Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell

The Joe the Plumber Antidote.



Papa Frank said...

This is very sad indeed. I believe Colin Powell to be an upright and very honorable man and I would vote for him in a heartbeat. However, I can't help but be a little suspicious of the timing of this endorsement. It feels far too much like a planned October surprise from Obama. Colin Powell being as decisive as people come I can't believe that he was undecided until this morning. I know he felt slighted and compromised by the Bush administration but I wish he would not have taken it out in this manner. I still view him as nothing but an American hero and great man.

Z said...

I haven't viewed him as a 'great man' in years, Pops, but I respect your feelings and you're not alone. I did, once.
Today, he's done more damage to America than even he could have dreamt of.

It's not SO much his endorsement but his points for the endorsement. They hit centrists very appealingly, don't kid yourself, this was well planned.

The Obama machine is HERE, up and running already, folks, and we need to get used to it, I'm afraid. (VERY afraid)

FINALLY, at least FOX played the video some of us have seen of Obama telling ACORN that he won't wait till he's in the WH before having them come visit, he'll call them in shortly after his election and "have them there to help him set his strategy". Get it? Dishonesty, cheating, robbing from the very democracy that was ours..

great, huh?

Mike said...

People who are supporting Obama are digging their own graves....but we are all going to be buried in them.

Z said...

Here's the Yahoo Homepage headline: "Powell endorses Obama, says 'troubled' by GOP's direction"

What's hilarious is how the morning shows portrayed this!! They're saying Powell said he's troubled that the GOP is, basically, too conservative. At the most liberal moment in the Republican experience? When the conservatives have never pandered as much as they have the last few years!? When the Republican party undoubtedly has a FAR FAR bigger 'tent' than the left's EVER had! When the Left's being led around by the very FAR left..? you can't make this lying UP, can you~!? but, very very effective.

Ya, we know it's laughable, but Obama's people knew how powerful that statement would be and Powell went for it. Bravo, Colin.
I can't print here what I'd like to say to you...I really can't.

Anonymous said...

Colin Powell is not nor has he ever been great.
I have to disagree with that assessment.

He is average, and average is all he will ever be.

He says he doesn't want to see another Alito Or Roberts on the supreme courts.

Sarah Palin not experienced enough but Obama is?

Hey, we all knew back in August Powell was endorsing Obama, that slimey Bill Crystol said so on the television.

This has all been about trying to inflict injury on McCain.

Powell loves affirmative action, McCain has said he would like to see it not be policy.

Powell just uses people, and if you think he is great, so be it.

Dear Powell helped stopped us from ending things in the Gulf War, remember that?
Shwartzkophf wanted to do things right.

I have known people who met both generals, and they were not impressed with Powell.

Powell always allies himself with whom he thinks is winning.

Look at his actions.

First Bush..then Clinton-then Bush, and please do not leave out what his minion Armitage did regarding the Valarie Plame adventure.

Having lived around the military as a daughter of a vet and married to one, let me tell you, some generals are real leaders, and some are only yes men politicans and Powell is a yes man.

Anonymous said...

I was never a Colin Powell fan. I do respect his service to the country. Having said that, politically speaking, I never viewed him as a conservative.

He now says he is still a Republican. Really? Knowing that Obama's record is the most far left in the senate, and his history shows that as well?

As I said before, Powell is not a conservative, and more, not a true a Republican. If he was, he could never vote for a far left candidate. He's a Rino.

Given that, I believe Colin Powell made this decision based on race. There is no other explanation. He has rationalized enough to convince himself that Obama is more qualified than John McCain.

He is smitten with the "first black President" scenario, and that's the bottom line.


Anonymous said...

All this shows is extremely poor judgment by Powell - neglecting the Marxist direction Nobama's campaign has displayed in order to get a guy elected on the basis of race (Pris is right, that's it).

It becomes clear now, I thought that he had demonstrated bad judgment in the past, particularly at the helm of the State Department.

You'd think that a Military leader of that stature had integrity, but he has either the instinct bottom down to consider race as the most important thing, or he has fallen into the mental disorder so characteristic of Democrats (Dr. Savage is right, there must develop a chemical imbalance in the brain in order for people to become ignorant of facts). Now he is in the same category as Gen. Lesley Clark. Bravo.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Pris. I sent you an email to express my views on this. I will only add that following the example of MacArthur, old soldiers should simply "fade away."

Papa Frank said...

