Thursday, October 9, 2008


We're hearing about Democrats busing in homeless to register and vote that day (in Ohio, for example) (ACORN is busy), etc. These days, in our great country, the homeless are able to go in, register, and vote right there, on the spot. Others who have had no interest in voting, no interest in politics, are being picked up and taken in to register and vote, too, or they'd have registered beforehand like we all do. Right?

Some people think this is healthy for America. After all, in a DEMOCRACY, everybody should vote. What about those who can't read or understand English?

I'm generalizing here suggesting all homeless don't read the news (some are, sadly, just out of work and literally don't have a home, they're not stupid, they're not unconcerned..they lost their home) but I'm talking about our generalized view of a homeless person; on drugs maybe? On the street for years. Mentally ill.

MY QUESTION: SHOULD ALL PEOPLE VOTE? SHOULD PEOPLE WHO DON'T PLAY AN ACTIVE PART IN ADDING TO OUR ECONOMY VOTE? Is there a connection between uninformed voters who rely on handouts and why Democrats are pushing for their vote?

Just thought I'd throw it out there for your opinion. Sounds AWFULLY unAmerican to deny ANYBODY a vote, right?

What're your thoughts?

OFF TOPIC: THIS JUST IN: Tens of thousands of voters, REGISTERED voters, may not be eligible to vote. Please read this and see which party's got a purge on for new the whole thing.
ANOTHER UPDATE: I'm hearing that ACORN people are paid to register already-registered voters. MANY are being subpoenaed to give their testimonies. "Are you registered?" "Yup" "We need you to register again, I get paid for this, please help me, we need MORE NAMES." "Okay" After being asked 15 times by different ACORN workers, 2 Domino's pizza guys (to only mention these now) decided to tell the authorities.



Frasypoo said...

Hi Z
I would say an uninformed voter is a useless voter.
But their vote is valuable to the side that they vote for!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is a U.S. citizen, has the leagal right to vote, except a convicted felon (unless the Dems got that changed).

That having been said, I don't think people should vote especially on the issues, if they don't know what they're voting for or against.

I believe it should be illegal for anyone to "help" someone vote.

Absentee ballots should not be passed out like candy, nor mailed with political brochures. A voter should have to go to the post office to get one.

To register to vote one should have to go to a prescibed location, in his/her area or neighborhood, and ID should be required by law.

If the above suggestions are too much trouble, you don't care enough to vote in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Acorn should be investigated befor the elections.

Important idea from a caller to
the Bill Bennett AM radio show.

Could Obama pass a military
clearance test for a high level position, in light of his associations with known
terrorists and ciminals ?

Civilians could not, why should

Anything in your background
must be investigated before you
receive clearance.

Anything in your background is
possible to block clearance.

Is the Commander-in-Chief allowed
friendships with people who try to blow-up Gov't buildings?

Calling radio/t.v./and bloggers
Please ask this question. Maybe
it will open some eyes.

Jewels said...

My personal belief is that all those early votes in Ohio should be wiped out..

I especially love how in Indiana, 105% of it's residents are not registered, 105%.

Anonymous said...

Should we allow everyone to purchase a weapon? No.

Should we allow everyone to drive an automobile? No.

Should we allow every licensed driver to operate an 18-wheeled truck? No.

Should we allow everyone a medical license? No.

Should we allow everyone to migrate to the United States? No.

Should we allow everyone to vote? No.

And the answer to the last query is justified for the same reasons as all the preceding questions. There is a clear and present danger to American society when unqualified people have access to dangerous instruments – such as a voting ballot.

Misfit410 said...

I'd wager that the Mentally Ill do vote, I mean Gore won the popular vote after all, and Obama is ahead in the polls.

Misfit410 said...

I was telling Steve yesterday, if I had my way, one would have to take a 10 question quiz about each candidate before voting. The biggest issue in this country is that so many uninformed people shift the tides in the wrong directions. My own Aunt admitted to me that she voted for Clinton because "He is Cute"

Ducky's here said...

I'd take a bacon double cheese. I rarely eat meat so I'd go for an artery clogger as a one time treat.

Ducky's here said...

Misfit, what if I gave you a 10 question quiz? How would you do?

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely in favor of a qualification test for being able to vote - and have been for a long time.

Matisse makes a very good point - as everyone who was, is or had to do with Military, knows, the background check for a clearance is quite substantial, including past occupations and acquaintances. Lying on those is a felony. There is no way that B. Hussein Obama would pass.

As for voter registration: I have said for a long time that there is an easy fix. In Germany, e.g., everybody has to be registered where he/she lives, and have an ID Card which is only issued if citizenship is proven. With that information, the government sends out invitations to vote, and people can then vote upon presentation of a picture ID. End of the story, no fraud possible. No special registration necessary for voting. Problem solved.

