Monday, October 25, 2010

Bill Maher..........Where does he come UP with this stuff!?

And people apparently BELIEVE Maher!??
I got this email on Sunday and felt like I ought to share it with you.............this is from a buddy from L.A. who now lives in Anderson, Indiana  ...well, you can see for yourself what's his email:
Z - I turned on the TV to watch a little football and the station that came on had Bill Maher and a panel that included Rob Reiner. I decided to see what the liberals are talking about so I stayed tuned. After Maher insulted Sarah Palin about the crowds she draws (sarcastically stating that Yanni draws crowds) I wasn't too surprised, but get this:
He then says that 35% of Republicans (presumably in Congress) wanted him (Obama) impeached last year before he had even done anything! Obvious implication because he is black.
And then he says that "52" of Republicans believe Obama wants to set up Sharia law in the US.
This was just in the first few minutes that I watched! I decided the guy is such a lying partisan I wouldn't give him the respect of watching anymore.
Point is; Do people really believe what this guy says? And if so, I can understand why the divisiveness just keeps getting worse on the part of the liberals who on their own are not necessarily ugly people. But when indoctrinated like this, it becomes understandable why so many are bitter toward Republicans.    MGM
Z: Yanni draws crowds so you can discount the crowds of Palin?  WHAT?  And, can someone give me any proof that 35% of Republicans wanted Obama impeached in his first year?  35%??  Did Maher do a POLL?  And "52" Republicans think Obama wants Sharia Law here?  Which 52?   I'll wait for a list.   And yet, people believe BILL MAHER.  WHY?  The funniest thing is watching Larry King sit awed by what he appears to think is THE GREAT BILL MAHER's every word......I just don't get it.   Not that I wasn't a fan years ago, but he's become so nasty, negative and full of unfounded comments like the ones
My friend MGM's right....the indoctrination people soak up without looking into facts is scary.



beamish said...

I would say don't waste time being sidetracked in the analysis of what a leftist has to say with the demonstrably absurd presumption that leftists are actually capable of producing coherent, rational thought.

- Taxing employers, business owners, and investors out of existence will pay for unemployment programs.

- Fighting wars in Islamic countries will create terrorists among the people we shouldn't profile at the airport.

- We deserved to be attacked on 9/11 by the peaceful Muslims conspiring within our government at the direction of Karl Rove

...and so on.

Leftist thought has never had anything to do with thinking.

Always On Watch said...

My liberal neighbor cited stats such as those cited by Maher to "prove" how paranoid Republicans are.

Now, normally my neighbor R is a rational man -- this, despite his liberalism. R and I have known each other for over 30 years, and, yes, we've always disagreed about politics. Lately, however, R is having angry outbursts against anyone and everyone who leans right. What is THAT? R is not an Obamabot per se.

I don't know my neighbor R anymore. He's become a stranger to me and evinces none of the former objectivity he used to have.

Always On Watch said...

I posted a brief video clip of the panel discussion with Reiner and Maher.

If liberals buy into that crap, the gulf in America is going to widen even more!

Karen Howes said...

Maher is one of the world's biggest gits. I don't know why anyone would listen to him.

Chuck said...

Yes Yanni and Palin draw crowds. Did they explain why the Dems do not? Bill Clinton was in the Detroit area yesterday, a very strong Dem area, and he and the other Michigan Democratic "stars" including the candidate for Governor drew 500 people. The high school gym was only 1/3 full. On a Sunday afternoon.

Elmers Brother said...

Biden drew less than 200 when he was stumping during the primaries.

You can discount Maher, he's an outlier, less than 20% of Americans identify themselves as liberals.

Elmers Brother said...

Biden drew less than 200 when he was stumping during the primaries.

You can discount Maher, he's an outlier, less than 20% of Americans identify themselves as liberals.

Joe said...

We can discount Bill Maher at our own peril. There are hoards of people who believe that he's the one telling the truth, not us.

The question is, how do we combat this kind of "Bill Maher said it, therefore it is true because he is such an honorable man and a comediant, to boot!? Besides, he's on TV!"

We have a big job ahead of us.

Anonymous said...

Joe reveals the leftist strategy: control media, control America. This is NOT an accident and one of these days, thinking Americans will have to admit that Sen. McCarthy was right to be concerned about the communist/progressive left.

Ducky's here said...

On this board the 52% sounds real low.

Speedy G said...

Like ducky, Maher needs plenty of strawmen to kick around...

Brooke said...

Idiots will listen to Maher, but real people who have lost jobs and are reluctantly seeing reality will change their votes... Even if they are quiet about doing so.

Anonymous said...