Powell did a great deal to rebuild the image of the military after Vietnam. He also was one of the greatest commanders during Vietnam. He kept his troops safe the best and was called upon to do very difficult missions and did them well. Feel free to disagree with him in supporting Obama but the man is an American hero just as John McCain is an American hero.

Z said...

How can it not be mostly about race when he uses the term TRANSFORMATIONAL?
How's 'transformational' to be taken? Transform us into a socialist country, maybe? REAL conservative of you, Mr. Powell.

Here's a man who professes conservative values and wants less strict constructionists on the SCOTUS!?? WHAT?

I'm disgusted. And not nearly as optimistic as some of you seem about this endorsement; I think it'll be far more trouble than we need right now.

And he sucked the air out of Joe the Plumber's pipes, too..the traction of that lovely man telling the truth, demanding Obama answer for his ridiculous statement about redistribution (why do you think Obama's camp took after Joe, to prove him wrong or screech loud enough to overcome Obama's statement!?) is pretty much forgotten this morning.

Z said...

Pops, that might be true, there sure was a lot of respect for him when my consciousness first registered a man called General Colin Powell; I was thrilled that a Black American had risen to that level and was so well respected, thought it was wonderful; but he sure did slip badly as Sec of State, stopped supporting the Commander in Chief as described by some of the commenters here, and has pretty much undermined Conservatism now for, what, ten, fifteen years? I think so.

Anonymous said...

I think your 5 words say it all! See, I can even count better than Biden and I had more letters than him. LOL

I'm not a fan of Powell's but I must admit I was rather suprised. I agree with some of the comments, that it was all race based. It seems that skin color precedes all else in this presidential race.....knowledge, commom sense, integrity...the list goes on and on!

The Merry Widow said...

Something happens to some officers when they are assigned to the Pentagon...they get DC fever. And become more political animals than military leaders.


cube said...

I have referred to Powell as the Bush administration's weak sister for years now.

You all know I love President Bush, but appointing Powell as Secy of State didn't earn him any points with blacks or with liberals or independents. It was a bad appointment.

An anonymous commenter on my blog said they weren't surprised that the affirmative action general would endorse the affirmative action president. Well, I'm not surprised either.

Anonymous said...

LOL, we sure are on the same page lately

Anonymous said...

The US Military since the Viet Nam days has been so P.C, it is not funny.

Some things I have seen in the name of playing nice with minorities would make a lot of people very angry.

However, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

Mine is that Powell is a self serving jerk that bends to what ever way the wind blows.

Back in 2000 , he let it be known he would be happy to serve under Gore or Bush.

He just really hated to make a stand.
I can see where he has much in common with Obama , who liked to vote present.

I always thought that the Black general in the movie: Mars Attacks, was a tweak at old Colin Powell.

Get this, Colin Powell endorsed McCain for the primaries, now he dumps him..ha ha.

Of course, Powell also endorsed a Black candidate in Va., back when he was running for office , another Democrat. Mr. Wilder.

But it is not about race, right?


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I'll let the late Col. David Hackworth summate my view of Colin Powell as a "Pentagon Perfumed Prince."

What about Joe Liebermann and Zell Miller coming out FOR John McCain?


Anonymous said...

Dottr, do you suppose he's just playing the odds, hoping for an appt. in an Obama administration?

Or, maybe it's as simple as a quid pro quo between Obama and Powell.


Anonymous said...

Bowel Powell is FOUL.

He always was a RINO. I used to like him too --- until I discovered who he REALLY was.

And it IS "race" that causes him to support BO.

Everyone "reverts to type" when push comes to shove. He very cleverly wore a MASK in order to rise to power.

Now that "his" time has come, the mask is stripped away.

Old-fashioned, decent, God-fearing Americans are positively CRIPPLED by their own natural optimism, good will and belief in the basic goodness of humanity.

This is all part of the coming "Age of the Black Knight."

"Tenebrae factae sunt."

J.J. J. Schmidt

Chuck said...

I was not surprised and to tell the truth, my respect for him is mainly from the first Gulf war. He hasn't shown me much since then.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I do not have the article in front of me, but read this evening of Powell talking about all these huge efforts for getting more Muslims into America.

So, take it for what it is worth.

I reckon in Powell's case it is a bit of racism, and quid pro quo.

Maybe revenge too.

The disdain certain people show for mere commoners such as myself grows daily, but it is interesting to see the masks slip.

Some really think they are our betters.


