Friday, March 25, 2011

GAY is GOOD...don't you GET it, children??!

PLEASE watch this video; I'd really like your opinion of teaching children this small about homosexuality.  Play close attention to the remarks of the adults...very telling;

We sure don't want anybody hurting others, but I wonder what you think of what they're taught, that they're taught this in school, and at such an early age.


namaste said...

z, this is such bullshit! why stop there?! why not teach small children how to be kinder to midgets too?! if you raise children right there's no need for this nonsense. another example of liberal lunatic garbage.

sorry, z. you fired me up with this one. blech. i hate liberals.

Z said...

Hi, know there are classes where they teach them about the condom, too, in very young ages?
I was surprised and a little dismayed not to hear "what do gays DO?" from one of the children...

I guess they know.

FrogBurger said...


Those 60s people are really, sorry to use a bad word, but f-ed up in the head.

I had a teacher like this in primary school. He showed us Quest of Fire when I was 10. If you know the movie, the first scene is pretty shocking. He also would take showers with all the male kids in common shower during the school ski week-long vacation.

Again they are f-ed up in the brain.

While they're at it, they should have animal sex day as well. Because they're discriminating against that minority as well. Idiots!

Leticia said...

I couldn't finish the video, Z. I was beyond disgusted and wanted to scream.

And I was flabbergasted that these kids parents are allowing their young and impressionable children to participate in something so vile.

Jesus is a bad word, but gay sex, is acceptable. This is beyond sickening.

Z said...

"Rights advocates say the trial between Target and Canvass For A Cause that begins Friday could further strain relations with the gay and lesbian community after controversy over its $150,000 donation to a business group backing a Minnesota Republican candidate opposed to gay marriage."

Now they're picketing and trying to ruin the business of a store because it gave money to someone opposed to gay marriage?

And, of course, does being opposed to gay MARRIAGE mean anybody HATES GAYS, which is ALWAYS the inference of the gay community on that?

Z said...

Leticia, excellent point; Mention JESUS and you're thrown out of school....but let this talk in schools and that is SO COOL?!?

FB, yikes! You had that in school?! And a man who showered with you all?

I've got to admit, folks, that I don't want children hurting peoples' feelings, either, but how do we solve this so that they're not taught this is normal?
As I've said, I had a gay distant cousin and he'd NEVER have spoken to the children in our family about it, and we never EVER said anything disparaging to him...we didn't even catch on until we were in our twenties, probably...and OUR PARENTS DIDN'T FEEL THE NEED TO SAY HE WAS GAY TO US when we were small! He was respectful, dignified, and lived a good life full of friends who loved him!

Can't we teach our children that being kind and polite is always best without going into these details? , without singling out any one group?

Anonymous said...

This is a digrace. There's no reason children can't be taught manners and social civility without singling out any one type of person.

This is nothing more than activist homosexuals having a field day bending young minds to suit their agenda.

With the huge emphasis on social and political agendas in the classroom, it's no wonder that American history, math and science take such a beating. There are not enough hours in the school day to fit it all in.

Our tax money is paying for indocrination. Plain and simple.

I do have to say, if some homosexuals are so insecure as to use and abuse our children, perhaps some visits to a therapist would be a better use of their time.


Z said...

We were shown to be kind at home through the behavior of our parents....we got more at school through the behavior of excellent teachers.
What's happened? Can they not bring themselves, some teachers, to teach through example? Why not just say "We are kind to everyone.."?

I don't want anybody hurting the feelings of ANY GROUP.....
but this is WAAAY too much.

Major said...

This is why I stated that America needs an ass kicking and defeat the status quo....illegals, jihadists, the indoctrination of our children by militant gays...the confiscation of our property, our wealth. The ruination of our educational systems by radical "progressives". And I wonder how it can be "progressive" when everything these creeps touch, worsens and degenerates all that we built?

Maybe we need to let the east and west coasts form their own "progressive" nation. We in the middle will have Texas if we want to go to the beach.

Let them have GOVERNOR MOONBEAM as their president and Bloomberg as their sec of state.

If you don't think we're already two separate nations right now...I have a bridge in Lake Havasu to sell to you.

FrogBurger said...

FB, yikes! You had that in school?! And a man who showered with you all?

It happened the years before my ski vacation. I was very frightened by it and didn't want to go but my year the ski resort had private showers.

The guy was a typical 1968 communist. Great teacher as far as teaching math and reading but his politics were there.

Z said...

Major, I'm in California and I"m REAL tired of the bashing. I can't tell you how many good Conservatives I know and generalizing hurts and doesn't help anything.
I'd NEVER come on a blog and slam anybody's state.

My blog tomorrow is more about California, it's important for people to know as it's such horrible stuff....but do you know I hesitate, and may not after all, publishing it because all I'm going to get are anti-California rants as I often do? If I do, I'll delete the whole post.
I've stopped going to blogs which do that.

We need to wake up and realize the WHOLE country is in BIG trouble and that there are crystal meth labs even in TX and all kinds of horrible things...why aren't YOU guarding your borders better, Major? I can't be everywhere guarding against the idiots in THIS state, either.

