Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Germany's reaction to Frankfurt's killings

My German stepson is telling me the reaction on line to the Frankfurt Airport killings of two American soldiers is ANGER in Germany..
He tells me that comments on the homepage article include statements like "He'll go to jail for 15 years and then get out"  (my stepson thinks the limit is 25 years so it could be that.)
"They come here from other countries, live on our taxes, and commit crimes like this...they have to go."
"This was no coincidence, it couldn't be; he was definitely going after American soldiers and this has to stop."
"Multiculturalism doesn't work"

My stepson says he and all his friends, younger middle-age, are sick of what's going on and want it to stop. Their tax dollars are supporting people from the Middle East, Turkey, many from the former Yugoslavia/Balkan area, and many people from Russia, Poland...and many of them come taking jobs from Germans because they work cheaper, and committing crimes.
When the politicians said "Poland will be part of the EU", people expected the crime rate to go up at the border....(there are no border controls between EU countries)...the Germans said "The crime rate is going to double" and the politicians said that won't happen, and it did, BIG time, more than sheds broken into and things stolen, bikes stolen, houses broken into, cars stolen or ripped apart for parts.  The scale of crime was much higher than it was before.   And, of course, Poland isn't able to protect their borders so Russians and Romanians are coming through INTO GERMANY....also, other parts of Europe, of course, but they go through Germany.
There is a kind of joke that "If your car is stolen, look in Poland"(funnier because that sentiment rhymes in German)   "Have a vacation in Poland, your car's already there!"   My stepson says "The Poles are mostly a very good people, really solid and hard working, in general...but the criminals come through to the other countries!"

The Albanians, according to Europeans, are the worst of the bunch as far as crime is concerned, and BAD crimes, too.  It's sad that those who come into Western countries have to commit crimes, isn't it?

I'm not picking on nationalities....I'm of Armenian descent and we're humiliated now by the Russian Armenian gangs in L.A.,  when cops used to say "We've never had an Armenian in our jails" they now tell me "they're more than half full with Armenian gangs!"  SO, believe me, I am not meaning to malign nationalities all of whom have really good people  in them, MOSTLY good people, but I thought hearing some of Germany's reactions to the killings today and about the multiculturalism they feel is killing them would be interesting to you.

Let's see what happens to the guy from Kosovo who committed these murders..... we'll see if he's an Islamist and we'll see how he gets treated.  Meanwhile two of our best are dead.



Anonymous said...

Multi-cultural ism is, and always was, a farce. It is supposed to be that immigrants adopt the culture and values of their new country. After all. that is supposedly why they immigrated in the first place. But no, they now immigrate in order to feed off the new host country while liberal, moral relativism endorses their immoral actions. Hence counties are "Balkanized" out of their own national identities by their own non- conforming immigrants.
Political correctness wil assure that crimes like the one in the article continue and flourish. Patriotism and love of country are out of step with the "New world Order" of global governance. We will continue to pay a big price for this stupidity.

MGM in Anderson Indiana, USA

Anonymous said...

Those American soldiers, no doubt, felt that being in Germany they could relax, and enjoy their stay. How terribly sad and outrageous.

The German people are rightfully angered. They're losing their country to multiculturalism which is a country killer.

Their sovereignty is blurred because of the EU, and their German culture is being compromised.

We are confronting the same thing.

My conclusion is, the One World dreamers have created a worldwide nightmare!!


Jan said...

How interesting is this post, Z, with the personal isight from your stepson.

It seems that the whole world is in chaos, in one way, or another, but it is good to hear that not only we, but others are getting prety fed up with it, and tired of paying for it to continue to spread.

One wonders how much more has to happen before it is finally brought to a screeching halt?

Great post.

Z said...

SO well put, MGM.

My Armenian ancestors (I'm first and second generation American) couldn't wait to assimilate! Sure, they spoke Armenian at home and with friends outside the home but they were AMERICANS!
Grandpa was 9 when he came here and, by some miracle that Hispanic children apparently haven't experienced, was able to learn English in a few months. (I'm being sarcastic there, Hispanic kids could, too, if she just LET THEM without BILINGUAL teaching).
He went on to own 3 very well known stores in the Troy, NY area...VERY big fish in a then small pond...very respected, etc.
Grandma came at about 19 yrs old and spoke great English very soon...neither had ANY English as they were from a village in Eastern Turkey.
ANyway, I say all that , and I know most of my readers have similar stories, to emphasize what you said about WANTING TO FIT IN, to BE AMERICANS>
Now there are barrios all over the place and at my large local grocery store the whole staff speaks Spanish between feel sort of bad for cutting in and asking a question about the brussel sprouts, you know? :-)
"Pardon you speak English? I hate to BOTHER you, but..?"

