Monday, March 28, 2011

Star Parker, L.A. brave and outspoken cookie

Parker: Why liberals hate Clarence Thomas and Sarah Palin

By Star Parker
In days when slavery was legal in this country, all slaves did not willingly resign to the grim fate cast upon them.
The human spirit longs to be free. In some individuals, that longing beats so strong in their breast that they will take large personal risks, against great odds, to rebel against tyranny that has transformed their life into a tool for someone else's will and whim.
Slaves who had the temerity to run away from their plantation "home" paid dearly if they were caught and returned. Measures were taken to make them an example to others who might harbor similar thoughts about freedom.
Among those measures were brutal public beatings of rebels to which other slaves were forced to bear witness and digest with great clarity the price of rebelliousness.
Such is the fate today of those uppity souls who choose to challenge the authority and legitimacy of our inexorably growing government plantation.
Those with interests for the care and feeding of this plantation cannot physically punish these rebels with the whip.
Their whip is the mainstream media and the means of punishment of this virtual whip is not beating of a physical body but assassination of character.
This perspective helps us understand the ongoing liberal obsession with destroying Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.
Thomas and Palin are particularly threatening to liberals because their lives fly in the face of liberal mythology. According to this mythology, the essential and ongoing struggle in our nation is a power struggle of interests between "haves" and "have-nots" rather than an ongoing struggle for human freedom.
According to this mythology, there is an elite class of "haves" who, by virtue of fate and birth, control power and wealth. They are conservative because their only interest is to keep things as they are.
Fighting against this conservative elite are noble "have-nots", struggling, by any means possible, to get their fair share of wealth distributed by an unjust and blind fate.
A high-profile conservative whose very life and personal history poses an open challenge and affront to this mythology is a liberal's worst nightmare.
If being a conservative means simply protecting the bounty passed on to you by your forebears, why would a man from a poor black family in the South, or a woman from a white working-class family in Alaska, be a conservative? No less a conservative whose conservatism plays a role in a successful professional life?
The liberal answer is that the only way this could be possible is that this is an individual of dubious character, on the take, and being paid off handsomely by conservative powers that be.
After all, in the liberal mindset, the government plantation, carefully grown and nurtured by liberals over these years, supposedly on behalf of our unfortunate "have-nots," should be the natural home for anyone of modest background and no inheritance.
Not only should that individual want to live on the plantation, but you'd think they would want to participate in the noble cause of keeping it growing.
The federal government plantation now sucks out one-quarter of our economy. Seventy percent of federal spending now amounts to checks government cuts and mails to individuals.
Where does it all lead? Look at Detroit. This is a government plantation poster child and portent of our nation's future if this keeps up.
The human spirit does long to be free. Many understand this but are intimidated to speak up. Some are brave and do speak up.
Those who are successful, who know there is no future on the plantation, will be publicly flogged by the overseers. Such is the case of Justice Thomas and Mrs. Palin.
But it is brave individuals like this, in public and private life, upon whom our future depends.

Pris, thanks for the head's up...I'd rec'd her email but can't read them all!  I'm glad you forwarded this to me.


Anonymous said...

Brave, outspoken and soon to be vilified.

I truly hope that she has done some due diligence in protecting herself, because if past experience is any indication, everyone from the IRS to the Union Thugs will be after her.

It is encouraging, however, that more and more courageous people are standing up and speeking out.

I will be keeping Star in my prayers.


Ducky's here said...

Sarah Palin and Clarence Thomas have the answers to revitalizing Detroit? Love to hear them.

Thomas is a sour little man who can't deal with being seen as a mediocrity so he blames affirmative action rather than accepting the possibility that he is indeed a mediocrity.

Anyway, Ms. Parker has all the cliches and none of the answers. I've read her column in the Herald a couple times. I say put her down in the middle of Camden and let's see what she's got rather than her playing the conservative gadfly and accomplishing nothing.

Craig said...

Those who are successful, who know there is no future on the plantation, will be publicly flogged by the overseers. Such is the case of Justice Thomas and Mrs. Palin.