If other countries can do that, why not here? Hearing about apparently wide spread voter fraud makes me shake my head in disbelief. That puts us into the category of a banana republic. Sad. Where is Jimmy Carter when we need him?


Papa Frank said...

If paying taxes are the duty of an American should they not also be a prerequisite to voting? Just a thought provoking question.

Misfit410 said...


I'd fail it because nothing you believe has an ounce of truth to it..

I mean you are willing to look beyond the CRA, the housing bubble it clearly caused, the Republican Warnings and the Democratic denial and then push blame on the housing crisis to "Libertarian" policy that never happened (since we have not had an unregulated Economy since Carter).

to quote Reagan, it's not that you liberals are stupid, you just know too much that is not so.

At least you paid attention in French class.

Ducky's here said...

Deep Thought

Maybe it's time for the 4th bailout package to pass?

Anonymous said...

I think we have to be careful what we ask for. For instance, who decides what qualified is?

Yes, it would be desireable to have an informed electorate, but, in a free society, I don't think we want a controlled populace to the point of exclusion of some because they must live up to the standards of others.

It smacks of elitism for one thing. Do we want to require voters to have a college education? Do we want them to possess an IQ above 100? Where does it end and who decides what the qualifications should be?

The fact is everyone has a stake in this country, regardless of their station in life, and I for one believe the elimination of fraud, and the measures to weed it out are enough.

I do agree that a convicted felon should not be allowed to vote, because he committed a crime against society, and he has forfeited his right to vote as a result.

Either we are a free people or not.

PS. In reference to my first post. I do know how to spell legal.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer’s post today discusses the Republican Party proposal for polygraph examinations in Indiana’s Congressional Debate. I don’t think this is a very practical suggestion, but here we are in the latter days of a general election, and people are very concerned about dishonesty and voter fraud. We may agree that if there is one thing we can always count on, it is that politicians are liars. The voting fraud issue is of greater concern. With our existing technology, I wonder why we don’t identify voters through fingerprint scanning. Officials can then take into custody anyone who attempts to vote, whose fingerprints won’t scan, until we find out whom they really are.

shoprat said...

I guess they're determined to win one way or the other.

Unfortunately there is no way to do much to stop the idiot vote except to restrict the franchise. Sometimes I wonder if Robert A Heinlein was onto something when he described the "Citizens' Republic" system in Starship Troopers where you had to earn the right to vote and/or hold office through Federal Service. He does make good arguments but I don't know if I'd really want to go that route.

Anonymous said...

As always, Mr. Z’s comment is spot-on the mark. In many European countries, every citizen must vote or suffer a penalty . . . usually a fine. I’m not in favor of forcing a citizen to vote. On the other hand, I do wonder why we give civics examinations to people seeking citizenship, yet do not at least test the mental competence and knowledge of individuals seeking to vote in special and general elections. I don’t mean a “gotcha” test, or one that discriminates against any minority or recent immigrant (the latter knowing far more than the average American about our own history). I only mean to suggest multiple guess questions about federalism, terms of office, the role of the three branches of government, the correct identification of incumbent politicians, rights, and responsibilities of citizenship, and a certification that the voter is legally entitled to vote according to state law.

If they were registering as Democrats, I’d want to know if they are bed wetter’s, suffer from delusional psychosis, or ever worked for ACORN.

Z said...

Pris...I agree.

Except this is EXACTLY what the far left is counting on.

It's reminiscant of the line they love "Isn't America BETTER THAN THAT?" Ya, it's better, but if we don't resort to THAT once in a while, it's also GONE.

I'm torn on this one; it was absolutely utterly HORRIFYING to hear the hundreds of people who are willing to testify they were registering many times before they realized something was up. They're happy to come forward; What kind of trial will this be AFTER we've got Obama in office? Sadly, our belief in weeding out isn't deserving of our belief. It IS NOT WORKING.

And yes, the homeless certainly do have a stake in this country; seems like they've got a bigger stake than we do.$$$

Well, we have to wake up and realize our freedoms are what's killing America now and we need to figure out how to solve that.

Mr. Z has the ONLY solution to voting in America. A PHOTO ID which one MUST have and MATCH before voting...........done.

Ducky's here said...

In many European countries, every citizen must vote or suffer a penalty . . . usually a fine.

mustang that is true in Australia and Belgium only.

Pitch till you win.

Anonymous said...


Australia is not a European country. Therefore, you'd have to be tested.

Ducky's here said...

Yes, I know that. I was merely giving you the list of nations that have compulsory voting.

Anonymous said...