Yes, we have to fight this and we're NOT because our lefties have made us feel guilty for loving our country, and they've created a situation where any criticism means we HATE, which is far from the truth.

Z said...


Man, my sitemeter has shown TONS of people looking at my post from months ago ..the one where the Dept of Justice changed their logo from the American flag to some black/gold design? For about a week now, many are looking at that.
Good...FINALLY, people might wake up!? I can dream.

Anonymous said...

I find it utterly astounding that any parent with an ounce of brains would agree to subject their children to this brainwashing. Most assuredly, robbing a child of his or her innocence is child abuse, and so I want to know why Child Protective Services hasn’t responded to this “clear and present danger.” Sadly, school boards are a government —a parliamentary government, at that. Unless and until parents begin to view school boards as part of the problem, America’s tiny tots will continue to be brainwashing into thinking queer is normal. If it were normal, it wouldn’t be queer.

Z said...

Mustang, a friend's got two children...she went to the Principal of their school many times over the changing of Christmas vacation (after Christmas rather than before when families like to travel and get to their families and prepare, etc....because the teachers get cheaper ski tickets after..that's the truth)....she complained about a lot of things much more important than that but I can't think of any but that right now...they were all of traditional values-nature...the textbooks, etc...

The principal finally told her "Mrs D, Conservative parents with values don't serve on the Boards....the Liberal parents do...until that changes, I don't know what I can do for you because they're in charge and they're making these decisions."

She homeschooled after that...

Z said...

Pris, I found the info and a video of Stossel discussing the took years to get it made and it's coming out on....ready?

APRIL 15! How appropriate, huh?!

Stossel thinks people might wake up to the message of how awful big government is, but I doubt it.

Also, it's in 3 we'll see ...I didn't hear if 2 and 3 are produced yet.

Jan said...

That video was hard to watch.

Things have certainly changed since I was in school...way back in the dark ages, I must admit, but it is unbelievable what is being taught as acceptable, and normal, as compared to then.

For instance, when I was in sixth grade, we were always getting assignments to write stories, which I loved to do, and always tried to put forth my very best effort, and to make them exciting, and with some kind of moral...which, at that young age, I didn't even realize I wa doing.

My story was about an adventursome little boy, always getting into trouble.

In part of the dialogue I wrote, "I didn't do that!" he ejaculated.

Well, my teacher just about had a caniption! She seemed horrified that I had used that word, and circled it, and wrote next to it, "There is no such word! Do not ever use it again!" She gave me a failing grade.

I had used the word as a verb, to show the excitement of the statement which the little boy was making.

She embarassed me in front of the whole class, too, because we had to read our stories out loud. She said the same things that she wrote on my paper when she graded it.

I had spent a lot of time, looking up words to use in my story, and I knew that the word did exist, and used in the context that I had used it.

This has been too long a comment, but the point I am trying to make is that to think that I got a bad grade for using a legitimate word in the right context, not to mention being humiliated in front of the class, and now they are teaching things where they probably do use the word in its other meaning...and force the children to listen, and accept whatever they tell them..whether the parents approve, or not.

Z said...

Wow, Jan!

"ejaculate=to say suddenly and briefly"...RANDOM HOUSE DICTIONARY.

(even tho I personally had to giggle, i have to admit!)

Yes, you are SO RIGHT, you make an excellent analogy; in those days, it freaked the teacher out to even read the word and think a child used it even in the right context, if not commonly used (for which I'd have given you extra credit were I your teacher), yet today, you can BET it's used when showing how a 10 yr old should install a condom over a banana......!

Louis H. said...

Bananas can ejaculate?

beamish said...

It was a bit egregiously redundant to identify the school as one in Massachusetts, where 6,500,000 of America's 7 million flaming homosexuals live.

Ducky's here said...

No Froggy, they are Quakers and they have a set of beliefs.
If parents don't like it, they pull the kids out of Cambridge Friends and believe me, the waiting list for entrance is long.

Ducky's here said...

Our tax money is paying for indoctrination. Plain and simple.


Cambridge Friends is a private school.

Pitch till you win, Pris.

Z said...

So Ducky, what beliefs, that small children should lose their innocence? That the pathos and sadness behind those childrens' plaintiff "HE's gay, TOO?" we heard on the video twice should be ignored?
How terribly sad.
Be kind to everyone......don't single out any group.

Louis H....banana..condom, sex education for 9 year olds...
You decide whether that word might be included by the teachers! :-)

Beamish...and let them live...let's just protect children whose own sexualities haven't matured enough to even understand let alone be told everything is normal.

Z said...

DUcky, you keep don't REALLY think that this isn't done in public schools, right?
You haven't read enough on the subject, or......?

Z said...

By the way, DUcky, what do you think might happen were we to have a STRAIGHT PRIDE DAY? Allowed?

Or a STRAIGHT PARADE down the main drag in West Hollywood? How many arrests do you think there'd be for discrimination?

Fredd said...

Why on earth do children this young need to be exposed to this garbage? California is doomed. It is a mess beyond cleaning up, God help all of the good people in CA, and a pox on those who support programs like this.

Z said...

Fredd, you can't blame California for this one.
Come back tomorrow, you'll have a field day. I'm putting my state out on a limb...if I decide to actually post it.

