Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No Pledge of Allegiance?

Really?.......think again..........

The video's bad enough, but this quote from the article really did me in:  "The moderator further irked the crowd afterward, saying she felt "disrespected" by being "forced" to include the pledge "in presumably a planned way."  She felt disrespected?  SHE DID, after dissing the Pledge?  See, in her mind, it has to have been 'planned'..it's that nasty Rightwing that PLANNED this insurrection, according to her.  OR she figures that deflection might take from the gravity and bad press of her having said they hadn't planned for the Pledge of Allegiance. Sorry, Ms. Tate-Bradish, trying to put the shoe on the other foot didn't work...Better go back for more ideas from the the supposedly nonpartisan League of Women Voters.
Then you get the left suggesting it doesn't make  you patriotic to say the Pledge or wear a Flag Pin.  NO, it doesn't, what's questionable is disallowing it....and then throwing a fit that the challenge is "planned"....

Do you think every meeting like this ought to start with the Pledge?  Do you think the Pledge should be on the meeting's agenda?  How the heck has the leftwing been so successful at making AMERICANS feel 'overboard' for flying a flag, wearing a pin or saying the pledge, for heaven's sake? 



heidianne jackson said...

it should be included - the fact that it wasn't didn't go over well with those attending the debate. since there was no agenda published that specifically excluded the pledge, how could this have been PLANNED??? oh, and btw, i noticed that no one FORCED HER to say the pledge...

it's amazing that we've let it go this far. but we're working on fixing that, aren't we?

cube said...

I'm not a big going to meetings person, but when I do drag my butt to one, I am certainly not going to be offended by the Pledge of Allegiance or the National Anthem.

I honestly think these refuseniks of Americana need some classes where their lifelong anti-American, commie-favoring agenda can be turned around. Good luck doing that during the current liberal school union environment.
Still, I can dream...

soapster said...

For those that revere the Pledge anyone that wouldn't recite it or would (HEAVEN FORBID) recite it without the "under God" portion is sure to be targeted by the Republican machine. Be it known it is a socialist pledge.

It was modified to include God in it, perhaps we need to start a movement to issue corrections to it? Slowly, but surely, it might be read: "I pledge allegiance to no flag in these States of America. Allied for now, divisible at any time."

soapster said...


Ducky's here said...

I put out my American flag quite frequently.

Don't know where you get this idea that not conforming to your ideas of proper ceremony is suspect.

Maybe they should be treated like that woman at Rand Paul's event. One of Baby Doc's goon knocked her down and gave her a concussion. Unprovoked and clear assault and battery. Here's the candidates comment:

PAUL: And there was a bit of a crowd control problem. I don't want anybody though to be involved in things that aren't civil. I think this should always be about the issues. And it is an unusual situation to have so many people so passionate on both sides jockeying back and forth. And it wasn't something that I liked or anybody liked about that situation. So I hope in the future it is going to be better.

That's right, one of Baby Doc's brownshirts does the A&B but BOTH SIDES need to be civil. I'd start worrying about how many of these animals are out there, z. This may be more important than strong arming people into saying the pledge (a socialist pledge at that)

soapster said...

If that boils your blood, check out this representative from MN.

Just as the Republicans are want to do, they immediately jumped on her proclaiming "Betty isn't one of us...".

They're right. Betty isn't one of them (whatever the hell "them" is).


Z said...

Heidianne, nobody's forcing anybody to say anything, which is the whole point..thanks for the reminder, you're right.

Cube, me neither...I don't think a generation of kids CAN be turned around...I really doubt that.

soapster, the fact is "under God' IS in it now..just as "our creator" is in the Declaration and we have a president who's misquoted from that section 3 times in 2 weeks.
And, there is no harm to saying a pledge of allegiance and the thinking that those who want to say it are somehow suspect is chilling.

Ducky..just doing my job of exposing the left. Glad it got your goat.
By the way, what about this knocking down? Do you have the details? Let's hear how the Paul people intentionally gave her a concussion, okay?
BY the way, Rand's right...thanks for his input.

