Thursday, October 21, 2010

Illegals and Gumballs.........worth the few minutes, I promise

PLEASE WATCH. For about ten years now, I've been saying that we should help illegals stay in their countries instead of turning a blind eye to illegals ruining ours with what our left seems to feel are their entitlements;  that it would be cheaper to us and less harmful to our economy, infrastructure, society, etc., to have them stay where they are and maybe we could send 1/8 the amount of money we're spending here now on them and make sure the money we send creates jobs and food and opportunities for their own people in their own countries which they'd rather stay in anyway.  Let THEIR countries be their 'sanctuary countries', come to think of it!  I know some of you won't agree, that's fine, but I see it as one possible solution.  This video should be seen and passed around, please do:

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Opus #6 said...

I saw this and couldn't agree more. The ones who want us overrun by immigrants want to destroy America for purposes of redistribution of wealth. Not all immigration is wrong, but it should be legal and planned.

Joe said...

Great Vid!

If the purpose of immigration is to reduce poverty in the world, it is doomed to failure by the sheer numbers.

If its purpose is to provide opportunity for those ready to accept its accompanying responsibility, then requiring it to be legal immigration will assure its success.

Anonymous said...

I posted this today, as well. With some commmentary, of course.

heidianne jackson said...

and he's talking about LEGAL immigration. even with the illegals who come in - as he showed - there's no way to have a real impact. but to try to effect change by giving money to any of these nations has even less chance of working.

look at all of the money we've sent to the various nations of Africa. and Honduras. and Mexico. and any other of the nations we've been pouring money into for years and years...

Major said...

Like they said..."We've declared war on poverty...and poverty has won."


Anonymous said...

I think the fact is, if we help them there, we can contribute money, but not enough to make a difference.

If we try to teach different cultures how to make their lives better, or what we think is better, there's no reason to believe we would be welcomed, or that all these different peoples in the world even want to change their way of life.

For us, when we visit these places or see pictures and documentaries we think "how awful".

We compare our lives and culture to theirs and we see poverty, lack of modern conveniences, lack of proper foods, or what we consider are proper foods.

Do we ever consider they don't want to change? That they may be happy with their culture? That they may resent our interference?

Does it occur to us that people don't miss what they never had?
That they're comfortable in their world which they share with others like themslves?

There is a certain arrogance in believing if everyone was just like us, all would be well with the world. Really? And how do we know that?

We believe that because we see it from our perspective not theirs. We are not capable of seeing it from theirs.

We talk of teaching how to fish, instead of supplying fish. That sounds reasonable to me. But what if that person prefers to spear his fish as his forbears did and have for generations?

Who are we to tell him differently?

I know this may seem harsh, but I think perhaps we should respect the differences, and stop judging the rest of the world by our standards.

If they are meant to change, and want to change they will seek out those who can teach them. If not, they should be left to fend for themselves as they have for centuries.

Perhaps in those countries, two dollars a day is enough to get by. It depends on their resources, and their knowledge of what they believe they need to live, not on what we think they need.

We should learn to be content in the lives we have chosen for ourselves. We live in a country where we can improve our lot in life if we work at it. It's our choice.

It is not our choice to decide what other countries should choose as their culture, and as long as they don't cause us harm, or demand that we should change, we should accept that they are different and leave them alone.

Immigrants who want to live here and become Americans, prove it by becoming legal and playing by our rules, and they are welcome.


Ducky's here said...

Interesting that he believes alleviation of poverty is an argument for immigration. Just amazing that these hacks can drum up these moronic ideas.

Alleviation of labor costs, yes that's a driver but who knows where this yahoo got the idea we think it will alleviate poverty. It won't even counter balance NAFTA.

Major said...

"Do we ever consider they don't want to change? That they may be happy with their culture? That they may resent our interference?"

Well said Prisc....and more of our major faults in attempting to put a Western mindset on the Muslim problem. We just can't fathom how or why they'd want to do what they do or believe in what they believe.

It's inconceivable to us why they can't think and act like we do.


MathewK said...

What he says is true, you certainly cannot do anything about the world's poor by immigration.

And the problem is not that we're not sending money overseas, we already do that and trillions have been spent over the years, but to no avail.

If you want to do something about world poverty, get world governments out of it, including yours. it's not the responsibility of western governments to tackle world poverty, no matter how many people feel it is or feel entitled to it.

Then focus your efforts on private organizations who will help those who want to be helped.

Major said...

"What he says is true"...

And what also is true is that the US and it's charitable citizens are responsible for 75% of the world contributions to impoverished people / countries.