Ducky's here said...

If it's done in public schools then give an example, z and don't deny you though this IS a public school.

Evangelicals DO NOT and WILL NOT be allowed to control the public attitude toward sexuality. Gonna have to get used to it.

Even the military wised up, time for the right wing. That's just the way it is and it is not going to change.

beamish said...

Beamish...and let them live...let's just protect children whose own sexualities haven't matured enough to even understand let alone be told everything is normal.

Oh, I'm all for teaching children about homosexuality.

You don't do that by saying "oooh look a dancer!" or "oooh look a fashion designer."

You do that by saying "Ewww look a hepatitis infection."

beamish said...

Evangelicals DO NOT and WILL NOT be allowed to control the public attitude toward sexuality. Gonna have to get used to it.

Don't have to. Homosexuality didn't become the subject of cultural aversion and disgust over thousands of years because "evangelicals" said so. No amount of Catholic Sacraments of Child Molestation is going to change that.

You fags may have a small respite purchased by modern advances in medicine and technology to live a little longer than swimming with open sores in sewage would naturally allow, but you're still a known disease vector.

And one that can be controlled and ostracized as it has been by every civilization that has outlived it over the last 100,000 years.

Z said...

Google it yourself, Ducky...For goodness sake, how many of my posts have you read on this?
I have friends now fighting with their public schools on what they want their children taught in school and what they want to teach them themselves. How DARE the schools teach children anything the parents don't want taught when it comes to values and morality?

You haven't heard of the banana demonstration to children? really? :-)
No, you can do the work and find all the examples; I do enough to try to educate you here :-)

And you tell me "Don't you deny...?" REALLY? Can you tell me where I show I thought it was private?
I don't find this at ALL a matter of public vs private...I find this a matter of children TOO YOUNG FOR THIS. Though I'd be even more upset had I thought it was public.

Beamish...I have known older men couples who had more dignity and class in them than most straight couples I know...they were faithful to each other for over thirty years; I'm quite sure they weren't 'disease vectors'...
But, you're right on this: Children having their eyes opened to behavior SO YOUNG and believing this is JUST ANOTHER CHOICE are having a kind of threat foisted upon them. AIDS isn't over and, less and less we're hearing of straights getting it.
I have to say I think it's a very sad lifestyle for older gays...I've seen it too many times.

Opus #6 said...

The leftists often seem to have early sexualization of children as part of their agenda. They need to leave sex ed up to the parents, especially at a young age.

Z said...

Opus, it's sad, isn't it. Why do you think that is?
To hear those little kids who apparently knew the names of the famous people the teachers were mentioning say " HE gay?" so sad, so plaintiff.
Let them learn to be good to everyone, they don't need GAY to teach them that.
As I said before, nobody likes anybody hurting feelings at ANY age, but this is craziness...this seems way more to me than getting kids not to be mean, it really does.

FrogBurger said...

Evangelicals DO NOT and WILL NOT be allowed to control the public attitude toward sexuality. Gonna have to get used to it.

Even the military wised up, time for the right wing. That's just the way it is and it is not going to change.

Shows how little analytical skills you have, Ducky. In other words: you're an imbecile.

Your comparison with the military makes no sense at all.

But since you're still mentally a child, I guess you don't understand the difference between adults and children in terms of sexuality.

Keep masturbating the flies in the meantime.

Major said...

"Major, I'm in California and I"m REAL tired of the bashing. I can't tell you how many good Conservatives I know and generalizing hurts and doesn't help anything.
I'd NEVER come on a blog and slam anybody's state."

It's not just California Ms. Z. Although in many minds it's..."as California go' does America". Which doesn't bode well for the nation as a whole. Yes, it's "your" state but this state has a a tremendous affect on the nation. It's bankruptcy, insolvency, progressivism that has led a once great place to economic ruin.

I loved California once. I was temporarily stationed there for a short time. And I made good use of my time while there. I loved the Redwoods, John Muir, the magnificent beaches, shore lines and coastal wonders. The northern counties of California are wonderful to behold.

I loved Pebble Beach, Carmel and the 101. I traveled the length and breadth of the state. Mount Shasta to Half Moon Bay.

San Diego to San Francisco. Once a beautiful city....still is from Marin and across the Golden Gate....but look whats happened to it now.

I'd take on New York, New Jersey and the Gay state as other failed social experiments in "progressivism, unionism and Gayism.....that have them in ruins.

Seriously...I feel huge sorrow for Californians who have suffered such indignities under black robed judges that have nullified your vote...ignored your wishes and has become essentially...and out of control rouge state.

Just like the other 3 I mentioned.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

FrogBurger said...

Major, I'm in California and I"m REAL tired of the bashing. I can't tell you how many good Conservatives I know and generalizing hurts and doesn't help anything.
I'd NEVER come on a blog and slam anybody's state.

You know what's sad Z?

I love the US. But I'm glad I first experienced the US through the West coast and middle America in Virginia.

I deeply love middle America and miss it very much.

But my sister who's only lived in CA is sick and tired of it. She does not like the US the way I do.

