Friday, March 4, 2011

Mexico's Drug tell ME............

.........what'll it take to stop the problems on our border with vicious Mexican drug cartels who don't think twice of committing horrible murders?
HERE is an article you will want to read if this is at all a concern of yours....and here's the beginning of it:

WASHINGTON – Seeking to repair damaged relations, President Barack Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon agreed Thursday to deepen their cooperation in combating drug violence and declared a breakthrough in efforts to end a long-standing dispute over cross-border trucking.
During a joint news conference at the White House, Obama praised Calderon for his "extraordinary courage" in fighting the violent drug cartels that have been responsible for deaths on both sides of the border. Obama pledged to speed up U.S. aid to train and equip Mexican forces to help in those efforts, but he also acknowledged that the U.S. must stem the flow of cash and guns to Mexico that have aided the cartels.
"We are very mindful that the battle President Calderon is fighting inside of Mexico is not just his battle, it's also ours," Obama said. "We have to take responsibility just as he's taken responsibility."

Do you think this problem is solvable?  What would you suggest either or both countries do?  



beamish said...

ain't no wall high enough

Always On Watch said...

Will it come to the point of hand-to-hand combat inside the border states?

Frankly, I believe that no Mexican president can curb the power of the drug cartels -- without Draconian measures that would bring down the rest of the world on that president's head.

Anonymous said...

Dear Madame Z;

I saw your answer about the Islamist judge this morning;

Maybe this is off-topic, but as I know your concern about the law and justice, I add the following details to the history of the two HEROS who had executed that CRIMINAL ISLAMIC JUDGE.

1 – The Justice in the Mullahs regime is a part of that regime, I would say the real part of the regime.
THE executions, stoning, child executions, tortures, beheadings, extracting the eyes, cutting the hands, cutting the tongues, throwing the condemned person from the high buildings, street hanging, rapping the parents and the kids in their mutual presence, and many other horrific and heart breaking exactions ARE ORDERED AND EXECUTED IN THE PRESENCE OF THOSE JUDGES.

2 – All these BARBARIC exactions are out of all kind of LAWS;
KORAN orders the executions of those JUDGES.

3 – UNIVERSAL HUMAIN RIGHTS and UN HUMAN RIGHTS recognize the resistance (even armed resistance) against the occupier and state injustice.

And the Mullahs regime in IRAN is an illegal regime because they GOVERN by force, all these barbaric exactions are considered CRIMES in their own constitution.

All the Mullahs Judiciary system are the partners of that regime and they all share the mullahs injustice actions.
SO, what those HEROS did, by executing that JUDGE who had condemned more than 2,000 people to death is an right action.

But, I agree with you, what the US EMBASSY of Dubai did by denouncing and submitting those two men to the Mullahs is disgusting.


FrogBurger said...

They did it in Columbia so if I'm the President of Mexico, I go talk to the same people who were able to do it there.

I also think drug consumers in the US, especially the casual ones who could do without it (pot smokers) need to realize the issues they're creating. I think a bunch of PSAs and even the President addressing them directly wouldn't hurt. We're so focused on smoking and second hand smoking, we should be able to tell pot smokers that their hobby or addiction is also creating deaths.

But no, the leftards are all for pot smoking but they want to ban cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

Public executions on both sides of the border of pushers large or small, head honchos, crooked law enforcement, be it police or armed forces, crooked elected or appointed officials, etc., etc. I'll help buy the rope & then I'll sell popcorn. I have absolutely no tolerance for illegal drugs & am a believer in capital punishment. Don't try to tell me that doesn't work, because the executed offender ain't gonna do it no mo'!

And as for marijuana, I've talked to doctors & some law enforcement officials & they all have told me that is how the it starts. Then a progression to the 'hard' stuff. The only addicts for whom I have sympathy are those who are put on heavy drugs like morphine as a result of burns or other severe injuries.

Several years ago my husband was forced out of farming due to 5 years of drought, & we were under a lot of stress. I had to go to my doctor to renew a scrip for Tylenol 3 for migraines. He wrote 2 scrips. I asked what the other one was & he said it wasn't really a tranquilizer, but would help me relax. I told him I didn't want it, & as a result of this I changed doctors. If it helps you 'relax', then it's a damn tranquilzer. You have to face problems, not cover them up with garbage like that.

