Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ruining America's Universities...one by one...........thanks to the Left

Only a liberal like Jerry Brown would (sorry, COULD) go to UCLA and announce that "we have enough wealth to continue to have a great university..." and we need to "get every kid in the school that can qualify....EVERYONE! documented or NOT!" $$$   Then he says the first thing he'll do as Governor (GOD FORBID) is get a budget signed :-)  There's just no common sense known to these people.
Of course, there's HUGE applause from the crowd of kids because the kids whose parents are paying for UCLA don't realize that their brothers and sisters who were born and raised here and whose  parents are willing to pay won't have slots open to them, which is a phenomenon happening at the California Universities already.  Well, you know, political correctness, allowing illegals in and paying for them, that's what our kids have been indoctrinated with.  What an amazing situation...I guess Brown thinks illegals will LIKE us better if we pay for everything.  He KNOWS they'll love the Left, that's a given.
Imagine an AMERICA where a guy can run by promising law breakers free school and get votes?
Thanks, Lefties..........what a way to ruin a country...right after you totally ruin our university systems.
 (thanks for the head's up, Pris)


Anonymous said...

This is typical Jerry Brown, he hasn't matured a bit since the 70's when he was Governor before.

He's a parasite in this state, and going for his fourth stint in office. He's been Governor, Mayor of Oakland, currently Attorney General, and now going for a quadruple dip into the California State pension pool.

He's never held a job in the private sector that I'm aware of, and never met a tax he didn't like.

Now, with the state billions in the red, he talks about the wealth in California. Really Jerry?

Well, over the years our state legislature which has been dominated by liberals, has taxed business as though they're nothing more but a cash cow for California.

They've succeeded in driving them out of California to Atlanta, Texas, and anywhere they can remain solvent and continue to be in business.

But Governor Moonbeam thinks we have the wealth to subsidise our college applicants who are illegal immigrant students at in-state tuition costs, yet charge out of state applicants who are legal more in tuition.

In Sacramento, the inmates have been running the asylum for many years. Now, who better to run it than another whack job of a politician.

Our unemployment rate is over 13% but our politicians don't blink an eye. It's business as usual, and we're held hostage by the unions and special interests whom jerry Brown is all too familiar with.

So here we go again, and the people of this state seem poised to ride on this merry-go-round for ever. Going around in circles and getting nowhere.

This is just deja vu all over again, and I pray he will be defeated. Wish us luck, we'll need it!


Always On Watch said...

Jerry Brown: "get every kid in the school that can qualify....EVERYONE! documented or NOT!"

I've been reading that Jerry Brown is very likely to win the election. Is that true, Z? Would Californians really vote Moonbeam Brown back into office?

Pris, Good point about Brown's parasitism!

Speedy G said...

Governor Moonbeam...

He didn't earn that monicker for nothing.

Speedy G said...

o/t - My favorite Junglemom post was posted here. What's yours?

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, the schools are ruined because you admit Hispanics.

The bigots are out early, today.

But it is true that funding for public universities (a product of the right?) is falling and we are in danger of weakening a valuable resource. However, they aren't being weakened because they admit Hispanics.

Whateverman said...

Seriously, a politician selling his soul for the votes of college-aged kids indicates that liberals are ruining America?

I'm not defending Jerry Brown, and I'm not claiming that the overall economy (and how we fund public services) is fine. Obviously, immigration is a hot topic, and in tough economic times, people who are seen as putting financial strain on society are going to be under the magnifying glass.

However, I think it's a bit of a stretch (and that's being charitable) characterizing a single speech as indicative of the downfall of a country.

I mean, seriously. Critique and dissent are good, even when they contradict my personal opinions. Malicious hyperbole, on the other hand, is counter-productive.

Anonymous said...

Z, you may consider this to be off topic, but in one sense it's related to your topic of leftism and it's a story that did begin in California. Somehow when it was a big news story back in the day,1978, I don't recall the leader being identified as a Marxist-Leninist and his group of followers being identified as belonging to a socialist collective.

