Wednesday, October 20, 2010

15 minutes of Network Television................

I've been lazy this morning and lolling around drinking tea and watching TV because we have had a lovely rainy few days here in West Los Angeles, a welcome change to "it never rains in sunny California"........I love it, it's dark, cozy, the kind of day when you want to stay inside.  I wish I could, I have to leave around noon, so I took advantage of the morning.  I looked at a book I'm reading but decided I was even too lazy to read and so I watched network television, something I almost never do.   Here's what I found:

The very early LA morning news, around 6:30 am, always (always) has women delivering the news in very low cut cocktail dresses with long, dangly earrings and stiletto heels. I do watch that from time to time, and it never fails to make me curious who'd ever dress like that so early in the morning.

CBS was talking about the political races getting tighter and tighter (which they are, folks, we need to be a little less optimistic and keep hammering friends/family to vote), Republican leads of a week or two ago are dwindling.   Here's one reason why they're dwindling:
During the short segment, CBS only discussed perceived gaffes, carefully edited, of Sharron Angle, Christine O'Donnell and Republican Buck from Colorado, whose highly important lead is shrinking by the second.  That was it...short snippets from Republican candidates to show why the gaffes they've made have their races  tightening, as if they were Dem campaign ads.  No mention of any gaffes by the Dems.....It was announced as "this is why the races are tightening" and that was that.  What it was, of course, was a great opportunity to show gaffes.......that's all.   Does the DNC pay for this kind of advertising by network TV?

Rachael Ray...She had on some couple which hosts a TV show called "Strictest Parents" (or something like that?)...they talked about how kids put vodka into their eye so they can get higher faster, how kids are choking each other and themselves for a thrill, and how kids can find 'how to make flame throwers' on the internet (all had videos as kind of a 'how to').   During the segment, the mother of this parental couple was smiling the whole time.  "Here's how they kill themselves" ..big smile.  Her advice was to sit your kids down and list these things and have them sign that they won't ever do them.  (Yes, I'm serious.)

There's a new show called "Whatever" with 2 women who interviewed a really quite charming guy who identified himself as gay ....  they were talking about electronics and he said he just learned to text last week (which is better than me, by the way), and one of the hostesses said "Jennifer's been having SEX by Text message for FIVE YEARS!?"    He, of course, had the good taste and sense to ask "Jennifer" if she didn't mind having been outed just then in front of millions of people and she said no, it was fine, it was 'liberating'.   Yes, I'm serious again. The guy came back with "I just can't text that fast"...which was so clever and amusing I had to hand it to him.  um.........anyway:

CNN had a man from Uganda talking about how some new Ugandan newspaper has published the faces, names, etc., of 100 homosexuals so they can be outed and chastised in society. It's a dreadful story.  Here's what got to me:  The CNN reporter talked about how homophobic Ugandans have been and then said that "US Missionaries have encouraged the legislature of Uganda to push for laws making homosexuality punishable by imprisonment or even death."   REALLY?    Uganda's population is 1/3 Muslim so this slant of CNN's was not only questionable, but probably utterly ridiculous.   Of course, we know how accepting Islam is to the gay lifestyle :-)   Do you personally know one Christian who's want to kill any homosexual?

BUT, ABC redeemed the morning for me and my channel surfing finally paid off BIG TIME: There was Leon Russell on their CONCERT SERIES.........with Elton John, but who cares about Sir Elton?  (well, okay, he's good, but LEON WAS ON!)  My LEON was there...looking a little worse for age wear than I'd have hoped, and singing new stuff which doesn't meet his earlier standards but I was one happy girl to see him, believe me!   Leon, YOU ROCK!

For the rest of the shows I had seen?......What a way to ruin an otherwise lovely rainy, cozy morning.



cube said...

This was a very despirting post. I can't stand hearing about the republican lead being worn down by the MSM. I say, get out and vote and don't worry about the idiot-driven polls.

