Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CNN and the miners...amazing

On CNN earlier, I heard a male news reader (off screen as they showed the miners) say "Ah,  there's the wife looking to hug her husband, knowing the world's watching this emotional moment!"...

The woman news reader responded with "I don't feel sorry for them; there are book and film deals,...." WOW, what compassion she has, huh?
LATER:  I just watched a bit more CNN, just in time to hear Larry King say he's going to ask his guest Michael Moore "Why do the miners do this job!?" Michael Moore was the scheduled guest and was there on the set but obviously preempted for the miner story...I had to laugh when King said "thanks for coming but we have an even BIGGER story than YOU!  I something bigger than Moore?, but decided I should be nice and not share this with you, so forget I said that :-)     I couldn't bear to hear what he responded with so I went back to FOX.  A few minutes ago, when I was changing channels again, I heard Michael Moore, when asked how he felt about the president of Chile, say he admired his hair....I thought "He must be a rightwing president"...and then he went into a diatribe about how "In Chile, they have universal health care, why can't WE in this country?"
I Googled Pinera, the president, and sure enough he's a Conservative who heads the National Renewal Party.(a name which I think has a real ring to it, don't you?  Anybody want to start one HERE? :-)

Viva Chile, I have even MORE respect for them now that I heard Senor Pinera's politics. AND, I'm even fonder of the miner who came out mid-morning our time, hugged him, and said to him "thank you, and keep on in the direction you're's good for Chile!"  VIVA!



Anonymous said...

Tackeeee! But not surprising. I've been watching it on Fox.

The one who had both a wife & mistress was greeted by the latter. The wife wasn't interested in being there after that news broke.

El Presidente shouldn't have too much trouble getting re-elected after being there for the whole time. That capsule will probably wind up in a museum, as it should. Love that it was christened 'Fenix' after the Phoenix. A wonderful ending to what could have been the ultimate disaster. Superb work by many people.


Linda said...

I'll bet that lady on CNN wouldn't have lasted down there!

Ducky's here said...

The accident that trapped the miners is not unusual in Chile and is the inevitable consequence of a ruthless economic system that has barely changed since the dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet. As I recall, z, you are also a fan of his.

Copper is Chile's gold and miners aren't treated much better than gold miners in South Africa.

sue said...

Z - The female on CNN is Kathleen Parker, the male, Elliot Spitzer(who was governor of N.Y. until he got mixed up in money and prostitutes.) They were recently hired on CNN for a talk show.

I thought it was poor taste for them to hire Spitzer. I know Parker writes a column for the N.Y. Times or something similar.

During the miner segment, I had to turn the sound off I could hardly stand to hear their chit-chat - even if the miners were speaking Spanish.

Z said...

Silvrlady, there isn't much tackier than that, is there...what a heart.
I heard the wife and he had been separated anyway, did you? I wasn't sure.
It was SUPERB work because this president looked for help everywhere he could get it.
AND, the big untold story tonight is how the Americans left Afghanistan when they heard Chile wasn't getting those guys out til December and TOOK CARE OF IT, drilled that thing, etc. I wonder why that's not been talked much about.

Linda, minus 1 second. But, I can't say I'd have been much better!

Ducky, I liked PInochet? I don't know that much about him.
Miners are dying all the time in Chile,'s about time they got a Conservative president in there who REALLY cares, like Pinera.

Hey, Sue, I was grateful that FOX had a translator on all day...CNN finally got one, too, and it made such a difference. But, yes, that chit chat is so silly. Did you hear Larry King and MIchael Moore? He actually asked Moore why men like those miners would do that job! As if Moore's the expert on hard work and courage!?

I thought CNN's hiring Spitzer is the weirdest thing ... why, do you suppose? I shouldn't be so hard on Parker...when you're hired to talk that long you can say silly things but I thought it showed a hard heart whether she was a Republican or a Democrat, don't you? ..that immediate response bothered me. For her, not for the CHileans. Or for me.

sue said...

Z - You know, I didn't even feel the need to have a translator. I just enjoyed seeing it all happen, and the expressions told the story.

I would imagine CNN hiring Spitzer was just poor judgement. I'll bet other people don't like it either.

I didn't watch LKL/MM. Just wasn't interested.

I remember other tv events - mainly sports - where they had background talking and it was so irritating, like today. Things that you just want to watch with no talking.

Opus #6 said...

Z, you handled the duck well.

Great that they could save the lives of these men who are not afraid to work for a living.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Chile had a good thing going when they phased our their version of the mandatory national social(ist) security Ponzi scheme and went to a voluntary and privatized retirement savings and investment system. Not sure if they ever backpeddaled on that, but they (at the time, at least) cut a lot of debt liabilities out of their budget with that move.

Meanwhile, across the border, the hapless heirs of Benito Mussolini's (actual, real-life Fascism) student and fellow leftist Juan Peron continue to rot Argentina with "social justice."

Maybe Michael Moore got his geography wrong.

FrogBurger said...

Ducky you're such a loser.

Want me to remind me the accidents in the Soviet Unions or else?

Saving them showed to the world what the Western civilization driven by the market can do.

Ducky I think you need to get laid. Your brain would get some oxygen. B/c at this point I don't know what we can do to save your pathetic analytical skills.

About the CNN anchor: she's the typical cynical left wing retard. She wish she had the book deals and the career and the money.

Another pathetic individual like Ducky.

FrogBurger said...

The accident that trapped the miners is not unusual in Chile

Send us some numbers since you sound so smart, too.

Ratio of accidents per miners and comparison across countries.

Then we can talk using our brain instead of our rear end.

Karen K said...

Well, I'm glad that the miners are able to be rescued!

What scum the MSM is.

Always On Watch said...

Did you hear what Chris Matthews said about the miners? See my post on the topic.

Brooke said...

Leftists are intrinsically cruel people, aren't they?

Perhaps the miners took movie or book deals because they had just been through a horrible ordeal, yet it has afforded them the opportunity to care for their families far better than they could on a miner's salary!

Leftists just can't help but prove their stupidity.

Susannah said...

I've been chanting, "Chi Chi Chi, Le, Le, Le..." all day today!! BRAVO Chile!!

MathewK said...

Great news this about the miners. Glad to hear they were rescued. And screw cnn and the doughnut pissant.

Danny Wright said...

a couple of things:

1. The miners probably couldn't have cared less if this reporter felt sorry for them.

2. This response is what one sould expect from a person who judges happiness, and inerprets her world from a pure materialistic perspective.