Monday, October 18, 2010

Mrs. Obama wears a backward sweater and OH, the media's all a flutter!

Mrs. Obama, the media darling, is praised for wearing the same sweater twice!  WOW!...and she's praised for wearing Jimmy Choo shoes 'into the ground' since Inauguration Day.   Look at THIS if you can.  They LOVE HER, don't you? :-)

Here is the first paragraph of the linked article: "The first lady — who is, at times, hailed as fashionista-in-chief — seems to have morphed into a recessionista in residence: Michelle Obama has been seen recycling her outfits. Now, this is change we can believe in."   Gosh, isn't that ADORABLE?  (heh)

Laura Bush was certainly no fashion plate, but she sure did wear those beige pant suits and red gowns over and over again.........did you hear any media gushing?   I didn't either. Gad, how many times did we have to see that beige suit? At least she looked dignified.



Linda said...

I wear my jeans and T shirts over and over again too! Guess she's no better than me!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Let me be blunt for a moment if I might.

Looks to me like Ms Obama has CHUNKED UP in the intervening months. And looks to me like her additional avoirdupois went right to her rather voluminous ass.

That observed, seems to me like she should lighten up on those persons and organizations whom she perceived to be "too heavy."

Pot calling the kettle black?

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Hey, Ms O: perhaps thou shalt cast thine eyes back to yourSELF!

And you'll NEVER be anything close to a fashion plate. Your fashion taste is best kept in your mouth and not expressed publicly.


Chuck said...

One question - did this "recessionista in residence" wear these clothes when she jetted off to Spain on our dime?

Major said...

He's a slim, trim running fool Kenyan...she's your typical BBA with a history of too many Pop Eyes visits.

She need a rear view mirror to back up to the chair.


Ducky's here said...

Meow !

beamish said...

Silly people. That's her Dr. Zira Hallowe'en costume...

Z said...

Linda, good point! (of course, we know she's no better than you, that's for SURE)

BZ...heh. I think that, in a president's wife, we'd go more for dignity than wearing a sweater backward and Jimmy Choo shoes.
I have to admit Mrs. O's looked fairly good from time to time but it is hard to hear this fawning over her when the media doesn't fawn over Republican women. But, of course, what's new? And, of course, Republican women are more subdued in their demeanor.

Chuck...she had great clothes over there! $$$
I have NO problem with a Pres's wife looking good in public, of course, I just question the media SWOON.

Major...I'm afraid to ask what a BBA means.

Ducky, again, you missed the point, but your constant nastiness never wanes.

Z said...

That video at your place is fabulous!

Leticia said...

I am not impressed with this woman or her wardrobe.

She is unbecoming of any First Lady prior to herself. She should learn from them and behave and dress more appropriately.

Anonymous said...

No first lady dressed in a more dignified manner than Nancy Reagan, and all she got for it was grief.

It's not the clothes, it's the political persuasion. Meaningless

One more thing. I can't forget Michelle's black widow dress at the dem. convention. It would make a good Halloween costume though.


P31 Mom said...

I think Michelle Obama is a *very* classy looking lady...but the backwards sweater looked ridiculous to me. It reminded me of our "Backwards, Wacky, Tacky Day" at our homeschool co-op a couple of weeks ago. Laura Bush never had a chance since she was married to the man that every one loved to hate.

Z said...

You know, she can look VERY handsome at State dinners, etc., she really can....I don't begrudge her a little glam and pricey clothes, it's the MEDIA, it's their disdain for anything non leftist that just gets to me.
I heard someone on the radio the other day echo what I'd said about 3 weeks ago and it made me laugh; he said "Really, the MAINSTREAM MEDIA is FOX these days, if MAINSTREAM means MOST POPULAR" He's right!
Still, the LEFTWING STATE-OWNED MEDIA (let's face it, it IS) is powerful and gets the most's YAHOO GOOGLE MOST NEWSPAPERS NETWORKS CNN MSNBC, etc.
Who can MISS IT?

Anonymous said...

I wore my sweater backwards the other day, too.

I didn't realize it until I got home from running errands all day.

Here I was thinking I was just an absent-minded doofus when I was really a trend setter.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot to say....


It is so fun to hate on the Yankees.

So very fun. ;-)

Z said...

Jen, I had sushi the other night with a friend from was fun to watch the Yankees game Fri night..until........well, they beat TX.
They win tonight?

Z said...

I just checked. 8-0? HOLY SMOKE!
Congrats, TX!

Opus #6 said...

It's not the sweater, but her husband's backward policies that bother me. He needs to stop shoving that out-dated socialism down my throat.

Always On Watch said...

She loves to ear those wide belts. I fail to understand her preference for such belts as they accent hip size.

Major said: She need a rear view mirror to back up to the chair.


heidianne jackson said...

i wish she would dress more dignified - especially when she's not in her backyard (our backyard?) or at camp david. she seemed to be more concerned with how she was dressed in spain and maine and the vineyard on vacation than when she's representing her office. ugh.

but honestly, i'd happily put up with her clothes and the media fawning if she would just have proper posture and set a good example!

cube said...

I can't stand how the press fawns over her awful outfits. How can so much money spent on clothes look so bad?

Z said...

Heidianne, I thought about that shot with her dog; anybody ought to have the privacy to walk their dog on 'their front lawn' (even if it is borrowed from US..the lawn, not the dog!) in casual clothing, but she ought to wear things which flatter her figure, not make her look like she's working the back forty, right?

Or send someone out to walk the darned dog if you're in the middle of a good book and don't want to dress for the media; I get that, I'd HATE for people with cameras to knock on my door and I"d have to open it at any time of day!
(I know YOU don't like that! Heh heh!) xxx