The Rachael Ray part really brought me down. I can't believe parents are dealing with this kind of behavior with their kids.
My girls are angels in comparison and I'm going to go give them huge hugs when they get home from school.

I stopped reading after that. It was too much for me. I'd rather watch horror movies or forensic shows ;-)

Sue said...

First of all, I agree with Cube...The Dems CAN'T be gaining ground! ARRRRGGGGHHH

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...and did I mention I LOVE Leon Russell? Wish I had seen that. I saw him at an outdoor free concert in Cincinnati, about 10 - 15 years ago. He came out with walker, which totally freaked me out...I think he had had hip replacement...but he sang like an angel! Glad to know he is still rocking.

PS One of the BEST sets on George Harrison's "Concert for Bangledesh" was Leon's set, IMHO...

Z said...

Cube, I'm so sorry! Nobody's ever said that about a post of mine before, but you're right, it IS depressing!!
I can't believe kids are doing those things, either...but that SMILING woman just sent me over the edge!
Frankly, there are days I can't WAIT to get out of here so I don't have to read more bad news on the blogs or watch more bad news on TV; sadly, I'm addicted. BUt, in the car, I'm weaning myself from constant talk radio and listening to more music. THat's a good thing; amazing how much better I feel by the time I've arrived to my destination..seriously

Sue, the whole Bangladesh album is fabulous but I, too, think LEON ROCKED THE BEST! I remember you're a fan, too; nice to share that with you. Delta Lady...oh, my GOSH!!

When Mr. Z died, a very dear friend called and said she had something for me...we got together and she'd made a box with decoupage all over it and on one side was "I love you in a place where there's no space or time.." I was stunned and said "Franny, did you know I LOVE Leon Russell?" She didn't!! Isn't that wild?

beamish said...

Well, I gave up television watching for a New Year's resolution, which I finally broke back in April. I still probably average around 30 minutes of TV viewing a month. Film and video are such limited media, best suited for audiences who need spoon-fed packaged thought to overcome their lack of capacity for it. Nothing at all like reading or listening.

I wouldn't worry about "tightening races" in the upcoming election. You can spot Democrats 40% in an election. They're always going to get that with few exceptions, as the dead and pets are their most reliable constituency.

When you're forced to truck in Bill Clinton to campaign for Bawney Fwank in Masso'stupids, you're hanging over the corner begging someone to throw in the towel.

Z said...

Beamish, I've got to watch, I like knowing what AMericans are's horrifying but helps me gird the loins so to speak! I don't watch the morning shows, so this was quite an eye opening morning.

I don't know what's going to happen and if we can believe the polls results tightening as they are but one does have to wonder when Obama and Biden have to go to DE to campaign when O'Donnell's supposedly so far down.
Maybe Obama just needed a dose of applause, cheering for him..and figured that was a good chance?

Z said...

Gad...TV's on in the other room and I heard the newsreader say "In less than 10 minutes, Mr. Obama will LEAVE THE WHITE HOUSE..." I got so excited.....only to hear " go on the campaign trail."

That tiny hesitation in time sure felt good. :-)

beamish said...


I'm psychic. I know tonight or tomorrow you'll hear how evil Sharron Angle is for wanting to criminalize mammograms and how it's unreasonable to ask an Arab terror organization that is negotiating on behalf of the Egyptian ex-patriates in the Gaza Strip that call themselves "Palestinians" to stop killing Jews as Allah commanded them to do, especially while Israelis build houses in their own capital city.

Watching TV is not an activity intended to foster intelligence. At least watching the fags on MTV hit themselves in the genitals with sledgehammers 24/7 is appropriately named for the Democrat Party's mascot - the Jackass.

Z said...

I didn't say it fosters intelligence, Beamish, I said I like to know what AMerica's watching.....I can't bring myself to watch the sitcoms or reality shows but I do occasionally like to see what they're saying. This has zero to do with FACTS, I just want to hear what AMericans are listening to because SOMETHING is causing them to vote like they are.
I watch CNN quite a bit, but don't do MSNBC anymore, that's so silly that I had to finally write it off; which is apparently what most Americans have done. Maybe they'll bring in nude news readers like they have in Russia. Anything for viewers.

beamish said...

