Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obama's Ratings

SO, President Obama's approval rating is down again......according to a poll.   I hope they didn't have to spend too much on that poll, all they had to do was read our blogs :-)

Realistically what do you think Obama would have to do to get the ratings UP again?   (not counting leave, of course, which...after all........we can dream)

Could ANYTHING make you say "Heck YES, I give him a HIGH APPROVAL RATING!"?
or is it........................



Anonymous said...

Has President Obama lost one of his cheerleaders? Seems like Jon Stewart might be stepping off the band wagon after Obama's after his war on Libya speech.

MOre and more Obama is looking like a man way out of his depth.Like a total fraud foisted on the country and the world.


LibertyAtStake said...

It will go lower. Soon.

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

Z said...

fabulous video, considering posting it tomorrow.

As for Palin....if I never see or hear from her again....:-)
SQUIRMISH instead of SKIRMISH... Yes, we ALL make mistakes but.......gad. What fodder she gives the lib media...almost as good as Biden.

STewart seems fair, right? Except I'd like to ask him when Iran was better off, with the Shah or without? :-) Has that EVER occurred to the shah-hating left?

Ya, the left goes off on Obama and we conservatives get excited every time, until we remember it's because he's not left ENOUGH, not because the lefties are learning!

Sure did enjoy this, thanks..

cube said...

I find it scary that his approval ratings are as HIGH as they are considering how poor he is at the job of president. The excuses just keep on coming from the left because they will never admit that this empty suit is unqualified for this position.

I think the Peter Principle should be changed to the Obama Principle.

Z said...

Cube, I had that same thought. imagine that many people think he's doing a good job ..
What do you want to bet they all have their palm's outstretched in front of them when they answer the pollster?

beamish said...

He could probably knock his approval rating back up above 50% by firing Hillary Clinton publically and loudly for "sheer foreign policy incompetence."

Anonymous said...

Obama's ratings will continue to spiral downward as he remains this last year and half in office. I defy him to run again because surely he will lose. If not, I will move to Australia. Seriously Z. I do not believe I can take much more of this nations petty, dangerous, and sickeningly stupid antics. I realize no place is perfect, but the U.S. is now outrageous.

Steve Harkonnen said...

obama would have to ban the Federal Reserve for me to take part in a poll.

But, I don't live in Massachusetts nor New Hampshire, so I don't think they'd ever call me to participate.

Ducky's here said...

Whatever, he's still a Democratic Leadership Council triangulating stooge. Just another Bill Clinton, the clown who laid the foundation for the economic meltdown.

Serious dislike for this guy on the left because they know they were conned.

We need someone like Huckabee or Palin to finish sinking the ship. Cheer up, it's almost over.

Ducky's here said...

Cube, what qualifications did The Dauphin have for the office? Governor of a state that is structured to have a weak governor? Business bankruptcy?

Face it, the country has given up any demands for competent political leadership.

Bachmann/Trump -- 2012 Because that's how dumb we are.

Anonymous said...

Polls sound promising, but look out, the exact same idiots who voted for him last time will vote for him again, regardless. The unions, especially the NEA, blacks, Yellow Dog Democrats, Left Coast & Right Coast, liberal Jews. illegal immigrants (yes, they will vote, too), Muslims, ivory tower university profs & their witless students living on Mummsy & Daddums dole, etc., etc. ad nauseam.

When I had dinner in N'Awlins recently my good friend's liberal union lawyer husband, when asked if he was an O. supporter, said 'Don't start that again. I voted for him before & will again.' He had made the mistake of mentioning all the empty oil tankers they saw flying in over the Gulf & had asked why was that? I had started my reply with my question re O.

I'd like to think he'll sink like a stone, but when horses fly--- Sorry, but I'm a cynic.


Anonymous said...

Duckums, at least one thing can be said for Trump that can never be said for O.on his best day. He will not go around the world apologizing for the United States to either our friends or, more importantly, our enemies. That means a Hell of a lot to most of us.