Defend the incompetent by calling them victims. That's courage. BTW, they're both affirmative action picks. G.H.W. needed a black guy to fill Marshall's seat and the McCain team wanted a chick. Any skirt would do.

Run, Sarah, run. Palin- Bachmann 2012, "It's a no brainer".

beamish said...

have the answers to revitalizing Detroit? Love to hear them.

End the 49+ years of consecutive Democrat mayoral rule there in the next election.


Pris said...

One thing is for sure, Ducky and Craig, the Bobsy Twins, are no Dynamic Duo. My goodness, they're so predictable.

I've been at an event where Star Parker spoke, and she got a standing ovation. She was the only one who did.

This really drives the left nuts, because she's a black woman who doesn't speak their language.

Therefore, according to them, she doesn't qualify as a "credible black person". Who the hell do they think they are?

The fact is, in this article, she tells the truth. She knows liberals see blacks as inferior, and she knows they have a paternal attitude towards them.
It's called racism!

She also knows only those the left fears, are demonized and sometimes destroyed. For the left, there are no Marques of Queensbury rules.

Pris said...

Part 2.

How dare this black woman speak out against liberalism? Simple. She left the Democrat plantation as she so rightly calls it.

She became independent, successful on her own. That's a no no. The left needs people to be dependent, and they're very good at keeping them that way. They seduce minorities with smiles as they hand out just enough to keep them put.

They tell them they're on their side, then proceed to attempt to buy them, and make promises that are never kept.

I'll use one glaring example. Affirmative action. That carries with it the message that, "if you're a minority you can't measure up, so we'll change tests, give you handicap points, and generally treat you like stupid ne'er do wells". This is the liberal left personified.

Anything to destroy one's incentive to better himself. So, now tell me, who's playing the master here?

Star knows the answer. She's been there, and knew she could make it on her own, and she did. She's fabulous!

Pris said...

Oh btw, as for Detroit, I refer to Beamish, he hit the nail on the head! Enough said.

Z said...

Graceia (?!)...her story is amazing and I hope you check it out.
Yes, the thugs will be after her; they have been for a few years now but she keeps at it. We need way more like her.

Ducky, wait...did anybody say they had the answer to undo what the Dems have been doing for fifty years? I missed that.

"a mediocrity?" :-) You should be so mediocre as to rise to the Supreme Court..or get an Oscar?

Parker is right; she's identified good reasons for the utter fear the Left has for them both.

Craig....thanks for echoing Parker's exact followed suit...

Pris, I remember you saw her speak and what a good reaction she got.

Any black who doesn't echo and Jesse Jackson, apparently, is no black...leave it to the left.
Like they do to our children "thinking now allowed...just toe the line, please"

Z said...

Gad, Obama just LET US HAVE IT again!
Have you EVER heard a president so defensive? "There are some in Washington who say this is like another war, that saving people isn't worth it..' (paraphrased)

Most Presidents of any integrity just say their peace and get off the air, they don't slam the other side. I always feel just a little whipped by this one, don't you?

"We must stand for those who believe in the same core principles that we do" REALLY?
taxing people to death, the worst gov't transparency in YEARS, czars in the government, ??? I could go on, but.........
And why couldn't IRAQIS deserve the same when he slammed Bush for that "intervention"?

I'm only typing so I don't have to listen or watch that chin up in the air or see that pursed mouth...

Major said...

"I say put her down in the middle of Camden..."

Which you know is another libbie, demrat protected free fire zone? Are you then suggesting that she be murdered, which she surely might be if the libbie, tolerant, brain damaged AA diseased, corrupt "progressive" leadership of such a place ( a mini Detroit ) gets wind that she's an "Aunt Thomasina"....because she really wants her people to be free of the plantation? That imbeciles like you protect like endangered guppies?


Ducky's here said...

Hey Pris, quit talking about "being predictable" when you start the standard canard about objecting to conservative blacks. Utterly predictable.

Black or white you can be completely vapid. That's why I reject her inanity. Nothing but the same boiler plate you hear from Rush Gasbag or Thomas Sowell.

Major said...

$29,000.00 per year for every illegal in the US.