Without even looking at polling numbers, I can tell you nothing really has changed since earlier this year. Republicans WILL take control of the House of Representatives, and *might* take over the Senate.

When the only thing the current Democrat-controlled Congress has to show for their influence on the budgeting priorities of the federal government over the last 4 years is a wrecked American economy, a draconian takeover of health care, returning America to Clinton-era tax rates, and being more worried about the steroid content of Barry Bond's urine than Muslim terrorists openly serving on US military bases, you get a feel for how screwed the Democrats are this election. I can't think of a time when the 180 year long absolute lack of compelling, intelligent reasons to vote for Democrats was more clearly demonstrated.

Even the House Democrats are trying to get on the Fire Pelosi tour bus. Obama's gotten the word from embattled Dems to do everything he can to stay away from their races.

The next two years are going to be good.

Z said...

I hope so, Beamish, I sure do.

cube said...

Z, I never meant to make you feel bad about posting this. As adults, we must find the strength to look upon reality and act accordingly so I'm grateful that you brought this mess to our attention.

P.S. I'm still giving my girls huge hugs because they aren't anywhere near these losers.

Leticia said...

Z, this why I try to watch my dvd's, listen to the radio or grab a book to read.

There is too much of nothing sometimes on tv. I am sorry to say I don't know who this "Leon" person is, but glad it made you happy.

Dave Miller said...

Actually yes, I do personally know Christians that wish that wish homosexuals were rooted out of society, would just go away, and would die.

I would go as far as to say they would kill them themselves, unless of course they caught them talking to their kids.

The law that was referenced was a legislative response to a visit to Uganda by some very conservative Christian missionaries who talked about "curing" homosexuals.

When people inside the church demonize certain behaviors to a point that there is little, if any separation between the person and the behavior, it becomes easy to attack the person in the name of ridding the community of the demonic.

Isn't this what happened in Salem back in the day?

sue said...

Z - The early morning show that you mentioned reminded me of HLN - Even though I like the station, every time I watch it I think that the women are too glamorous, overdressed, even voluptuous for the news.

But then that's me.

Z said...

Cube, I know, sweetie....but you were RIGHT. It's the subject, not me, I know !! And yes, we have to face this junk.
I LOVE that the info prompted you to love your girls up even more since that article...I LOVE that!]

Dave, I can honestly say I don't know a SOUL who's a CHristian and wishes harm to any homosexual.
I will NEVER blame Christians for having Bible-based beliefs, however, NEVER, and I'll never understand how anybody can read the Scriptures on the subject ambiguously like so many do who try to justify gay behavior.
And, I'm trying HARD not to just write "HOMOSEXUAL" anymore...but "HOMOSEXUAL LIFESTYLE" BIG difference.
Many HAVE left the lifestyle but you can't hear about them, the media won't let us. I"ve seen several docudramas where men did go straight and then, at the end, they reverted.. I always giggle because they pick those who do revert, not those who successfully leave the lifestyle.
Look, 'there for the grace of God go I'....I have no beef with gays... It's a very very tough subject for any Christian.

But, to suggest it's these Christians who prompted Ugandan anti-homosexuality is just I said, you think 7 million Ugandan muslims applaud gayness? nope.

Sue, do I know HNL? Or is it your local news station?
By the way, the Food Channel, too, is sometimes a pasta dish with a low cut top at 11 AM cracks me up ...I refer to the channel as "Cooking with Cleavage!" :-)

I'm REALLY not a prude and there's probably nothing prettier than a lovely decollete (sp?) (okay, a man's back does it for me!) but....there's a time and a place!

Anonymous said...

I don't trust the polls. They could be ginned up, or they could be right. Who knows?

I do know this. The night before the 1980 election, the polls said it was too close to call. In the margin of error. The next day Reagan won in a landslide.

