Friday, October 29, 2010

The REAL truth about Obama care....

A NEW HEALTHCARE VIDEO: This is horrifying.

I don't know who this candidate is but VOTE FOR HIM and vote for anybody AGAINST Obamacare.......
Stop listening to the LIES, especially how "you can keep your private insurance if you like it."   My own agent has warned me that "you won't be able to afford the new premiums, I don't know many who're going to have to enroll in the government plan."  That's one of the "Blues", folks, not some high and mighty special expensive plan.  When nobody can afford the premiums, it won't EXIST, you won't be able to "keep your private insurance" and, if Obama didn't know that, he's stupid; if he did understand the consequences of his plan and says what he's saying to us, he's lying.  Listen through this's about time somebody told us the truth.


Anonymous said...

Z, thanks for this post. The truth has to get out there. We will find out these details in dribs and drabs, but we will find out.

Better to know now, what we're up against. We knew up front that the government healthcare plan is full of regulations, mandates, fees, taxes and penalties.

What many didn't know was that part of it was quietly included in the stimulus package. We weren't supposed to know this. However I had heard rumblings about it, but it's confirmed by the good doctor in the video.

Of course, it's obvious that if this plan is so good for us one would have to ask, why the hush hush? Why have to sneak this through in a bill that was not presented as anything but a stimulus bill?

Why? Because the American people will be shaken and mortified by it. Because the groundwork is being laid as we speak, without the knowledge of the American people, and was begun before the healthcare bill was even put forth and ultimately passed.

As President Obama told Jon Stewart last night, "we've done things people don't even know about". You don't say Mr. President, imagine that. I wonder what else we have to look forward to you didn't want us to know about! I can hardly wait.

What's contained in this video is the tip of the iceberg, but it's enough to understand that we as individuals don't matter, it's only power and total control which matters.

If any leftist thought socialism or statism, could be different in America than everywhere else, they should have thought it through and understood it's not possible for it to be different here.

Ultimately it would fail here as it has everywhere it's been tried. I prefer we stop this in it's tracks. No more compromise. No more using the American people as Guinea pigs for wild eyed dreamers of utopia. This would not be utopian, it would it be a nightmare of tremendous proportions.


Always On Watch said...

Note that BHO hastened to appoint members of the rationing board.

Mr. AOW has enough of rationing of care with his private policy. Just imagine how his therapy will be cut off under ObamaKare.

Always On Watch said...

The technology mentioned is being put in place right now in hospitals in Northern Virginia. I saw the notice last Monday at the hospital where Mr. AOW gets his physical therapy.

FrogBurger said...

I've never seen gov intervention in the market place that makes prices decrease. Even if they control prices it inflates them somewhere else.

Healthcare costs are still high in France, this with low wages for nurses or doctors (a doc makes 25 euros an hour after all the taxes). Mom pays 500 euros a month of healthcare "tax", plus 2 complementary insurances to cover what the gov doesn't want to cover.

And she can't even find decent doctors that will care enough to fix her lung issues. She had to come to CA to find some dedicated people that tried to figure out how to improve her conditions.

I'm really pissed off about this healthcare bullshit.

FairWitness said...


What evil is leading this nation?

What purpose is served by causing the premature deaths of millions of citizens? The left would have us believe our country can't afford to take care of them? Yes, we can.

What we can't afford is all the other garbage, Cap & Trade, bailouts, etc.

Why replace our healthcare system with one that kills off the sick and elderly? I'll ask again, what EVIL is governing us?

These people, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Boxer, Frank, Dodd, Schumer, et al, must be removed from office. They are the enemy of America's freedom and way of life. My God... My God...

Ducky's here said...

He's trying to unseat Dingell?

Won't happen.

Anonymous said...

Back in the '60s my late stepfather, who was one of the top doctors at UCLA Medical Center, had many European patients who traveled specifically to come to him as a result of the national plans in their counries, particularly the U.K. Even then. 'Nuf said.

I know how & by whom this b.s. salesman got elected, but even now the sheer stupidity of the electorate bumfuzzles me. It just proves the old saying about fooling some of the people ALL of the time.


Z said...

SilvrLady...we have to have much worst healthcare, we who've worked out rear ends off and can afford private insurance and go to good doctors, because some have had problems paying for theirs. don't you KNOW that?
The best hospital in Paris is named THE AMERICAN HOSPITAL. :-)

Pris, it's shameful as they tried to humiliate Conservatives months ago with how ridiculous DEATH PANELS were..remember? Well, looky here.........we sensed it, we knew it, but we were condemned .again.

AOW: we have to stop this before we've spent too much money on it...we just have to.

FB...we all are VERY pissed off.

