a part of the country.

This story doesn't not surprise me and I can't help but wonder when people will wake up to the fact that there is an agenda to usher in Shari'a law. I also wonder why not many people are concerned with this, but then when a majority of the population aren't paying attention and are only concerned with what benefits them, I can't be surprised.

Ducky's here said...

Is khat even illegal? Even so, better to chew khat than do meth or smoke rock. No big deal there.

The cab drivers were told to conform or get canned. No problem there.

Well, if Target can reassign the cashier it seems like a reasonable solution. When pharmacy employees were refusing to fill birth control you didn't get upset now did you? The pharmacist would have been more difficult to reassign.

Ducky's here said...

That clip's pretty old isn't it? I believe that's John Gibson and he was kicked of the air a few years ago fo having lower ratings than Beck, no?

Z said...

EVERYBODY has lower ratings than Beck, Ducky...don't look now.

This video's got little to do with khat, as you all know, and everything about the people and how the gov't's overlooking illegalities.

Common Sense said...

There are 2.5 Million Muslims in the United States: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam_in_the_United_States.

There are approximately 175 Million Christians, most with guns:

The majority always win.

This is not an issue.

Ducky's here said...

Sorry to burst your bubble,z but people have been bailing on Beck in droves. He's becoming a real albatross.

Limited number who want to hear stories about the end times. His ratings are down 40% this year.

Anonymous said...

I don’t think it is fair to suggest Beck started a war with George Soros —beyond informing the people about how dangerous a man George Soros is. I’m sure Soros thinks of it as a war, and this might explain why George Soros owned companies are engaged in incessant broadcasting about Glenn Beck’s ratings being in decline.

Why should we even care about this? Beck is an entertainer, appealing to a certain type of person. So is Limbaugh. So is Stuart Smalley, who also comes from Minnesota, and who may be part of the Somali community.

Is Soros a clear and present danger to the United States? If you happen to be an American and resent wealthy foreigners using their money to destroy our country, yes. That is what Soros does, by the way; he uses his money to destroy things. He’s been destroying the things he hates since the days when he was a stoolie for the Gestapo against his own (Jewish) people. He is the power behind men who bow down to the Hammer and Sickle. He is a nasty, unprincipled bastard, one of this country’s leading communists, and ostensibly the man in whose name Obama rented the White House.

Now let’s see where all these rumors are coming from about Glenn Beck’s ratings: The New York Times, Media Matters (organization), and The Huffington Post —two out of three owned by George Soros and the third a kindred spirit. Imagine that.

Brooke said...

"Instead, they are colonizing."

That is the absolute truth of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck has exposed some dastardly people to the general public during his days on Fox News. No wonder that he's reviled by those who would pretend that he promotes "conspiracy theories" — expect he encourages other to do their own research to verify his facts. How many of the loony leftards do that, Ducky?

Since MSNBC threw Keith Olbermann under the bus maybe the powers behind Rupert Murdoch's throne have been demanding a quid pro quo from Fox News. Luckily for Olbermann that Al Gore was there waiting to "salvage" his useless ass on the enviro-TV-network,I guess.


Anonymous said...

One of the looniest charges against Glenn Beck is that he has said that President Obama hates white people. I Thought even the densest leftard would recognize that if he's willing to throw his grandma under the racist bus by saying that she had a deep fear of black people, that this would be obvious that he does have a serious problem with the color white.

Or the fact that he's half white and half black — has he ever referred to himself as a white man, which would be equally as valid has referring to himself as black, no?


Z said...

Ducky, Beck has less viewers? Well, he has minus one with me because he's so right and so scary that I can't watch. He's on at 2 pm here, when I don't have time, and repeats at 11 PM, which gives me nightmares, so I watch maybe 10 minutes and can't watch more...if ONLY someone would prove him WRONG, PLEEEEASE?
I just WISH you'd stop believing all that leftard crap you're reading and PAY ATTENTION and LEARN SOMETHING....He has exposed so many people and so many schemes and so many connections THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN REFUTED...maybe it's too scary for you, too; I don't blame you.
Read Mustang's comment; he's right, too.

Common Sense...Most Christians have GUNS? :-)

Waylon, Obama wrote in BLACK on the census, too...has a problem with whites? (naaa !! Smile) Yes, he's half white but read any of his books; oh, my GOD, he hates that part of himself so much...talk about a Petri Dish for psychoses that WE're paying for, huh?

Sam Huntington said...

Somalis in Minnesota tend to prove that the State Department are a bunch of nitwits. These people are in our country for one thing: free stuff.

Ducky's here said...

z, this is the issue. It is IMPOSSIBLE for left/right to engage in anything like communication.

To insinuate that there is necessarily anything to learn from Beck other than the right wing specialty, fear, is to beg a very serious question.

Now the deal is that I occasionally, once a week, listen to His Nibs and I can spot the Mormon end times theology, reject it, and just shake my head.

Z said...

Sam, that's so true...but I think there's something else going on.

By the way...what REALLY bugs me is when people suggest Conservatives are RACIST for even suggesting Obama doesn't appreciate his white side....it's a problem for him, it's got to be painful to feel like that, and we should be praying that he comes to grips with it.
With the kinds of writing Michelle Obama's done regarding her own color, I would imagine it's difficult for Barack to get past it.

In the meantime, we racist Republicans desperately want a black Alan West or other black candidates because of what they OFFER....WHO CARES ABOUT THEIR COLOR except to honor all of our backgrounds?

Z said...

Well, Ducky, sorry you haven't seen his connections between Soros, certain banks, Geithner's background...I could go ON and on and ON and on but others can do it better. And so does Beck.