In 2004, it was announced on election day, that exit polling showed John Kerry had won. Ooops, not so fast. WRONG!!

So now, as with everything involving the press including polls, I'm not convinced.

I have to ask myself, why, if O'Donnell was 17 points behind, did Coons debate her? He didn't have to.

And why did Barney Frank loan his own campaign $200,000 recently, and as Beamish points out, ask Clinton to help him out?

Why, years ago here in California did we go to bed believing Tom Bradley had been elected Governor, only to awaken in the morning to learn Dukemajean had won?

These are but a few examples as to why I question the polls, and why I question the media.

Don't be depressed unless there's reason to be. That reason hasn't shown itself.



Whateverman said...

Morning television is almost universally vapid. Wanna know what I watch?

Peep and the Big Wide World (local PBS channel). Having a three year old in the house certainly changes your standards :p

Beyond that, I look for relatively dispassionate news when I can find it.

Z said...

Pris, thank GOODNESS George Deukmejian won! :-) Still, there's a whole airport wing named for TOm Bradley and nothing for the wonderful Deukmejian!

Whateverman...a 3 yr old...enjoy enjoy! Girl or boy?
And yes, dispassionate is good IF it's also non partisan.

Anonymous said...

Dave, I don't know any Christian who wishes homosexuals would die. Maybe you just hang out with the wrong crowd.

Christians only wish activist homosexuals would leave their churches alone to practice free speech and preach their beliefs.

To each his own.


Whateverman said...

Niece, three and a half. Keeps the household interesting :)

Anonymous said...

Z, I knew I spelled Deukmejian wrong. I was too lazy to look it up!


Z said...

Whateverman, I'll just bet it does!

Pris, that's a tough name...I only know how to spell it because he spent so much time in my dad's Troy, NY home while he grew up without his own Dad! And he's Armenian, of course, they're mostly tough names for Americans to pronounce let alone spell. He came to Dad's funeral, though they rarely saw each other once they'd all moved here AND he even came to a kind of 'remembrance' party where Mom donated something somewhere in Dad's memory TEN years later. George is an amazing man and so is his wife. It's a privilege to know him even from afar!

sue said...

Z - Headline News. When I'm watching CNN I crank it up three stations to HLN. We get Direct TV.
In the evening they have shows like Nancy Grace and Joy Behar - but I just like the news during the day.

Z said...

Sue, thanks..I forgot about CNN Headline News...I'm on DirecTV, too.

sue said...

Z - What do you think about the Virginia Thomas thing? I was very surprised, as I think everyone was. I wonder if we'll hear more about it. Where do you suppose that came from?

Z said...

Good question...I was wondering the same thing.
I wonder if she meant it to be just between them and Hill broke the news for some reason? Hill acted very put out by the press for questioning her about it but who'd have told the press otherwise?
What I read was Virginia Thomas wanted to give Hill the opportunity to come clean, that maybe Hill's conscience was bothering her because Thomas believes so strongly in her husband's innocence.
The whole thing is WEIRD and probably has some religious overtone ,you know...? A forgiveness thing?

I wrote to Judge Thomas when his book came out complimenting him on it, something I almost NEVER do, and he wrote back, hand written, so kind and appreciative...that really impressed me.

But, no, I don't know, Sue, and I sure do wonder about the Hill thing.

Z said...

I just saw that link..why publish that now, as if there's some connection between Mrs. T's activism and Anita Hill??

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are having cozy weather, Z. That's my favorite, too.
I'm enjoying homemade afghans, a cup of chai tea with toast, and watching my favorite TV (House MD or Scrubs) shows or Netflix in the morning. It's totally non-educational, but fun and relaxing.

I think that daytime TV shows like The View are a plot to dumb down women all across America.

Z said...

Hi, Jen! Got your email and will respond tomorrow xxx

Yes, it's SO cozy! I LOVE RAIN!
I wish you could see the gorgeous afghan a girlfriend knitted for me...about 6' square and red and white yarn......but the pattern is so lovely, kind of a shell design but not. it feels so good on top of me in the cool weather.