Z said...

SilvrLady, your FRIEND asked "Why was that?" :-) Maybe if he knew why, he wouldn't vote for O again!? Just thinkin'....

As for Trump, he loves this country, won't take guff from any other, and will stand up for America above everything else.

Of course, we've been pretty nice and appeasing via Obama so I'm thinking all our enemies have vowed off trying to attack America, right? I mean, don't YOU think they're saying "Hey, extremist islamists, back OFF, America LIKES Muslims now!"? :-)
We may be about to arm Al Qaeda in Libya because nobody knows who the rebels are and they're ASKING FOR ARMS!!! You can't make this stuff up..

Z said...

And, of course, we have a president now who says "We want Gaddafi out but no regime change" (that's almost a direct quote)


Anonymous said...

Z, in the words of the old song: 'First you say you do, and then you don't. Then you say you will, and then you won't.'


Ducky's here said...

z, you going to be covering the Michelle Rhee fraud? The right wing bloggers seem to be avoiding this latest school reform fiasco.

Race to the Top has been a joke that has always caused friction between The Black Bush and the left and I wonder how he's going to keep a lid on this.

Ducky's here said...

So silvrlady, how will this moy mucho macho stance of Trumps manifest itself?

The guy has been bankrupt more times than you can count so I don't think we should let him near the economy but what's he going to do to make everyone fear us?

Drop a couple hot ones on Pyongyang?
That poor sell in Tunisia who set himself on fire when some stinking cop tried to shake him down seems to have done more for freedom in the M.E. than our entire military. Will Trump build on that?

What would a Trump presidency look like?

Chuck said...

I'm with Cube. This is too many stupid people for one country

Z said...

Ducky, I know about Rhee but don't know what you're talking about.
Your nastiness is getting more pronounced; are you getting MORE scared that your side's screwed up so badly or what?

When I grow up, I want to have the Trump financial problems...his going broke so many times and all :-)
Odd, we're broker now than ever with Obama and that ridiculous Geithner....maybe Trump can actually FIX IT?

Chuck, that cracked me up. You're so right.

Major said...

At my local VFW....I get about 110% of my fellow vets agreeing that Obozo is simply unqualified to lead. Unqualified to generate the respect that a CIC needs in order to order men into battle.

They wonder how a state like Illinois ( where Obozo hails from ) and a city like Shitcago can deny a person a permit to carry...a permit to own a defensive weapon in their homes....a denial of ones right to a "Castle Law"...and to deny it's citizens a right to protect themselves....from the scum, the gangs, the horror of street thugs, crime and allow it's citizens to be murdered ( mostly as Holder calls it..."my people") with impunity?

Thus the mentality of the loons, the inability of liberal scum to differentiate from self defense to the rights of thugs to murder.

Shit-cago is one of the most murderous cities second only to "Norleans".

And guess who are the ones who die daily?

A Mossberg alone...or a simple sissy .380, or a 9MM would bring lots of peace to Chicago.

But a .45 1911 ACP....would really end the wars in civilized America.

If you're in a state where you can own and carry....DO IT. Obozo ain't no friend of the 2nd Amendment...nor are the assholes he's put into the Supremes.

My apologies in advance Montana....we all carry, respectfully. As all Marines do...even with asinine ROE's.

Z said...

Major, you don't have to apologize to ME for carrying......
I understand...I just wish we didn't have to even think about that in America.

Anonymous said...

It's too soon for Bachmann and it won't be Trump.

However I suggest ABO! Anybody But Obama!!!

Major said...

"Self-interested behavior, such as deploying troops to serve the nation, is considered boorish in Manhattan salons.

The only just wars, liberals believe, are those in which the United States has no stake. Liberals warm to the idea of deploying expensive, taxpayer-funded military machinery and putting American troops in harm's way, but only for military incursions that serve absolutely no American interest."

Thus the philosophy of liberal scum who have killed thousands of fine American soldiers in the name of..."diversity, equality, fairness and nation building".