With the current lack of any responsible leadership in this sorry excuse for an administration, both the President & the A.G., we haven't a prayer of getting this problem under control. Their idea of 'enforcement' is to put up a sign in a border state telling OUR citizens to stay out of OUR territory! The farmers & ranchers in the border states are left high & dry, & if they injure or kill a illegal (not the word I really want to use) on their land they are the ones in trouble.

These wussies in D.C. won't even use the word 'terror(ist, ism)' when the killers of our citizens are screaming 'Allah akbar' while they are shooting, crashing planes, or other methods of killing. So we certainly can't expect them to enforce our borders or drug laws. They might be costing some votes in the future.


Ducky's here said...

Until you can take the enormous profits out of the trade, forget it.

Of course, many don't want the enormous profits in enforcement and incarceration lost either. Prisons are a growth industry in Texas.

Ducky's here said...

They did it in Colombia? Blow isn't getting into the country?

FrogBurger said...

Keep masturbating the flies Ducky.

Ticker said...

Duck what do you know about Texas other than what some dumbass libtard news outlet says. Just STHU Duck until you know what you are talking about. Of course that will be never.

Anonymous said...

This is just one result of the cultural war that I've watched since the 60's. Libtard educators, the msm, hollywood and the music industry all contribute to a culture reminiscent of HG Wells' Eloi, sheep in other words, for the appetites of the elitist Morlocks.

If drugs are a problem, reduce the demand and the problems will dimenish as well.

Remove the rewards for illegal immigrants and that issue goes away.

It's really very simple. The adults must rescind their abdication of responsibility. It won't be easy, but it can be done.

~ Will

Elmers Brother said...

Article on drudge today about how our government has been selling the bad guys the guns in am effort to catch these guys and not doing anything to stop them. Recently one border patrol agent was killed and several of these guns were found at the scene. So Obama's statement is hollow.

Elmers Brother said...

Anonymous said...

It MIGHT help if those individuals and corporations who own property directly on the border were legally empowered to SHOOT on SIGHT anyone who even looks as though he MIGHT be a trespasser.

So a few innocent people get killed. Tough! So what?

A lot MORE innocent people will get killed -- and many lives ruined -- if something RADICAL is not done to stop this abuse.

I believe in Liberty and Justice for all -- EXCEPT for those who are determined to commit violent crimes or otherwise pollute society with a hulking, menacing, visibly degenerate, possibly aggressive presence.

I just heard an item on FOX illustrating the rage and frustration of certain western cattle ranchers who are not permitted by good old Federal Law to protect the lives of their cattle by shooting predatory wolves, who now qualify as a "protected" species. The ranchers are "threatening" to disregard the law, and shoot the wolves anyway. Could anyone with an iota of common sense or common decency blame them?

It's the SAME problem -- in each case an oppressive, tyrannical Federal Government that doesn't know its ear from its elbow has USURPED the right of those DIRECTLY INVOLVED to use whatever practical means may be at hand to AMELIORATE an undesirable situation, SOLVE a problem or END a conflict.

I also think the legalization of drugs for "recreational" use -- much as I abhor it -- would do a lot to take the profit out of violent criminal activity.

If members of a certain segment of society are hell bent on destroying themselves, we ought to LET them. Society would be better off for the absence of such types. It would be another form of natural selection -- which is bound to occur anyway, whether we like it or not.

Individuals must be free to protect what is rightfully theirs, or we can't sustain our Civilization.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of this cowardly 'government'. I just heard on Fox how the border agent killed in Dec., after being able to see with night vison that the enemy had guns (AKs), was told to use NON-LETHAL FORCE!!! God damn BEAN BAGS!!!!!This is beyond disgusting! This once-great country is sliding down the drain faster than duck ----! Please pardon the vulgarity, but I'm furious.

Wasn't it Kruschev who predicted we would be conquered from within?
Well, the enemy isn't at the gates, but inside the walls.


Elmers Brother said...

It certainly helped legalizing drugs in Mexico, didn't it?

Anonymous said...