I just finished THE HOUSE OF ELIOTT on's FABULOUS and i highly recommend it..did you and I talk about that already?
BUt, don't be dismayed when the last one is OVER and you don't know what happened. Turns out the BBC yanked the chain on the production and they didn't have a chance to wrap it up so it's kind of a mild cliffhanger :-)

sue said...

Z - I remember that you told me about the note from Clarence Thomas. I read the book too, and liked it.

The thing that seemed strange is that she left the message on Hill's answering machine. Then Hill reported to the university security, and they told the FBI.

Something else that surprised me is that in the news they said that most of Hill's college students didn't even know who she was until this happened.

Anyway, the story may go away as quickly as it appeared.

Z said...

Sue, I'm glad you enjoyed his book, too.
Why the heck do you think Hill told security? That, to me, is a little nuts...
You know, I knew NOTHING about CLarence THomas in those days and I always felt he was innocent.
And yes, the students didn't know about the Hill/Thomas controversy! Imagine?

sue said...

Z - I don't know why Hill told security, but it surprised me even more that the university notified the FBI. Maybe because her husband is on the Supreme Court.

I think it wasn't that the college students didn't know about the confirmation hearings, but that they didn't know that their professor was actually Anita Hill.

Z said...

Sue, what name does she use at school? I think it said they just didn't have a clue what the story was...I hope I'm wrong :-)

I just don't understand Hill taking a private phone message and alerting ANYBODY. This has to be a "Christian forgiveness" thing Mrs. Thomas is going through, wanting to give ANita Hill a chance.
The problem is I can't see how Hill would trust that, if she DID apologize, Mrs. T wouldn't run with it to the papers, now that I think of it (I hadn't even thought it through that far, shame on me!)...

Whateverman said...

Last time I was in college (lo those many decades ago), things were chaotic. Expecting unexpected student behavior was the norm, especially when you weren't participating in it personally.

I don't see anything unusual with Miss Hill reporting the incident to the campus police, especially given that pranks and post-high school harassment are usually commonplace.

But, that's just my sense of it.

MK said...

"Do you personally know one Christian who's want to kill any homosexual?"

But that doesn't count you see, so long as Christians won't dance around in the streets half-naked shouting crap about the joys of being a homo and worship at the altar of depravity, liberals will continue to push the line that Conservatives want to string up homosexuals from cranes and tall trees. Unlike the religion of true peace off course.

sue said...

Z - As far as I know she uses her real name.

Z said...

Whateverman, it seems weird to me as it was so nonthreatening. You'd think she'd just listen and think "Man, what's THAT about?" and let it go...that's how I feel, anyway.

Whateverman said...

I admit that I'm doing nothing more than extrapolating from my own experiences, so take this for what it's worth:

College kids are little more than adolescents without parental influence. Very weird things happen on college campuses; it's a place full of proto-adults learning that there are consequences to doing stuff they consider "harmless" (or even "justified").

Pranks happened constantly at college, and we found that very minor things often got reported to the authorities. With hindsight, I can see now that the people in charge had a very difficult time distinguishing between "harmless pranks" and "pranks that start off as harmless but morph into dangerous".

Again, I don't know the details of what happened or what led up to Hill reporting it. I only know that from my subjective experience, her reporting the phone call isn't surprising. To me.


PS. I'm very curious about why she reported it though

Whateverman said...

PPS. I went to a cheap state college: UMass Amherst. Perhaps things are different at Brandeis.

sue said...

Z - Could she have thought it was a prank call and that's why she reported it?

Z said...

she may very well have thought it was a prank but it wasn't like the prankster asked her to meet him at midnight in the quad or her niece's life would be over the next day!

The woman id'd herself as Ginny Thomas and 'would you like to apologize'? I think it's a dumb thing she did but I think a Christian like Ginny Thomas might want to extend that to Hill in private.??
ANybody see if Thomas has commented on the fact that she was outed?