Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DON'T VOTE ABSENTEE if you can help it

I voted absentee a few years back because I hate going to the precinct here and having those who work there glare when I say REPUBLICAN. It's tiring, it's unAmerican, it's loathsome and they do it.   I've even seen Jimmy Buffet-shirted libs working precincts (when it's been old ladies over 90 for the last 20 years, suddenly these guys popped up) let a guy, who had moved but didn't show on the books, vote.  I did say something, but the Jimmy Buffet-cool banana leaf-shirted jerk with loafers and no socks said "You don't think EVERYBODY should vote?"   I said "Not if they're not registered, no."  BOY, did I get the glares.  SO, I'm not a stranger to wanting to avoid that scene, plus it's so much simpler, let's face it.

This November, I have advice;  DO NOT VOTE ABSENTEE IF YOU CAN AT ALL HELP IT.  I know some people MUST, I get that...but TRY not to.  I was going to post something on this soon but a friend called this morning and relayed this story about why she believes we have real reason to fear fraud this November and how absentee ballots are part of that situation so I thought I'd post it now.

Apparently, my friend's been a registrar for thirty years and she's always been worried about the integrity of the people at the voting headquarters.   She told me that she'd attended a Republican event a few years ago and 12 people signed up to vote.  She was downtown and decided to drop off in person the information to the office that takes the registration information.   A very surly and sloppy woman approached my friend and the woman looked at the applications  and said "They're all REPUBLICAN, don't you register anybody ELSE?"  "Yes, of course I do, that's the law," my friend said, "but I was just at a Republican event and these people wanted to register..."    The woman came back with "Next time you had better bring Democrat voters!"  She had many stories like that showing extreme bias but only had time to tell me this one.   She's worried about the caliber of those in charge of the votes on voting day and URGES you all to GO TO THE POLLS!

This year, we must stop all fraud.  I know you ALL feel as strongly as I do that Dems and Reps BOTH must STOP FRAUD because if we can't trust our voting process, what can we trust?  THIS was Dem fraud against Dems...I'm against THAT, too.  And, don't forget THIS!  Make sure you read THIS.
Now that I'm thoroughly outraged you, read THIS, a REALLY happy voting story from ...California!



Craig and Heather said...

This year, we must stop all fraud. I know you ALL feel as strongly as I do that Dems and Reps BOTH must STOP FRAUD...

Those who love truth will be against dishonesty wherever it turns up.

Those who simply are looking for results don't seem to mind doing "whatever it takes" to win.

I'm with you, Z. ALL of the lies and bullying and disregard for the law needs to stop. Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.


Brooke said...

Absentee voting is rife with fraud; a leftist's dream.

I say that if someone sick or elderly cannot vote, a representative should be sent to that person.

FrogBurger said...

I am going with a big smile this year. Maybe I'll wear a tshirt that says "I smell blood" too.

Kidding of course but I'll definitely tell people that it's a great day today ;-)

I can't wait!!!

cube said...

I have always preferred going to the polls. I especially enjoyed going very early so I could take my girls when they were little.
I now enjoy taking my oldest along so she can vote too.

Z said...

Brooke"I say that if someone sick or elderly cannot vote, a representative should be sent to that person."
Ya, well, be careful what you ask for; that's what we heard the Left did in '08, remember? "Candy, old lady? HERE vote for THE ONE, we'll take you and you'll be SO hAPPY!"

Heather.. absolutely true..good reminder.

FB, I love that I SMELL BLOOD! OH, MAN, what I wouldn't give for you to do that :-) Come with ME after your precinct!! HA!!

Cube, how wonderful....especially if your girl votes Conservative, too, of course!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A Republican friend of mine in Caif. (West L.A.)sent her very lefty-liberal daughter the forthcoming tax changes, complete with a note as to how they would affect her inheritance. The daughter said she was 'going to hold her nose & vote Republican!'.
I guess money really talks.

Be interesting to see where the NEW Black Panderers (not a misspelling) show up this year. I doubt they'll have as easy a time of it, as forewarned is forearmed.


Z said...

SilvrLady, a VERY liberal French American citizen , a Trotskyite, actually, is voting Republican this year, too.....he said "I didn't leave France to come to AMerica to make my living and leave the same pittance I would have had to leave my children were I still in France!" Yup...he's reregistered, make his point! He's VERY ticked about the estate tax AND the tax increases and the lies about healthcare.

cube said...

Z: We taught both of our girls to think for themselves and always had spirited discussions during dinner. We gave them the facts and they arrived at their own conclusions, but I've got to tell you that the Obama administration has done more to turn them into conservatives than we ever did.

FrogBurger said...

Z, a Trotskyite said that?

He must not be one. If he were one, how come would he still be in the US?

Some people are really having trouble with the political scale or am I missing something?

But those 2 examples highlight what I keep saying: we are self-interested individuals at first. It's out instincts.

Joe said...

Oh, my! If we take all of their fraud away, they won't have any voting toys to play with.

heidianne jackson said...

LOL @ joe - thanks!

i have always preferred going to the polls - just something about it.

when we were voting in kc, the list for the dems voting was about 2 inches thick and for the republicans it was 2-3 pages. i love the looks they'd give us.

in 2008, we actually had a poll worker say "you might as well not vote - look at all the democrats who are going to vote for obama." no one cared that it was against the rules.

but i think silverlady is right - this time, forewarmed IS forearmed. but up here on my mountain nearly everyone is republican so i doubt i'll get any dirty looks this time around...

Anonymous said...

I have a relative who, in 2008, voted absentee for Giulani, only to find out later, he'd dropped out of the race.

Go to the polls. It's not a hardship unless you're disabled.


Always On Watch said...

Mr. AOW, despite his physical condition, goes personally to the polls. Last year, we hired handicapped taxi, but this year we can manage by ourselves.

Z said...

FB, I wish I could tell you who it is :-) heh heh
I could, but you live in LA and I'd have to come take your life (smile)

AOW, I'm so glad to hear that!

Susannah said...

(Hey Z~ 'better watch out, or Craig's gonna show up, just to prove to you that Republicans are the ones who taint the ballots -- all the time, everywhere, from here to eternity...)

beamish said...

I always vote with a write-in ballot at the polling place, and stick it in the ballot box myself.

Even if my favored candidate's name appears on the ballot, I still write his name on the write-in ballot.

Because there has never been in the history of human civilization and perhaps the universe itself a demonstrably intelligent reason to vote for a Democrat, if a Democrat is running unopposed for an office or a position, I write my own name in. Better that I vote my conscience than give the impression I'm incapable of moving a needle on an encephalogram.

The fun part is contacting the secretary of state's office to find out how many votes I recieved in my races against Democrats.

It lets me know my vote was counted, and I sleep peacefully knowing of all the despicable deeds I've done in life, voting for a Democrat wasn't one of them.

Z said...

Susannah...he will, I"m sure! just crack me UP! Sleep peacefully, you deserve it.

Brooke said...

Z: True... In an ideal world the person would do their job neutrally, but we don't live in such a world, do we?