FW..they're anti LIFE PERIOD. It's very hard to see the light when you live in such darkness and they've convinced a whole generation to believe killing babies is a good idea (tho a LOT of kids aren't buying it anymore, but I think that's just because babies today are a badge of accomplishment and, heck, you can get welfare for them, too!grrr).....and euthenasia isn't evil. When you've spent years in school subtly arranging all of this, the next step of denying health care to a person because they're "too old" is a snap.
I do, however, believe we spend way too much money on very old people who haven't a chance......I don't know what line can be drawn and I don't want to be the one who draws it AND we have to err on the side of life, so.......that's that, I guess. LIFE must win.

Ducky, you prove my point every day

The Vegas Art Guy said...

If you really want to know the truth about premiums go find someone who works in Human Resources and ask them. The reason companies will be dumping their plans is that the taxes they will pay on them will be higher than the fines they'll pay for not having them. I know this because my wife works in HR as a benefits rep for a very large company, and in a year or two they will probably stop offering benefits because it's simply going to cost to much money.

Now duckling go ahead and defend that if you can.

FrogBurger said...

They're anti individual unless you're a miserable victim.

When Aulinsky dedicates his book to Lucifer and people go by that book, it says enough.

They have nihilistic behaviors and ideas. In that regard they must be defeated. Anybody worshiping the devil is the enemy.

FairWitness said...

"I do, however, believe we spend way too much money on very old people who haven't a chance......"

This statement is true.


Who decides when it's time to pack it in and let the patient die?

Should Barack Obama's death panel appointees make that call, based on a citizen's life value(?) vs. cost formula or should the decision be left to the patient, the family & the doctors?

Any government that has the right and the power to place a value on the life of a human being is a threat to every citizen it governs. It ceases to be public service and becomes tyranny.

FairWitness said...

Vegas Art Guy, on top of premiums going up 26.5% last year and 23.5% November 1st, our small company will continue its health coverage for this year. We don't know what we'll do next year, as not only will the premium go up yet again, but our company taxes will go up too. We have 15 employees and their families covered. Who knows what will happen if ObamaCare is not completely repealed.

Z said...

we'll all simply be forced into this plan...less doctors, long lines, review panels of whether you're worth a treatment, taxes, etc etc etc....

But, folks, don't worry! "You can keep your private plan if you like it!"

Man. WHAT a lie. Who didn't see THIS coming?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Sarah Palin who raised the issue of "death panels", only to be shouted down by the deniers,who said she was nuts? Isn't creating a 15 member panel that will oversee a larger bureaucracy allowing or disallowing a doctor to treat a patient to the best of his ability a "death panel"? The bureaucrat knows best in the Brave New World, I suppose.

I didn't see the Obama/Jon Stewart joint venture, although I did hear about the intelligence from Obama that they are doing things that nobody has heard about. So much for a vigilant press too busy sucking up the excrement from the President and his elitist handlers to even question what he's doing.

Oddly enough, by accident I landed on the opening monologue of the David Letterman show where he was questioning whether the Tea Party were "a bit off" ... in other words, nuts. Seems the media is intent not on questioning issues or ideas but rather demonizing those who disagree with the status quo of the big bureaucratic minds ... are to be considered the enemy.

As if those of the extreme leftist ideological bent are not the spawn of the Marxist-Leninist true believers who have drunk the kool-aid of the People's Temple and the Rev. Jim Jones... eh, Ducky?


FrogBurger said...

Oddly enough, by accident I landed on the opening monologue of the David Letterman show where he was questioning whether the Tea Party were "a bit off"

My wife was with classmates and a teacher yesterday and she kind of came out of the Tea Party closet in LA. People were surprised b/c they thought only wack jobs were part of it. Since she's one of the best students, if not the best, they had to revise the cliches spoon fed by the MSM.

People like Letterman are the idiots and the fools. They are so self-absorbed they don't question anything.

There's nothing worse than the leftist bourgeois elite like he is.

I just don't understand why some regular folks don't see the hypocrisy, self-serving and illogical rhetoric of those people.

Z said...

Waylon, is that right about Letterman? Yes, they can't run on their own record, but their cronies in the media and Letterman, Maher, etc., can sow seeds about the Tea Partiers, particularly because their candidates are doing so well.
I keep asking and asking about why the DNC shouldn't be PAYING these venues because they're certainly doing lobbying for the left. Wouldn't you THINK this should be paid for? It's a HUGE advertising bonus that can't be denied.
Of course, most talk radio is Right and they're not paid. Oh, but my doc's assistant says "FOX is OWNED by the Republicans!!" :-)

As for Palin being called all kinds of names for using the DEATH PANEL name, yes...BIG TIME......and WELL, MY GOODNESS, IT WAS TRUE AFTER ALL!

My favorite line from the Obama/Stewart interview was Obama's "We're doing things people haven't heard of"....And yes, wouldn't you THINK the media might ask "WHAT?"

Not in AMerica..not when your media's pretty much state-owned in its motivation and implementation.

Z said...