Ticker, the great state of Texas may be the best line of defense this country has. 'Remember the Alamo' is more than just some words, and the same for the slogan, 'Don't mess with Texas'.


P.s. I was born in Houston.

Z said...

SAM, thank you for more explanation. When you put it that way, how can these men not be heroes for having killed judges who would be so cruel to others? If they are not handing out proper justice of legal criminal trials and humane jail sentences, how can their deaths be considered so bad?
Thanks. These men were heroes and should be treated as such, not killed.
And yes, I wish we hadn't given them back from Dubai.
I just wish the people of Iran would RISE AGAIN...this time, Obama would HAVE to say something and do something for them because he has spoken for the protesters in Egypt (though I'm not sure that was the right thing to do in thatcase) and Libya. Let's see how he would handle another Iranian protest.
Do you think the Iranians are becoming brave enough to do something BIG now that they've seen Egypt?

Z said...

"Wasn't it Kruschev who predicted we would be conquered from within?
Well, the enemy isn't at the gates, but inside the walls.

People laughed in Russia and the hallowed halls of academia in this country: we 'won' the cold war, and It's always been my opinion that Russia laughed the hardest so they could start their subliminal cold war, a much MUCH more powerful one. We were training kids to hide under desks in case of a bomb and liberal professors were filling those very desks with socialist pablum... "no good American history, stop teaching the constitution, get poor kids to believe they are OWED a life...we had slaves, so we're just permanently reprehensible no matter what good we do otherwise, etc." Read the Kirkpatrick speech DOWN BELOW, she TELLS US what they did! It's CLEAR!

Z said...

Elbro, drugs are legal there for how long? I didn't catch that! what?

I think FB's suggestion is a good one regarding PSAs about the dangers of pot, coke, whatever else we get in to the US from MX, but I think the tough kids are too far gone. Not sure the twelve Republican kids who smoke pot three times a year are going to make a dent in trafficking if they stop :-)
I mean, what do liberally-indoctrinated kids CARE about the war at the border they don't know much about? THey figure "someone else will take care of it....give me another hit.."

Elmers Brother said...

Now instead of having to pay the police bribes you pay the cartel so you can keep your head while you go through rehab

Elmers Brother said...

2006 z.

Dave Miller said...

Z, I am not sure what it will take to solve this problem, but I can assure you, the issue is way more complicated than either side wants to acknowledge.

Simple slogans, be they from the reactionaries in either Mexico, or the US belie a major misunderstanding of what we are seeing.

Just because something worked in Columbia, 1000's of miles away, does not guarantee success here.

Legalization, while attractive to many, may, as President Calderone stated, bring another whole set of problems.

Not acknowledging and dealing with the fact that US gun laws contribute to the problem does not help either.

And all of that is before we get to a major reason for the violence. The drug business is a multi-billion dollar industry intent on bringing a product to a population that is insatiable in its desire for that product.

If we, as a country, ended our addiction, the issue just might go away tomorrow.

The cartels after all are just being good capitalists...

Elmers Brother said...

Many of the guns are coming from our own government.

Anonymous said...

I think we start with armed National Guard troops stationed on the border, not behind some desk to make the head count of Nat'l Guardsmen sound good.

Either that, or deputize all residents who live along that border. They'll rise to the occasion, no problem!
I'm sure in Texas at least, they're already armed.

If training the Mexican army includes supplying them firearms, forget it. How many of them are in with the cartels themselves?

Silvrlady, I'm all for capital punishment, but NOT public executions. Hopefully, we're still a notch above Iran, or other primitive countries.


Anonymous said...

Dear Z;

Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain, and even Hitler’s Nazi system were the democratic regimes comparing the Mullahs regime, some of them were even the PARADICE comparing with IRAN.

I write you the general punishment of the horrible child abuses before dismembering and executing them.

I’m sorry, I know that these lines will hit the hearts of the people, I’m writing these lines with tears in my eyes, yet, I’m a man of 30 years of resistance behind me, I have seen so many deaths, but writing these lines is so hard that even me, I’m crying like a rain.