Despite being a beautiful state, CA, with its regulations, its welfare state, its tax-for-this-tax-for-that attitude is the France of the United States.

I am so thankful I had to experience the East Coast first. I may have gone back otherwise.

But there are plenty of Conservatives and great people in CA. They just don't have a voice.

Gotta stick together!

FrogBurger said...


I meant

"I love the US. But I'm glad I first experienced the US through the EAST coast and middle America in Virginia."

Elmers Brother said...

Even the military wised up, time for the right wing. That's just the way it is and it is not going to change

you mean it was imposed on them. Besides gays could serve before and now they'll need a separate facilities.

duhkkky, I wouldn't be so quick tor write off evangelicals or conservative values. Everywhere issues like this have been voted on the conservative view has won out only to have one judge throw it out.

and besides you guys are the ones who are marginalized, you make up less than 20% of the population and your aborting yourselves right out of being relevant at all.

Major said...

"why aren't YOU guarding your borders better, Major?"

Ms. Z...Montana is doing very well, thanks.
We don't go for all this social, liberalism. In a way...we're a lot like the Japanese. Independent, respectful, generous, helpful to our fellow citizens. We mind our own business yet would give the shirts off our backs to those in need. We don't need illegals, gay pride parades or NEA unions stifling our rights.

We've reinvented the 2nd Amendment.....the one that gives us the 1st Amendment, by defying the feds, telling them to piss off...go to hell and that we don't need permits or the ATF or any other bogus federal intervention into our states rights.

And that's what many states have forsaken.....the rights of the sovereign states outweigh the rights of the federal government.

The feds need a muzzle, a spanking and out and out defiance over their regulations.

We're fiercely INDEPENDENT...and not dependent on the scum in DC to manage our affairs, commerce or laws.

We are...what all states should be and somewhat like Texas around 1835.

Z said...

FrogBurger, for YEARS every American in the country's packed their bags to move to California...suddenly it's NOTHING GOOD IN CALIFORNIA and EVERYBODY"S A LIBERAL....
we both know very different than that.

I'm not publishing the piece I was going to publish at midnight tonight, when I usually schedule my posts for: it's just not worth the fight. I didn't mind your comment at ALL, I appreciated it, actually....but even after I ask for restraint, I get crap from others.

This is where I was born, this is weather you can't beat, beauty beyond most every state, and some of the nicest people I've known. ANd I'd NEVER slam another's state ON their blog, and never have.
I don't blame ALL NEW YORKERS for their considering to put that mosque up, or anything....etc etc etc.

But, California's the brunt of jokes because of the liberals..not me and all the good people I KNOW. was a good post, but..!

Good for you for your freakin' Independence, Major....good luck to you. take care.

Anonymous said...

Sexual education by the GAYS!!!

and the GAY teachers in the PRIMARY SCHOOLS!!!

the words like MORAL PERVERSION, or MORAL DEVIATION, does it exist for those people.

SEXUAL education by the GAYS to the kids, and SEXUAL TREATMENT (CHILD PORNO.) of the KIDS, has an direct access to each other.

I'm not a théologian, but the HISTORY of SODOM et GOMOR does exist in all the RELIGIONS, isn't it?

and for the non-beleivers, THE MORAL EXIST, I THINK.

THIS KIND OF EDUCATION by the GAYS is out of MORAL and it's a crime against the KIDS.



Z said...

MAJOR: I saw your previous comment after I'd read your last one and written my screed.

I'm not sure you realize how many good Conservatives live here...but you obviously know what a beautiful state it is.

I'm still not publishing my post.
Thanks, anyway.

Z said...

SAM, no the kids are DEFINITELY not safe from our liberals who are intent on sexualizing our children.
It's horrible..
Obviously, this is not the normal school, but I have friends fighting their public school curriculae,'s just awful.

They have no shame...they even teach bad things about America's history before the children have learned the good.

This seems all to have been planned, in my opinion; people here don't believe we SHOULD be powerful and believe we are NOT Great, including our president.......I fear for my country.

Anonymous said...


We have an PREVERB that says" TELLING the perversity histories is even HALF OF THAT PERVERSITY ACTION".

Telling the GAY behaviors even in a private education to the kids is a crime.

They educate the kids with this level of morality, the future of a nation is already solde.

SEXUAL PERVERSION "HOMOSEXUALITY" is the AIDS of the MORAL, transmiting AIDS to the kids! is a crime, and mayebe the worst crime.


Major said...

"Good for you for your freakin' Independence, Major....good luck to you. take care."

Nice. ( My "freakin' independence" is something you really long for ). Seems to me you're letting your emotions get the best of you. Enjoy the weather. That's your costs you a fortune in taxes. So I suppose....that's all you've got.

I attempted to open your eyes to see what an independent people ( Iowa, Idaho, Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, South Dakota, North Dakota..and others ) are capable of.

You obviously...would rather take it personally. As if the mud California finds itself your fault.

Check mate.

Major said...

"I'm not sure you realize how many good Conservatives live here.."

Last word Ms. Z. It doesn't matter cause you affect nothing. You're surrounded by impossible Sam Houston and George Custer.

You can't ever win.

But...thank "you" ( California ) for Reagan and the Beach Boys.

