Monday, October 18, 2010

MultiKulti isn't working in Germany.........Merkel finally speaks out

Angela Merkel, is the most courageous World Leader in Western Society........Have you see THIS STORY?  I'm glad Merkel is addressing the statement that brought such controversy, from a German Central Bank member, that the country was being made "more stupid" by poorly educated and unproductive Muslim migrants.  Which it is.  I've known about the controversy for months because my stepkids live in Munich and we all have wondered how Merkel would finally handle it.

Germany has every right to suggest that people without Christian VALUES (not having to hold to the Christian faith, nobody is saying that) are not lending anything positive to the country and haven't for years, in fact they're bringing it down in many ways.

Read this:  "Horst Seehofer, the leader of the CDU's Bavarian sister party, CSU, who represents the right-wing, recently said Germany did not "need more immigrants from different cultures like the Turks and Arabs" who are "more difficult" to integrate."    "more difficult"?   they don't WANT TO INTEGRATE.  I've seen this countless times in Germany, I've lived there, I KNOW this.  I've spoken to some immigrants; they like being supported, they're not there to integrate!  I know for a fact that they speak out about how Germany will no longer belong to Germans soon (and, of course, when Turkey is finally in the EU, God forbid, because passports are not necessary between EU countries, those muslims will finally fill even the small mosques being built in German villages with little or NO muslim demographic in them now, which Germans have been wondering about for years.."Why here?"  Because hoards are coming, that's why....)

Arabs, Muslims, Turks, Pakistanis, etc etc., have moved in and live on welfare from Germans and don't learn the language and  build ghettos and demand respect and pity.   And Germans, I guess, just have to suck it up.   And of course,  there is THIS.   The minute Germany says the slightest thing about difficulties between people there, they're accused of a rise of a Fourth Reich.   Odd that muslims have lived there for years and there hasn't been much trouble from naive Germans but the Germans will be the people blamed for the fact that they're not welcoming "DOWN WITH GERMANY" sentiment on signs at protests.   Why doesn't THAT ever get much notice in the press?  Why is it always the host country which is finally falling apart from the financial burden and from the nasty threats which is demeaned in the media and the rest of the left wing?  By the way, I got an email from my stepson in Munich today telling me that many high-caliber FOREIGNERS in Germany share Merkel's opinion.

Maybe, someday, we'll get those foreigners who love and support Germany speaking out and our media will let us know that, too.  Ya think? Germany, Austria, France, they can do NOTHING because of the left.........Vienna's trying to stop minarets from ruining their country amid signs by muslims threatening Austrian life as they know it, you all know what's happening in France regarding the burka, hijab, you finally hear about Germany, but did you know how threatened Germans have felt for years or are you just now hearing that they are FED UP and the media and other leftwingers are now more threatened by THAT than muslims?  What German would have particularly CARED if Muslims just came legally, contributed financially, and lived their lives as guests in a wonderful Western country?   What Austrian would have, what Frenchman?  But, the implication is it's THEIR FAULT multiculturalism IS NOT WORKING IN THE WEST?  REALLY?   Good for stepson thinks she'll get nowhere and receive nothing but disparagement from the outspoken bleeding-heart, naive left, but, at least it's a try.  Imagine what Germany's put up with and it's HER FAULT now?  WOW.



(((Thought Criminal))) said...

The welfare system could not be abused if there were no welfare system to abuse.

Always On Watch said...

Europe, in general, has made a terrible mistake by allowing those who refuse to integrate into European countries.

That said, it is difficult, if not impossible, for immigrants to integrate into European society. Bloodlines and all that.

Immigrants must know that fact.

So, why do they keep flowing in? Colonizing? That method has a long history in Islam.

Z said...

AOW "bloodlines?" Are you saying that Europeans won't let them integrate because they're not German enough or French enough?!

Ducky's here said...

The minute Germany says the slightest thing about difficulties between people there, they're accused of a rise of a Fourth Reich.