Patriotism is GONE in our kids today...they know so little about our country, etc.

Can we change things again? If the Left got out of the way, maybe.

Always On Watch said...

Meanwhile two of our best are dead.

Another day, another tragic story.

I do grow weary of these tragedies piled upon tragedies.

I suspect that Islam will get whitewashed as the story is told in the media.

FrogBurger said...

Multicultarism doesn't work not because of people but b/c Europe lefties and some weak conservatives have willingly or unwillingly spent their time balkanizing those countries either through welfare or by making sure the minorities feel good about themselves.

It's almost as if parents were trying to build so much self esteem and confidence in their kids, and making them feel really good, that they forgot to teach them respect.

In this case, respect of the country that welcome you. Respect of its traditions, even though they are different from the immigrants' and respect of the law of the country.

I believe multiculturalism can work with those conditions. In my case, multiculturalism is not the juxtaposition of cultures but the coexistence of various cultures that are still going in the same direction. Like the American Dream allowed Chinese, Irish, Polish, Germans, etc... to make this country great. Everyone was going in the same direction.

Europe stop having a direction for its inhabitants as soon as welfare and the culture of entitlements corrupted its society.

In addition, the left needs as many victims of the system as it can while some nationalistic party like the National Front in France need the rift between immigrants and citizen. That's how they maintain their electoral market.

Z said...

FB, I disagree. Americans have a culture, the French have a culture, the Germans have a culture, the Poles have a culture..etc etc.

MultiETHNICITY is one thing, that's what built this country, but not multiculturalism...see the difference?

The American culture, the French culture, they all used to be respected by immigrants because those immigrants chose that country because they liked it and felt opportunity was there (okay, maybe not in France, but...) then the immigrants became AMERICANS, etc.
People can't go in the same direction when they're doing their own home country's culture...but they can stay ethnic and speak their language at home and with friends and cook their own food, etc..

It's when people are taking over...maybe even the "Push 1 for English" situation applies here. WHY? WHy can't they LEARN ENGLISH and that's the ONLY language on the tape they'll get?
Why can't kids learn English like my grandparents did without BILINGUAL EDUCATION?

what do you think?...any comments?

Anonymous said...

Multiculturalism doesn’t work. I think this bears repeating: multiculturalism doesn’t work. I think that our friend FB thinks that it does work under certain circumstances, but he is still relatively new to America. He is pursuing the path of our ancestors: he is learning to love America, even with all of its blemishes. He is using his language ability wisely, and to his own advantage. He does not refuse to learn English; he does not demand that citizens owe him anything. In a short time, FB will realize that he has followed the exact same path of millions before him. He came here to love America; he came here to become America.

Multiculturalists don’t do that at all … beyond getting their fair share of the pie, they see nothing exceptional about America. You see this along the border region with Mexico, by the way –car dealerships flying the Mexican flag above the US flag to pull in customers from Mexico. You see Mexican young people driving around with small Mexican flags on their car antennae, and some even break out the standard flag to display it at high school athletic events. No one ever corrects this kind of conduct, and so the behavior is negatively reinforced. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll just conclude with something I think worth mentioning yet again: multiculturalism doesn’t work.

FrogBurger said...

FB, I disagree. Americans have a culture, the French have a culture, the Germans have a culture, the Poles have a culture..etc etc.

So that means I shouldn't fit in the US?

Look at Sam. He's in France, a Muslim. I'm sure he's not the bus burning type and is respectful of the country where he currently lives. (I assume he's not French.)

Anonymous said...


The Armenians are the most respected and trusted in MY country.

And we are on permanent contact with the Armenians and Kaldonians of IRAQ who talk the dialect of JESUS.

These people are the MARTYRES,

After the US invasion of IRAQ, they were left without no protection, the BOMBS, the kidnappings, the rapes, the destructions of all their goods, and the forced exudes and displacements.

They had to leave their homes of thousands years and escape.