(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Colin Powell has always been politically moderate, if not liberal. Definitely a yes man, whether he's being told to cover up the My Lai massacre or tell the UN we have satellite photos of Saddam Hussein's WMD being smuggled to Syria.

I for one was glad to see him go from the Bush administration. We can't get those 4 years of foreign policy incompetence at the State Department back.

But anyway, we have to pay attention to the reasons Colin Powell is endorsing Obama.

He's the most inspiring inexperienced black man to ever run for President. Puts all the uninspiring inexperienced honkies to shame.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Mr. Beamish.
THE most inexperienced Black Man to run for the office of president.

Well, Powell did not really do whole lot in the Gulf War, mostly he was in D.C, I think, acting as liason, sucking up, I would presume.

The man has said it was affirmative action that really helped him, that's why he really advocates keeping it as policy.

That Colin, he is just chock full of good ideas.

Now, old Storming Norman endorsed McCain, if anyone cares.
Storming Norman wanted to go a bit furthere there in the Gulf War, but Powell persuaded the politicans not to, and here we are.

I think if I look hard enough I will find Powell moments in time.


Anonymous said...

Well, here are a few last minute observations; you may or may not agree.

1. This is the same Powell, a leader of soldiers whose commission never expires now supporting the same Obama who voted to cut funding for our troops while employed in a combat theater of operations.

2. This is the same Powell, who as Secretary of State, sent Paul Bremmer to Iraq to screw up the first 12 to 18 months of pacification operations.

3. This is the same Powell who recommended a "hands off policy" with respect to Moqtada al-Sadyr, which set into motion more than two years of horrendous bloodshed among the Iraqi civilian population.

So while I am not surprised the same Powell would endorse Barack Hussein Obama, I am surprised that a man with his education would even attempt to deny Obama is a committed socialist, and that he could pretend even for a second that Obama's associates do not matter and do it with a straight face.

One final observation: The only difference between Ayers and Tim McVey was the amount of explosives used to destroy the lives of Americans.

Ergo, Powell disgusts me.

Z said...

mustang..which part would I disagree with?!!!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Back in 2000 , he let it be known he would be happy to serve under Gore or Bush.

He was probably speaking as a professional soldier who is obligated to serve to defend the Constitution and United States, regardless of which political leader is in office.

I think Colin Powell articulated his reasons very well. I don't think it's all about race. He is more aligned with mainstream moderates, and does not see the radical scare that we, on the right, have been stirring up in opposition to Obama.

The excitement and energizing of the American people that he describes has merit, as far as an ability that is desirable to have in a leader; someone capable of inspiring people. Some of us consider that "style" and not "substance".

Powell is more centrist than anything else (I recall him in support of affirmative action). So no one should really be surprised. He's voted for presidents in both parties. There is no "betrayal" here.

And I think that as angry as it may make us, it is a mistake to savage and ravage him and participate in character defamation.

I disagree with him and have done so for quite some time; but I will remain respectful and not do to him what DU and DailyKos have done to him for years.

Anonymous said...

A socialist is a socialist and what the (he, Obama) wants to do is penalize people for being SUCCESSFUL. Yes I am SUCCESSFUL and I became that way from working hard, working lots of hours, going to collage and learning how to be SUCCESSFUL. I am what I consider to be comfortably wealthy and I enjoy the fine things in live and want to do the best that I can for my family.. That is why I worked so hard for. NOT to help out as you call them and I agree “CRACK HEADS” Yes, people that sit on their ass’s looking for hand outs for the likes of a MARXIST CREEP like Obama. As well as ACORN, and whoever else the Obama campaign/DNC paid to register people.
I’m inclined to distrust EVERY claim of Obama And EVERYTHING he says Given Obama’s history (e.g. caucuses, intimidation, fraud conventions and delegate stealing even before the convention, contributions, and more importantly his associations ) it’s almost believable that he is where he is today. And that shows the stupidly of the people... And since the Democrats accept the BS that he has slung around at will, who’s to know what is and isn’t real?
Let them eat cake, and let them eat crack. Let the crack head go screw himself! I’ll donate MY money if and when I please too. I don’t need no stinken Obama to tell me what to do with MY money.. I already pay enough in taxes and I will shut my business, before I give my hard earned money to some LAZY crack head who doesn’t work and doesn’t pay taxes. That’ the kind of narrow-sighted thinking that the left thrives on.
Where ever there are lies, cheaters, deceit, felenonies committed, Obama is attached to the organization. Is this who America wants for President. People that support Obama have no shame or respect for their country.
I truly feel sorry for all of the people in this country that don’t have enough pride, and interest in our country and it’s future to get informed. We will all pay dearly for this ignorance and laziness. Iam not saying that McCain does not have his faults but at least his goal is the same as most of ours- He loves this country and will do whatever he thinks is best to better the country. Shame on all of you that are willing ot risk this country on SOCIALIST like Obama

Always On Watch said...