I'd like to see a POTUS...who'd approve of an invasion of Mexico ( for national security interests along with , New York, Wisconsin, California, New Joisey, VT, NYC, Mass, ( especially Boston ) RI, CT, OR and WA ) to stifle, suffocate and kill the libbie rebellion that threatens our National interests.

Trust me....there's 85% of America who'd approve. If we had a leader with balls.

Major said...

" understand...I just wish we didn't have to even think about that in America."

With the utmost of respect for you Ms. Z. We're a Nation that only has a constitution and a Bill Of Rights.....because we're founded on the right to carry. We're a Nation that knows how regrettable it is to have to sacrifice lives in order to assure our God givens rights under that Constitution.

When our Nation began and obtained it''s freedom from foreign intervention it was because FREE MEN, we're armed. And thus for the last 235 years we've managed to keep our freedoms at the end of a gun...a rifle..a revolver...a pistol.

I realize how peaceful people would eschew guns. I see how peaceful people would be against violence. But you must understand that violence....must be met with more violence. Otherwise our freedoms will be lost due to our inability or reluctance to defend those liberties and rights.

We exist as a Nation today, because millions of Americans agreed to sacrifice their own personal lay down their lives in the defense of all. Of ALL Ms.Z. So that future generations of Americans would be free.

If there was another way...we wouldn't need the "BOMB"...we wouldn't need an Army.

But you Ms.Z...know that when you look around...the world has always been an evil, violent place...defended by men who were more insure our survival.

Thus...the reason why Marines value...the Code, the Corp...their GOD and their COUNTRY.

Unfortunately...California joins about 10 other states that think the 2nd Amendment is BS.

Major said...

BTW....I wanted to respond to some of my detractors earlier that called me a "dickhead".

My anger is a result of my inability to fathom why my beloved Marines are treated so disrespectfully. My anger is aimed at the scum in our country who enjoy all the freedoms that Marines have defended, without hesitation or question.

Why they assume that liberty comes without sacrifice and a price.

MUSTANG...I'd like you to inform and enlighten why a Marine....becomes...a Marine. And to tell just how difficult it is to become a Marine.

" A Purple Heart just proves that you were smart enough to think of a plan...stupid enough to try it....and lucky enough to survive".

Ducky's here said...

Major, just out of curiosity, where were did you grow up. Me, I grew up in Southie after dad moved from that stink hole, Alabama.

Never really needed a gun. As long as you weren't interfering with the IRA guys or the Bulger mob it was all good. And if you and your .45 messed with the IRA, well ... bye bye Major.

You seem a bit simplistic.

Z said...

" A Purple Heart just proves that you were smart enough to think of a plan...stupid enough to try it....and lucky enough to survive".

who said that, Major?

Ducky, stop slamming other States....why IS it you liberals just can't smile and be civil and discuss things without insulting?

Major said...

"You seem a bit simplistic."

Thus I've proved my point. It is simple duck...freedom requires sacrifice and commitment.

Your "southie" friends were all racists, cowards and degenerates. Who opposed bussing, integration and killed for "religious" reasons.

Boston was always a race conscious society. Irish against Italians against Portuguese immigrants...against bussing....against non whites...that is...Kerry defined as well as Kennedy defined...whites. hated immigrants more that southerners. Who assimilated and welcomed them into their societies.

Me....I grew up in the East....southeaast.

Major said...

Ms. was....Edward A. Murphy....1918 to 1990.

A man who experienced WW1...2 and our modern wars.

Major said...

"You seem a bit simplistic."

Really? I'm a college educated man Mr. Ducky. I was an officer in the US Marine Corps for 22 years. I'll admit that I should have achieved Lt. Colonel ( just so you can mock me on my lack of advancement ) . I retired as an O4. Not an O5 or O6 as I might have. IF...IF I had along with some of my superiors that demanded my "go along to get along" and quit my "gung ho" attitudes.