US ARMY HAD THE STRICT INSTRUCTIONS from DC to not to intervene in the internal affaire of IRAQ.
They were butchered by the Islamists and IRAQI FORCES who govern IRAQ under the eyes of MNF

They were living happily before this invasion, they were 1,7 millions, it remains now less than 500,000.

You are the daughter of the Diaspora, how do you feel the pain and the disaster of those martyred people who were abandoned by the superpower to the BUTCHERS of Islamists?

Now the victims are the innocent boys everywhere.
The reason why the USA abandoned the IRAQI Christians and preferred the Islamists as the US PARTENERS, because the IRAQI Christians were against the invasion while the shiit were for the invasion.

For the KOSOVAR, 72,000 of them BUTCHERED by the SERBS under the supervision of the DUTCH Bleu Hamlet of UN, and another group BUTCHERED BY the the Croitia FORCES which were backed by the GERMAN government of Gerhardt Shrouder.


FrogBurger said...

Mustang, you're saying exactly what I meant.

It goes with the common direction.

Europe hasn't provided a common direction and a vision based on prosperity, opportunities. The only direction that was offered since the 70s is idleness, work less and get paid for it.

Europe has removed a sense of purpose to immigrants. Immigrants that came to France in the 50s-60s from Portugal, Poland, Algeria, Tunisia respected France for what it was giving them: jobs and a democracy.

Their grandkids are the problem now but not them.

Anonymous said...

Z, when I was in Calif. last Nov. my son & I went to Costco in the Valley. I wished I'd had a DEA cap, the place would have cleared out! When we came out I told him they needed to put a Mexican flag on the roof.

I'm not against LEGAL immigration, but I sick of people who make no attempt to become part of the country to which they move. Instead, we are supposed to accommodate their language, customs, & other ethnic factors. I doubt very much that Americans would find so much tolerance in other countries.


Z said...

FB, you speak good ENglish, you married an American girl, you like living here, you CONTRIBUTE...Yet you maintain your language and your foods (thank you, Jesus :-) ...
We are all 'other ethnicities" in America.......and have one culture.

SAM, ARmenians do continue to be pursued and killed, don't they. By the Turks, now the Iranians? Or Iraqis?
I knew that they were a very big group in Iran and I hope they contributed and people liked them!
I must say Russian Armenians are a WHOLE other thing; which shows that communism is toxic...
And I believe ARmenians, who were the first CHristian nation, practiced their Christian faith with no trouble in the old days in Iran, right?

Of course I'm not happy about the martyrdom of Armenians...but are you saying many died in Iraq or Iran?? I don't think I knew that..

Anonymous said...


Not in Iran, because the Iranians protect the Armenians, the regime kills the Armenians by terrorism, Ahmadinejad don’t dare to touch them in public, the Mullahs don’t dare to make the anti-Christian propaganda in Iran.

But in IRAQ, they are genocided after the US Occupation of IRAQ.

After the Occupation of IRAQ, the shiit formed the ethnic cleaning and the genocide of the IRAQI Christians started,
from 2005, christian repression was accelerated by the Al-Maliki’ Government. And Al-Maleki’s Government is protected and funded and armed by the Mullahs of IRAN and USA.

BUSH and OBAMA have the same politics in IRAQ, which is to leave Iraqi government and Army and Police to the whole control of Ahmadinejad.


Z said...

And, someday, SAM, you will explain WHY the AMerican presidents seem to appease Ahmedinejad!

As for Christians in Iran, I follow that very closely and there are many more conversions TO Christianity than we hear becasue they can't tell anybody without fear of BIG problems.... I also heard that Iran is arresting Christians more and more, and big raids began Christmas morning there. I think they view Christianity as a huge threat...
have you heard much of this?

Major said...

Count on the Germans to say..."enough of this 3rd world shit"....count on the French to remember their Nationalism and what being French is...count on the Netherlands to say ENOUGH of this Islamist bullshit.....this supreme excrement in our midst.

I pray...I fervently pray that the Germans will wake up like they did in 1938 with the same fervor when they realized that their entire destiny was threatened by...outside influences.

I seriously doubt that Germany or France wants to or desires to capitulate anymore to 3rd world force of islamist scum in their midst.

I pray that the EU...decides to put these savage bastards that threaten their existence on cattle cars.