Z said...

Soap, we've all seen that on the blogs...
I believe that was in 2002, wasn't it? Here's a bit from the link you posted:
"What really makes this an affront to all is that she was actually leading the pledge on the floor (Z: the words UNDER GOD are part of the pledge, after all) of the House. If she were just saying it as a part of the whole chamber it would have been fine.(Z: Wait! How's that translate to "not one of THEM" soapster!?) However, by omitting the words, "under God", she was actually showing her disrespect to her position, the Flag, God and the American people. Oh, did I mention that she likes to brag about her Catholic faith when running for re-election? "

THanks :-)

Anonymous said...

Soapy, the Pledge of Allegiance isn't the property of conservatives. It represents the American people's loyalty and love of America. Conservatives and Liberals say the Pledge, it belongs to all of us.

It stands for our allegiance to our country. I have no idea what you have allegiance to. Perhaps "hail Obama" would be more to your liking. He is doing everything he can to make us divisible.

He just told a liberal audience to get out the vote, and "punish the enemy". That would be us, conservatives.

I don't know about you, but I see no remblance of that to what this country has always stood for. To the best of my knowlege of the Presidency, no President has ever referred to his opposition as "the enemy". Until now.

Be careful of you wish for, it may not be what either of us has in mind.

Ducky, no decent, law abiding person would approve of assault and battery on another citizen, friend, or dissenter.

An incident like this is not to be tolerated, and the attacker belongs in jail.

If we don't stand up for what is right, we're lost.


Anonymous said...

When Pres. Reagan was in office he was flummoxing the Democratic side so well that Tip O'Neill, when stopped by a reporter, referred to the Republicans as 'the enemy'. I was shocked & remember it even today.


Leticia said...

I love it when we are asked to Pledge Allegiance to the flag at football games, rallies, meetings, etc. I am proud that I am an American and would never be offended if asked to say the pledge.

She in no way was disrespected in fact, I believe she was the one who was disrespecting the audience.

I cheered with the crowd.

Ducky's here said...

Ducky, no decent, law abiding person would approve of assault and battery on another citizen, friend, or dissenter.


Now what's the extension of that idea? Come on, Pris, you're so close.

Z said...

SilvrLady, I can't imagine that of O'Neill...I didn't know discourse was that bad then and I've admired him all these years because I hadn't seen that kind of behavior.
Well, since Chris Matthews was his aid, maybe that's where Matthews got that awful behavior and unAmerican attitude?

Pris, Obama said PUNISH THE ENEMY? Are you kidding? I've laughed lately at the snide comments but never thought he'd stoop this low. He really is a very immature young thug who's so full of leftwing hate and conceit he honestly can't help himself.

I think we're seeing the real Obama these days, now that he's so desperate.

And, imagine, Californians are about to elect Moonbeam again...someone who did a rotten job once and wants to do it again.....someone with ZERO business experience and who, to say only one of his ridiculous ideas, wants to send EVERYBODY to the COLLEGE...even illegals! THEN, after all that money's spent, he says he needs to balance a budget!! There's no end to the stupidity. I really had hope but people actually hear Obama during this campaign swing and they get all riled up and actually believe his rhetoric. THIS must be the October surprise.
SURPRISE! Americans really CAN be that idiotic!

Leticia, God bless you..I couldn't agree with you more.

Anonymous said...

Surely, there can be no bias in the League of Women Voters, right?

I think this quotation was most telling: "It's not that I oppose reciting the Pledge," Scheurer told the Herald. "I opposed having my actions that evening being dictated by a mob."

When does an audience stop being an audience and start being a mob? Obviously, when they stand to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, or perhaps when they refuse to sit down and shut up.

We do live in interesting times.

Joe said...

The Pledge of Allegience is an expression of our love for our country and its ideals. Americans love to recite it before significant events like ball games, church events, Kiwanis meetings, public meetings, government meetings, etc.

That the audience wanted to say it in spite of the fact that it was not on the docket should not be seen as mob rule, but as the desire of Americans in the group to express themselves.

