Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vote with Obama...he's really so concerned :-)

Is THIS article a joke?  Here's the first paragraph:

"WASHINGTON – Preparing for political life after a bruising election, President Obama will put greater emphasis on fiscal discipline, a nod to a nation sick of spending and to a Congress poised to become more Republican, conservative and determined to stop him."
Obama's "Sick of spending"? "Determined to stop" WHAT?   I can't stop laughing at this article......and the Associated Press's campaigning.......get this paragraph!:

"Even though Obama and the Republicans ostensibly share the goals of reducing debt and creating jobs, they disagree fundamentally on their approaches. That problem appears to be worsened by the lack of a serious working relationship among the leaders. If divided government simply leads to more division over the budget and economy, newly empowered Republicans and a Democratic president seeking re-election may both pay the price."

Well, looks like you'd all better vote Democrat, according to the AP,  because this president TRIED, he always welcomed the Republicans to the table, let them weigh in on health care, listened to them re the Stimulus (you laughing yet?)...and any MORE divisiveness, ALL caused by those greedy, nasty Republicans, will make all of us "pay the price!"    Man, you can't make this stuff up.
But the Associated Press sure will :-)



Sam Huntington said...

It makes perfect sense. Obama will spend less by spending more; this is what he has in common with conservatives. I’m glad I could help with this, Miss Z.

Anonymous said...

Should the AP conclude its articles with, “We’re neo-leftists and we approved this message”?

Anonymous said...

If Obama goes for gains in energy (cap and trade) and education that's more spending and higher taxes.

A leopard doesn't change it's spots. Obama has lied and demonized for two years, and he won't change. I don't think he's capable of it.

The feds have no business getting involved in education. That's a local issue, or should be. Of course control freaks like the President and his minions can't have power over education if they lose the ability to do a complete indoctrination job.

So, "The Whole Child" which is the term for the Dept. of Education and the NEA education agenda, is uppermost in this administration's plans.

Watch out parents that means your kids! Are you paying attention or are you still out to lunch.

"“We’re neo-leftists and we approved this message”"?

Mustang, I wish they would just come out and print that. At least it would be honest, but then It'll never snow in hell either.


The Vegas Art Guy said...


Isn't that already implied?

The only thing Obama is concerned with is his power. That is the only thing the far left is concerned with...

Well that and character assassination...

Ducky's here said...

The more you get to think about Obama the more you dislike him. He'll do what h has to to protect his political future and that means moving even further right.

But let's throw in something for my right wing brethren, Bush's last budget had a $1.416 trillion deficit. Obama's first budget reduced that to $1.29 trillion. I know, I know it's leftist rhetoric and you just cover your ears and start humming la-la-la when your world gets a little disoriented but there it is.

He governed to the left on health care which is why we have a public option instead of a state capitalist giveaway to the insurance companies. The right's lack of logic is stunning.

But if he's going to be a two term president he has to make some changes- instead of Rick Warren at his second inauguration we'll have Franklin Graham.

And as mustang sits around with his buddies at the next meeting of The Knights of the White Camellia they'll still be calling this guy a communist.

Pris, why so hostile to cap and trade. It's a reasonable attempt to price the true cost of our energy usage. It generates a more informed market transaction so you Kapitalists shouldn't be so opposed.
The danger of it is that it will become another "market" and all the Wall Street boys will be "productive" and turn it into another asset bubble. I'm surprised the right hasn't cracked wise to that.

Education? Arnie Duncan is one of the biggest boosters of charter schools in the country. You right wingers don't even know who your allies are. You just like being angry. Kinda sad.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

"As of early 2009, the plan for the future is to leave the lower tax brackets alone, and raise the top two brackets to where they were during the 1990s. The cutoffs for the top brackets are to be raised, so that singles making above $200,000 annually, or families making above $250,000, will be the ones affected by the higher rates."

Z said...

Z said...

Joe said...

President BO saves money the same way my wife spending more. Every time my wife "saves" me money, my bank account total decreases.

These days, the budged deficit is a meaningless figure. Congress has no qualms about spending more than the budget calls for, resulting in cash flow deficits, which are more real than paper budget deficits.

The cash flow deficits are what will kill us. We MUST get spending and borrowing under control.

Speedy G said...


What do we need citizens for? The Democrats must REALLY HATE America.

Z said...

Speedy, that's what happens when Americans have bought into this highly ridiculous bleeding heart crap that says anybody who lives here has the right to vote....

Stupid, naive, immature, and say nothing of dangerous.
But, look, the Dems aren't stupid....who else would vote for their BIG HAND OUT mentality? THose who STEAL.

Anonymous said...

And now I just heard Stuart Varney say on Fox that big corporations are considering dumping their health care plans, & while nobody wants to go first, they'll jump on in a hurry to be second.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Obama's Socialism all you who in your delusional state of mass hysteria who voted for him.


Anonymous said...

"Pris, why so hostile to cap and trade. It's a reasonable attempt to price the true cost of our energy usage. It generates a more informed market transaction so you Kapitalists shouldn't be so opposed."

Cap and trade involves within it, trade and buyouts of "carbon" which is not a pollutant, and a thoroughly bogus concept divined by people who stand to make millions and attain power, and based on the hoax of global warming.

And as a vehicle to limit our energy usage so as to lower our standard of living through higher taxes and mandates to control more aspects of our daily lives, through intervention by the government.

If they were serious about providing energy independence we'd be talking about nuclear power plants.

"Education? Arnie Duncan is one of the biggest boosters of charter schools in the country. You right wingers don't even know who your allies are. You just like being angry. Kinda sad."

You mean the same Arnie Duncan who it has been said likes little boys? That Arnie Duncan?

Furthermore, the federal government has no business being in charge of our education institutions.

It should be a local issue, which worked much more efficiently even before state governments got involved. We don't need more centralization, we need less.

I don't expect you to understand this because you want the feds to control everything. Individualism is not your thing.

However, being a parent and a grandmother, I know our children are in peril of having the government in control of our kids, instead of their parents. That's their agenda, and what "The Whole Child" program is all about.

As for being angry, it may surprise you to know I've been very happy all my life, knowing that we, Mr. Pris and I had the final say about what our lives would entail, and appreciated just being left alone to do what we thought was necessary.

Now, my anger lies in the fact, that my children and grandson will not have that freedom if things aren't turned around.

Like I said, I don't expect you to understand.