Monday, October 11, 2010

Dressing like Hitler........

There's a story about a GOP candidate who was in a reenactment of WWII and wore a Nazi uniform.  Well, apparently, he's been told off rather soundly........Read HERE.
Please see this paragraph from the article:  "The House Republicans' No. 2 leader, Eric Cantor of Virginia, on Sunday said he repudiates Iott's actions and would not support someone who would dress in Nazi attire. His remarks on "Fox News Sunday" came after Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, of Florida, cited Iott as an example of GOP candidates with extreme views."
Do you agree with Cantor?  Can you imagine Schultz saying anybody reenacting WWII (for education purposes, not for fun!) has "extreme views"?   The Wiking Group reenacts different military situations and I Googled them to find THIS WEBSITE that explains what's up.  I'd hate to think how many American actors have worn Nazi uniforms in film.........should they all get repudiated by Debbie Wasserman Schultz?
I'm curious....I could be misreading or misinterpreting something, maybe I don't know all the facts? you think nobody should ever wear a NAZI uniform in a reenactment which is meant to be educational?   We know Schultz went overboard because it's almost November 2, but did Cantor, too?
What do you think? 
(I'd attach an image just to illustrate this post as I usually do but I'd hate to be taken for a whacko Nazi website)



Linda said...

Well, if it had been a wacko leftie, it would have been okay, but with it being a member of the GOP, then it is fair game.

What about the civil war reenactments? Anybody upset with the north and south uniforms?

beamish said...

The Nazis socialized health care among taking over entire sectors of the German economy (80+% of Germany's GDP under government centrally planned control), collectivized agriculture, and believed the key to ending the hated capitalism was to wipe Jews off the earth.

Why would any leftist be ashamed of that?

Hitler was Friedrich Engels with a funny mustache.

LibertyAtStake said...

Cantor fumbled. The correct response wass "don't try to sand bag me with this crap Debbie, I'll get back to you tomorrow on it."

Then, tomorrow, the press release would say - They are reenactors, stupid. Was Werner Von Klemperer a Nazi by your logic?
"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

Anonymous said...

It makes sense to me that if one is going to have an historic reenactment, then someone is going to have to dress the part of one side, or the other. Now we have reenactments of the Revolutionary War and Civil War … and if you consider the cruelty at places like Andersonville (in Georgia) and/or Camp Douglas (in Illinois), you may find someone who objects to anyone wearing the union or confederate uniform; they would be, in essence, idiots not unlike Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Eric Cantor … There are other, more serious problems facing our country besides the fact that someone who wants to go to Washington is a World War II reenactor. What’s next, then? Shall we remove John Banner’s star on the Hollywood strip because he played the part of Sergeant Schultz? Should we be insulted when Ducky dresses up in men’s clothing, or when politicians pretend they’re Americans?

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey Z..mulling over Mustangs response right now............have a blessed night hun:)

P31 Mom said...


I'm hoping someone here can help me. I'm trying to find a complete list of who all voted for Obama's health care. Does anyone know where you can find a complete list (without having to look each candidate up individually)? Trying to educate myself on who needs to go before next election...and also have the info to pass on to others.

Anonymous said...

Voted for Obama Care.

P31 Mom said...

Thank you Mustang!

Anonymous said...

beamish-maybe the democrats' gripe is that he wasn't showing proper reverence for the socialist workers party

sounds like feigned indignation and strawman arguments by DWS. someone should tell her to quit patting herself on the back for opposing nazis as almost no one supports them

Liberty--werner von klemperer? sounds familiar. should i know that name?


Z said...

Mustang, you crack me UP!
And thanks for helping out that MOm of SEVEN who calls herself "Just a mom" at her site! :-)

I'm glad you all agree with me here...I thought I must be missing some information. For Schultz to complain, BIG DEAL, for CANTOR to, he's REALLY let me down.
That dope Meg Whitman 'disavowed' from her campaign a minor politician about 35 miles from me who had the guts to say that he felt MORE a patriot for being against ILLEGAL immigration in this country. Reminds me of Cantor's idiocy.