And for lot's of laughs.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, have you ever heard of the school book, Heather Has Two Mommies?
That is not limited to private schools.

Btw, that's a strike! It was time to put in a pinch hitter for you a long time ago.


Anonymous said...

"Pris, I found the info and a video of Stossel discussing the took years to get it made and it's coming out on....ready?"

Thanks Z, I'll look forward to it. April 15th is most appropriate!


Z said...

SAM, you are so right.

Major, yes I definitely take my home state emotionally...maybe it's just a case of good manners to not slam a blogger's home state on her blog, just thinkin..

Pris, don't you know that only private schools have those books? (heh!!) STEEERIKE for Pris!

Hayden said...

Here's an idea ... let's all convert to Islam, and then under Shar'ia law we can kill all the queers ... and then after that, we can rebel and convert to Christianity again.

Z said...

Hayden! I don't think anybody needs killing and I hope you don't, either!
But this kind of schooling STINKS, don't you think!?
very funny, by the way!

Major said...

"...maybe it's just a case of good manners"

Maybe it's your good manners that have kept you from succeeding where you need to? Maybe it's your "good manners" that have kept you from voicing your outrage, lest you be labeled..."racists or jingoists or islamophobes"?

Have your rivals exhibited "good manners" when they dance naked , nude and performing sexual acts in public?

Have your good manners won over the illegals who insist on bleeding your state dry? While demanding...DEMANDING rights....which they are not entitled to.

Have you seen the demographics on the ones who want to re-conquista your state?

Maybe being so polite has allowed you to miss opportunities to reverse the monumental slide into social chaos, insolvency, gay militancy, the complete takeover of your schools to non English sanctuary cities and lawlessness that makes you an absurd, non functioning petri dish?

Hey Ms.'s not you fault. You and all your conservative allies have been ...had. Fooled.....screwed and used. Your complacency and natural need to "get along"...has killed your institutions....your history and lastly...your pride.

Major said...

"Here's an idea ... let's all convert to Islam, and then under Shar'ia law we can kill all the queers ... and then after that, we can rebel and convert to Christianity again."

Great idea. But it's the certain death of our Republic if we'd ever have to make this transformation.

My suggestion...rid ourselves of Islam, period.

And we'll all be safer.

Anonymous said...



APPLYING SHARIA in a society is anti-HUMAN.

PROPAGATING MORAL AIDS " PEDOPHILY" or teaching the sexuality by the GAYS to the kids is CIMINALE.

RAPE is not limited to a physical acte, the human being is wounded from inside, and when it is applied to the kids, it is awful, it is horrible.

Do you have the KIDS?


beamish said...

Beamish...I have known older men couples who had more dignity and class in them than most straight couples I know...they were faithful to each other for over thirty years; I'm quite sure they weren't 'disease vectors'...

Only a biospy knows for sure.

Even if they're limiting the opportunity for HIV to erupt into an AIDS infection inside the sewer lines they've turned their internal bloodstreams into by their fecal matter passing into it from open sores, lesions, and tears in their rectal lining, they're still rotting inside from a encyclopedia of exotic pathogens they're actively farming in their gastrointestinal tract and from there, the rest of their bodies and every sweat gland and follicle they have. Dignified, classy, monogamous, or not, they're little more than living biological terrorist weapons of mass destruction.

This is to say nothing of the self-inflicted psychological damage to their self-esteem, which at least has a societal value in encouraging them to commit suicide before they hurt anyone else.

Yeah, I'm mean-spirited to gay people. I can't help it. I was born this way.

You know, normal, with a functioning brain.

beamish said...

On ripping on states, can we at least all agree that Massachussetts is fair game?

- Sacco and Vanzetti
- The Kennedys
- Mike Dukakis
- John Kerry
- Barney Frank
- Howard Zinn
- Matt Damon
- The BeeGees
- New Kids on the Block
- fundraising for IRA terrorists
- Mitt Romney
- gay marriage
- socialized health care

Z said...

Major, believe it or not, nobody's stupid or nobody's been taken here.
STOP the nastiness or I'll start deleting you...this is unbelievable.
You hate Obama so much, why aren't you changing things RIGHT NOW? Have you been taken? ARe you too stupid to catch on to what he's doing?
that's why I can't change everything in California.

ANd, by the way, I like the BeeGees :-)

Z said...

oh, and you forgot DUCKY on that list :-)

Major said...

"You know, normal, with a functioning brain."

In other words...they're more of a threat to humanity and the CDC than the isotopes being released into the atmosphere by the Japan disaster?

Yep....tears in the rectum and blood transfusions are worthy of a nation wide boycott of gays than Three Mile Island.

Gays are not only a threat to our moral fiber....but to the long term health of the nation.

Well.....what are we to do? Keep on being doofus lackey PC activists? Or taking the sane precautions against a disease ridden segment of the population that poses significant danger and risks to our health and well being?

In American Beauty....the fag who lives next "nice" as he may seem to be...poses more of a threat to society than...well...a straight heterosexual, right wing fanatic!!

Major said...

"You hate Obama so much, why aren't you changing things RIGHT NOW?"

Excuse me...when have I refereed to Obama?