Dear Duck:

Believe me when I tell you I understand how hard it is to be wrong all the time: The list of countries that have compulsory voting laws is ...

Bolivia *
Costa Rica *
Dominican Republic *
Egypt *
El Salvador *
France *
Gabon *
Greece *
Guatemala *
Honduras *
India *
Italy *
Luxembourg *
Mexico *
Panama *
Paraguay *
Philippines *
Thailand *
Venezuela *

*Not enforced

Anonymous said...

I am not in favor of compulsory voting - that would be like in the old communist countries.... I am just in favor of (1) every citizen of this country MUST have an ID card which can only be obtained as a legal citizen (other than the DL), and (2) citizenship authorizes automatically the ability to vote. (3) The written invitation received by the government, presented together with THE ID CARD (not DL) allows voting. Simple. Effective.

Another point: Why is it that the participation in elections is high in countries let's say Germany (typically 80% or so), and in the U.S. it is low (like 50% or so)?


kevin said...

Most people I know have little or even no interest in politics. In fact, my desire to blog is driven in part out of sympathy to those people.

So if someone who can't name the three branches of government or thinks there are 57 states decides not to vote, I see no reason to encourage them.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Z . . .
Social scientists tell us there are a number of reasons why only half of our citizens vote. These are largely opinions, with scant empirical corroboration. However, they include such things as urban demographics, decline in reading newspapers, decline in civics education, longer commutes (to work), increased stress, overdosing on television and rental video, campaigns that last too long, growing disgust with government institutions, and redistricting schemes that alienate voters.

It also depends on the purpose of the election; there is a higher turnout for general elections than during primary and special elections.

There is also a higher turnout when ACORN is involved; more dead people vote, more people vote early and often, and people who can earn a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of wine for voting Democratic show up in droves.

Chuck said...

I've always been of a mind that we should require an IQ test to vote. Your closing point is interesting Z. One of the signs the Dems are destined to win is the growing disparity in voter registrations between the Dems and the GOP. With all we've been hearing about ACORN the last few days, I wonder if this is more smoke and mirrors. Some people are saying they were registered to vote 15, 17 times.

Z said...

Kevin, I'm with you! Good one! Don't encourage them, right!

Mustang...Don't blind Ducky with facts. HEY, you might say he lives in a DUCK BLIND, come to think of it!! LOL! Quack!

Chuck...scary, isn't it? How can we STOP this?

SO...what do you all think of Mr. Z's suggestion? I know a lot of you don't like the ID CARD! (it works well in Europe and is used for tons of things and nobody's felt like BIG BROTHER's watching anymore than our driver's licenses provide) person, one vote, one picture proof and VOILA...not a bad idea.

WHEN did we lose that idea?


Anonymous said...

I like it, as I said . . . but I can hear the quacking now:

It’s profiling! Muslim women have a right to wear a potato sack.

The cost! And this may be a legitimate concern. But we could reduce costs by using “mug shot” photographs, rather than having to take new pictures.

Anonymous said...

I agree Z. An ID card is not too much to ask. Fraud is what must be stopped.

A duck blind? That's perfect. That's where the duck hunters are.
Where's my duck call.....


Z said...

Mustang.."Mug Shot" pix...that is hilarious!

Pris, I'm glad you agree, too.

It's the ONLY way. And America NEVER will because ONE MUSLIM WOMAN will feel she can't be photographed without fabric covering her face.
If THAT happened, if we had moratorium for Muslim women, the amount of women in burqas would rise 600%, compliments of ACORN!

Mike said...

I was interviewed by the video academy students at my school today. All they said was, "tell students why it is important for them to vote".

I said, "It is important for you to vote so your voice can be heard. But don't vote just to vote. Please get informed about the candidates and issues before you vote."

Z said...

m.a. WAIT, didn't say "And, under NO circumstances vote for anyone whose background you're not sure of, who doesn't show great character in his past and his alliances, who's not explained how he can DO anything he's promising, and anybody with a wife named MICHELLE?"

What a missed opportunity! (LOL!)

Mantha said...

okay, i have to put the educational slant on it....there's this thing called "bloom's taxonomy", which is basically a leveled questioning of comprehension. the bottom tiers include knowledge and comprehension, and questions start with phrases like "identify," "recall," and "compare."

the middle tiers are application and analysis, and involve phrasing such as "illustrate," "interpret," and "analyze." the top tiers get involved with synthesis and evaluation, and use language such as "support," "justify," and "defend."

relating this back to the political arena and voting rights. so many americans are ignorant (i should know, i was one of them for a long time). we hear the names, we hear the juicy tidbits, we watch SNL and the comedy central spoofs, and jump to our conclusion without researching, without using those higher level thinking questions as described in bloom's taxonomy, to really judge for ourselves who is right for this country.

if more americans took their time to research, and were able to legitimately justify their vote, man, oh man, would this country be running so much better.

the teacher in me screams out "think! THINK! you have a brain, use it!"