We in the US...led by a metro-sexual half breed commie....are ready for the new society.

Brooke said...

Your stepchildren give me hope; perhaps Europe is not completely dhimmified and there are those in the ranks that will defy the multiculturalist status quo.

Like AOW, I tire of hearing stories like this with milksop response from our 'leaders.'

FrogBurger said...

Yet you maintain your language and your foods (thank you, Jesus :-) ..

I'm laughing b/c even though I made "gratin dauphinois" for you, I almost never go eat or cook French.

I'd rather have great meatloaf or an amazing hamburger :)

Anonymous said...

Yes Z;

There are more and more people who turns to Christianity in Iran;

Our education permits us and encourages us to the peace religion.

The only religious nation who do not have the repression police and army is VATICAN, so, it is very easy to understand that for the pacific people who do not want to intervene on politics, in a hell like IRAN, is the Christianity.

But, the Mullahs do not even let the PACIFIC people to exercise their faith even in the UNDERGROUND CHURCHES.

They are accused to be APOSTATS, and the SANCTIONS for the APOSTATS in the Religion of SATAN is death.

About the US GOVERNMENTS who appease the Islamism,
The only President who didn’t want to appease the Islamism was BUSH, and you saw yourself that how he was smashed.

The USA foreign politics is not and was never decided by the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES,

That’s why he was offered the NOBEL PEACE PRICE ( to bring the peace for the Islamists).

After the USSR, the USA trusts needed another enemy (Islamism).

I’ll write you more.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that no one has a solution for the islamist bastard, frauds, scumbags and terrorists among us?

Just what the hell is wrong with all of us?

If a Nazi sympathizer named "CAIR" was among us no that long ago...would we have tolerated this bullshit. a me a "fundamental" redneck if you want...but tell me the truth...don't you want to fight back and kill these pieces of shit that proclaim "peace" while murdering Americans? Tell me...just what are we made of?

Don't give me this PC garbage...tell me the truth....don't you want to strike back against these savage MF'rs?

Trust me...hijabs will soon be the target de jour. Why? Because they are the enemy.

Get you head out of your asses.

How much more proof do we need that muslims are the enemy...always have been...and deserve no quarter.

Z said...

Major, the EU was about the only thing Mr. Z got wrong and I got right when it comes to politics; And I thought it was a terrible idea. He was going by the economic advantages; I told him it'll be the end of wonderful countries with wonderful individual personalities, and I was right. The minute an EU country joins, there's no border check between's a nightmare. WHAT a STUPID IDEA.
Germany's dirty and has thieves in it now when you could have eaten off the ground and left your bike by the back steps unlocked....horrid things are happening.
In France, people in the suburbs fear for themselves between their car and their front door when they come home in the evening; MANY are attacked. There's a BIG deal in our papers when Paris is burning with cars on fire, etc....what people don't know is that's a very common occurrence in the suburbs EVERY NIGHT. Believe me...not as huge but it happens all the time.
They build villages for muslims and the muslims mistreat their free housing, terrorize the butcher, the baker and police and everything good flees.......then they blame France for not doing enough for them. (by the way, there also educated muslims who DO contribute to France in very positive ways, I"m talking the hoodlums)

The EU is a disaster.. I was living in Paris when the Euro came out...within hours, you saw coins from other countries (one side's got the country of minting origin)...MAN, do they travel there!
But, I predicted one big ugly Europe with none of the beautiful personalities of separate countries and I think I was right..not quite yet, but soon

Z said...

SAM "The USA foreign politics is not and was never decided by the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES,"

Then WHO?

And have you ever heard of George Soros?

Anonymous said...

Then WHOM?

And have you ever heard of George Soros?
NOW you start to understand the politics.

SORROS, Rochild, Google BilerBurg and you will see who governed GEORGE BUSH and the new President.


Z said...

SAM, I'm the only blogger, I think, who thinks Bilderberg is the head of the WORLD right now... !! Yes, I know about them.
Interesting that the head of our Federal Reserve attends those meetings.
No press, no interviews...nothing.
What do people THINK 140 people are doing in there, discussing their golf swings?
I think George H W Bush is in these groups but George Bush Jr is not, if I'm not mistaken.


Z said...

I was wrong...neither Bush is involved...NOW.
Actually, I think this is an old list...but it's all I could find.

