Friday, October 8, 2010

I don't know her, but I think I LIKE her!

I had an 'email threesome' the other day, with a friend and her friend who I don't know. I wrote "Ugh, what happened to us?" and the friend of the friend wrote the email below, in italics, which I thought I'd share with you because I think it's the way a LOT of Americans are thinking these days and it's encouraging!

Take heart. "Ugh- What happened to us?"... OBAMA HAPPENED.
We were protected. For 7 years G.W. Bush did his job and the left wingers and right wingers became complacent. The "do for me" lefties were in jeopardy of losing their benefits if the republicans got back into office, so they found a puppet like Obama "the great Community Organizer". And started using catch phases like"We need change; The war is not necessary, bring our troops home, etc... They preyed on the young and ignorant, the majority of Obama's Acorn, Union voting block. The Republican Party Blew it... I recall them actually making fun of his "Community Organizing" skills as if wasn't something to be leery of.
Though Bush did an outstanding job in protecting us against terrorism, he sorely lacked in so many other departments. So, people like you and me got fed up with the party. Some arrogantly thought "let's send our party a message by not voting. I personally, reluctantly, voted for McCain. It was that small percentage of "non-voters" that gave Obama the presidency.
I believe we have an excellent opportunity to not only change our party but to continue to send a message. NO MORE POLITICS AS USUAL. I do not plan on voting for one incumbent come this election. I also plan on watching - very closely, the candidates' voting records I do vote for. TAKE HEART... THESE CAREER POLITICIANS ARE BUT ONLY ONE VOTE AWAY FROM THE PRIVATE SECTOR AND ONE VOTE FROM STRUGGLING AS SO MANY AMERICANS ARE
My husband and I are job creators. We are paying a huge price for what is happening in our economy. We, in our 50's, are starting over. But we are not giving up or in. We're entrepreneus...we've become chameleons and we're banking on what this country was founded on. It's the essence of America. And let me tell you there are plenty of us out there. Ok, If 'CAPITALISM" IS A NAUGHTY WORD... LET'S TRY THIS ON...WE WILL WORK AND FIGHT FOR "ECONOMIC FREEDOM." I'm a faithful, honest, hard working christian woman who is very proud of being an entrepreneur.
Keep the faith ladies, we are only just getting started!
God Bless America... (end of email)

Do you agree with her?  And how many do you think are out there who feel like she does? Enough to win in November?  Do you even KNOW the amount of FRAUD that could very well happen again on November 2?  We need to win BIG to counteract the Democrats' fraud.   Please tell everyone you know to vote!
By the way...HERE is an article where 16 defendants are in trouble for fraud but no political party affiliation of those convicted is listed........So, I Googled for about 10 minutes to find it.....DEMOCRAT.  There is more but every time I Google Republican Voter Fraud, it's Republicans bringing suit to Democrats....apparently all those "Republicans were fraudulant" accusations are gone because some sites opened and the story's gone.   I'm not suggesting Republicans can't get their hands dirty, but this is amazing.  Don't forget Houston in '08 or the servicemen in Pennsylvania's ballots not being counted......



FrogBurger said...

After what Obama said, I hope it's a blood bath and he gets 2 years of having to deal with republicans.

I've never seen such a divisive president. Even Miterrand in France was a statesman and wasn't this way.

We can't afford to have a community organizer and his team of amateur ideologues running the asylum.

Pretty much all my friends are libs, who are less and less fans of Obama. But I don't think they'll ever switch side b/ they've beeb brainwashed into thinking republicans are fir rich people and conservatism or small gov means letting poor children be devoured by ogres and wolves at night.

Anonymous said...

I agree with her sentiments Z, except I don't feel I'd vote against all incumbents. It depends on who they are and if they are consistently true to conservative and constitutional principles.

I don't like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

I do like her fighting spririt. She's right, we're just getting started. I think this year, there are a lot of us out there who feel the same way.

Z, yes, the fraud will be ramapant I fear. It sickens me that so many "losers" are openly crooks and so corrupt.

I heard today the dems are actually considering getting Marijuana legalization on ballots, country wide, in future elections, to get young people to the polls.

This shows they're utter lack of concern for our youth, and how extreme and unprincipled the left truly are.


beamish said...
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beamish said...

I heard today the dems are actually considering getting Marijuana legalization on ballots, country wide, in future elections, to get young people to the polls.


That's desperate, not to mention bad demographics research.

Young people don't vote because smoking pot isn't legal?