Z, like you I watched Maher years ago too. I stopped cold when he told a horrible "joke" about President Reagan and his alzheimers disease. It wasn't funny.

I think he's done a gradual slide from merely having no class and into being a hater, especially of Christians.

Personally, I don't think he has that much power. Mostly, he plays to the far left choir.

The damage he's done this year IMO is that video he released from an old show about Christine O'Donnell who used to appear often on his show, and who discussed Christianity.

She was young and I don't think she realized he was using her as a foil to denigrate Christians.

Having said that, I don't think Maher's in the same league as John Stewart who is bad enough.

IMO, Maher isn't even a comedian, he's just not that funny, so he more and more resorts to outrageous statements to throw red meat to his left wing audiences.

Anyone who takes Maher seriously and believes what he says, really needs to get a life!


Z said...

Joe "We can discount Bill Maher at our own peril. There are hoards of people who believe that he's the one telling the truth, not us."

Exactly right. We can say "who watches that stuff, anyway?" >..the answer is MANY VOTERS. They get sucked and don't ASK QUESTIONS.

If they went from his show to Beck's show and saw the blackboard presentations, they'd be screeching and running for the next Republican candidate, you all know that.

McCarthy's a good one to mention here, Mustang, he WAS right, most thinking people know that by now, and it was his rotten presentation and cold heartededness that turned people off to him, to our peril. I see old films now where the indoctrination is SO obvious I;m stunned..and these are in films I love, films I admired until I grew up and saw the undercurrent meaning.....
"Democracy!? That's what got us in this bad situation in the FIRST place!" a farmer yells from a co-op farm in the Central, in a film from the early to mid thirties, when a crowd asks "what kind of gov't should we form here at the co-op?"

Beamish; exquisite.

AOW, R's got THAT bad? Does he do nothing but watch MSNBC? Was he raised here and used to love this country? What's with him?

Karen, too bad so many do. Imagine Maher getting a Star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood? Of course, I think about everyone who's spent 4 min on TV has one now, it's completely made all those real star's names on the Walk meaningless... kind of a metaphor for AMerica these days, actually...award the unworthy and screw the worthy.

Elbro, I wish we could discount him. Maybe 20% ID as liberals but, trust me, we're not getting 80% of Congress this year, sadly!

Ducky, please show us where any one commenter's suggested Obama backs SHaria Law.

Z said...

Brooke, but bitter people like Ducky LOOK for someone to blame and I believe a lot of them are still ill informed enough to blame Bush and hope Obama can pull our economy out..that's why I posted the AP article yesterday on the post just below this one.....He has some dandy input and is doing exactly what you touched on......not blaming BUsh quite as hard because he's got the memo that that doesn't work anymore, but acting like he hates BIG can't make this up.

Also, we still have people saying Obama's deficit's less than BUsh.....ya, with borrowed money from China and no way out..geeez

Z said...

Pris, easily said but their lives DO include Maher and they love it. MANY do.
I stopped about the time he did that to Reagan, too.......
The Christian thing actually makes me hurt for him; he's a very empty soul and I can only pity him.

He hangs at the Hefner mansion, never has a steady woman..I could say more (Friends hang there on Film Night but don't get involved with the 'other stuff' there, which is far tamer than we think these days, by the way)....very empty little man, desperate, scared, and having to swack those who DO have something he can't grasp.

Z said...

And then there is THIS :

"NPR Chief Executive Vivian Schiller isn't sorry about firing longtime news analyst Juan Williams last week, but now says she regrets how the network handled the episode.

Schiller, who has come under fire from conservatives, said that NPR still "stand[s] firmly behind" the decision to terminate Williams' contract after he commented about getting nervous when flying with passengers in Muslim garb. However, Schiller said that she regrets that she and other NPR managers "did not take the time to prepare our program partners and provide you with the tools to cope with the fallout from this episode." (Read Schiller's full memo here.)

Schiller said that the decision was "made to protect NPR's integrity and values as a news organization" and that Williams had been warned in the past to "avoid expressing strong personal opinions on controversial subjects in public settings, as that is inconsistent with his role as an NPR news analyst.""

SOme news writer's NOT DOING HIS HOMEWORK! "come under fire from CONSERVATIVES" Have all of you read the remarks at npr....I don't think I saw ONE which didn't support WIlliams....I don't see a liberal news reader in agreement with npr, either. Man, the fun and lies NEVER QUIT.
Someone can read that sentence and think "Damned Conservatives..up to it again!" WHat ROT...Plenty of LIberals actually had the integrity to disagree with that firing, too. But, doesn't suit the media agenda. and heck, the writer could get hired from a liberal venue for even TELLING THE TRUTH.