The small girls of 9 years are rapped the night before their executions, the Mullahs come to the cellule of the poor kid and say her that you will be executed tomorrow morning, but, to prevent you to enter to the HEAVEN, we will marry you this night to this man;

ALL THOSE KIDS CRY and say << I want my mama>>

The they after, the animal who had rapped the kid before her execution, goes to visit the parents of the victim and says << this is a box of the candy for her marriage with me, and last night she had her feminine noun, and here is her sheet with her virginity blood>>

We have more than 120,000 names of the victims of all ages, from 7 years old to 97 years old.

Egyptians, Tunisians, have paid how many lives? 100 to 120 killed
WE HAVE OFFERED MORE THAN 120,000 victims till now.
All the Egyptians and Tunisians Victims were killed in the street clashes.

Our Martyrs were killed mostly under torture.
My two brothers and one sister were killed in the armed clashes with the regime thugs, and I have never cried and never mourned for them.

We want to uproot the Islamism from IRAN
The Tunisian and Egyptians want to change the government only, they keep all their administrations, ARMY, PPOLICE, JUSTICE, and everything will not be touched.

In Iran, Shah’s military is dismantled and is inactive,
BUT, the Passdarans Army of 150,000 and Bassij of 400,000, and police of 1,000,000 are all the criminals.
The whole justice is the Mullahs justice.
The ECONOMY is in the hands of the REGIME.

We want to uproot every thing and make a new constitution based on universal human rights, with the separation of the state and church government which will be changed with the regular elections.

With an independent JUSTICE from the power.

For the reaction of OBAMA, he is the IDEOLOGICAL SON of TOM LANTHOUS,
And Madeleine Albright.


Elmers Brother said...

We're also in the process of training Mexicans and others to go after these cartels Ala groups similar to Blackwater.

Anonymous said...

Pris, normally I am in complete agreement with you, but nice clean executions in a prison building where prisoners are quietly put to sleep don't make an impression, except to bring out the bleeding heart anti-capital punishment liberals to protest. Examples need to be made in the most effective way. Let the thugs see the penalties of the crimes.


Anonymous said...

"But no, the leftards are all for pot smoking but they want to ban cigarettes."

Exactly FB. Pot is a carcinogen, but evidently that's ok. It's political correctness, pure and simple, but, none of this has to make sense does it?

I'm a smoker, and have never used any illegal drugs, yet somehow I'm the pariah.


Anonymous said...

Silvrlady, I understand your reasoning, but I just can't condone using executions to make examples of anyone.

It wouldn't be long before others would be seen as good examples as well. Before you know it, we will have descended into just another civilization desensitized into acceptance of making death an entertainment spectacle.

IMO, it would be a regressive step back into primitive behavior. Besides, I see capital punishment not as a deterrent, but punishment, which is as it should be.


Anonymous said...

Pris, I loathe smoking, but it's LEGAL. If businesses, restaurants, airlines, advertizing, & other concerns want to ban it, fine. But for cities, counties, etc. to put a complete ban, including in your home or car, is outrageous. And as the govenrment subsisizes the tobacco farmer, that's complete hypocrisy.

As far as ads go, I am far more offended by laywers, personal products, impotence products, & now a service to supposedly get rid of a criminal record being allowed to be run at all hours. I couldn't believe the last one until I saw it the second time.


Leticia said...

I don't know if you will like my suggestion but I believe we should have all of our borders covered with men with high powered rifles and are ordered to "shoot to kill." I bet that would be a deterrent to anyone.

Time to get tough and mean.

Anonymous said...

Bingo, Leticia!! Pretty good target practice. That's what they are using our agents for. Every agent has a bullseye on him or her.

Sorry, but when it comes to drugs I'm not nice. The tragedy & corruption they have caused is beyond calculation.


Dave Miller said...

Silver and Leticia, why stop there? Why not turn those guns this way since the demand that is causing this particular violence is 100% from America?

Anonymous said...

Silvrlady, I appreciate your reasonable approach to smoking, however, if private business wishes to allow it, that also should be their prerogative as well. In California they don't have that choice.

I too am opposed to the govt. subsidizing tobacco or any other farming commodity for that matter.


Z said...

I've been gone all day and now must get ready for dinner with friends, sorry!
I'll be back later!

RedWood said...

Our beloved country is disintegrating before our very eyes.