Actually, the Hungarians seem more interested in reinvigorating Nazism. The far right party has a fair bit of power and are running around in uniforms reminiscent of the Arrow Cross Party. They are hassling Jews in Budapest but you won't find much in the American press.

So you throw the gypsies out of France, throw the Turks out of Germany and everything will be fine.

We won't have the sae problem in America since it is going to be difficult to make this country "more stupid", in z's words.

Now why do they "build ghettos"? And is it a matter of their not integrating or the prevailing culture not accepting them. Can you imagine trying to integrate in a cultural dominated by attitudes like AOW's, mustang's or your own?

Well, they used to say this about Catholics in America. And you know who "they" are. It's still tough for blacks to integrate here.

Ducky's here said...

Worth a read on the matter

Speedy G said...

Wow, mr. ducky, an Afghan (1) has semi-assimilated into German kulture.

What about the millions of Afghans/Turks who haven't? The German right doesn't have a legitimate argument?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Our Obama learns nothing from history and is incapable of doing so. His mindset, his philosophy is such that it is etched in stone and cannot be changed. He so eloquently "reads" of hope and change, yet is fully incapable to himself offering hope to Americans and, seeing that his tactics are failing, changing and revising his plans. Clinton was geometrically the greater politician than is Obaka. And Clinton's ability and willingness to change resulted in a better life for many Americans. Let us not forget, it was CLINTON that revised the federal welfare system.

Merkel speaks the obvious. But don't expect DC to hear it. They are too busy marching in lockstep with plans and programs that will, if unopposed, result in massive, massive damage to our nation. Because, bottom line, Mr Obama INSISTS upon making the SAME mistakes of Europe on any number of levels. The mistakes that Europe now realizes responsible for heavy damage to THEIR countries -- and mistakes they are trying mightily to correct.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. The socialist or Marxist left, and muslims, have tied their wagons to each other. An alliance of sorts.

But, of course they're really using each other to fight the prevailing, established national cultures in Western countries.

The irony is, each of those factions, the extreme left, and the extreme Islamic culture, besides wanting to be the dominant influence, are diametrically opposed politically and culturally.

The treatment of women, and homosexuals come to mind as examples of their opposition to each other. Islam considers women to be chattel, and homosexuals to be candiates for execution.

The far left embraces atheism, and celebration of anything which tears down the culture, and family. Islam demands a theocracy in their own name, including Sharia law.

Yet, as of now, both of these approaches and belief systems are cooperating in what they see as their main stumbling block to success, which is nationalism and a fealty to traditional culture, and national pride.

This represents the majority in these countries at the present time, and I think there is an awakening to their vulnerability if they do not stand up against these forces at work in their countries.

The formation of the EU, is the result IMO, of a pipe dream of internationalists whose ultimate goal is world governance and power.

They don't comprehend the need of human beings to unite in something bigger than themselves, which they can call their own.

To worship freely, to observe centuries old traditions, and to make laws which reflect those beliefs.
Each country has established a culture which exemplifies their majority.

The extreme left, and extreme theocratic muslims, while sharing little except establishing utter power and dominance over their hosts, are little by little tearing down the fabric of national pride and love of country as it has always been.

It seems to me that all three of these belief systems are poised to come into a period of conflict. Multiculturalism is a country killer.

Each of our Western civilizations is in danger, and each needs strong leaders to have the resolve to protect and defend their countries from descending into chaos and destruction from both of those extremes which threaten our freedoms and love of country.

It's time to stand up and be counted. There are more of us than there are of them. And it's time to disown multiculturalism and political correctness.

America did just fine as a melting pot made up of Americans of all races and creeds. If you can't assimilate, you've chosen the wrong place to live.

We are not citizens of the world, we are Americans. I'll bet the German people feel the same way.


Z said...

Ducky, you expose yourself so badly I almost feel sorry for you and that's why I'm letting your angry, nasty comment remain.
Blacks CAN'T integrate? REALLY? Are you kidding?