So in that sense it's a news story to me. I'm referring to the Rev. Jim Jones of The People's Temple and the act of mass suicide being called in their own words a Revolutionary Suicide. This group was sympathetic to the Soviet system of "socialism" and held a profound hatred for the United States of America ... about on the same level as some of the leftist posters who visit your blog to spew their "intelligence", I guess. But it does show perfectly the depths of depravity of leftist thought, IMO.


If you consider it too far off topic, I won't be offended if you delete it.


Z said...

Pris, Speedy's right..he didn't earn MOONBEAM for nothing.

Whateverman...(Love your name)...that's the point, isn't it.
You've not read my blog or maybe you haven't listened to the news?....this isn't a one-off example of libs ruining our schools or our country; it's piled ON TOP of tons of examples. So, ya....this story isn't as malicious as it's indicative.
I like very much how you handle yourself as someone who doesn't agree; please come back.

Ducky, when you don't listen to videos or read entire posts, you don't sound too good. Nobody's blocking Hispanics from schools, nobody wants to; focus; we can't be PAYING FOR ANYONE, let alone people who've come here illegally. geeesh.

Waylon, I have to go but I"ll take a look later.

Speedy, same to you. thanks

Ducky's here said...

"...the kids whose parents are paying for UCLA don't realize that their brothers and sisters who were born and raised here and whose parents are willing to pay won't have slots open to them"


Is there something equivocal about your statement, z?

I think your position is clear. Bring them in for the cheap labor but forget about education.

Whateverman said...

Thanks, Z. Like everyone, I can be accused of trolling only those sites where my opinions will be reinforced, so I try to hear from "the other side" when possible. From what I've read here, your site fits the bill :)

Thanks for the invite. I will indeed hang around, hopefully regardless of whether I'm outnumbered or not.

PS. I consider myself moderate/centrist rather than liberal, but labels are damned subjective...

Z said...

never mind, Ducky.

Whateverman, terrific.
Obviously, we sometimes go farther in our statements than we might because it's a blog and you've got space limitations and you want to make your point, but we're pretty outspoken here, we love this country, we believe in upholding the COnstitution, and other opinions are really welcome if they're civil and respectful.
I'm off for most of the day....please make yourself at home :-)
By the way, your blog is a very different format than I"m used to....I'll poke around and see what's up! thanks.

Anonymous said...

And Meg Whitman was called a WHORE by the Brown campaign??? Sounds like he fits the definition to a T. He'll sell out the state or anything else for votes & power. I pity the good people of Calif. He's beyond disgusting! Maybe he's really running to be the head of Azatlan. Check out the Absolut Vodka ad to see where that is.

Whateverman said...

Z wrote the following to me: By the way, your blog is a very different format than I"m used to....I'll poke around and see what's up! thanks.

I keep forgetting I've got stuff linked there. The "blog" listed as "Raytractors" is defunct and no longer active (though we keep it there because it still gets traffic). The address in my profile listed under "My Web Page" is an active forum, with a few dozen members and lots of discussion. It tends to lean heavily towards criticism of religion (and more specifically, of Ray Comfort and the Living Waters Ministry), but I urge you to not lump me into an archetype until we've had time to chat. I will do the same.

In any case, I mention the above only to save you browsing time. You're welcome to join or just lurk; the vast majority of it is visible to anonymous readers, requiring registration to comment.

In any case, I have to get back to my job search. Cheers.

Joe Conservative said...

Yeah, the schools are ruined because you admit Hispanics.

No, the schools are ruined when you admit illegal Jews, Germans, Irishmen and Italians as well. Especially in underperforming school districts!

Joe Conservative said...

Edumacate yourself, duncy.

According to a Pew Hispanic Center report, in 2005, 56% of illegal immigrants were from Mexico; 22% were from other Latin American countries, primarily from Central America;[4] 13% were from Asia; 6% were from Europe and Canada; and 3% were from Africa and the rest of the world.

cube said...

I can't believe that Californians are stupid enough to vote Gov Moonbeam back into office, but it does appear that Meg can't beat him. Sad to see. Hope I'm wrong.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Imagine an AMERICA where a guy can run by promising law breakers free school and get votes?..welcome to the soft tryanny Z!