You can delete all you want. I had a contrary opinion. Not much different that Beamish or Frogberger.

I sure as hell...ain't FT. do what you want...YOU HAVE THE POWER....YOU HAVE THE PEN.


Ask my favorite poster Mustang....what he thinks of patriotic Marines who have sacrificed their lives for their OPINIONS...what he thinks of...CENSORSHIP???

Go ahead. You've just revealed your true colors.

beamish said...


If I lived near a mass concentration of gay people, such as downtown San Francisco or the entire state of Massachussetts, I'd probably hang plastic sheeting over my windows.

Major said...

"I'd probably hang plastic sheeting over my windows."

Meaning? With flowers or not?

Explain please. I don't read between the lines real well. I need things spelled out. I'm just a redneck, tired old Marine living out my life in the woods of Montana.
Watching the shit storm of chaos envelope all of us. I even have pity for the screwballs on the East Coast / West Coast.

Hurry...before I get permanently banned.

beamish said...

Yes, Z, I forgot Ducky on that list.

And Amy Bishop.

It's true. 8 of 10 people in Massachussetts have had at least one gay partner by the age of 5.

The other two were too busy having gay sex with each other to respond to the survey.

Z said...

Major, you'd probably be much happier at another blog.
I'm done. what's the point?

beamish said...


Plastic sheeting over windows... to keep out biological threats.

If the wind shifted west from Massachussetts, we're talking major contamination of New England.

Major said...

Major, you'd probably be much happier at another blog.
I'm done." tell me why then? I challenge you? My opinions aren't up to yours? I have different views, politically, philosophically or is it because I had the temerity to mock...California?

You don't seem to be very open minded to others opinions so long as they are divergent from your viewpoint.

Mine are really no different that yours with the exception of my opinion on California.

Is that subject so sensitive to you that you'd delete...ban...ostracize anothers opinions?

Are you that.....ummmm.. sensitive?

Or..have you had a bad day?

With all due respect and admiration....seriously....


Major said...

"Plastic sheeting over windows... to keep out biological threats."

Beamish...thanks for the advice. However I think I'm as far from that as California is from needing potassium iodine tablets...unless if it wards off liberals and illegals.

Z said...

Yes, Major, I'm a tad bit sensitive..

This is the last comment on the subject, but I'd written a post, quite lengthy, on two situations here in California I thought people should know about but I've deleted it because I'm well aware now that it wouldn't have been discussed rationally, it would have just had more bashing.
I didn't create a blog for everyone to agree with me, and anybody here can see that's true.....I created the blog for civil, kind and informative discourse.
As I said, you can't change America for what Obama's doing it any easier than I can change California for what the stinkin' libs have done to her. I don't deserve derision any more than you do for not being able to stop Obama.

some admiration.

beamish said...


I don't get a sense that Z is "censoring" you.

She's already told you that she is part of a population of conservative Californians, one that isn't large enough to steer California overall, but is still present.

Hell, I live in Missouri, where the left still hasn't given up fighting the Civil War. Democrat Governor Jay Nixon here is the most hardcore racial segregationist you can find in politics today. He even makes the late left-wing all star Robert Byrd the KKK Kleague seem rational.

We do what we do and what we can where we live.

California didn't give us this crappy situation. Left-wing Democrats and their need to be the most imbecilic people in a room did.

Attacking Z is so much friendly fire.

I just disagreed with Z significantly on the subject of her gay friends above. Said my piece and let it drop. I'm not going to convince Z that her gay friends are biological weapons, she's not going to convince me to have gay friends.

Let it be.

Major said...

"Hell, I live in Missouri, where the left still hasn't given up fighting the Civil War. "

And that said Mr. Beamish...I used to live in a country where a couple of Purple Hearts...a silver and a bronze star....a life dedicated to service in ones country...a life in a family devoted to sacrifice and their own Silver stars...their own dedication, their own lives of sacrifice and devotion to this that flag....meant something.

I used to live in a country where honor, duty, corp, God and country...used to mean something that was respected and honored.

Let me say this...I don't give a shit...not one rats ass if you respect me or mine. But I will say that we have a right to express our brothers, my father, my uncles who have served...

Am I pissed off? You bet I am.

Now...I that too fooking corny to understand?

I will depart...proud, defiant and unwilling to surrender to PC addled bullshit masquerading as understanding, political correctness, and an America that will not, does not...appreciate all those good men who have served honorably for a nation that called upon them.

Say what you want....mock that as you wish. Or see fit. But...corny as it may seem need us Mustangs more than ever.

Major said...

"but I'd written a post, quite lengthy, on two situations here in California I thought people should know about...


I PROMISE....I WILL NOT.....NOT COMMENT. needs to be said. You have a gift...a knack for timely, accurate, stories and opinions.

Major said...

Hey Ms. z.....why am I in Montana? When I was raised in the East?

Cause it's easier to ride a horse with one leg....than it it is to drive a pickup.
It's the old clutch and brake that hassles me.

I left my right leg in Iraq. IED's are something that we're still....fooked up over understanding.

Me....I don't care. It was a part of the job.

I'd love to get it back....but....I find I'm doing OK on the horse.