Pssst. Democrats. Triangulation only works if you know where you're at. Stop looking at the map. The directions back from lost aren't there.


Always On Watch said...

There's a lot of anger against the present regime. If this anger doesn't translate to votes against the present regime on November 2, America is lost.

FairWitness said...

Excellent! I agree with her completely.

Z, no matter how much voter fraud the left can come up with, actual high voter turnout will defeat that.

The reason it worked for Obama is because many sat on the sidelines and didn't vote.

ExPreacherman said...

I agree with most of what she said -- but I agree with Pris. Don't vote all incumbents out. We have some great Conservative Republicans in Congress -- and when some scream "Vote them all out" unthinkers might get rid of Conservatives like Ryan, et al.
Think and investigate but vote wisely.

Z said...

That's the only place I disagree with her, too...
we don't have to vote ALL INCUMBENTS way. SOme are excellent; they stay.

cube said...

I'm angry too. I not only want to kick all liberals out of office, but I want to kick the butts of the republicans who sat home in 2008.

Does anyone really believe that McCain would've been worse for this country than Obama? Please.

Z said...

Cube, who'd ever say McCain would have been WORSE? There IS no worse than Obama...........
the man's so completely far from our Constitution (this constitutional lawyer!!!) that, had this been an honest media, he'd have been impeached by now. People would have learned, the SUpreme Court would have had to step in or SOMETHING!
AMericans don't buy companies and demand everyone buy health care and tell us by law what we can eat and drink!
Picture the left if BUsh had tried telling companies how much they can pay their execs or if Bush had called execs "fat cats"

Now the dope's talking about "fighting Republicans hand to hand.." This is SOME HOPE and SOME way to solve the divide in Washington he'd talked about while campaigning, huh? What a joke. And it's on US and those Republicans who stayed home in '08.

Z said...

beamish, actually the marijuana thing on California's ballot is expected to bring the kids just makes sense.
And, who else would pot heads vote for other than a liberal?
If they want to smoke legally, they're going to vote...

It's a viable problem and one which I'm sure the Dems planned long ago, while Republicans had their fingers in the wind laughing at Dems who actually thought it would ever be legal!
I'm beginning to see nothing's new and I wish the Right had been as cunning as socialists had been all these years, especially by having rewritten history like liberal textbook writers have done.

Anonymous said...

Yes Z, now it's the President calling for "hand to hand combat", with Republicans.
The bar continues to be lowered by this President.

Clinton had his own way of doing that didn't he? And continues to do so, calling Michele Bachmann "stupid". Any hopes he had to become a statesman, are gone. He's not capable of it either.

It's just an indication of no respect for the office of President of the USA, and Americans.

Too bad they can't be as tough toward our enemies. But, the American people? No problem!

And, we're not supposed to be angry? We're supposed to just take it, and be good little boys and girls. Sorry fellas, no can do!


FrogBurger said...

And, we're not supposed to be angry? We're supposed to just take it, and be good little boys and girls. Sorry fellas, no can do!

Yup. The guy deserves a punch in the face in November.

He truly is a little man full of insecurities. It's pretty sad to see for a 40+ year old. You would think he'd have done some growing up. Reminds me Ducky: those two are stuck in highschool.

Ducky's here said...

My husband and I are job creators. We are paying a huge price for what is happening in our economy. We, in our 50's, are starting over.


That's called The Full Ayn Rand and, for some reason, you want to vote for a repeat.

MK said...

"My husband and I are job creators. We are paying a huge price for what is happening in our economy."

You will be the ones hated and preyed upon by the left. Always will be, because through you, more people will get jobs and learn to stand on their own two feet, and then unwilling to bend to big government.

gramma2many said...

Fraud is my biggest concern. Every Conservative in the nation could vote and the enemy will still do everything in their power to intimidate voters, loose ballots and block servicemen overseas. I see a huge uprising coming.

Z said...

MK...maybe after enough good AMericans have struggled and made it again, we won't have to bend to big govt'

Grammy..FRAUD is my biggest concern, too. The left knows what's coming and they've tried everything so far to stop it; fraud is what they know best and, with a media so on their side, we may never learn of it as most Americans don't know what the Obama thugs did in Houston in '08 to Hillary voters in their primaries. Allred was whining about that; did she forget so suddenly? The case is GONE.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

No Ducky,
That is what America is all about. Opportunity and the ability to start over. That is what you and Obama don't get, or do you like the fact that the lowest tax bracket is going to see a 50% increase in their burden?