General Powell, the Sycophant


I was in a mood from hell the rest of the day.

Me, Myself, And I said...

Perhaps he's more black than he is a patriot.

Z said...

Sorry, Wordsmith, this isn't 'just another Democrat candidate who loves this country but wants to get to a good future in ways different than conservatives do'..this is Barack Obama, baggage, alliances, lies, hubris..etc.

I don't give Powell credit for this. Even Black Juan Williams this morning is saying this is about race. I admire your even handedness, but I can't agree with you on this.


AOW...I was in SUCH a wretched mood yesterday I can't even explain it.....sorry you felt that way, too, but at least I know I wasn't going nuts! thanks! ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Non-WASPS always wind up siding with the "dissident" when push comes to shove.

What-today-is-called "racism" is simply the natural human tendency towards CLANNISHNESS --- i.e. all of us with rare exceptions prefer to stick to our own kind, to live and work with what is familiar, dear and comfortable.

Like it or not this was a nation founded by WASPS. Its essential character is White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant Christian. Whether our Founders were practicing Christians or not is frankly immaterial. The CULTURE that spawned the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution stemmed from CHRISTIANITY.

Those who came here with a deep desire to ASSIMILATE and become in effect a good imitation of the WASP characteristics and embrace WASP values did well, even though they were not always welcomed lovingly and generously to to these shores.

The dark, markedly-foreign, "ethnic" types, and those seriously non-Christian or downright anti-Christian, though welcome under the terms of the Constitution, have NEVER really fit in and have in the main had a deleterious effect on this nation by virtue of their anomalous presence.

"EVERYONE" feels obliged to DENY this, but the suspicion, hostility and resentment towards anything "different" is still there no matter how many laws we pass against it, how much we "intermarry," how hard we try to mask it --- or how vociferously we quarrel among ourselves in our attempts to deny it.

It's THERE, because ACTIVISTS need it in order to survive. We might have been able to evolve naturally towards greater acceptance and affection for one another, but in-your-face ACTIVISM quite deliberately brings out the WORST in us, because it needs confusion, dissension, and increased division in order to thrive.

As I've observed for many years now, you can't add GARLIC to your favorite recipe for CHOCOLATE FUDGE and still expect to enjoy the taste of it.

Some elements blend well together; many do not. This is common sense.

Barack Obama is likely to become elected simply because of the massive amounts of sheer SPITE felt towards George W. Bush, and because the tactics of racial divisiveness and polarization practiced by Black Liberation Theology, ACORN, the NAACP, the avowedly Marxist Media, etc.

If The Black Knight rides triumphantly into the White House on a wave of BILE, "The American Experiment" will have failed abysmally.

The Founders were wrong about one vital thing. All people are NOT equal, therefore not ALL people are fit to live together in a spirit of harmony and mutual productivity.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I don't give Powell credit for this. Even Black Juan Williams this morning is saying this is about race. I admire your even handedness, but I can't agree with you on this.


I think conservatives have a difficult time understanding me, when I go against the grain. I've written extensively on how race is factoring into this, and into the excitement felt amongst Democrats, both black and white, who are influenced to vote for Obama on account of race.

But to just flippantly dismiss Colin Powell's reasons given, because we disagree with him, basically calling him a liar, is wrong. Unless you can get inside his head and read his thoughts.

I've had issue with Powell for several years now. But our side is falling into the trap of disrespectfully disagreeing with the man, simply because he no longer serves us politically, just as some on the left who once dragged his name through the mud are now embracing him. It's disgusting all around.

And conservative pundits who have influence, who have an audience, need to tread carefully on what they say or they will further alienate independent and moderate voters and all but guarantee an Obama win.

Anonymous said...

When some acts as a friend, he's a friend. When he embraces the enemy, he is no longer a friend.

J.J.J. Schmidt

psi bond said...

Tonight Lou Dobbs asserted on his CNN show that Sarah Palin got the last laugh on SNL and made skeptical jabs supportive of the Palin-McCain ticket, including mocking Colin Powel’s endorsement of Obama. I thought I had switched channels to Fox by mistake.

psi bond said...