# George W. Ball (1954, 1993),[15] Under Secretary of State 1961-1968, Ambassador to U.N. 1968
# Sandy Berger (1999),[16] National Security Advisor, 1997–2001
# Timothy Geithner(2009),[17] Treasury Secretary
# Lee H. Hamilton (1997),[1] former US Congressman
# Christian Herter,[18] (1961, 1963, 1964, 1966), 53rd United States Secretary of State
# Charles Douglas Jackson (1957, 1958, 1960),[19] Special Assistant to the President
# Joseph E. Johnson[20] (1954), President Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
# Henry Kissinger[21] (1957, 1964, 1966, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1977, 2008),[22] 56th United States Secretary of State
# Colin Powell (1997),[1] 65th United States Secretary of State
# Lawrence Summers,[17] Director of the National Economic Council
# Paul Volcker,[17] Chair of the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board and Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1979–1987
# Roger Altman (20


* Bill Clinton (1991),[23][24] President 1993-2001
* Gerald Ford (1964, 1966),[4][25] President 1974-1977 (deceased)

[edit] Senators

* John Edwards (2004),[26][27] Senator from North Carolina 1999-2005
* Chuck Hagel (1999, 2000),[28] Senator from Nebraska 1997-2009
* Sam Nunn (1996, 1997),[1] Senator from Georgia 1972-1997

[edit] Governors

* Rick Perry (2007),[29] Governor of Texas 2000-current
* Mark Sanford (2008),[30] Governor of South Carolina

beamish said...

Aren't we so glad Clinton provided air support to al Qaeda against Serbia for this?

beamish said...

What do people THINK 140 people are doing in there, discussing their golf swings?

No, the Bilderburg group discusses what they've always discussed... ways to promote capitalism, democracy, and free trade between nations via economic warfare.

Their meetings aree sealed for the same reasons military strategic policy and national security discussions are sealed. Discussing economic vulnerabilities in left-wing totalitarian states and how to exploit them into reforming is not exactly the stuff of open mike night.

It's a economic policy discussion forum, nothing more.

I understand why left-wing conspiracy theorist nutlogs like Alex Jones and Lyndon LaRouche fear it, but why right-wingers? Did I miss the memo that said promoting freedom and economic growth is no longer right-wing?

Ducky's here said...

I'm the only blogger, I think, who thinks Bilderberg is the head of the WORLD right now... !! Yes, I know about them.


What does Glenn Beck have to say about that? He must be the final authority.

Ducky's here said...

Is Soros a member? This is where I learned that he engineered the entire current Mideast turmoil.

Z said...

I don't argue Bilderberg anymore.
People don't know..that's cool.
Suddenly, a big group with SUmmers, Geithner and Bernanke, Clinton, etc., is just FINE to meet behind closed doors? cool.

Ducky, stop with the Glenn Beck. When the WH can refute anything he's said about Obama and his connections, come back and we'll talk.
Till then, you sound a little foolish.

Anonymous said...

Go to the BB conference of 2004;
You will see why and how the American Medias and American left decided to cut GWB on slices.


who was the only Senator who was against economic sanctions against Ahmadinejad.

THE BB is to maintain and support ISLAMISM.


beamish said...


We could discuss the Bilderburg stuff, but I don't think it would be a productive discussion, certainly not an objectively honest or respectful one as long as those that believe in that conspiracy theory crap refuse to admit that they're blithering imbeciles.

FrogBurger said...

Not conspiracy but I always wonder why powerful people, from both side of the aisle, would hang out together secretly.

I'd never hang out secretly with Ducky. Is it because we're both not powerful? Or is it because we have our principles, unlike those powerful frauds?

Z said...

FB, I wonder why anybody on that level of importance hangs out secretly; precisely.

Beamish, call me an imbecile, then. There's something creepy about the B..burg Group.
Do you think the Obama connections don't reek of conspiracy cronyism?

Anonymous said...

FB, we used to call America, a melting pot, which meant the peoples who migrated here melted into the American way. To become Americans, to respect America and her culture.

Multiculturalism means something different. Instead of teaching about America and stressing a commonality of values, we began to stress the differences among people from different countries, and cultures.

Diversity became the watchword. Not a common thread but separate threads. Stressing differences, which encourages separateness, not togetherness as Americans and all things American.