Anonymous said...

Whateverman, I don't know if you live in California, or how old you are, but I have lived here in CA all my life and am old enough to have experienced Jerry Brown's "leadership" in the Governor's office the last time he was Governor here.

He chose to appoint a CA Supreme Court Justice who was so bad, so activist, she had to be recalled. She was a real wingnut!

Brown chose to sit by while a grassroots movement formed to pass Prop 13, because property taxes were skyrocketing due to high inflation and huge assessments on homes.

People were losing their homes, and only when it was apparent Prop 13 was extremely popular, did Brown come up with a weaker version of 13, Prop. 8. Still a big tax hike, just not as high as it would have been had nothing been done.

He finally stated, and I quote, "I guess a man's home is his castle". Gee thanks Jerry! As everyone knows, Prop. 13 won and the legislature has tried since then to weaken it any way they could.

He wasn't called Gov. Moonbeam for nothing. He's a tax and spend liberal, and so is the legistature full of 'em. That attitude prevails in Sacramento to this day, and they can come up with the craziest mandates or ideas you can imagine.

Unfortunately, we have had a one party (democrat) legislature for a long time. Of course that's the choice of the voters, who seem willing to be taxed to death. At least with a Republican Gov. there's that veto pen.

Paired with Jerry Brown, there will be no stopping them. We have been spent to the point of bankruptcy, and yet, business here continues to suffer from overtaxation and regulation. That is, the ones who remain here.

I remember when California was in good shape, when responsible people ran the state, and didn't try to micromanage everything.

Finally, characterizing a single speech by Jerry Brown characterizes Brown himself. That is who he is. He does his "feel good thing", and tries to make it a reality, regardless of the cost, or impact on the state.


heidianne jackson said...

unfortunately, moonbeam will win because the people of california have been largely educated to believe that socialism WILL work, we just haven't hit on the right way to implement it yet. i think they figure jerry brown has been at this so long that sooner or later he's BOUND to hit on the right formula...

as for the universities, it's idiotic. your points are exactly right, z. but it's not quite far enough.

i have a good friend who teaches an "introduction to programming" class at a public junior college. he - an immigrant to this country, albeit a LEGAL immigrant - is disgusted with many of the kids who are permitted to enroll in his class.

not because they are rude or anything like that, but because they are not up to the level of his class - and remember it's an INTRO class. the vast majority of kids he has issue with are illegal immigrants or so called anchor children - most of whom have been in the school system in california since kindergarten and still cannot speak english fluently.

these kids are in the school via affirmative action and like any one employeed by the government, it is nearly impossible to fail them from his class. he must have documentation of all discussions with them. he must have documentation that they received their assignment and they understood they had to act upon the assignment. he must employee a translator (the school has them available) to make certain that at least three conversations are conducted in the student's native tongue. ugh!

meanwhile kids who are ready and really want to take his class are turned away. why? because they don't get the extra points for accpetance that the minorities - especially illegal minorities - get.

how does this help our society to be better?

Whateverman said...

Hi Pris,

FYI only, I've lived in MA for all 42 years of my life. In my first comment here, I shied away from critiquing opinions on Jerry Brown because, frankly, I don't know much about him. I've heard of him, but I couldn't tell you much about his career without Googling the details - and that's not gonna help me much in a discussion with people who actually live in CA.

So again, I don't have many opinions on the guy. Watching the clip, I thought he sounded exactly like a politician: making promises while artfully giving himself a way to avoid following through on it. He said the college bill would be one of the first he signed once he solved the budget problems". Anyone savvy enough to read between the lines would recognize that budget problems can go on for years, not months.

So for me, I saw a guy basically getting the audience enthusiastic while promising them nothing.

Beyond that, what I DID complain about here is summed up in Z's title for the post. The speech didn't show that "the left" are "ruining America's universities". At best, it showed that one person in CA might be ruining CA universities.

In reality, I think it just showed a guy making promises and giving himself a way to not have to follow through. THAT seems characteristic of politicians in general, regardless of whether they're liberal or conservative, et al.

Anonymous said...