How badly was LWV hurt by this expression? How much longer did it extend the meeting...1 1/2 minutes?

What could possibly be wrong with the crowd wanting to say it together?

Who is the real bad guy (girl) here?

Sounds like someone felt their leadership threatened to me.

Soapster: It was written by a socialist, but it has evolved way beyond that and it is NOT a socialist pledge...not any more.

Z said...

Mustang, we're all a MOB the minute we disagree with leftwingers..Oh, RACIST MOBS, sorry, I forgot the qualifier.

Joe...it's astonishing that we have to argue, isn't it? It's the PLEDGE and there are people with such disdain.......

BB-Idaho said...

Can't do that down along the levee ....

Ducky's here said...

It's like this , mustang check it out and understand why some of us don't want to go in this direction.

As the writer says, it's a hard road back once you go this route. And the mob's compulsion shouldn't be mistaken for "patriotism".

Anonymous said...

"It's the PLEDGE and there are people with such disdain......."

Should anyone have any doubts about who the real terrorists are any longer?

Progressives, dems, Code Pinkos, and every other commie loving mutt who was exposed by Old Joe...long ago...read the Verona Papers to catch up.

Z said...

"fascists"..Ducky, when WILL you learn it's the left who's fascist?
Keep sluggin' :-)

BB-Idaho said...

"when WILL you learn it's the left who's fascist?"
Oh dear. Ducky's linked article was based on the seminal work on the subject, Paxton's 'The Anatomy of Facism'. It is in my personal library, I've read it twice. I'd recommend it, although you will not learn 'its the left who's facist'.

Joe said...

•Fascism: a radical and authoritarian nationalist political ideology.

•a political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy

Ducky, the article you linked to is way off the mark. But it fits your ideology, therefore you think it is accurate.


Anonymous said...

Ducky, if there is any danger in fascism emerging in America it will be from the socialist left. You know, like Russia and Italy in the 1920s, and Germany in the 1930s. Your president has led us dangerously close to achieving what Herbert Marcuse wanted all along. You’re the fascist bastards.

Chuck said...

Duck, let's compare incidents of people getting their foot stepped on by someone from the right against people getting beat up by union thugs.

Z, I think you said it with this

Then you get the left suggesting it doesn't make you patriotic to say the Pledge or wear a Flag Pin. NO, it doesn't, what's questionable is disallowing it

I don't think in a free society people should be forced to say the pledge, it is a personal choice. At the same time, a free society wouldn't prevent someone from saying it either.

Z said...

BB, good to have you back; look at the comments and look to a centrist for a definition of fascist; who cares who wrote the book?
Joy Behar called SHarron Angle a BITCH today, does that mean she IS a bitch?

Joe, bless you. Who can argue that?

Mustang, they just can't see themselves. THey've heard "Rightwing fascists" so much they've actually thought it's true.

Chuck, thanks...no, a free society doesn't prevent or RIDICULE someone for saying it.

Sam Huntington said...

I'm going to disagree with Chuck for a moment. Let’s assume that the Pledge isn’t all that important to begin with; it’s a personal choice. Why bother? Why bother standing up when others recite the pledge? Why bother standing up when the flag passes in front of you at a parade. Why bother standing up and crossing your heart during the national anthem at a ball game? Why bother stepping forward to serve your country in the military, as part of Teach-America, or the Peace Corps? If it isn’t important … if we don’t value such things, then you can bet your last dollar no one will be much interested in doing them. Why not just lay down and give America to the first group of people who happen along? Its a personal choice. It isn't important. Who cares. Right?

Z said...

But, Sam, some people just don't feel it..they're from this generation of lib-indoctrinated kids who feel, like Obama, that America's seen it's best days and it's another country's turn to be the world leader, etc etc.........they don't want to pledge anything.....
what do you do, blast them up out of their seats and stick their right hand over their heart when our own president disdains that?

Anonymous said...

Obama has dropped to a mere 37% approval rating.

That's right.

Obama is now around 7% less approved of than Bush in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Anonymous said...


Z said...