Sad....yes...the truth...yes.

What was once the eyes of the world....the envy of the planet has evaporated in our lifetimes.

There is no doubt in my mind that Obama and his commie associates want this to happen.

We used to be what the world wanted to be....we defeated commie baastards...Nazi bastards and every other threat that we faced.

Now...we have "religious" pieces of shit that we're afraid to confront.

My opinion....America is headed for civil war.

Illegal scum....jihadist scum....islamist scum....a government that is completely out of touch with the wishes and desires of mainstream America.

Liberal scum...that want us to capitulate to the degenerate, illiterate, ignorant scum that sucks our country dry.

You think I kid you? Look around...your futures are NOT...NOT secure.

Hey...sorry but America is a has been...unless....

RedWood said...

"I don't know if you will like my suggestion but I believe we should have all of our borders covered with men with high powered rifles and are ordered to "shoot to kill."

Well Leticia.....well done. Except that I see according to NRA figures that..WOMEN...are arming themselves more than men!! I suppose it's because that men have always been prepared and armed to protect...their women?

Maybe not....we might call it the "Palin" syndrome? More women are they should be. If we're all equal....then I see no reason why women can't own and operate a Glock 7 or a Springfield XD 9.

Welcome the real world.

RedWood said...

At least ONE member of congress besides West...doesn't have his head up his ass....

"With the threat of radical Islam and illegal immigration inextricably tied together, Hasner believes that the U.S.-Mexico border needs to be immediately sealed and that any form of amnesty will lead to the further deterioration of the sovereignty of the United States.

“We must secure our border, we must not allow amnensty,we must do a better job at protecting our country, that begins right there on our southern border.”

And he along with millions of Americans agree...and are willing to...arm up.

Brooke said...

The only thing that will curb the drug running and human trafficking will be militarizing the border.

Ducky's here said...

Liberal scum...that want us to capitulate to the degenerate, illiterate, ignorant scum that sucks our country dry.


I can't speak for all leftists but I certainly don't advocate capitulation to the right wing.

Major said...

"I can't speak for all leftists but I certainly don't advocate capitulation to the right wing."

Go ahead then you degenerate asswipe...see what the islamist scumbags will grant you. You...are the primary example of the disease that infects America. And we'd certainly be better off without you psychopaths that long for lasting blow jobs from our enemies.

You're a thoroughly sad...little wimp coward that expects the rest of us to provide for your parasitical existence and safety. Surely...a scumbag dweeb like you that detests American values...still demands that we give you cover. piss ant dweeb.


Anonymous said...

"I can't speak for all leftists but I certainly don't advocate capitulation to the right wing."

By all means Ducky, don't capitulate to freedom lovers, independent thinkers, and people with common sense and respect for the individual who is a responsible adult.

It must be very threatening, huh?


The Vegas Art Guy said...

1. Marines on the border

2. Tell Calderon that the next time we lose an agent inside his country we'll use military force on the cartels. When that happens, crater their hideouts.

That won't stop it but it will send a clear message and secure our southern borders.

Z said...

SAM, thank you for explaining all of this...
That story about what happens to little girls is astonishing...something Americans can't even imagine!! Those poor parents to hear what happened to their daughters! I am so so sorry for the horrible terror that's happened in Iran since the Shah left.

SAM, would you have been happier had the Shah stayed in power and what percentage of Iranians do you think would feel that way? How about the they know much about the days of the Shah and how things were more comfortable and easy in Iran? Or were they?

SOME OF YOU have suggested armed guards on the border and even sounded a little apologetic for suggesting we SHOOT TO KILL.
ARE YOU KIDDING? they're shooting our people on the SPOT, terrorizing ranchers/farmers, whole American cities, and I think the 'old America', run by someone who appreciated our sovereignty and our greatness, would be SHOOTING TO KILL RIGHT NOW.
Of course people are taking advantage of us all over the world now..Bush, who Europe called THE COWBOY, is gone; nobody to fear anymore. Of course, the left thinks FEARING AMERICA is a bad thing!


Z said...

Vegas Guy...hi!
"Crater their hideouts"...I'm right there with you

Z said...

Beamish, what is a TURING TESTER?

