Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Faith Blog....

A little old lady was driving along the road when someone very abruptly and dangerously cut her off.
She felt more furious than she'd ever been before and began yelling and screaming and cursing and even used a gesture one wouldn't think that old ladies might use. 
Well, the cops came and put her in jail.  She was calmer by now, more her usual demeanor, and perplexed.  She asked one cop what she'd done to put her in jail, she said the other driver almost killed her and that she didn't think yelling and cursing was an offense bad enough to jail someone.
The cop came back an hour later, hat in hand.  He told her that the car she was driving had a Christian 'fish' bumper sticker, a pro life sticker, and a few other Christian bumper stickers all over it.  She asked what was wrong with that.  He shuffled his feet and sheepishly smiled.
"We thought the car was stolen."

Live your faith! :-)
Ephesians 5:8 - "For once you were full of darkness, but now you have light from the Lord. So live as people of light!"
You might be the only Bible anybody ever meets........a Bible in shoes.... have a great Sunday.


Craig and Heather said...

Live your faith! :-)

What a great reminder, Z! "All the world's a stage", and there is always someone watching. You may never know for sure who, or why.

I know everyone is human, but have lost track of the number of times I've misrepresented Christ and seriously regretted it.

Anyway, I loved the bit about the little old lady.


Z said...

Heather, glad you loved it, too. I heard it at Bible Study and had to share it and extrapolate on it with the verse; it really is important. We really are "bibles in shoes" to many who never open the actual book up.

FairWitness said...

Great Sunday Faith Blog, Z.

I think I could have been this old woman myself a time or two or three. I need to reevalutate that, do a better job as God's child.

Z said...

Oh, me, TOO,, too.

I have a dear friend who wears a cross and she was at the airport waiting in line for a very long time for help when someone said something to the agent that was untrue and belittling to the agent; my friend spoke up and said what she knew about the flight situation and it was against what the other client had said..the other client looks at her and says "SOME CHristian!" Here was a case that my friend was right in her info and right to support the agent, but this woman slams my friend's faith for not agreeing with her on a flight!? wow

WomanHonorThyself said...

amen sista!

Brooke said...

That's a good one! :)

Anonymous said...

Z, I got a kick out of your story about the friend who agreed with the agent.

I guess Christians aren't supposed to agree with someone in authority? Pretty funny.

Yes we're all human to be sure, and some folks "lose it" occasionally. Who hasn't had reason to be angry from time to time and it isn't easy to turn the other cheek when you feel threatened in some way.


beamish said...

Funny! But, on a serious note (and I'm probably in the minority here) I see no problem with cussing and yelling and making obscene gestures at someone who cuts me off in traffic.

If I wasn't a Christian, I'd probably do a pit manuever, spin out the offending driver in a wreck and beat him to death with a tire tool, and be jumping rope with his small intestine for the insanity plea when the cops arrive.


sue said...

Z - A man from our church told me this story (true).

He was friends with another man for a long time, they swam together at the Y.

One day Larry (my friend), asked the other man to come to church with him.

The other man responded, 'Why, Larry, I didn't know you were a Christian.

When Larry told the story he said he was shocked at the man's response.

Kind of like your 'Bible in Shoes'
story about the old lady. I guess we all could give that some thought.

Z said...

Sue, yes we could.

Beamish, TRUST ME, we ALL yell and scream and cuss sometimes...! Nobody's a saint but I sure thought the punch line was worth thinking about!

sue said...

beamish - I don't think you are in the minority. I have done my share of flipping off if I think someone deserves it.

Recently I was talking to my daughter on my cell phone and said something bad to the guy in the car next to me (of course, he deserved it!) and my puzzled daughter said, 'What was that?'

Z said...

Sue, that's funny about your daughter! "Mom, MEEEE??" :-)
We can't talk on hand held cell phones in California anymore grrrr

beamish said...


Don't drive and talk on the cell phone. You'll spill your martini ;)

Susannah said...

"Don't drive and talk on the cell phone. You'll spill your martini"

Just when I was getting off the floor from the 'jumping rope' comment...

Beam, you crack me up! Good week, all~

Z said...

Beamish, that's ANOTHER thing! We can't DRINK in the car, either! :-(
Imagine the NERVE of these laws?

Anonymous said...

This is PRECISEly why I don't put the icthus on my bumper.


No. Actually, when I was in college I was driving through Houston on a mission trip. I had to follow my friend very closely for fear of getting lost (no cell phones back then). The lady next to me wanted between us, but I was too afraid to let her in. She pulled a revolver on me and pointed it straight at my face. I still don't know how we exited that interstate in one piece. I ducked and my friend in the passenger seat took the wheel.

We flagged down a cop and when he asked for a description (with a smirk on his face...because he knew they'd NEVER find her), I just said, she was UGLY and in a BAD MOOD!

So to this day I don't even look at people, much less give hand gestures. That fine lady cured me.

sue said...

Z - I think that would be frustrating not to be able to use a cell phone while driving. However, I definitely think it is dangerous to do so - especially while dialing. (They can't use them in Egypt either.) Saw on the internet that using a cell phone is the same as drunk driving.

Because I am honest, I will confess that in my martini-drinking days(no more - now I only drink caffeine) I actually grabbed my martini and took it along while driving to the drugstore. When I think back I can't belive I did that. Ah...martinis. The good old days.

Z said...

they sure were good days, SUe! :-)
I think something happens when you hit 50; it's like your system suddenly can't take it!

sue said...

You are right, Z. But there are advantages to being on the far side, too.

cube said...

I've never been a martini fan, but when I drank, I always did so at home once there was no chance I would have to drive.

That said, I know people are fallible and can make mistakes. I can only hope they make non-life threatening ones.

sue said...

cube - If you are refering to me, yes, unlike you, I do make mistakes.

That said, how did we ever get from there to here on the Sunday faith blog?

sue said...
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Z said...

Sue, there are advantages to 'this side', you're right!

I think we ALL know today that driving under the influence isn't a good idea......we did a LOT of things we didn't realize were bad back least I did :-)

Jen, that's a great'd drive perfectly in France; their rule is "don't make eye contact so the other person can't be sure if you're going to give him the right of way"..then YOU can go first! (in those roundabouts!)

sue said...

Z - Well, just for the record, although I took my martini along in the car - a stupid mistake - I was far from under the influence.

I've done other things that may have showen poor judgement, but that day no one's life was in danger.

sue said...


beamish said...

The LAST time I drank and drove, I woke up around 8 in the morning behind the wheel of my car, parked in my driveway, engine still running and overheating, not remembering anything about the drive home from the bar I was partying at hours before and a two-hours drive away. I was lucky all that little quest for tragedy brought me was a busted radiator.

I absolutely won't drive in that condition ever again. If I ever get slizzard drunk like that again, it will be planned ahead and not before I bury my keys somewhere with some posthole diggers. I don't drink even a fraction as much as I used to, so I'll never face that again.

I haven't mastered the art of talking on a cell phone while driving, but it's usually because I already have a cigarette in one hand. If I wore a Bluetooth earpiece I'd look like a fuzzy Volkswagen Beetle with a Star Trek laser cannon mounted on the door.

Saw a guy the other day with a Bluetooth headset mounted in a over-stretched earlobe piercing. D-orque.

Bah, I'm rambling.