When a patriot who served his country well embraces a candidate that some detest, he is still a patriot who has done good service.

Z said...

worksmith, I understand that, and I appreciate your taking the time to explain your point of view, but I don't think Powell's been a real conservative in years, and he was insubordinate to the Republicans, too. I don't think every Republican needs to bow to the Republican god like Dems seem to do (we have a FAR bigger tent, as most people know) but many of the comments here are correct about Powell.
I do sympathize with your feeling that just because he's veered left, we're arguing with his choice now, but I haven't admired him in YEARS, and it's clear others haven't either and they've expressed why quite clearly and eloquently, so is it REALLY only because he did this with Obama, or is it frustration that FINALLY, after sneakily being a RINO, he's done something possibly QUITE damaging "in the name of Republicans.." NOT.
His reasons are utterly idiotic, Wordsmith. What CONSERVATIVE endorses a man like OBAMA, for goodness sake. LIke I said earlier, this isn't just a good ol' Dem we disagree with...this is a man who's taking America FAR away from the American dream and suddenly Powells on THAT side? I find that wrong.

psi bond...because Dobbs left YOUR reservation now he's a Conservative? Maybe he's just a smart liberal, huh? You see, smart Americans will always find their way to the Right. You know that.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I don't think Powell's been a real conservative in years, and he was insubordinate to the Republicans, too.

I haven't admired him in YEARS, and it's clear others haven't either

Which only echoes what I've already said about my own feelings, regarding Powell. He's never been a staunch conservative. So people shouldn't be so shocked by this. It's been no secret that he's voted for presidents of both parties and that on social issues such as affirmative action, he's supported that. And he was at odds with the Pentagon and White House over Iraq, even carrying out decisions that ran contrary to what others in the Administration were advocating for. He overly stressed the wmd angle before the UN General Assembly in his speech, even though others in the Administration didn't want that.

Anyway, I'm not a Powell fan. But the kind of reaction we on the right are exhibiting is a point of ridicule and fodder for the MSM- especially those of us who want to just say, "it's because he's black". It may be true, it may not be true. But saying it without proof, just makes us look like we are the ones pulling the race card.

His reasons are utterly idiotic, Wordsmith. What CONSERVATIVE endorses a man like OBAMA, for goodness sake. LIke I said earlier, this isn't just a good ol' Dem we disagree with...this is a man who's taking America FAR away from the American dream and suddenly Powells on THAT side? I find that wrong.

What many of us are not recognizing, is that not everyone follows alternate media. Powell strikes me as someone who reads mainstream newspapers and mainstream outlets. There are other Republicans out there who also get their news from MSM, and are turned off by what they see as negative attacks and slander. What you and I might see as legitimate issues, they have been led to believe is character assassination and defamation. They see about as much of a connection between Obama and Ayers as they see between al Qaeda and Iraq (basically, missing the connection).

I think his explanation regarding his endorsement is a logical explanation if one steps away from rightwing blogland, and try to see the world through the eyes of moderate Americans. If Powell was convinced of Obama's depth of ties to ACORN, Ayers, and influence under Wright, I think he would reject Obama. The problem is, he- as well as MANY Americans, have not been convinced.

psi bond said...

Z, I got no reservation.
You are full of self-defenses.
You need to face the consequences.

1) Lou Dobbs has unmistakable conservative views.

2) He’s got his own weekday show on CNN.

3) There’s nothing wrong with that, but it contradicts your na├»ve assertion that CNN does not let conservatives have shows.

Maybe he's just a smart liberal, huh? You see, smart Americans will always find their way to the Right. You know that.

Liberals are not so silly as to think only those who have liberal views are smart Americans. Nor do liberals think some citizens or parts of the country are pro-American and others anti-American –––for liberals are not exclusivist.

Colin Powell is a smart American despite the rightwing campaign led by el Rushbo to slime him as a racist for wandering off the reservation. His belief that Sarah Palin is not prepared to be president and therefore not prepared to be vice-president is shared, as you know, with Christopher Buckley, Christopher Hitchens, Peggy Noonan, George Will, David Frum, David Brooks, among other eminent Republicans and former Bush supporters.

Early on, Powell contributed $2300 to McCain’s campaign, but he has been conscientiously vetting the two candidates for himself for some time by means of the debates, their reactions to the financial crisis, and other factors. Being of sound mind, Powell identifies the scandal mongering Ayers claptrap as inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

Bowel Powell's truly foul.

Z said...