Liberty "Was Werner Von Klemperer a Nazi by your logic?" excellent analogy and thanks for coming by.
What's WITH these 'conservatives'?

heidianne jackson said...

mr. z's observation that "we are surrounded by idiots" are hitting home more and more as this election cycle goes on. i will vote for whitman because she is not brown, but i see precious little difference between the two.

we have no leaders in this cycle; perhaps we have no leaders left in the u.s. who are willing to go into politics. or maybe there were leaders but going into politics destroys them?

i used to be heavily involved in civil war re-enactment with my ex-husband. as a photographer he was interested in being part of an engineering group - the only engineering group near us was the missouri 3rd engineers.

in real life this group had provided the cartography for the confederate forces. it was a good fit. no one in that group was a racist; no one wanted to go back to the "good ol' days." but, as mustang pointed out, in a reenactment both sides must be represented properly.

dws leveled her accusation for maximum effect and cantor walked right into it. these types of responses by republicans is what causes them to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory every time.


Ducky's here said...

Reminds me of the time Sturmbannfuhrer Ronnie Raygun went to Bitburg and laid a wreath on the graves of the Waffen SS.

Joe said...

Of course, when re-enacting a scene involving bad people, the re-enactor should wear neutral clothing, so nobody would make any real connection between the re-enactment and what actually happened in the situation being re-inacted.

Cantor is off base here. In fact, he's acting like an idiot. (I wonder whether he is wearing idiot's clothing while he acts like one.)

Z said...

Heidianne, what an excellent comment on all points, thanks so much. Thanks also for quoting from your buddy, Mr. Z! xxx
WHen you said you'd vote for Whitman because she's not brown, I thought you were going racist (HAHAA!!) then I realized that A. YOu aren't racist and B. you meant JERRY BROWN :-) Too funny!
Yes, it was unbelievable that Cantor did this ridiculous acquiescence...what a damned DOPE.

Ducky, Reagan said that they were also victims of the war; and they were. As a matter of fact, something AMericans don't know (among other things about Europeans and the war, particularly the amount of German 'wiederstand', FAR bigger than the french "resistance") is that FRANCE gave the Germans a spot for a beautiful cemetery in which lay the German soldiers who died there.
There's a sign that says "Here lie the German soldiers many of whom did not support the cause or the fight"

Joe, good point about his clothes :-) You're great!

Z said...

Actually, Ducky, I'm more impressed with President Ronald Reagan now than I ever was, thanks for telling me about that; I believe I"d forgotten.

MK said...

The left have nothing left in their bag so naturally they choose to smear. Wait, hang on, that implies the left only smear when they have nothing else, that's not right, the left always smear, only on the odd occasion do they have a valid attack.

FrogBurger said...

He dressed as a socialist then?

Bad idea indeed.

Joke aside, we have actors dressed as nazis for their job so if it was re-enactment, it doesn't mean the guy agrees.

The left is so desperate they have to look for things like this.

It's pathetic. We have our own little pathetic loser on this blog, Ducky, who stands for Staline then mentions Reagan with the SS.

Pretty comical how pathetic they are.

Major said...

Wonder what she thought of Tom Cruise in Valkyrie as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg...a Nazi to the bitter end?

Or those guys who played Nazi's in Inglorious Bastards?

Oh...oh....that's OK...they're Hollywood lefties.

Debbie Schmutz.....has her hair tied too tight in shirley temple curls...


Always On Watch said...

A re-enactment is play acting.

As one who lives in Virginia, I see and hear of all kinds of re-enactments.

Participating in re-enactments is fun, entertaining, and informative as one typically studies history as part of getting into character.

For years, my mother-in-law and her boyfriend, both from NY, participated in Civil War re-enactments. They chose the Confederate side because (1) the Confederate side had more vacancies and (2) doing period dances from the South were more interesting than period dances from the North. Besides, my mother-in-law was a seamstress and wanted to dress up like a Southern belle.

Believe me, my mother-in-law and her boyfriend were both staunch "Yankees" in real life.

Speedy G said...

You re-enact is to learn and gain understanding. To condemn a re-enactment of a battle with the Nazi's out of hand is to believe that there is nothing to be learned from it.

Was there nothing to be learned from WWII?

Glenn Beck's #1 Fan said...

Then there's nothing to be learned from this, either.

Z said...

ANy enactment which teaches seems to make sense to me, especially that they weren't CELEBRATING NAzis, just REENACTING th epast!

The Vegas Art Guy said...

So Ducky, if I follow your logic to the bitter end, what does that make the Pope, since he too was a Nazi?

Is that really the best you can do or are you breathlessly waiting for the nonexistent proof that the US Chamber of Commerce is breaking the law? And since when is it 'guilty until proven innocent'?


Z said...

Vegas, did you see even the liberal NYTimes and other lib venues are saying "there's no story proof"
Then the WH attacks like children; it's set a whole new low for dignity, and we thought CLinton had taken the WH as low as it can go :-(