Do you even know what INTEGRATE means when it comes to Europe? It means FIT IN...not take welfare, continue to speak one's own language, and carry signs of taking over the host country.

You just don't get it, do you; They come in hordes, they take enormous amounts of money, stand out like sore thumbs in an otherwise sweet, beautiful country that will never be the same now, they won't speak the language, and then you blame Germans for feeling pressured and threatened by the WE ARE THE NEW GERMANY signs?
And, by the way, there are some who do, many DO learn the language and, AS MY POST SAID, they're as angry as other Germans that foreigners are trashing that country and others.

And, by the way, this mostly is a problem about muslims but it's also a problem about Eastern Europeans who are now the proud owners of much-deserved phrases among Germans like "If you want to visit your stolen car, go to Poland" Yes, they're the ones who steal their cars, the Chinese threaten their restaurants to pay each month or the place will be torched, and I know that WITH PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

But, you lefties, go ahead.... it's ALL the fault of Western society that they're just not giving enough, they're not learning the invaders' languages, that right? :-)

Z said...

Pris, of course the Germans do, and MORE, if possible.
You said "But, of course they're really using each other to fight the prevailing, established national cultures in Western countries."

SO well said...the leftwingers are duped and don't understand it, Pris. They really do think their stupid bleeding heart crap is good for the world when it's clear they're being horribly all of our detriment.

WOULD that foreigners had assimilated, integrated......the Germans and French were stupid to allow so much taking advantage of, but they used these foreigners, too, they needed them and then the Left shamed them into total open door policies and now look what's happening.
Imagine leftwingers celebrating a people who'll sponge off others and then THREATEN THEM IN THE STREETS "GERMANY WILL BE OURS" "TERRORISM IS COMING!" and nothing can be done?
Imagine if Germans carried signs saying MUSLIMS GO HOME?
They'd be arrested within five minutes.

Ducky's here said...

Thank you speedy, that's the closed mind I expect from the far right.


Z said...

You can't make this stuff up.
ROMAS are the ones who train their children how to pickpocket (even 60 Minutes did a scathing story on them about 20 years ago, remember? They still do it all over Europe, particularly in and around Rome..they're the ones you're warned about to "watch your camera and your purse" didn't think travel agents were warning about Italians, did you!? )
ROMAS in Europe leave camps of trash and dirt behind when their wagon trains move on.
ROMAS have come to Los ANgeles and frequent hospitals where they steal the flatware from the cafeterias and worse(i have seen that personally)
ROMAS in Europe are the ones breaking into homes, stealing bicycles, etc .

This article makes them sound like saints who've been banished for absolutely nothing. THIS is our media today.

Z said...

Ducky, are you NUTS?
Did you read what he wrote?
You REALLY feel the way you do or are you just regurgitating the leftwing junk?
So, Germans just have to acquiesce, just give all their money to people who even violently threaten their country? REALLY?
I keep giving you credit you don't deserve..go figure.

Z said...

Speedy, correction:
From what my stepson (who lives there) says, it's not the "German right" anymore, it's "angry, hurt, tired and broke Germans" who have 'legitimate argument'.

heidianne jackson said...

so let me get this straight: tolerance for multikulti - regardless of the country - means that the existing inhabitants capitulate to those who are emigrating and allow them to take over the country and remake it to match their heritage? wow, sounds like the definition of "bi-partisanship" according to those on the left.

i.e. "we will agree with whatever you dems say, regardless of which of us has the majority, and allow you to do as you want. we recognize that if we vote to block you, we'll be castigated by the press as being 'partisan'. but you will always be able to block we gop-ers and still be able to be billed as 'bi-partisan'."

pris' obersvations are exactly correct. at what point, do you think, will the leftists realize that the sharia muslims do not support them and their agenda any more than the conservatives'?

Anonymous said...