Dobbs is NOT on CNN in LA..he was, and he's finally started turning far more conservative, with much better values, and they've relegated him now to LA's CNN HEADLINE NEWS, something almost nobody watches.

Good job, psi bond.

I"m not defensive, I'm right.
That you can't accept it is certainly not my problem.


That's a FACT. get used to your duplicity and their lies. It's the new America.

psi bond said...

Vain McCain’s truly more of the same.

psi bond said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
psi bond said...

Dobbs is aired on CNN (main channel) on the east coast. Of course, you would respond that’s not where the real Americans are, right?

I"m not defensive, I'm right.
That you can't accept it is certainly not my problem.

That is defensive, absurdly so. You are not right because you fiercely believe in your own opinions, misguidedly confusing them with Truth. I cannot agree that your opinions are the same as The Absolute Truth. I see my denial as independence of mind, not as “my problem”. Your problem is not understanding this.

On Wolf Blitzer’s news show on CNN today, or maybe it’s on CNN Headline News on the west coast (isn’t that owned by CNN, too?) they played an interview with Sarah Palin unedited The McCain campaign must be desperate to throw Palin to the wolves. However, she was not asked substantive policy questions.

Fox acts as an echo chamber for the Republican Party. You need only look at all the venues Fox has given to Joe the Plumber, exploiting him as a McCain campaign tool, although he has refused to endorse a candidate. The fact is, when Fox is considered on its own record, it is obvious it is not fair and not balanced. No liberal has his own political show on Fox.

Z said...

It's clear that I am right. Dobbs is not on California CNN. I can't know the East Coast schedule. Why would you suggest anything other than real Americans are on the east coast, for heaven's sake?

Psi bond, I don't give darn what you're just flat out wrong. I have watched CNN and FOX after EVERYdebate and CNN has NO (NONE, do you GET IT?) conservative voice. NOT ONE.

i've had enough. Live in your dream'll be a nightmare soon enough. thanks. I won't be coming back to read this article's's done. And so am I

psi bond said...

Z: It's clear that I am right. Dobbs is not on California CNN. I can't know the East Coast schedule.

Correction: It’s clear to you that you are right. But not to many others, including me. Dobbs is on a channel that is CNN-network owned, whether it is CNN Headline News (originally named CNN2) on the west coast or CNN on the east coast. On the east coast Dobbs’s program on CNN runs opposite arch-conservative Glenn Beck’s show on CNN Headline News. CNN has long been accused by various groups of promoting a conservative or liberal bias. Nonetheless, that is an independent matter separate from whether Fox is fair and balanced as advertised.

Why would you suggest anything other than real Americans are on the east coast, for heaven's sake?

You know that I did not suggest anything of the sort. To state that I did so is a blatant lie: I said, “Of course, you would respond that’s not where the real Americans are, right?” I was thinking, perhaps, you would agree with the Republican vice-presidential candidate (who has just shown a lack of constitutional understanding of what the vice-president does). She said that there are pro-American and anti-American parts of the country. And a Republican congressperson, Michelle Bachmann, supported that accusation, saying the media should conduct an investigation of Congress to determine which members have pro-American views and which have anti-American ones (Joe McCarthy’s alive and well, it seems).

Psi bond, I don't give darn what you're just flat out wrong. I have watched CNN and FOX after EVERYdebate and CNN has NO (NONE, do you GET IT?) conservative voice. NOT ONE.

That is not true. Shouting does not change facts. Furthermore, Fox rarely allows a liberal to explain himself without considerable or total interference. Laura Ingraham would not allow Christopher Hitchens to articulate an argument for his support of Obama despite his support for the Iraq war. And Fox has not interviewed Christopher Buckley to explain his support of Obama, despite being William F. Buckley’s son and losing his column at the National Review. The same is true for Peggy Noonan, David Brooks, George Will and other eminent Republicans who are disenchanted with the Republican ticket.

i've had enough. Live in your dream'll be a nightmare soon enough. thanks. I won't be coming back to read this article's's done. And so am I

The polls show Sarah Palin is a greater drag on the Republican ticket now than McCain’s ties to Bush. They also show that Palin has a greater negative rating than any of the other three candidates. The latest Pew Research poll shows McCain 14 points down despite his disingenuous negative campaigning. So it’s no wonder that now more than ever you cannot tolerate opinions challenging yours. You’d rather live in your dream world, Z–––one where things like the William Ayers claptrap are weighty matters that voters supposedly should consider.