Ducky's here said...

z, did Major's reply offend you? I do notice a double standard. I've never used such childish vulgarities. The man's material isn't even entertaining.

Elmers Brother said...

I seem to remember you wanting to put a blogger in a body bag duhkkster.

Besides if your so offended you can leave or what I expect is that you'll use his comments to paint all conservatives with a broad brush.

beamish said...


A Turing tester is someone who administers a Turing test :P

A Turing test is a blind experimental conversation in artificial intelligence done to see if a computer's text replies are indistinguishable from a human's text replies. The tester does not know who or what he is having a conversation with through text-chat. It's to test whether or not a computer can fool a human into believing it is a human.

Yes, like all things on my profile, it's a nerdy joke.

Ticker said...

Put all retired military on the border with orders to NOT to fire on anyone south bound. On northbound it's open season. I am willing to bet that the Government could get a few hundred thousand volunteers the day. We are already being paid so just throw in some chow and cot and the problem could be solved in short time.

Z said...

Ducky, it's not every day that a true patriot has a venue at which to vent his spleen against dweebs, so I let him stay.
Or, you can consider me a hypocrite, and that's absolutely perfectly fine, too:-)

Ray, good point about the body bag.
And, of course Ducky will focus in on RedWood as the quintesesential Conservative! After all, can't we all see ALL the comments are just like his? :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't you find it true that after a while intemperate language ceases to shock, ceases to wound, and begins to sound like self-parody.

After that it becomes downright comical -- until it starts to put us to sleep.

Drug abuse is bad. Violent crime is worse.

beamish said...

I'll just be the lone voice in the wilderness that says miltarizing the border for drug interdiction will only make our military the drug dealers rather than our cops.

Legalize drugs. Illegalize drug overdose treatment / rehab clinics.

Problem solves itself, like a Malthusian trap.

Scotty said...

We are already being paid so just throw in some chow and cot and the problem could be solved in short time.

Speak for yourself, Ticker!! Ruffin' it for me is a black and white TV. And I ain't goin' NO where without my recliner!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

"But no, the leftards are all for pot smoking but they want to ban cigarettes."

Yet they demand that smokers pay huge order to make people quit!!????

Listen...if everyone in the country quit....those idiots still wouldn't be content. After all how are they going to make up those millions of tax dollars ( that support teachers, social programs and other government functions as operating revenue ) once they're gone?

$10.00 a gallon gas that's how. Tax on toilet paper, tax on medical prescriptions, taxes on breathing for gods sake. For the anal sick progressives, there's not a tax that's not needed or justified. And once put in place, never repealed.

So smokers...SMOKE!!! You're doing your patriotic duty to fund government, social programs ( for the children ) and being a productive citizen.

Take Bloombeserk for example. donkey piss. The little Moshe / Hitler can't stand other peoples freedoms. The little scum bag is what's in store for America if twits like him get the power. I'd like to see New Yorkers say..STFU....revolt and stake his ass to a piling on 52nd street.

Heil Bloomberg....theres a Jewish deli that needs you to bake something.

Anonymous said... what passes for NEW Yawkers... think... as a ....guess...a "Republican"!!! LMAO that's what I'm doing.

This fraud has the balls to call himself a Repuplican when he's willing to put smokers and salt likers into a gas chamber?

This little Nazi....little (5'2"), Napolean....needs to be planted in central a weed.

RedWood said...

Yo Anon...I have another one on Blooming idiot for you...:

"Mayor Bloomberg by now can offer a polished lecture on dietary fat, second-hand smoke, and the status of Islam in the United States, but not guarantee his own streets will be passable after a storm. Were his municipal workers too fat, out of breath, or Islamophobic to remove snow?"

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon the cartels will tell the Obama-dude 'plata o plomo', silver or lead, just as they have the judges, law enforcement personnel, & pols in Mexico. We know how much backbone he's got.



I am a 69 year old man but the fire hasn't left my belly yet. I want to be of help to someone. If I can make someones farm safe for him to live on and make a living then I feel that I have served a higher purpose in life. More citizens should take the fight to the ones who cross our boundrys, RUN OVER OUR RIGHTS AND let them know there is a price to be paid.