Saturday, October 23, 2010

THIS is the best thing written yet on the Juan Williams situation........please read it and pass it along.
Then check THIS out too, you will NOT believe it!  And at NPR, too!  I'm confused but I sure do know now that this  firing must have been all about Williams being on FOX (Soros influence to NPR$$, anyone?)
geeez (thanks to Imp for the head's up)


Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

Let's review:

1. Williams is sucking up to notorious Fox sexual harassment maven Bill O'Reilly after said O'Reilly made a fool of himself on the view (and that's hard to do) by implying that 9-11 was the responsibility of Muslims in general rather than fringe extremists.

2. Williams identifies himself as a bigoted fool and dumb as a freaking turnip by admitting that someone dressed in a thawb makes him wet himself and identifies that individual as a potential threat.
Remember that a terrorist is going to want to be inconspicuous and failure to understand even this simple point is indicative of Williams' shallowness.

3. Williams signed a big contract with Fox to be the resident house negro and he's been maneuvering that way for some time.

So Williams proves that he's a great fit with the rabies media and everyone is happy and the right wing fools talk about Soros but we never hear much about Murdoch and the Koch brothers and others who are in control.
We are a pathetic people.

Anonymous said...

"Juan Williams is getting the attention, but he’s just a sideshow. The real scam is NPR. It is no longer known as “National Public Radio.” On marketing’s scale of toxicity, “Public” comes in about where “Fried” did for Colonel Sanders.

So NPR, like KFC, became a set of initials that formally stand for nothing yet bear a nostalgic ring, signaling to loyal patrons that NPR still traffics in the same old lefty gospel. NPR’s viewpoint is public only in the sense of who is picking up the tab, not whose perspective is being represented. Trouble is that when consigned to the market’s not so tender mercies, that gospel crashes and burns, à la Air America. Hence NPR strategically dropped “public,” intuiting that most of the real public might be inclined to shut off the spigot if it were constantly reminded that it is paying for this bunk. Better to let sleeping rubes lie.

I’d feel worse for Juan Williams if he hadn’t so contentedly exploited this arrangement. The real victim here is the public. And the real test is what Republicans do about that if the Tea Party tide sweeps them back into power.

The CPB is a chandelier: a grossly irresponsible expenditure for a government that is flat broke.
But it’s not even a rounding error compared to Obamacare. If they can’t bring themselves to repeal the Corporation for Public Broadcasting . . .

FrogBurger said...

We are a pathetic people.

No, YOU are the pathetic one. No need to include us. And you sound very racist within your comment, Ducky.

As racist as all those leftists who think African Americans have all to be on their side !00% of the time.

YOU are the slave master.

Z said...

Ducky, I never knew you had quite such hate in you, or quite such a misunderstanding of facts...
I'm so sorry for you.

Brooke said...

Oh, even a cursory look at some of Ducy's older comments at AOW's site will prove with grating clarity what a hateful, racist and misogynistic person Ducky is.

Any mention of someone the Kos tells Ducky to hate, such as O'Reilly, Beck, Inghram, Limbaugh, Levin, ect, causes an apoplectic fit of uncontrollable hatred.

Hell, if Beck said the sky was blue and the grass is green Ducky would call him a hatemonger and a liar.

Gawd forbid the conservative be a woman, and a minority one at that. Then, you will get a extra-large dose of his bile.

You're just getting to know the real Duck, Z.

Anonymous said...

It's been a long time since I have seen such a spewing forth of venomous rant as the web-footed one let fly. It sounds like he's getting a bit tetchy & nervous about the election & the lefties showing themselves for the fools, tyrants, & bigots they are. Just be glad we don't have to be his kin or his neighbors--- that is if any of them claim him. Maybe he just needs a good strong dose of castor oil to clear his 'mind'.


Z said...

Brooke, I've had as much experience with Ducky as anyone back to FrontPageMagazine days, ...10 or 11 years ago.

I just didn't think he could write anything quite as bad as this one.
I've seen AOW's stuff, he's spewed worse at mine, and, at Mustang's...yesterday, I believe it was, he hit a brand new low by saying he thought we should get rid of the Marines because they don't do any good. That, on the most honorable Marine we know's blog.

I think poor Ducky's getting scared of the Nov 2 elections......sweat seems to be popping from him in the guise of WORDS...nervous and desperate.

Anonymous said...

Juan Williams has a right to be angry, and yes, he should have his turn at the microphone to expose corruption and this cancer in our society called political correctness.

1.8 million dollars was all it took for NPR to sell out their honor if they ever had any to begin with. Something which is sorely lacking these days.

Everything George Soros touches becomes corrupt. Money is only money, and honor and integrity should have no price.

It's odd that Ducky of all people would use the word pathetic, while he engages in an epithet like "house negro". How shameful and disgusting, but racism always is, isn't it. That, is what is pathetic.

Btw Ducky, I for one don't appreciate epithets of any kind and as far as I'm concerned, you have lowered the bar for youself, once again. Still, you have the right to be nasty, but it says more about you than it does Juan Williams.

It's time we all wake up to the damage political correctness has done to our society.

People afraid to utter an honest opinion, for fear of losing their jobs, or even their friends. Although true friends would not abandon them.

There can be no honest dialogue, in the face of being called a bigot, or any number of names, just to silence us. Why? What is the far left afraid of? The truth.

I seldom agree with Williams on issues, but he is sincere in what he believes, and is a decent man.

Unlike many on the left, he is not a hater, and he has experienced, I think much to his surprise, the vitriol many of the left's dissenters have.

In a sense, this episode has freed Williams to be himself, as it would anyone who had to watch everything he says.

The workplace in many cases has become a no speak zone. Anyone can lodge a complaint at the slightest perception of an offensive remark.

From sexual harassment to racial insensitivity, to religious intolerance. You name it, it can cost you plenty in terms of a job or being called a bigot of some kind. It's political correctness and it's endless.

It would be nice to think that people are tired of this kind of intimidation and begin to loosen the PC ties that bind.

I'll settle for good manners.


Z said...

Good commentary, Pris...

It's good to have Democrats like Juan Williams and Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen around....they give real gravitas and integrity to a party whose media members are letting it and our country down.

I'm very proud that Williams found a promotion and raise at FOX, that "rightwing, homophobic, black-hating, poor-neglecting" station :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Bernie Goldberg. Love him.


Major said...

Duckster......shameful and batshit crazy too...

Here we are once again basking in the unbridled sunlight of liberal values of fairness, tolerance and love so eloquently on display in many of this assholes diatribes.

We luv ya duck....but you do need help. Join the more compassionate, honest, accepting right. Juan would recommend it.

Seriously wouldn't voluntary incarceration be the first step in healing? You do have...Romney care available.


(((Thought Criminal))) said...


Williams signed a big contract with Fox to be the resident house negro...

You forgot to sign off your post with the obligatory "seig heil!"