Well, they say an alcoholic has to hit bottom before they will admit to needing help. I wonder how much longer it will take Calif., & if help even will be possible at all by then.


Joe Conservative said...

The speech didn't show that "the left" are "ruining America's universities". At best, it showed that one person in CA might be ruining CA universities.

Better make that TWO state's universities, for MD is rapidly going the way of California.

Or do you think that illegals should pay in-state tuition, too?

btw - What's the policy in MA? I'll bet you're subsidizing the education of illegals as well.

Z said...

Whatever; I was kind of disappointed at the caliber of comments on the 'religion' blog.......
People are STILL likening Muslims flying planes into buildings and the INquisition? Even if you're an atheist or agnostic, what's been put to rest is that the Bible doesn't tell people to kill infidels, but I don't like to get TOO much into this stuff here, particularly because it's off topic.
My blog's built on the CS Lewis statement at the top of my home page side bar, so I hope I don't lose you on account of that.
YOu're so well spoken and obviously intelligent and I'd love to have you here.

Regarding my post TITLE, I said "One by one"..not "ALL" (smile) well, I do have a point! :-) You've got to start SOMEWHERE!!! RIght?

Speedy G said...

Berkeley's Mayor Moonbean is quite the dreamer...

A college education ought to be an illegal immigrants, RIGHT, eh Whateverman?

Z said...

Whateverman, he said he'd "Sign the budget" after all kids were allowed into the university system.

Speedy, Whateverman never said that as far as I can see.

Speedy G said...

Like Health Care Reform, many Democrats seem to enjoy passing laws w/o ever having any real intentions of enforcing them.

Speedy G said...

...and yes, Z, it was a leading question...

Z said...

Speedy, so glad to have you here again...AND, let's see where that leading question leads....I like Whateverman and hope we can get some civil discussion with him. THanks.

As for politicians not intending to enforce, I wish we could say that for Obama. The law you linked is fascinating and, of course, TOTALLY ignored because AMerica is now one big filthy doormat..

remember the 'cartoon' of the Statue of LIberty..."I said give me your huddled masses, not your befuddled asses!" :-)

Whateverman said...

@JoeC - That's a good question (re. education funding policy in MA IRT undocumented residents), I don't know. It's possible that my taxes are helping illegals go to school; heck, it's guaranteed that my tax dollars fund things I don't personally agree with. Still, if I have the time I'll try to do some research and find out.

@Z: I'm here to discuss, and I don't require that everyone agree with my preconceived opinions. IOW, I'll stick around based on the quality of the conversation (which seems quite good), rather than the quality of the static quotes!

And as an aside, CSLewis has written things I like (Screwtape letters, Chronicles of Narnia, etc).

@Speedy - I label myself politically/socially moderate because I often see the pros/cons of arguments from both sides. I don't like the idea of funding the education of illegal residents, but I think the situation's more complicated than simple "It's wrong!" vs "It's a right!" opinions.

My ideal solution: provide illegals a clear & reasonably attainable path to naturalization within some time frame. As long as they're moving along that path, help them financially (subsidized healthcare/education, etc). If they don't reach the end of it by a certain time frame, the benefits stop.

Z said...

Whateverman, I tend to go to "It's wrong, it's right" and, of COURSE< I'm always RIGHT (smile)...
but, seriously, I agree, we need to do what's best, considering all sides.

I have to admit (everybody else close your eyes), I have no problem helping immigrants who've studied hard and deserve to get ahead, who're on a good path......but, when I think of the divorced moms, friends of mine, who've worked so hard to buy educations for their kids and then see California treat illegal kids to whatever they need, that's a very tough one. It's just plain NOT RIGHT.

Speedy G said...

Don't worry, I did the research. You aren't getting ripped off in MA yet...

In June 2001, Texas (HB1403) was the first state to pass legislation allowing in-state tuition for immigrant students, followed by California (AB540), Utah (HB144), and New York (SB7784) in 2001-2002; Washington (HB1079), Oklahoma (SB596)and Illinois (HB60) in 2003; Kansas (HB2145) in 2004; New Mexico (SB582) in 2005; Nebraska (LB239) in 2006; and Wisconsin (A75) in 2009. The state laws permitted these students to become eligible for in-state tuition if they graduate from state high schools, have two to three years residence in the state, and apply to a state college or university. The student must sign an affidavit promising to seek legal immigration status in all states except New Mexico. These requirements for unauthorized immigrant students are stricter than the residency requirements for out-of-state students to gain in-state tuition.