The blacks are now...the minority within a minority while illegals take away their "benefits" and jobs.

Pris said...

"Hey Pris, quit talking about "being predictable" when you start the standard canard about objecting to conservative blacks. Utterly predictable."

Hey Ducky I can't help it if you lefties insult black people and call them inane, mediocre, and vapid.

You are predictable, and if I'm predictable in calling you that, well, try something new, like objectivity and tolerance. Wow, now that would be an earth shaking event!

Actually, you continue to confirm my point, so keep up your predictability. You're so transparent Ducky. Oops, there I go being predictable about the predictable again.

Elmers Brother said...

Hey Z we all know what Libya is about. Its about European oil interests. Its a quid pro quo disguised as an humanitarian mission. I got no prob with that but Obama can't say it after the bashing he gave Bush. No duhkkky Kadaffi is not a Calvanist.

Elmers Brother said...

And he's not a Calvinist either

The Vegas Art Guy said...

"Any skirt will do"

Seriously, is that the best you could come up with? And yet the right is the -----ist party? And I thought Romeo and Juliet was filled with irony...

Z said...

Elbro "And he's not a Calvinist either" that made me laugh out cute of you to write that like that!

Pris...the libs are THE ONLY people who won't allow others to have a different point of view then theirs, especially "Their minorities" they're trying to own so they vote their entitlement givers back in, right?

I just had dinner with an artist friend of mine...she goes into wealthy Hollywood/Beverly Hills types' homes to teach the rich to paint. She literally CANNOT tell anybody she's a Republican.
She did tell one person in that milieu and the NEXT DAY, an 11 year client she saw every week canceled their relationship with some feeble excuse. She was stunned till she remembered they had connections and that's how this person found out.
You simply cannot have a point of view that doesn't agree with their world view or you are CUT OFF.

Major, of course she could be killed..Ducky once said he wanted Andrew Breitbart in a 'bodybag' and said something else recently about someone dying, too, but I can't remember who. He lives in MA, he knows from Cambridge, believe me.

This is why I was so proud of my bloggers here who joined with me in our sadness for Dem. Geraldine Ferraro's death; we didn't agree with her but we wished her family well and admired her backbone.

Vegas....good catch. How's the R&J reading going, by the way? Sorry I haven't been by lately...i will. xx

Craig said...

The left needs people to be dependent, and they're very good at keeping them that way. They seduce minorities with smiles as they hand out just enough to keep them put.

Around 90% of African Americans who vote, vote Dem. According to you and Star, that 90% is either too stupid or too naive to figure out what you and Star have. They're just in it for the handouts. Right? Easily seduced.

There's a simpler explanation, ya know.

And I thought Romeo and Juliet was filled with irony...

Exactly, Vegas. I was being ironic. "As the clock was running out, [campaign manager Rick] Davis says McCain asked to have at least one woman on the short list. His advisers went back to the long list and plucked out Palin's name," the magazine reported.

Elmers Brother said...

The good news Craig is that Biden is such an expert foreign policy that we should be done with al three of these conflicts any day now.

Elmers Brother said...

Bidens appearances are described like a Las Vegas style act. He's headlining in Colorado right now. The guy is such an embarrassment they're locking reporters in closets.

Z said...

A friend I spoke to just last night said she went to a Clarence Thomas event here in Los Angeles, a few years ago, an event/dinner where she and her friends were about five of maybe 10 white faces in a huge, full hotel dining room ...of all black Americans....after he spoke, the group got up and cheered.
She asked table partners "Where ARE YOU? Why don't we hear from Black conservatives?"
He told her they're so chastised in the black world that it's not worth showing their colors, so to speak. They suffer financially, they're slammed, insulted, etc., by other blacks... She said this crowd was beautifully dressed, upstanding business people and their wives, etc...

Another friend, a black girlfriend of mine, said "I agree with you on everything, Z, but I can't let my people down, I can't not vote Democrat" yup...

Another black girlfriend gets REAL tired of the left's generalization of Black Americans...she's constantly saying "Where do they get off Sharpton speaks for ME? He does NOT speak for ME" etc etc.