Suddenly you, who champions anything Islamic, are critical about Beck's Mormonism which he's barely ever shared? And, please PLEASE relate to us anything he's said about End Times because I've never seen it. By the way, being a good Catholic, you must know Revelation....by the way, Beck didn't write it. :-)
But, keep pitchin'.

beamish said...

Is khat even illegal? Even so, better to chew khat than do meth or smoke rock. No big deal there.

It's illegal in Missouri, and a few places around the world. I'd say no big deal about dried khat, but chewing fresh khat all day long is both physically addicting like cocaine but realistically hard to do outside of east Africa / southern Egypt. I wouldn't recommend chewing fresh khat leaves to anyone except those who believe caffeine is for wimps, and doing does have a wacky effect on the brain with long-term use.

I think it's more likely some Somali with a fresh khat leaf chewing habit will seek out a substitute for it among harder drugs and pharmaceuticals - but only because getting ahold of fresh khat on a daily basis is just not going to happen in Minnesota.

So, yes, fresh khat use is serious buzzing, enough to be classified as a controlled substance in some countries, but access to fresh khat is an extremely localized phenomenon. Somalis that want to tweek all day are better off just staying in Somalia. Part of the uprising that led to the Islamic fundamentalist takeover in Somalia was due to khat being illegalized there. Now it's only illegal during Ramadan there.

My criticism of the video is that it doesn't point out that khat leaves becomes bunk rather quickly after they're removed from the plant they grow on. No Somalis in Minnesota are wacked out on khat.

Z said...

Beamish, you're fixated on that junk!
The point of the video's Sharia and Minnesota, don't you think?
What're your thoughts? COULD this happen in America?
Two years ago, this wasn't even a consideration, now it's the BIG BUZZ :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think sharia law is part of the overall game plan of the despicable cabal of world government elitists.

Recall the Pan Am Flight 103 which was bombed out of the skies over Lockerbie, Scotland and the recent release of the one culprit who was found guilty of that atrocity he was released for "compassionate" reasons back to Libya on the orders of Gordon Brown, PM of the UK. If the terrorist thugs who commit these atrocities against innocent citizens are morally depraved, those globalist leaders who manipulate these sort of events belong on a much lower rung of the moral ladder, IMO.

Here's an interesting editorial discussing Libya and the intellectual forces manipulating these types of things which the media gobbles up and spews out to the public. Unfortunately the public has a very difficult time getting a proper handle on these things to properly understand what's driving this insanity forward ...



Z said...

You know, Waylon, I just scanned your Libya article quickly and I ask you this: WHO IS IN CHARGE?
What the heck is going ON?
The LIA is 'unscathed', huh? NOT ANYMORE!
Also, Mr. Z would practically get violent when he remembered how WE paid to get these oil rich Arab countries richer than us and now they're using it all against us.

There's something VERY WEIRD with the Democrats not wanting to DIG and blaming it on the ecology when proof has been shown that caribou LIKE the warmth of the pipelines, etc etc..........why the Republicans didn't fight harder is beyond me.

We have to take this country out of the hands of children who think it's more important that caribou stay cold than OUR SAFETY

Anonymous said...

Z, I don't know who's in charge. But I do know it's not the President of the United States either. There are bigger fish in the tank than him, he's just their running dog to do their bidding.

Funny how when a dictator like Mubarak or Ghadaffi runs out of favor then thy toss him aside and suddenly his assets become frozen, though. Maybe the world runs through Basel, who knows?


beamish said...

The point of the video's Sharia and Minnesota, don't you think?
What're your thoughts? COULD this happen in America?

No, it won't happen in America.

For one, Muslims themselves are fiercely divided on what Sharia law actually means and comprises. A Persian, an Indonesian, a Somali, a Yemeni, and a Turk are not going to agree on which tradition to follow.

For two, Congress establishes courts, not angry immigrants.

Ducky's here said...

z, what variation of sharia?

If you can't answer that you should do a little research.

Z said...

I don't know, Ducky. Let's just take the FUN VERSION, okay? :-)

beamish said...


Z said...

By the way, Ducky, you tell us...which "version" of Sharia would YOU like?

Major said...

I admit...that I hate muslims. And I especially hate somali pieces of shit who are hijacking and pirating ships under sail on the free seas and oceans. I hate somalis especially since clinton's order of "BlackHawk Down". I hate all 4th world savage muslims that will never...get this...NEVER...NEVER give up their tribal, savage, ignorant, illiterate, undeniable hate for America.

I hate....all muslims ( of which there are too many because of they're unthinking assholes and maniacs ) savages that adhere to a political ideology of murder of Christians, Jews, Hindus and every other so called fascistic "religion" on the planet to justify their mayhem on all of us.

I want these savages deported....detained...ridiculed ( why not? their silly, ignorant beliefs are anathema to our values ) these silly chicken shit dung eating want...to end our existence.

I can't say what I really hope for. Except that...you'll need people like me to kill those who want to kill you.

Don't be silly PC or naive...same thing.

Z said...

Major....do NOT go to Mustang's blog and see his video...I felt ill watching it, you might have a STROKE!! Be calm....if you go by.
it's VERY disturbing


Major said...

"Be calm....if you go by."

I did...and I didn't. These people are the ones that will be digging their own holes and gathering the stones that the mooselims will gladly kill them with.

There obviously is a divide in this country that I haven't seen since the Civil War period.

The "elites, intellectuals" and Dems are the real traitors of our time. Infiltrated by reds, rats, commies, unions, minority victims, illegal pendejo's , poverty pimps, hollywood fakes, greens, queers and now mooselims fascists / terrorists and their murdering masses of pestilence.

They're as representative of real Americans as Ted Bundy was. The mooselims make Bundy look like a boy scout.

And the "elites" give them the room to spread their sickness and grow bolder.

tam said...

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