In my neighborhood...I get free beer. And a boost onto my horse.


Love this blog.

beamish said...


I'd say that you still do live in a country where two Purple Hearts, a Silver Star and a Bronze Star mean something. You are appreciated enough to get free beer, at least.

My own uncle came back from Vietnam with a couple of Bronze Stars and Purple Hearts... and Parkinson's from Agent Orange exposure. He fights for assistance from the government he served while another uncle gets the full buffet of help from the government because he fried his mind away on LSD instead of going to Vietnam in the same time period.

So no, I'm not mocking you for your service and sacrifice and never would. And I understand your rage a little better. I'm right there in agreement with you on that note. I'd buy you a beer to hear your story, and listen with respect and appreciation, believe me. I don't think I'm alone in this.

But projecting your rage at Z for your rage at left-wing California, or your rage at all Muslims for the loss of your leg, or your rage at the whole country for a list of ills that all conservatives and libertarians can construct, none of this accomplishes anything.

It just frustrates you further like - I'll dare say it because I don't have any sensitivity training - a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest.

If I were in your shoes, er, shoe, I'd be one pissed off guy as well. But I'd try to seek ways to vent that anger constructively.

Railing at Z as a proxy for "California" is as delusional at railing at California as a proxy for leftism itself. There's no disrespect towards you or your service or sacrifices intended in pointing that out. Even Jimmy Carter and Howard Zinn and Ron Kovac were in the military and nobody's cutting them any slack for it.

Your medals aren't a license to be a dickhead.

Now, you can rip into me for not joining your self-pity party if you like, or you can do me the courtesy of hearing the plea for rationality in my words.

Z's not the enemy here. I'm not the enemy here. You're not the enemy here.

I respect you even further for being a Marine. I know your toughness, your heart, your character, your fire, your dignity was not stored in the leg you lost. You know this too.

Yes, we do need men of honor. We've already got plenty of belligerent assholes wanting beer pacifiers.

Always On Watch said...

Cambridge Friends School, a Quaker school, charges around $25,000/year for tuition.

Are all Quaker schools promoting this same agenda?

Always On Watch said...

1999 article about private schools promoting the gay agenda

Note the mention of Cambridge and of Sidwell Friends School, where Chelsea Clinton attended and where Obama's children attend now.

Always On Watch said...

There is a Part Two as well. See this site. The second video was made at a public school in NYC.

Apparently these videos were made several years ago:

Although It's Elementary was made over a decade ago, it's still a major training film for homosexual activists, is still being shown in schools across the country, and has become a standard feature at homosexual teachers' conferences....

Z said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

AOW, thanks.
Of course this is being done in Public Schools...I'll watch later, it's too early here to completely destroy my day. I'll wait till I've HAD some of my day before I let the rest go to hell :-)

Major, I'd give you a boost up onto the horse, too, if I could....
I'm so sorry that happened to you.

Z said...

AOW..I had to watch it now... and I was right, it turns my stomach.

Did you catch the Scripture at the end...? they pull out ALL the stops.

You see, to the advocates, there IS no other way of looking at it other than hateful....that's the "big open minded" liberal. But, of course, nobody's advocating hate, just traditional families.

They get the kids on FEELINGS because they're so young and haven't matured enough to know how dangerous just feelings can's really quite well done, this promotion of gay marriage in our schools. I feel for those children who try to subtly disagree but are 'shown' they're wrong. quite frightening.

Scotty said...

Your medals aren't a license to be a dickhead.

beamish is right, Major.

Are seeking help for your PTSD issues, Major? I could steer you in the right direction if you want some help.

Z said...

I think those medals and losing a leg, however, are a license to be REALLY ticked off at what's happening to AMerica, ...

thanks, Beamish and Scotty.

I do want different opinions here and I like passion...I just want them fairly civil if possible and I don't like being slammed here, not one bit.

Major...I've always told you you're a welcome addition here and I'm glad you enjoy geeeZ, I'm calmer after a fairly good night sleep for me..six hours........and wish you a good day. I did delete Craig this morning...but I'm just FED UP with the nastiness and insults....and it felt good for someone who doesn't usually delete :-)

Anonymous said...

In a world run by a mindset that would obliterate knowledge of unpopular or uncomfortable realities children will learn about sex from dirty graffiti on the walls of public toilets, and abortions will performed by butchers in back allies and attempted with coat hangers.

Gay activists and, defiant, militantly "out" gays are for the most part disgusting, even frightening caricatures of what human beings should be. However, they exist as a reflection and magnification of the ugly attitudes and vast ignorance the majority has projected onto them for countless centuries.

Tell someone he's a no good son-of-a-bitch long enough, and eventually he (or she) will turn on you. Our institutionalized forms of contempt, loathing, unkindness, intolerance, superstition and lack of understanding do much to CREATE and PERPETUATE monsters of many kinds.

Communism for instance would never have arisen if the original captains of industry had treated their employes with more kindly and generously with respect, concern for their health and safety, etc.

Likewise feminism would never have gotten a leg on game if men had recognized women as their intellectual and spiritual equals from the beginning.