Z said...

salubrina, honey. I read your comment carefully and got tears in my eyes. Sing it, sistah.

When I read "I was one of them", it humbles me that someone as sharp as you WOKE UP, threw the chains of liberalism off with KNOWLEDGE, and saw the light. God bless you, sweetie.

Did ANYBODY see the video tonight on O'Reilly or H&C (can't remember who had it) of a young Black man standing up at a McCain Townhall and saying "You HAVE to expose Obama for what he is, you MUST start telling America the truth behind ACORD, Ayers, Alinsky..Please, Mr. McCain, GET OUT THERE and TELL THE TRUTH!"

I said to Mr. Z "I swear, wherever I was sitting, I'd be trampling on peoples' heads to go give that guy a hug." WHat's McCain do? He leaves the stage and goes to shake the guy's hand but gives him a BIG hug instead. Tears again.

But, I've been tearing up (election stress..saving this country!!) a lot lately.....3 more weeks to go.

Average American said...

You forget, voting in America is not a privilege, it is a right. I agree people should inform themselves beforehand, but, good luck with that.

ACORN is something we can combat. In fact, I believe that it will backfire on NOBAMA in the next few weeks and he will lose! They are registering thousands of people that should not be voting, whether they are illegal, dead, or stupid. There are still millions and millions of normal average people who truely haven't made up their minds yet. As this group learns of ACORN and the disgusting things they are doing, they willl come to their senses and we will prevail.

Z said...



Average American said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Average American said...

Z, did you happen to watch Lou Dobbs tonight? He blasted ACORN BIG TIME! And he also tied NOBAMA to ACORN, INCLUDING the fact that the NOBAMA campaign PAID ACORN $800,000 to register voters!!

Average American said...

Sorry I had to delete my post, I messed it up. Here is the corrected post.

Regarding the last post, DO YOUR PART and spread the word about ACORN, especially the voter registration aspect of them.

October 9, 2008 7:16 PM

Z said...

AA...look at my article on top. I"M TRYING to do my best.

I didn't see Lou Dobbs..GREAT to hear!!


Anonymous said...

So many great comments here, I feel like I don't have much to add. I agree wtih Kevin, basically. Most people I know, casual acquaintances, don't care enough to be truly informed.
To them I say, either get informed or STAY HOME!

I REALLY like AA's optimism. I need more of that!

cube said...

Let's not beat about the bush.
There is no high moral principle of one person one vote here. These homeless people are being bribed into voting for Obama. Period.

The dems are in full-scale election stealing mode. They tried it with Bush/Gore, they tried it with Bush/Kerry, & they're trying it again. One of these elections, they'll perfect it.

Ducky's here said...

I will point out that the right enjoys sensationalism but they don't seem to know the difference between voter registration fraud and voter fraud.

I would expect some registration fraud in an effort as large as ACORNS but I leave it to my right wing brethren who are simply besides themselves to demonstrate that this wasn't detected as it has been for decades and demonstrate any instance of VOTER FRAUD.

You can't but give it a try. Let me know when all your crying wolf amounts to something.

Z said...

Voter registration fraud IS tantamount to Voter Fraud, that's not TOO difficult to understand.

And no, we Republicans don't expect groups to try to upturn America's democracy in the way the liberal ACORN group us. What you mean by "I would expect" is a little shocking, or extremely revealing. thanks. We don't expect it.

Mike said...

m.a. WAIT, didn't say "And, under NO circumstances vote for anyone whose background you're not sure of, who doesn't show great character in his past and his alliances, who's not explained how he can DO anything he's promising, and anybody with a wife named MICHELLE?"

Funny Z. I wish I could have, but I had to be subtle. Remember, they don't take kindly to conservatives in the education world.

Anonymous said...

Photo id for voting does not bother me.
You know, there are states that have this, and some states are really serious about the law.

But then you have states that allow loopholes, etc and then there you go.

But the idea of going out, rustling up people and getting them down to a precint , bussing them around the towns and just pure evil.

It is a sacred thing, to be able to cast a vote and this fraud just makes everything so doubtful and undermines everything we are supposed to stand for.

I suppose there will always be some type of cheating but we need to do something.

And no, no way would Obama pass a high security clearance test , with his past.

I guess that is why he picked Biden.


Z said... think he picked Biden because Biden's 'clean' or because Biden has the connections to make sure Obama doesn't HAVE to have a clearance test..hmmm??!!