I refused to do so. I had my CODE..I had my HONOR....if I was busted to a Gunny...I wouldn't have given a rats ass.

Mustang...another Marine...knows what HONOR is....and he's my superior and far more articulate on these matters of integrity.

I defer to him.

And i asked my brother Marines to add to this.

Many of you will never know...or understand what being Marine is.

Ducky's here said...

Well Major, I've noticed that the areas of Bostom with the highest concentration of firearms alo have the highest murder rates.

I'm sure you believe that force is a universally effective deterrence but the fact is, here anyway, that more people are killed by despondent or angry armed family members than are killed in the process of robbery or rape. Guns are as ineffective as the American military in the last 60 years (although Grenada was a stunning exception). You're a dinosaur, Callahan.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

He could do it very quickly simply by truly moving to the middle and governing like Clinton did without the whole stained dress thing. But I don't think he is that politically astute.

beamish said...

Whatever, he's still a Democratic Leadership Council triangulating stooge. Just another Bill Clinton, the clown who laid the foundation for the economic meltdown.

Nice to see you're awake enough to stop blaming Reagan for the hell of it, Ducky, but Obama's in the Weather Underground wing of the the Democratic Party, not the Ku Klux Klan wing.

Major said...

"Well Major, I've noticed that the areas of Bostom with the highest concentration of firearms also have the highest murder rates."

Give me the demographics if you're honest enough.

I think I know what that'll be...and it ain't the Irish.

Jan said...

Ducky...why must you be so offensive? Why can't you participate in an intelligent conversation without all the sarcasm?

I happen to have grown up in the state to which you refer to as a "stink hole."

Perhaps, you would have developed a more genteel personality had you never moved from there...I feel rather sorry for you.

Now, to topic at hand:

Z..I can't think of anything that he could do to get his ratings up, unless it would be to come clean about everything, and start acting like the kind of leader this country needs, and deserves, and to begin treating ALL citizens in a fair, and honest, manner.

Major said...

"Why can't you participate in an intelligent conversation without all the sarcasm?"

He is indeed the blonde in the video...that's why.

The "man" is incapable of the truth.

Z said...

Jan, I don't understand that need to dismiss States Ducky feels aren't 'enlightened', either.......and his bunch is the "Conservatives are so mean" crowd :-)

As for Obama, you're right..and I think it would help if he actually stood up for US once in a while, too...around the world and here.!!!
See, this is what I think will be attractive about Trump ... even lefties who still have a vestige of sense and love for America are going to be drawn to his standing up for us........
the contrast could be very seductive to independents, too..
I hope so.

Major said...

I was...a Tank commander. My troops died in an action that I was the "commander"of.

To my everlasting shame.

I will never forget.

Pris said...

"It's too soon for Bachmann and it won't be Trump.

However I suggest ABO! Anybody But Obama!!!

March 30, 2011 5:17 PM"

Sorry Z,
This is my comment, I hit Anonymous instead of NAME/URL
I guess old habits die hard!

beamish said...


I grew up in Alabama too.

Ducky's family fled to Faggachusetts back when standing up for civil rights would get your business fire-bombed and your house shot at by DemoKKKrats, so his observations are disingenuous.

Alabama... the state with 5 nuclear power reactors and that trains astronauts for space travel.

Massachussetts... the state that keeps disco alive.

Scotty said...

Seems like Jon Stewart might be stepping off the band wagon after Obama's after his war on Libya speech.

Really? Does anyone think that Jon Stewart will actually vote Republican in 2012?

Not to worry, they'll rally around the flag, so to speak, in 2012

Z said...

Scotty, you're absolutely right. It's a LOOOONG trip for a liberal that indoctrinated to finally vote FOR this country no matter how he teases his own president.

Anonymous said...

I doubt if anybody would know how Jon Stewart would vote in the future, and why would that be the point? All one can tell is that he seems to have dropped his support for the one that he always stepped up to defend before.

