Monday, October 4, 2010

The ONE NATION MARCH and the signs and placards.........are they kidding?

NOW we see why the media didn't cover the ONE NATION MARCH in Washington last week. I blogged about it HERE but quite literally thought this video couldn't be the same march, that no Americans would go THIS FAR in their love and push for SOCIALISM. But, alas...


Anonymous said...

The Truth comes out of Obama's Hope and Change, and wouldn't you know, it's all lies. Socialism is a failed ideology that just won't go away ...
the spanish language newspaper proved that there are idiots everywhere.

God Bless you for publishing these things. I'm sure the msm gave it proper coverage, right?

~ Will

Z said...

Will, thanks so much.
And no, I saw a little coverage beforehand, conjecture on how many'd be there, etc., but you'd have thought it didn't happen if you watched the news.
They had a few minutes and that was it.

Anonymous said...

Comrade ED Schultz was there to open the festivities, with an "unprepared" speech, he asserted on his show. He did a lot of yelling and says the current difficulties faced by the country can only be resolved by drinking more of the same slop that made the patient sick in the first place ... i.e., more government intervention. Just trust the doctor (those enlightened progressives) to arrive at those happy days again.

ED Schultz is acting more like a demagogue every time I see him. Always saying that somebodies problems are caused by other individuals of the other political persuasion, rather than considering that the problems may just be cause by the policies themselves. The burning question should always be: Have progressive collectivism ever worked in any place it has been imposed in any country on the planet?


Anonymous said...

They sure aren't kiddng!

I can see why the msm didn't cover this. I watched a lot of it. It looked thrown together. They said this had been in the works before Beck's was. I don't believe that.

If it was, it sure didn't look like it. The speakers weren't too impressive. Actually, what this was, was a union convention, sprinkled with representatives from socialist and Marxist orgs. and backed by the same.

The union members being in the audience(they needed the numbers), and the speakers, the socialists and marxists like Harry Belafonte.

They're out in the open. All you have to do is read the signs and banners, and see the union shirts all over the place.

What this video doesn't show, is the litter everywhere after the crowd left. Even at the WWII Memorial.

If you compare that to the condition of the grounds after Beck's rally, or the Tea Party rally earlier, you can define the degree of respect from each crowd, for where they were.

You can also wonder why crazed environmentalists (or so they say), like to leave garbage all over the place. Garbage is as garbage does!! It fits!


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised that the media didn't cover much of this. If they did, they'd be blowing their own cover.

I figured they would leave the place like a pigpen, & who knows what 'souvenirs' left with them. If any of them stayed at motels or hotels there wouldn't be a towel or bar of soap left. Maybe no pillows, either. If there weren't any bedbugs there when they checked in, there would be when they checked out.

Bet the Duck was there.

Komrade Silvrlady

Chuck said...

I have been following politics for a little over 30 years and the far left has always flirted with socialism in that time. I have never seen this much support for it among the mainstream left as there is now.

Z said...

Waylon..Ed Schultz, huh? I didn't think even HE was THIS far left.

Pris, good point..they say the grounds after the inauguration were the worst ever, too...we've all seen pictures. THe left doesn't give a damn when the ground isn't sacred as it is to us.

SilvrLady, that's the point; if the media'd shown this to America, MAYBE Americans would be awakening...BUT..

Chuck IS RIGHT (as says his blog!), more and more Dems are going far left. They just can't seem to get past the fact that the human spirit needs independence, not a hand-out. They just can't stomach the fact that Republicans DO want to help the needy but via charity, not huge gov't, etc etc etc

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


There's not even enough collective brain power in that mob to spark an interesting conversation, much less a revolution.

This is how small Ducky's world is.

Janie Lynn said...

Don't these people read history? Do they really think they can do socialism better than it's been done in the past? Mind boggling.