Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FOX v CNN.....Jennifer Griffin LIES?....you decide

Well, can you beat THIS?  Yahoo's Home Page carries a story by Michael Calderone which reports that CNN's  *Nic Robertson blasted Fox News  on Monday for its report that Libyan authorities used him and other journalists as "human shields" in order to prevent an attack on Gadhafi's compound in Tripoli the night before. Robertson said Fox News' "allegation is outrageous and it's absolutely hypocritical."  (Z: *make SURE you watch Nic Robertson explain that the FOX guy rarely leaves the hotel but he and the networks go on 'government trips' because then they can make sure they're getting information that's not edited... in other words, they actually think that they're getting real stories that the governments don't want them to know when they are "put on buses, allowed in the tents, given a few minutes, and then escorted back on buses to get back to our hotels with a story"...he actually believes their being there, escorted by governments, is real news?...as if ANY evil gov't like Qadaffi's says "Okay, go ahead...we're with you, so it's okay"  That's getting REAL NEWS?!)

FOX's conscientious reporter Jennifer Griffin says that story is right and she sticks to it.

Now I know that CNN gives their view of the news and FOX gives both sides of any news and says "you decide"......so, YOU decide today....who do you think is right?   Do you think Jennifer Griffin would report anything without having pretty solid information?

And, a VERY IMPORTANT part of my point is that Yahoo runs the story on their Yahoo Headlines News Stories with "CNN CORRESPONDENT SLAMS FOX NEWS"  
Most Americans won't bother to read the story and find that Jennifer Griffin is saying she's absolutely positive that happened, they just see CNN is slamming FOX.  Get it?  Think that's an accident? :-)  

Tell me!...which side of this would you fall on?  Picture this:  Griffin has just recovered from a harrowing bout with breast cancer and leaves 2 or 3 children at home to go to war zones now that she's back at FOX and considers LYING in news reports?   absurd


Major said...

We have to decide....soon... as to who is truthful...and we know who lies.

We are in a real war of disinformation here.

Will they ever figure it out?

Z said...

I don't know, Major....I think this whole country's upside down and we're being led down some path that's planned and scary.
Man, and I would NEVER have thought anything like this could happen.

If only ONE thing some of the Conservatives like Beck says was immediately shown to be untrue by the WH, I'd feel a lot better.
And Beck shows facts and figures and alliances and there's almost no inference, just reality. And nobody's holding Obama's feet to that fire?
THIS is what's SO SCARY.

Jennifer Griffin isn't a liar; I'd stake my life on it.

WomanHonorThyself said...

youre right Z..its all too surreal at times..............

Anonymous said...

What the heck is Robertson's problem? Griffin didn't say the reporters volunteered to be shields, she said they were used.

Just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time wasn't their fault and nobody said it was. Griffin reported the info she had which is her job.

It was an unfortunate circumstance, and Robertson is probably using it to discredit Fox. He's also lucky he wasn't blown away from the sound of it.

Griffin is a solid reporter and always has been. Here they are in the midst of air attacks and this guy plays a petty game instead of being relieved he's still alive.

It sounds to me like there ought to be a little more communication between our military and the press.


Z said...

Pris, exactly right; She didn't say they PUT THEMSELVES in that position.
It almost makes Robertson seem guilty, doesn't it?
And, he talks only of the male reporter from FOX when it was clearly Jennifer Griffin who said all of this.

Something's very strange about it... I don't think even CNN would protect Qaddafi, but is Robertson feeling defensive because he realizes how STUPID he sounds to even suggest that 'government tours' will give them insight they'd not have got from ...well, the GOVERNMENT!??
No wonder the FOX guy stays behind, as he so gleefully implies....who would ever believe the news is getting the straight story from Qaddafi's people!?
Maybe ol' Nic's just being defensive.

MK said...

"...as if ANY evil gov't like Qadaffi's says "Okay, go ahead...we're with you, so it's okay" That's getting REAL NEWS?!"

You have to remember Z, in the deep-fried, badly-wired liberal brain, the only 'evil' government is a conservative one. It's only because their halfwit messiah is the leader of America that they're making a pretense of unbiased reporting. If it were Bush in power, you'd probably see them parroting gaddafi's crap in Arabic.