Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Good one, huh?  Also, I have been told that some gas station attendants are taking your credit card info and charging their gas to CLEAR after your card's gone through and your transaction is finished.  Be careful!  CLEAR your information and it doesn't get stored anywhere.  


beamish said...

NEVER use a bank credit / debit card in a gasoline pump.

Many of them are set to pre-authorize a large purchase, like $50 of gas, and it'll take a few days for your bank to put the change back in your account or available credit if you don't get $50 of gas.

You can thank Senator / VP Joe Biden [D - Mastercard] for that.

Pay cash. Interact with the cashier on duty.

You can't be beat by the machine if you don't play its game.

Anonymous said...

I love that pic Z. Precious! "WTF?" LMAO!!!

Major said...

And by the way, I'm sick and tired of my dear american friends' outcry every time the gas goes up 10 cents at the pump.

We're the one and only one blamed for your problems. Well, let me tell you something you don't know or you chose not to know:

Oil prices are all future options. We don't sell dairy. We sell oil. The price of oil goes up today for September's deliveries. So why would your gas prices go up in March?!!!!!

It's a symphony written by your market speculators, orchestrated by your oil refinery companies under your government oversight. And you're the audience who complain when the party organizers charge you more at the ticket window.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that when Pres. Bush was in office every time gas nudged up the Dems & liberals were screaming about how it was all for Bush, Cheney, & their cronies to line their pockets. Sure is quiet now. Where are those same screamers now that it's O.'s turn.


Drill, Baby, drill!

RedWood said...

I want to change the subject if I may.

How many of us have heard about the pending parole of a piece of shit that killed a 5 year old child, cannibalized him, kept his skull and other "trophy" bones in his dresser drawers. Yet is eligible for early release due to good conduct?

The father of the murdered child has said openly....that he will kill his sons murder.

What would you do in a case like this?

Me...I'm all for justice...I'm all for his desire to see this animal dead.

Sharia law...or good old American Justice?

I'm, with the father. I'd find him...and I'd kill him too under the circumstances.

Major said...

Everybody Knows.....everybody knows....that mooslims just LOVE America...EVERBODY knows...that mooslims aren't the problem.....EVERYBODY middle America...that mooslims are traitorous fascists dedicated to jihad and sharia law....




Scotty said...

I'm more amused with people that bitch about gas prices and then think nothing about how much that bottle of water costs them, inside the store!

And what's the profit margin on the fed's take on that gallon of gas? Almost 15 cents here in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Redwood, I can't disagree. Sadly, that is what the looney judges are doing to us. and then they'll talk about the traumatic upbringing the killer of the child had. I don't give a damn, frankly. If you are murdered by a wacko nutjob, the fact of the killer being crazy doesn't bring you back. You're DEAD! But just watch the string of liberal lawyers, shysters all, getting in line to defend that kind.


Major said...


I'm convinced by the STATEMENTS OF COLUMBIA students...that we need to defeat mooslims........with LOVE!!!!!!!!

Yes...LOVE....Yes LOVE the Bastards that HATE US.!! I'm so completely fooking confused...I need Help.....Please tell me...that my HATE of mooslim murderers is....not warranted.

Oh...come on folks.....let me hear you say you just love Mooslims. Who refuse to cooperate with the FBI or the great MR, King.

BTW...I hate lets be clear.....they suck.

Chuck said...


I have never had any o the card problems that others are mentioning here.

James said...
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Z said...

Silvrlady, good point.

Major, I have to admit I got real irked when I say that blowhard O'Reilly tonight and he and a Pakistani were saying that the Peter King hearings might be good because everyone will understand islam better......WHY? This isn't what the hearings are about, they're about EXTREMISTS and how we need to stem that tide!

I REALLY don't want to get into why you think we all should hate every muslim anymore here....and please don't slam me again for my's my blog and, if you want to persist, go to another blog when you want to talk about hating anybody.

You know how I feel.....You know that I'm not happy with muslims for standing by that lousy CAIR and for not marching against their extremists...I just don't think the way you're talking is helpful.

WHat irked me was the way it was if it's up to Americans to UNDERSTAND ISLAM when it IS NOT....let them understand we need them to march in the millions to show us they, too, are against their extremists.

Elmers Brother said...

Oil prices are all future options. We don't sell dairy. We sell oil. The price of oil goes up today for September's deliveries. So why would your gas prices go up in March?!!!!!

It's called the dollar and its the reserve currency. You print more dollars (QE I and II) the currency is devalued and it costs more to buy the same gallon o' gas.

Elmers Brother said...


Brooke said...

If you think WTF when you drive past the pump now, just WAIT until summer hits.

I predict gasoline prices suddenly becoming more 'reasonable' after months of agony when Sept/Oct of '12 rolls around.

cube said...

Drill, baby, drill. We've wasted years already. The sooner we start, the sooner we'll be free of the moslem stronghold on our energy requirements.

Ticker said...

A repeat of Jimmah, "the useful idiot" Carter. Remember lines around the block and alternate days to purchase? Dumbo wants the same but he won't do as Jimmah did, he will declare a national emergency and take over the oil companies and then there will be more to come when the people wake up and realize they are screwed. But then it's too late . Forty years and no progress. It's time to DRILL and DRILL and DRILL. But first Obama has got to go. Question is, will 2012 be too late?

Z said...

Ticker and Cube; what's hilarious is remembering all the lefties fighting drilling so hard when there is NO DOWN SIDE.
They probably would still yell "The caribou won't like it" if they didn't have to face the fact that the caribou huddled around the warm work areas of the ALaska pipelines!

They just don't THINK and now we're stuck with the mess of all these years of ignoring our own survival...amazing, that this would happen here.

MK said...

Funny, then again, if liberals have their way, that'll come true. It's all part of their wonderous utopia, ditching the car for the bicycle. I believe they call it progress.

Anonymous said...

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What a great example you all give to the world of the healing, ameliorative powers the practice of true Christianity could bring to our wayward, demon-possessed society!

Jesus should be weeping tears of joy at the fine demonstration of God's Almighty and Ever=present Love given here. It's just colossal.