Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The UN, LIbya, and President Obama

Do you think it's a good idea for Obama to 'hide' behind the UN on the Libya actions?  It's good for his far left constituency, but is it good for America?   What message does it send the world?  And do we want to intervene every time there's a problem?  And, if so, why aren't we doing the same thing in Yemen...?

Is he, indeed, "hiding" behind the UN when it's mostly our armed forces doing the action?  Who're we kidding?



beamish said...

The United Nations covers posterity. Not so good at covering posteriors.

That said, Saddam Hussein had nothing to fear from the UN - so no one else should.

The UN never accomplishes anything of value or lasting merit, unless it is driven by actions taken by the United States.

The UN is a tool of the US, not the other way around.

tha malcontent said...

Comrade Obama should be impeached and his Secretary of State should be thrown out of office along with him. Hillary Clinton is completely out of her league and in way over her heard, as she was from day one. She is anyone was responsible for this insane attack on Gaddafi. When you talk tough, you have to know what the consequences may be "before" you open your mouth. Unfortunately neither Hillary or Obama ever think of that.

Ducky's here said...

We aren't doing the same thing in Yemen because the far right wing bed wetters, "Oh look, scary Muslims!", are convinced that a change in Yemen means that crack Yemeni rebel spec-ops will night drop and put botulism in their corn flakes.

I told you to watch Bahrain, we screwed the lid down tight there pretty quickly.

And be sure that Likud is vetting the candidate lists in Egypt.

There may be some hope for a stalemate in Libya which blunts the slaughter but does anyone on the right (including The Black Bush) really care what happens in the mid-east so long as the wogs stay quiet and don't disturb the fuel supply? Shining city on a hill? Grow up and look real politik in the eye. Then bow to Kapital as the far right wing always does.

beamish said...

Yeah, Ducky. That's why you leftists are so anxious to have a public trial for Khalid Sheikh Muhammad in a stateside federal court just as soon as you can figure out how Mafia figures or "Christian" abortion clinic bombers can be put on trial without cordoning off a mile radius of the courthouse with roadblocks and checkpoints.

What are you afraid of? Is Keith Ellison going to whimper and suck snot all over your pretty fragile ludicrousness?

If anyone's pissing in their pants with fear of Muslim retaliation, its you lefties, including your left-wing PC token in the White House.

beamish said...

Also, Ducky, Mr. "Realpolitik," the only anti-government turmoil in Yemen is currently fomented by al-Qaeda terrorists, and has been for some years now. Yeah, let's bomb a path into power for them like Clinton did in Kosovo.

And don't think your left-wing prerequisite anti-Semitism went unnoticed. Likud controls the world, really?

Nice touch with "wogs" too. Nothing like a racial epithet to alleviate any doubts that you're a leftist.

Anonymous said...

After the collapse of the USSR, the world found itself from BI-HEAD to MONO-HEAD (During Bush).

Now, with Obama's in-action, we are entering the period of Multi-HEAD or Anarchi, which will creat the wars and riots in all around the world.

The characteristics of the MONO-World was the Islamism Terrorism that George Bush was using an un-adaptive tool(REGULAR ARMY) to fight it.

The Characteristics of the multi-headed world is the multiriots, and the people who want to free themselves, the leader of the world should have and use an adapted tool(A regular Army), if USA fails on his new task, the other countries like FRANCE, ITALY, UK, Russia, China, IRAN, will replace it, and the meaning of the FREE WORLD will lose his nature.


highboy said...

Other than gang rape in third world countries the U.N. doesn't really do much.

MK said...

He's probably hiding because there are no WMDs in Libya and the very reasons he mocked for ousting saddam are the very ones he's now parroting. He's as gutless as he is dishonest, the perfect leftist leader.

Anonymous said...

"WOGS"! I didn't think Liberal left-wing wackos were even supposed to know terms like that, much less use them. My, my, how 'character' does shine through, a.k.a. hypocrisy.