In 2008, Oklahoma passed HB 1804 which ended its in-state tuition benefit, including financial aid, for students without lawful presence in the United States. The Act allows the Oklahoma State Regents to enroll a student in higher education institutions permitted that they meet special requirements. Other states that have barred unauthorized immigrant students from in-state tuition benefits include Arizona (Proposition 300, 2006), Colorado (HB 1023, 2006), Georgia (SB 492, 2008), and South Carolina (HB4400, 2008).


My ideal solution: provide illegals a clear & reasonably attainable path to naturalization within some time frame. As long as they're moving along that path, help them financially (subsidized healthcare/education, etc). If they don't reach the end of it by a certain time frame, the benefits stop.

Isn't THAT what the '96 Comprehensive Immigration reform bill I cited previously 'supposedly' did? You're friends in the DNC just don't want to enforce it now... like "don't ask, don't tell."

Speedy G said...

In other words, the Left doesn't want a "clear & reasonably attainable path to citizenship...

They want an easy downhill superhighway w/o off-ramps.

We can tell because their "actas" never match their "verbas".

Speedy G said...

Like ex-Gov. Gerry Moonbeams....

You can't be serious about BALANCING the BUDGET when you propose to grant illegals new unb-paid for benefits IN THE SAME BREATH.

The "verba's" just don't match.

Speedy G said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Speedy G said...

I don't like the idea of funding the education of illegal residents

Well, private banks can no longer do it, only US taxpayers can. You can thank "deem and pass" healthcare for that "bonus" personal insult.

Better hope they stay in country after they graduate and don't bolt/ reneg on their loan payments.

Z said...

Speedy, I thought Obama's plans included free tuition? Am I wrong and kids do have to repay?

Anonymous said...

W-MAN, I did pick up on the balanced budget line. That was to appeal to moderates I think.

I also noted he said he'd do it in a couple of months. And this was to appeal to illegal aliens and liberals.

The first, a balanced budget, for Brown, means higher taxes. He will NOT be a Chris Cristie NJ Governor.

The second, a couple of months, IMO isn't possible.

The only real answer to our problem here as far as I'm concerned, is to take on the public union pensions which are out of sight, and to make across the board cuts in every dept in the state government. That would be a start.

Also to cut taxes and regs. on businesses in this state.

However, I can't see Brown doing any of this. I see him raising taxes any way he can. I have to judge by what he's done in the past. He's a child of big government, he grew up with it and lived and governed by it.

So, if he wins, wish us luck. Between Obama and Brown it's a no win situation.


Z said...

He'll sign that bill after he gets the budget solved.......
Speedy's right...as I said earlier, how can anybody think they can treat 'everybody' to a college education and balance a budget?

Speedy G said...

I thought Obama's plans included free tuition?

Perhaps they do, Z, I couldn't say. That would certainly be following the "<a href='v">European Socialist</a>" thing to do. But unlike Europe, I doubt that Obama and the Democrats could resist the temptation to lower standards so as to make a college education as "universally accessible" (aka - completely worthless) as a high school diploma has become.

And given the Democrats recent <a href="http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/09/30/national/main6916820.shtml">attacks</a> upon PRIVATE FOR PROFIT institutions of higher education recently, I wouldn't put anything past them.

Who could have EVER imagined that the words "PROFIT" and "PRIVATE" would one day become dirty words in America's political lexicon?

Speedy G said...

broken link #1 above

and here's the second.

Speedy G said...

o/t - I see the Democrats have cranked up their "get out the EARLY vote" program... it's just a shame that they have to interupt their children's educations to do it, though... ;)

Z said...

Speedy, I saw that, too, early today, and already have that story scheduled for midnight posting...
stay tuned.

Elmers Brother said...

most of the universitites are left wing madrassas anyway