Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Faith Blog II.....

Before you read my post below, please say a prayer for all the policemen involved in THIS very sad story.

My dear friend Belle is an elderly Armenian lady who has a big heart and a big enough pocket book that she can help various charities.  Many of her charities involve Armenian and Christian endeavors.   She's been giving a lot of money to charities for years and, the other day, there was an amazing moment.

Belle knows an Armenian Presbyterian female minister who, with her husband, went to a very small village in the hinterlands of Armenia to see in person what's going on there.  They entered a village which they found still has no water and no electricity.   They both told Belle that they cried over the conditions there.   Then, something happened which they couldn't wait to share with Belle.

After they entered into one home, the woman inside extended her hands to them, was very gracious and offered them whatever she had in the way of coffee and sweets and they had a nice talk.  They told this woman they're from California and that they cared very much about the conditions in her country and were there to help.  Suddenly, the woman asked them "Do you know Belle A....ian?"    They simply couldn't believe their ears and excitedly told her that they absolutely knew Belle!

All those miles away, this woman was part of one of the families Belle has been helping!!   In all of Armenia, this couple ran into a woman who knows someone they know? 

So, we think our money isn't making its target, and maybe sometimes it doesn't, but this Armenian Missionary of America sure lives up to its word!  In a cynical world where it's hard to have FAITH in the fact that our money's really reaching the needy we'd intended it for, it's nice to know that at least some of it is!   I found that an astonishing "small world" story and wanted to share it with you!

"He has scattered abroad his gifts to the poor, his righteousness endures forever...." Psalms 112:9

I hope you enjoy the amazingly great prayer in my Sunday Faith post just below this one.......


Anonymous said...

I love this story.

Have you ever heard of Nicky Gumble? I was watching a video of him recently and he told the story of a boy who was walking along the beach and saw thousands of starfish that had washed ashore. He started throwing them back into the water to save them. A man walked up and told him that he could never make a difference sincer there were SO MANY starfish.

The little boy picked one up and threw it into the water and said, "I bet I made a difference for that one."

Z said...

Jen, thanks, very good story to go with this one!
I still can't get over that lady in Armenia being helped by Belle and that the people she mentioned her to KNEW HER! There are a LOT of Armenians in this country, it's almost miraculous.

Anonymous said...

What a great story Z.

And what a great lady.
It is a small world isn't it?


Z said...

anonymous, thanks, but that's way off topic and I don't appreciate it on my Sunday Faith Blog.

Susannah said...

Wonderful story!! Thanks for posting, dear Z.

(said a prayer for the police story, too)