"Thank you speedy, that's the closed mind I expect from the far right."

Ducky, when things come down to "them or us", or better yet, "you or the other guy", who do you pick?

You have only one of two answers. "me, or the other guy"!


FrogBurger said...

MultiKulti works if people have jobs. Not if there's a welfare state that creates unemployment. I keep repeating myself like an old man but that's the culprit the idiot left keeps ignoring.

So I'd rephrase the problem and say socialism doesn't work.

FrogBurger said...

People are a lot more tolerant when everybody's busy with their lives and working, instead of sucking the system dry.

Ducky's here said...

Well Pris, I don't look at this as "them or us" but I think you know that reactionary Calvinists are not part of my "us".

The Italians are bulldozing Roma homes these days. All part of the economic collapse and our move back to tribalism.

Don't worry, your tribe has the heavy ordnance. And you call it "freedom and democracy", what a laugh.

cube said...

Merkel is a breath of fresh air that is needed throughout the world.

Z said...

Ducky, educate yourself on the ROMAS while you wring your hanky out...don't believe what you hear, believe the truth, as I've seen with my own eyes.
Or...never mind; You're a might shake up you a little too much to hear the truth. I know.

By the way, how the heck did CALVINISTS get involved with this's kind of your fallback position as if it's an insult!? You're running dry, Ducky.........think again!

Cube, too true..>Thanks for seeing that.

Karen K said...

Multiculti DOESN'T work-- especially with people who have no interest in integrating into the country in which they live.

Good on Merkel! I say stop Muslim immigration (colonization, really) to the west. Period.

FrogBurger said...

All part of the economic collapse and our move back to tribalism.

That's right Kwaki. A mindset created by decades of socialo-marxism and communism in Italy. Mussolini was a marxist, with a communist dad.

So YOUR very own idea create tribalism.

Your motto is victimhood, minorities. That's tribalistic by nature.

Get yourself some love. Really.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, my tribe is called the American people. What's yours?

Go ahead and laugh, it's no skin off my nose!

I didn't ask you how you look at this nor did I mention the Italians. Focus Ducky!

I posed a question. Either you can answer it or you can't.

It's simple. If it came down to
you or the other guy, who would you choose? Pick one.


Anonymous said...

"MultiKulti works if people have jobs."

FB, I can't agree. Multiculturalism is polarizing, and divisive, jobs or no jobs.

There is a tendency to teach differences to attain tolerance and diversity, instead of commonalities of values which lead to being American, and American traditions. Or in France, French culture and it's values.

It is bound to cause a separateness between culturally different groups, and to negate American culture, or in France, French culture.

This is why I call multiculturalism a country killer.

Angela Merkel get's it. She deals with it and wrestles with it, and has the courage to confront it head on. Where it will lead, remains to be seen.

This is why I say, if one can't accept the German way, the French way, or the American way, choose a place most suited to the culture one can accept. Learn it, and live by it, or leave.


Z said...

FB...MultiKulti is one never works, jobs or not, as Pris points out.
MultiETHNIC is quite something else.....who minds other ethnicities, as long as they're willing to integrate? NOBODY.
(Psst..not even GERMANS :-)

FrogBurger said...

I think you're seeing multikulti black and white.

I consider myself multicultural and it seems to be working for me. Hell I wasn't even born in France.

America was built by immigrants and first/second generations that were still close to their customs. But they shared common principles and values, the ones of the American dream.

When a country doesn't offer those principles anymore, when it doesn't offer opportunities like in Europe, yes, then people entrench themselves in finding their own principles and vision.

FrogBurger said...

To exemplify, how would you explain multikulti was ok in France in the 50-60s when the economy was booming, and it's broken now since the 70s b/c of a crappy economy?

I see it this way. When resources are very scarce, countries tend to fight for them. When jobs are scarce, and welfare checks replace self-esteem gained through work, individuals stick to what they know, protect themselves and it creates those tensions.