Multiculturalism is polarizing. The melting pot was one community made up of all manner of immigrants and this was the ideal we encouraged.

Now, this is no longer encouraged. In fact America, as she was founded, and her treasured traditions, are discouraged in our public schools, and higher institutions of learning.

This change was the beginning of political correctness, pitting one group against another, affirmative action, multilingualism, you name it.

Yes, multiculturalism is a country killer, the melting pot, was where everyone would mix, learn the American way, and ultimately unite as Americans.


beamish said...


The Bilderberg group was created for the purpose I described above, during the mid 1950's / Cold War era to promote stronger ties between the United States and Western Europe. It was a think tank on fighting communism, and probably not even that as it never releases position papers or even takes a vote. It's just a debating society, really, where pro-Western ideas are bantered about from both left and right perspectives. We're talking the cure for insomnia here.

Beyond that, I see no "creepy," sinister, nefarious purpose behind them, anymore than I'd expect anyone to be creeped out that the CIA keeps secrets or that Colonel Sanders took his secret fried chicken recipe to the grave with him.

soapster said...

Staged event used for the purpose of drumming up yet more anti-Muslim sentiment just as the war drums are beating and US special forces are settling in in Lybia with US military ships having passed on through the Suez canal.

Z said...

soapster, man, You think they paid off this nut from Kosovo to kill American soldiers as if the WEstern WOrld isn't already leery of islamists?

Leticia said...

When we were stationed in Germany it was so peaceful and I truly felt safe. So safe, in fact, that military kids were allowed to roam the country on trains and parents didn't worry.

The German people never mistreated kids, not sure about the adults.

I fear for all military personnel and their families.

God be with those families as they mourn their loved ones.

soapster said...

Considering Z that German authorities as mentioned in a WaPo piece today did not have evidence to suggest this was a terrorist incident and yet what did FOX NEWS run with but a terrorism link I'm saying exactly that.

They [meaning the war hawks and the war machine] need to keep their charade game going so as to distract the populace to their tricks in Libya.

beamish said...

They [meaning the war hawks and the war machine] need to keep their charade game going so as to distract the populace to their tricks in Libya.

If you really believe this nonsense, why haven't you joined al Qaeda's jihad against American control of the world?

Z said...

Leticia, I've lived there, too, and it's getting more dangerous. It used to be a haven when it was mostly Germans there, you're right.
recently, some TUrkish kids murdered a German on an S-Bahn cold blood. That rattled the Germans but they only talk, they don't FIGHT (yet)
And, of course, if Germans fight back against any other nationality, they get "NAZI" thrown at them so they're in that kind of hell we're getting into as we get "RACIST" or "HOMOPHOBE" yelled at us....check out my post by Jeane Kirkpatrick; it's all there.

Soapster, what's FOX have to do with this? And, is it sillier as the Leftist news avoids mentioning he is a muslim and says he targeted the American soldiers (as he has) or silly for FOX to tell the truth?
Also, I'm not sure why you bring up FOX in this when you say 'SOMEONE' planned this to divert attention...So now the REPUBLICAN HAWKS (though they're not in power and calling the shots???) did this so they can bomb Libya? REALLY? :-)

beamish said...

Leftists are always incoherent, Z.

I think the leftist Ron Paul and his followers exemplify that trait.

Anonymous said...

The devil's greatest achievement so far has been to convince a preponderance of the population that he does not exist.

And so it with those who've plotted and schemed for the past century to establish A New World Order.

Money buys power. Power wields influence.

Ownership and control of raw materials is power.

Those who run essential industries wield power.

Those who control the flow of news and information have power.

Those who control educational policy wield tremendous power.

"Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Centralized power is bound to become corrupted exponentially.

Increased Centralized Power must, therefore, be absolutely corrupt.

We do not live in a representative republic, nor do we live in a democracy.

We live, instead, in an oligarchical plutocracy -- The Rule of VIP's.

Orwell's prophecy has already come true.

Anonymous said...

Every "war" we've been involved in since the end of WWII has been a tragic waste of American lives and American treasure.

We've won NOTHING in these conflicts other than contempt from the rest of the world, the resultant loss of prestige and a load of probably insurmountable debt to hand our children and grandchildren.

And for WHAT? So the manufacturers of ever more sophisticated and deadly war materiel can continue to reap huge profits. What ELSE?

I'm asking not telling. What ELSE?