Z said...

Funny, someone at another site said "Vivian Schiller (npr) is a racist!"

This only made me laugh (i'm sure she is NOT a racist anymore than you or I am) because that's ONE thing that has NOT been said.

But, if a conservative station had done this, what do you think would have been the leftwing media's first call? You bet.

sue said...

Z - It depends which side you are on.

I thought it was outrageous when Rush called the president a jackass. Conservatives thought it was cute.

Although I don't believe everything Bill Maher says, I like him and respect much of his politics.

Just depends which side of the fence you are on.

BTW: Rob Reiner, who was on the show that night, said some pretty insightful things, too.

Z said...

Sue, I don't think it's particularly cute for anyone to have to call a sitting president names...I don't enjoy it when I feel the desire, either..
But, I feel absolutely ZERO association with this man who's changed our country so much for the worse...heck, even race relations, which some of us hoped he'd help with, have become far worse in their stupidly labeling TeaPartiers as racist.

Reiner's no dummy, and I'm sure a lot of what he'd say would appeal to you.

Yes, it has a lot to do with which side of the aisle; since this is a more conservative site, I guess that goes without saying.

re liking and respecting much of Maher's politics, ... his demeanor's turned me so far off I can't imagine I'd admire much of him anymore at all. Oh, and he says it with such assuredness it kind of cracks me up, I have to admit.

sue said...

Z - This is your blog, and for the most part everyone that comments here agrees with you.

But, again, I do believe that our opinions come from the political side that we lean toward.

I want to make it clear, one more time, that I like Bill Maher, and he makes much more sense to me that almost anyone else whose opinions I read or hear. Not everything he says sounds right to me, but enough of it does so that I watch his show.

And he does have a steady girl friend that he may marry.

Joe said...

sue: How was it when Maher called Bush a jackass? And worse?

sue said...

Joe - When Bush was in office I wasn't watching Bill Maher's show.

My point is: I like Bill Maher. Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and worse - Glenn Beck. Conservatives think Bill Maher is awful. I think Rush Limbaugh is awful. It's really just a draw.

We like the people who say want we want to hear, don't we.

For example, if on his show this Friday night Bill Maher were to say things that were good about Conservatives, wouldn't that sound good to them? Of course it would.

That's why they call it politics. It's just one big mixed up mess.

Elmers Brother said...

We can discount Bill Maher at our own peril. There are hoards of people who believe that he's the one telling the truth, not us.

who are these hoards Joe? Aren't they the same outliers?

Elmers Brother said...

Limbaugh is a real person whose appeal and audience is much larger then Maher's. He's an idiot that nobody talks about. The fool has said in his heart that there is no God. He's a fool.

sue said...

EB - Rush Limbaugh once called a young girl a 'dog', because she was not physically attractive, at a time that was probably very hard for her, a time when she came into the public spotlight, when her father became president. When that happened, I knew I would never have respect for Limbaugh again - ever.

You are deluding yourself if you think that Bill Maher is an idiot that no one talks about. He may say outrageous things, but Bill Maher is no idiot. When it comes to politics, he knows what he is talking about.

sue said...

Ok. So Rush Limbaugh called the young Chelsea Clinton a dog - just because she wasn't pretty like the other girls. But the Conservatives chose to ignore that because they don't like the Clintons anyway.

Well, Bill Maher has said some things - pretty outrageous things, things that I don't like or agree with -that I chose to ignore, because I like what he says about politics.

So it all comes down to that. We choose the people as our spokesmen not because they are perfect but because they say what we want to hear.

Sometimes I tune in to Bill's show and sit there and think, 'Wow, this is what I'm thinking.'
I'm sure Conservatives do the same with Rush...and Glenn.

That's what it's all about.

And never the twain shall meet...

Z said...

they'd better at least attempt to meet or this country's in even more serious trouble than it is now.

There IS truth somewhere in the left and right opinions, but nobody cares to get to it.

Sadly, it seems to many of us that that TRUTH is that some don't either understand the constitution well enough to govern by it or purposefully want to do away with all our founding fathers' tenets.

Z said...

What I'm trying to say is that Dems like Tip O'Neill and Patrick MOynihan would be rolling in their GRAVES at the stimulus package, borrowing from China, the WH setting up CEO salaries!, buying companies, calling half of this country RACIST with no proof, lying about the chamber of commerce, etc etc......

In the good old days, Republicans and Democrats loved America, wanted to uphold the constitution, and wanted to go at it a bit differently.......they were healthier days.

Z said...