FrogBurger said...

Multiculti DOESN'T work-- especially with people who have no interest in integrating into the country in which they live.

When people come for work and a way to make their life better through work, it's not a problem.

But when you hand welfare checks without asking anything for them, they indeed despise the country for not giving opportunities while taking the money.

Z said...

FB....they don't bring another CULTURE to the country in public and shouldn't.
Sure, there's always been a little area of certain minority groups; Italian shops, Jewish delis, etc., but, in America, no...they came here to participate in OUR CULTURE, they contributed TO OUR CULTURE.
OUR CULTURE does exist and so's the French culture.
Yes, French culture might have a bit of Algerian flavor to it, nothing wrong with that, but we've often talked here of, for instance, my family who spoke Armenian and French at HOME, and ate our foods at home but loved the American life otherwise......Well, of course, Mom cooked American food MOST of the time, but you get my drift.

Black AMericans are AMERICANS, they don't have another CULTURE! Or didn't, until the Sixties and AFros and kaftans, etc..silly, but true. Suddenly they wanted their own culture and we began the great divide, sadly.

Where were you born?

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

It's still tough for blacks to integrate here.


In what way?

In roughly 2 minutes, I scanned through all the channels on my cable TV, and found the representation of black people and their contributions to American culture on over half the channels, clearly no corrolation to their numbers among the American population whatsoever.

Most were starring in the show that happened to be on, or were in a commercial. 3 of the four music video channels were playing rap songs with African-American artists performing, two of whom are capitalistic and economically savvy enough to own their own recording label. The third rap video was an African-American artist signed to one of the other two rap artist's self-owned recording labels.

Another channel had a pre-recorded concert rebroadcast of a jazz and blues festival, with African-Americans ubiquitous among the artists performing there, before a mostly white-skinned audience.

Another channel had a black man reading the local news.

Another channel had Maya Angelou reading poetry.

There were quite a few black athletes in the Monday Night Football teams.

Weird that country music song on CMT had an unmistakably gangster hip-hop beat. Probably dusted off an actual Roland 808 for that kick drum.

Don't get me wrong, I believe black integration into America culture is the bizzy-bomb. The real mofokin' deal.

Maybe you should get out of that lily white suburb of Bawlston Daddy fled you to when speaking up for blacks got your house shot at and your business burned down.

You know, see the world.

Anonymous said...

FB, years ago American society was called a melting pot, which meant all peoples who came here from anywhere, melted into the American way and adopted this country and her culture as their own.

Yes, they brought their music and some cultural pratices and as families still enjoyed those. But, they didn't demand exceptions or laws to be changed to imitate what they left behind in the country of their birth.

They adopted America, and as my grandmother did, was proud to be an American. Our schools didn't dwell on differences in race or national origin, but on American lore and history. Immigrants learned to be Americans and learned english.

We didn't change our traditions to placate people from other lands.

As I said we were a melting pot, and we were better for it.


The Vegas Art Guy said...

That was about the dumbest thing you've ever said about blacks not integrating into our society.

Always On Watch said...

Sorry for the delay in getting back to this thread, but Mondays are crazy-busy here.

Z: AOW "bloodlines?" Are you saying that Europeans won't let them integrate because they're not German enough or French enough?!

I'm saying that Europe isn't the same melting pot that the United States is.

Typically, especially before the days of hyphenated Americans, the second generation of immigrant families here in the States are deemed "Americans," never mind the country of the family's origin.

But in Europe, to be a real German or a real Frenchman or whatever, one has to be of that country's line of descent.

Z said...

AOW, that's true, but it applies mostly in the case of the the upper classes and better schools (particularly in France): if you come there, make your own living, live a life that's honorable and respectful of their country, you're okay. I've seen it when I've lived there........

heidianne jackson said...

z, just wanted to stop by and give you the link for thomas sowell's latest article. it ties so perfectly into this and touches on the discussion with froggy...