And think of the staggering amount of death, destruction, poverty, bitter enmity and social unrest that would have been avoided had we never enslaved and exploited African Negroes.

Everything in life is the result of an endless chain of Cause and Effect.

If only we followed The Golden Rule eventually it would stop but we are too fond of our pet hates and too comfortable with our preconceived notions ever to let go of them. Unfortunately most of us have to have something we severely disapprove of in order to feel “righteous.”

All that aside, any discussion of sexuality -- aside from the most rudimentary clinical facts about reproduction -- should be kept out of the classroom.

Preaching the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes, instead covers all the bases perfectly if rightly understood.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MK said...

Before long they'll want to show them how to have gay sex, you know they want to.

Z said...

MK, that ran through my mind, too....wait for it.

Anonymous said...

A simpler way of putting it might be:

Bash not, and thou wilt be less apt to suffer bashing. ;-)

Better always to ABORB the evil than to pass it on.

But, as the abominable Bob Dylan asked, "When will they ever learn?"

Bob would have been more to the point, if he had not excluded himself (something almost all of us do). The question should have been "When will WE ever learn?"

Z said... offense, but how can you carry on when you know your comments aren't wanted here?

My goodness..... get your OWN BLOG and you'll be so happy! Or find one you can start over with, not one you've bashed the hostess so hard at, that would give you a clean start.

thank you

Anonymous said...

"To err is human. To forgive is divine."

Why nurse a grudge? I'm sorry I lost my temper. That's never right, I agree, but truly horrible things have been said to and about me here before I blew up and worse since. None of that was called for. I'm only human and my reaction ought to be understandable at least.

I've been very angry that you -- a long time friend and one-time confidante -- would allow anyone to address me -- or anyone else -- in the persistently vile, abusive manner I've been treated to by one "celebrated" poster in particular. All of it is regrettable, but apologies are in order all the way 'round.

I've never intended you any harm. I think it's been wrong to act as though I did. We've had what-is-known-as a personality clash. We ARE on the same side of most of the basic issues, Z. I'm sorry you don't seem to want to remember or believe that.

For some reason you rto esent the manner in which I present myself -- my if you will. I've never understood why, because I'm the same old me -- the person you've known pretty well through private correspondence and shared many confidences with for many years

In my view the issues are more important than either one of us. Your blog has been an excellent venue for examining the truth of liberal bias in the media and the ill effects it's had on society. I have quite a lot say about all of that and very little of what I think is at odds with what you think, so YES I've been ticked off about the cold shoulder I've received ever since I started posting here. I've been hurt too. You are not the only one who has feelings.

I really am sorry it went so far. To me this whole thing has been absurd, but because you, apparently sanctioned vicious and persistent abuse of the vilest kind towards me by one whom you ardently favor I have been absolutely furious.

I'm willing to let it go. I wish you would too. I'd much rather be friends than enemies. I think you'd have to agree I post sincerely and responsibly most of the time. Whether you realize it or not I've been trying to make amends.

Peace be with you -- and all of us.

Your old pal, who asks for your understanding and forgiveness.

beamish said...

Who are you posing these theatrics for, FeetStinke? Yourself?

Z didn't make you post links to anti-Semitic, white supremacist websites, or copy their garbage to paste it here.

Z didn't make you curse and insult her, and call her a "slut" and a "bitch" among other vile things.

Z didn't make you do these things, or continue to stalk and harass her blog daily, for MONTHS, to continue to post your anti-Semitic, racist filth and pedantic twit insults.

Z didn't make you do any of those despicable things, and guess what dipshit - neither did I.

You can be the racist, anti-Semitic neo-Nazi piece of shit that you are, that's your right. But don't, DON'T insult further by claiming to be on Z's side, or mine, or any other conservative here.

You've done let that mask slip too many times, cryptolefty.

Show some intellectual honesty. Anti-Semitic and racist posters like Ducky get to post here - if they curb their zeal for insults - because they're not ashamed of their leftism. They claim it proudly. It's understood that all that hatemongering imbecility comes with being a leftist.

If you can handle being regarded as a left-wing anti-Semitic racist piece of shit, and I don't see any reason why you would, being the connoisseur of the kinds of anti-Semitic, racist websites you plagiarize wholesale with your unsolicited copy and pastes here, I'd personally encourage Z to let you stay. Maybe with your help, Ducky can shore up the left-wing view.

But I'm not willing to encourage that step, and will continue to identify every anti-Semitic and racist smear you try to pass as serious commentary because I am most decidedly not on your side, lefty, and you're treading on grounds you've been more than unwelcomed from.

You have the nerve to try to pass off your MONTHS of continuous harassment of Z and her blog and defiantly refusing to abide her wishes that you depart as "tryng to make amends?"

I know leftists are the last ones in the world to embrace reality, but damn! Even your most recent replay is further defiance of Z's request for you to go away.

"get your OWN BLOG and you'll be so happy! Or find one you can start over with, not one you've bashed the hostess so hard at, that would give you a clean start."

She was talking to YOU, you simpering moron.

Go away!

Faith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

FT, by the way, I do forgive you. I don't hate you.
I just don't want you here anymore...we've gone through this far, far too many times.
Thank you for respecting that.