Oh, and our school children were really TAUGHT not TOLD to think the horrid socialism entitlement and silly "put America LAST" stuff they're getting now.

sue said...

Z - When I wrote what I did (about Maher and Limbaugh) I realized that I wasn't leaving much room for civility, and working together, despite our different opinions, but as you said, we have to do that. Maybe there will come a time when we will see that and be forced to do it.

Actually, lately I've been thinking that it would be nice if you would have a somewhat lighter post - with Halloween coming, like scariest movies or scariest experiences!

Z said...

Sue, I have a couple of great cartoons coming, stay tuned :-)

sue said...

Z - I was shocked when I just heard on the news - a Democrat who is running for some office was mad because Obama didn't campaign for him said, 'He can just shove it.'

There's just no respect these days!

Elmers Brother said...

EB - Rush Limbaugh once called a young girl a 'dog', because she was not physically attractive, at a time that was probably very hard for her, a time when she came into the public spotlight, when her father became president.

He was mocking the MSM Sue.

Larry King's ratings are so bad he was allowed to quit rather than get cancelled. At one point he couldn't draw more than 25,000 a night. That's with Maher. There are no hoards.

Anonymous said...

Maher's interpretting Brett Favre's inappropriate texts as evidence that white people are out of touch gave me a good indication of how much I should value Maher's opinion.


sue said...

EB - I have heard other Conservatives offer excuses for Rush, when in fact that is what he said.

I trust Conservative comments just as much as you trust what a Liberal says. You only think that you are on top of things. Not in my opinion.

sue said...

Funny thing is, each version of what Rush meant by the 'dog' story is different depending on which Conseravtive tells it.

sue said...

Here's what I think:

There is a group of people in this country that call themselves Conservatives. They believe that they know what is best for America.

There is another group of people in this country that call themselves Liberals. They believe that they know what is best for

The Conservatives and Liberals do not like each other. Like street gangs, they fight and call each other names and say preposterous things about each other. 'Liberals are idiots.'
Conservatives are racists.' Liberals hate America.' Conservatives are whiners.' And so on.

Wait a minute. What is happening here? Americans are fighting each other. Like the Civil War of 2010.

Don't we have enough problems without the two main parties bickering and arguing?

Maybe it's always been like this. And maybe it always will be. It is human nature for people to fight. But it is also human nature for people to get along and care about each other.

I have never, ever listened to Rush Limbaugh with an open mind. Maybe he does have something constructive to say. And maybe you have never listened to Bill Maher with an open mind. Aside from the anti-religion and nasty talk, I assure you he has many good things to say about running this country.

But will it happen? Will we ever unite? Nah, it ain't gonna happen. Not in my lifetime.
How about in yours?

Z said...

Sue, I heard that 'shove it' thing, too. Talk about uncivil. And TRUST ME, if a Republican had said that about BUsh, I'd condemn it, too.

As you know, I used to like Maher but that was really before he got political...And, you're right, I don't listen to him much now but I do see him on Larry King for a few minutes at a time and all I hear is derision not constructive ideas, but I could be wrong ...he's so hateful. But Rush and most of the other COnservative talk show people get very angry, doubt about it.

My opinion is we need to STICK TO THE far, one party's lost track of that and that's dangerous and WRONG, and that's why I'm with my party.

As for getting's been very bad before, during LIncoln's time and others (you ought to see the political cartoons from THEN!) but this is scarier because we've got terrorism licking its chops and people like SOros ruining our economy all at the same time..meanwhile, all we're doing is fighting. Perfect storm. Frightening, indeed.

sue said...

Z - As far as the 'shove it' thing goes, I don't condemn it, I was just shocked. The guy is running for governor of Rhode Island, and it's a week before elections. I just didn't think it showed much class.

But maybe the people of Rhode Island would agree with what he said. Apparently Obama didn't come to that state when they had flooding.

I just thought it was bold of him to say that. I can't ever think of a candidate making a public remark like that about a president. I mean 'shove it' is kind of crude. Now days anything goes.

You are definitely right about the Constitution. That is what our country is founded on and it is our guiding lines - and the law.

I'm sure that times have been this bad before - or worse - as far as infighting goes.

Gary said...

Ok I got it. Larry King should ask you who he can have as a guest because you might not like them....Solution;change the channel.

Z said...

Gary; we're talking here about MEDIA BIAS not CHOICE, okay?
Yes, I can turn it off, but there's Bill Maher spewing his stuff and Larry KIng drooling on the floor...and the point is some people actually BELIEVE HIM.

Let me ask YOU something...ever heard a person critical of a leftwinger who's on King's show get a phone call in? (Never happens)

Thanks for coming by.