But you imply that if he changed his vote to Republican from Democrat all would be right in the world.Even his video makes that point ridiculous as he shows Republican presidents lying or changing their positions as much as the Democrat presidents(at least in foreign affairs).

I think the once honorable country of the United States of America has become a cesspool of communism and both parties have contributed to that end.


Z said...

Waylon, I personally don't think Stewart's changed so much he'll vote Republican, but Oh, YES, that DOES matter.
LOTS of people follow his whim and we need every vote we can get to save this country.
Yes, both parties are horrible these days, but one loves this country, honors the Constitution, believes in individual liberty and everything else iAmerica WAS known for.

Anonymous said...

Z, you must be talking about those folks who tune to "The Daily Show" to get their "News".Hard to believe he's that influential.


Z said...

Waylon, there are a lot of them. And most of them do consider him NEWS, believe it or not.
Those who look at him as comedy, (mostly people on the left or we'd have such a glut of ulcer problems in the Right if they were watching that I"d be buying ulcer med stock!) have made up their minds....
Those who actually do think he's news obviously don't THINK. But they DO VOTE!

I think a LOT of Conservatives undersell the power of Oprah, who has millions of women tuning in who are not strong in their values or beliefs and can be swayed, the power of Stewart, the power of Dave Letterman, etc....BIG laughs against the Right constantly; that's beguiling, you don't think so?

Z said...

By the way, I haven't spoken to my sis in London, Ont. about your gov't....your Conservatives got a slam, right?
They'll be operating now with a mixed parliament, do I have that right?
Is it Harper in control? Or am I a few people behind the times? :-)

Anonymous said...

Z, there's been a Conservative government in power, although a minority government in parliamentary terms, for the last five years or so. He was elected because he spoke and acted like a libertarian conservative. After listening to this government and watching its actions over the years, either there have been some subtle changes or something was missed originally. There seems to be some continued sympathy for "state capitalism" where carpet bagging big businesses line up for special favors from the government. So overall not much has really changed with this government from the previous leftist/liberal governments.

And Harper, being the good and generous buddy of President B.O. and paying his dues and respects to "globalism", there's a few things I'm not on board with, but at least they've moved away from their previous contradictory moniker — the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, although as I've said not much else has changed with this party in power.

On the other hand there's an election on tap here, as we speak. The air waves are filled completely with political b.s. from dawn till dusk.

Back to Jon Stewart: Oprah is much closer to the throne than Jon Stewart, although Stewart was a big defender of Obama before. Didn't Dennis Miller, someone who knows Stewart, say that Stewart was an "honest man" who would call out dishonesty when he saw it ... in "his" President?


Z said...

Waylon, thanks for the primer on the Canadian situation now, I appreciate that. And sympathize..or EMpathize!

Yes, Stewart is honest...I'm not sure what you're getting at with that, tho.
As for Oprah, she and Obama are close friends, you're right....
This has little to do with who's closer to the throne, I was just saying how many women Oprah sucks into her blurry lefty/touchy-feely junk...... and how many dopes who don't think are among the Stewart Show ranks.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the point I was making is that if Stewart is an honest man that an honest man is capable of recognizing a mistake and admitting he's wrong. While a dogmatically driven ideologue holds the ideology above the relation of the idea to reality and is incapable of recognizing the flaws of his thinking.

I think Stewart aims to attract the younger crowd that has swallowed the required amount of liberal/left bull shit. I don't watch his show but I get the impression from some that do that they think they're to be seen as "hip, cool and informed".

I don't see Stewart as a big electoral influence,at least not on the same scale as Oprah who hasn't recognized any flaws in The One, so far, has she?


Z said...

I agree with all you said in your comment, Waylon.
ALTHOUGH, I think Stewart still believes in Obama enough to never vote for anyone on the Right, that is FOR SURE.

Z said...

What I mean to say is I wish he'd start attacking some lefty nonsense on TV......the platforms, not just the man?