FB, good for your adorable, bright wife! THIS IS WHAT WE NEED, FOLKS....THIS IS WHAT'S NECESSARY;

LET PEOPLE QUESTION WHAT THEY HEAR NOW.."Wait a minute..Mrs FB...or CUBE....or AOW...or Pris....THEY're not NUTS,they're REALLY SMART, and they're TEA PARTIERS? Maybe I need to rethink this...maybe I should actually look into the facts and NOT buy the media crap!"

YOu hug your pretty wife, FB, and tell her Z's SO PROUD OF HER :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Z, it's true. That's what was on last night. I don't watch the smug SOB, but when I saw how deranged he looks now, it sort of captured my attention — his darting eyes and sneering and snarling about the enemy, in this case, the Tea Party. I did a quick search for a link to it, but couldn't find one immediately available.

I'm thinking his ideology is linked to the thinking of Rev. Jim Jones and obviously Letterman has drunk too much of the leftist kool-aid.


Anonymous said...

""FOX is OWNED by the Republicans!!" :-)".

Yikes, Z, do you get into politics at your docs office with his assistant?


Z said...

Waylon, you're the best! I love how you describe Letterman....but I see it in most of the lefties on TV...I hear it in poor DUcky's desperate comments that are even snider and meaner than ever; I think they're scared WITLESS.
Well, let's face it...America might not derail QUITE as fast as the socialists want it to, and that's dangerous to them and all that SOros money can't go to waste!

Re my doc's assistant; well, YOU KNOW ME! I sometimes send a little 'test baloon' comment out there and see what comes back. SOMETIMES you hit paydirt and some brilliant person will respond with "man, I can't STAND Obama!" but, often, people so nothing OR I get a comment like hers! And the doctor was on her side, I could tell from a comment she made, but she's the only game in town for a med condition I have and I have to bite my darned tongue and HOPE, each time I pay a bill, that the doc's not a big Dem contributor :-)

FrogBurger said...

I was at the doc yesterday and the billing lady comes to me and says "We should talk b/c your bill is getting huge." I ask how much it is and she says "550 dollars." I say "I know I have insurance but it's not much for all the appointments, the cast, the splint, the weekly x-rays for 6 weeks."

And then we get to talk about healthcare, I make a few points and she tells me I should run for president.

To which I respond, I can't because I wasn't born here.

And she had the best punchline....

"I'll take care of the birth certificate." :)

Not everybody is insane in LA.

Z said...

FB!! That made me laugh out loud..HILARIOUS! I LOVE THAT WOMAN!! :-)

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Witness it kills me to see small businesses get thrown under the bus by this Administration. Before I got into education I worked for several small businesses so I have a really good insight into how hard you work to make ends meet. I worry about one of my old bosses who runs a silk screening company here in town. He's been in business for 20+ years but with this economy it has to be even harder to make money especially since most of his business is from other businesses.

Why can't more people understand that small businesses are the real engine of the economy. Isn't a 40% income tax on corporations at least a bit insane?


Z said...

Vegas...I think the Dems DO understand it, they just don't LIKE IT for some reason.
They can't allow small business owners and their families to flourish if people like illegals and the poor aren't getting "their fair share"....
This is the end of ANY capitalistic, democratized country, how can it last when small business families are having to close their doors under the crunch of big gov't?

Linda said...

This video is very scary in the fact that it is already beginning. So far our doctors and hospitals accept Medicare assignment. I don't know what is going to happen with our country.

Please, folks, get out and vote. Go read my entry today about the 545!

Be wise, be informed, be a voter!

Anonymous said...

I have an aunt who had heart bypass surgery when she was 86 years old, and is now almost 89.

She's doing great, she's spry and mentally alert. She still drives, and has parties.

If she'd lived in Britain, she would have been denied the surgery. She'd have died three years ago.

There's a 90 year old woman in one of my bowling leagues! She drives there herself and bowls for crying out loud.

Yes indeed it's not so easy to support death panels and rationing, when you're up close and personal.

But, you see, to far left radicals such as those in this administration, the elderly, babies, or handicapped and disabled, are not useful contributors to society therefore they are expendable, and to hell with how much their family loves them and they their family.

It's all about cost effectiveness and the notion that they are not qualified to live. So our lives would be dependent on what qualified means and who decides that? Not us.

So, the question is how old is too old? Or how young is too young? Who want's to be a cost-effective statistic?

Who want's that for their infant, mom/dad, grandmother or spouse? Anybody? Not even Ducky would support that for one of his own. But, he would have nothing to say about it either.

And this is why freedom for the individual matters. This is why respect for life matters. Government is an entity, it cannot be an arbiter for human needs.

It cannot legislate morality or compassion. All it can do is deal with numbers and one size fit's all and zero tolerance, no matter individual needs, circumstances or ramifications.

We are given our rights by our creator as living breathing human beings each unique in his own right, and no government can claim that authority unless we let it.


Debbie said...

Z: My hubby had posted the video at his place:


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