Anon, I just don't get it. HOw can he have such a low approval rating and STILL Americans could vote for liberal Dems? It's astonishing to me

Anonymous said...

l.a.i.o.r.t. ;)

Z said...

Anon, do I need an interpreter?

Anonymous said...

"Pris, Obama said PUNISH THE ENEMY? Are you kidding? I've laughed lately at the snide comments but never thought he'd stoop this low. He really is a very immature young thug who's so full of leftwing hate and conceit he honestly can't help himself."

Obama said this on Univision, an hispanic network I believe.

Btw, I agree with your assessment. I don't think he'll be able to move to the center to work with the Republicans. I don't think he's capable of it.

Obama is so thin skinned, and childish, and so indocrinated in his far left ideology, he can't think any other way. Nor does he have the discipline to do so.

He may give it lip service, but he'll turn around and belie what he says.


Chuck said...

Sam, let me explain.

I did not say it wasn't important, I have been doing both all of my life and have raised my children to do the same. I said it should not be forced in a free society and I stand by this. I do believe that in a free society it is a personal choice.

Should it be expected? Yes. But again, this is different from being forced.

Forcing someone to recite the Pledge or sing along with the National Anthem is something seen in a dictatorship like China.

Finally, I am of mind that if someone does not want to stand for the National Anthem I have no time for them. I do not, however, want someone to come along and force them to stand. This is false patriotism and I don't think we need it from them.

Finally, in a free society I reserve the right to be critical of their choice not to stand. This is something lost on the left who thinks they have a right to bash the country but no one has the free speech right to bash them for doing so.

Anonymous said...

I think the issue is one of social etiquette; taught to children by their parents, and reinforced by social institutions even when it is not. A gentleman removes his hat when entering a building. People speak in quiet voices while inside a church. We demonstrate respect for those who gave their lives by standing when the American flag passes in front of us; as civilians, we salute by placing our right hand over our hearts. These are all comparatively recent social expectations, by the way … none of which will result in the destruction of our country. On the other hand, if we (as a people) no longer demonstrate respect for the elderly, our parents, police officers, firemen and paramedics, school teachers, and local pastors, then we (as a people) will never get around to showing respect for our national flag.

Joe said...

Mustang: You are correct, of course. The trouble is our young people have been actively taught that disrespect is always proper. Yet they, themselves, will cry, "foul" (or much worse) if they perceive that you have "dissed" them.

Z said...

Yes, I think the point is;

Schooling. Media. THE LEFT..and we've been shamed into staying quiet, which has been planned for years. They've been setting it all up, laying the groundwork, and here we are. WHO KNEW?

Z said...

Mustang has an excellent post up linking to mine here....check it out.

cube said...

I hea ya, Z. Not when the unions gave such a tight grip on education... and everything else, including the voting machines in Nevada. *** sound of my jaw dropping***

Leticia said...

Maybe after the Pledge was said, someone should have started chanting, 'USA! USA! USA!" LOL! I would have happily joined.

Z said...

Leticia, FABULOUS! I love that idea! That Democrat woman might have thrown up, tho :-)

sue said...

Z - I would not get upset if it were requested that the Pledge of Allegiance be said spontaneously. Why be upset about that?

I think if organizations planned that the Pledge be said before each meeting, then fine.

I like the Pledge of Allegiance. It reminds me of the things my country stands for, and of how I should stand up for my country.

I wouldn't mind if it weren't said, either. I don't like going to meetings but I would go along with a format that includes it.

Sometimes I'm glad to be reminded of things I might ordinarily think about. (Like things that are done at church.) It seems odd to object to the Pledge.

sue said...

might 'not' ordinarily think about

MK said...

Perhaps the cretin wanted to hear the mexican national anthem, or better yet, allah hu akbar. That should be diverse enough.

Anonymous said...

She's a control freak and wouldn't admit it in front of the crowd. Her microphone gave her a feeling of dominance and her President gives her a false sense of security. If he doesn't have to, she doesn't either. :P

Z said...

MK...too true!

Jen, you're wise for your age :-)