Many Black Americans are coming out now; they've had to keep in dark, ugly closet of pretending they need entitlements, too.
THEY DO NOT. Only the left believes they do.
Yet, when a Conservative (Black or white) speaks against Affirmative Action, for example, "You must hate Blacks, and hate opportunity!" what RUBBISH.

this is a huge subject and one I wish some black commenters would chime in on ...

FrogBurger said...

1. Ducky's rebutal is the one of a moron, racist, little asshole.

2. Great column from Parker. The lefty are so hung up on equality that they paint conservatives as the rich. I am not rich. I love individual freedom and that is why I subscribe to conservative principles, such as private property and rule of law.

DUCKY: If there's a sour man on this earth, it's you. You're just a malcontent. Sorry your life is miserable.

IF Thomas is mediocre, then I wonder what you are. Are you in the Supreme Court?

No you're teaching movies to highschoolers.

FrogBurger said...

Black or white you can be completely vapid. That's why I reject her inanity. Nothing but the same boiler plate you hear from Rush Gasbag or Thomas Sowell.

Reagan told us deficits don't matter. Isn't that a boiler plate from a gasbag named Ducky?

God, can you just look at yourself Ducky and see the mediocre, pathetic intellect you have?

You're just a little jealous loser.

Pris said...

No Craig, but when you hammer away for years, and create this kind of environment, It seeps into people's mind-set. It is seductive.

The left has worked tirelessly to form a victocrat society, and as you know those who are well fixed, have adopted a guilt mind-set. Are all of these people stupid, or merely vulnerable given their status whatever it is?

Indocrination is insidious, it's like a cancer. You fell for it, does that make you only in for what you can get, or does it eventually take hold, giving you the impression you owe people of color something because you may be successful?

You refuse to see that minorities are individuals who are as capable
as anyone else, but this years long left wing onslought has taken hold in people's minds, and because of political correctness it has made it difficult for people to feel they belong to the larger society.

When one may be in need it's not difficult to instill that their plight is not their fault. Then the left takes it one step further, and places blame on others.

Star Parker fell for that victocrat position for awhile, and realized it would get her nowhere. It took courage on her part to break away, because I have no doubt, it lost her friends, and earned her demonization from those who wantd to keep her where she was.

Handouts are only part of it, it's the mind-set their only alternative is to stay on that plantation for some semblance of security. Meanwhile the well to do pat themselves on the back for providing a little sustenance, never considering they're holding people back.

This took years to create, and I consider it racist because from the beginning, minorities have been seen as inferior by those who proclaim to help. It's paternalism. No matter how you want to twist it, that's what it is.

To sum it up, the left has taken advantage to use the very people they propose to help. I don't see it as an accident, I see it as purposeful, and racist.


MK said...

And star parker will be vilified by the left for daring to stand against them. How dare she express such differing opinions, there is no room for this sort of thing over in diversity city that is the so called left of today.

"Sarah Palin and Clarence Thomas have the answers to revitalizing Detroit? Love to hear them."

I love the way the leftard pretends to want to solve the problem.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Romeo and Juliet is finished, we're now on our research paper, based on people, events and inventions/products that changed US history and/or culture.

Craig, you either missed or ignored the irony of your comment. I'll go with you ignored it.

Frogburger, videos are not a bad tool to have in the classroom. Just ask my 9th graders about the video clips I used for Romeo and Juliet.

FrogBurger said...

Frogburger, videos are not a bad tool to have in the classroom. Just ask my 9th graders about the video clips I used for Romeo and Juliet.

You've lost me. Did I talk about videos?

The Vegas Art Guy said...

FB, I was talking about your reply to Ducky that mentioned showing videos to HS kids.

Mark said...

Liberals have fostered an entitlement mentality for so long now, that it has become the norm, and personal responsibility the exception. Foremost among these who embrace such a mentality are the recipients of Welfare and those who use their so-called victimhood to get special rights for themselves, even when they don't deserve them.

If the government continues to succor these people, they will never escape the government's hold on them. It's just easier to go along to get along rather than assert their independence. Meanwhile, they remain poor and beholden to the state for their sustenance.