Friday, October 29, 2010

JUST heard on FOX

By now, all of you have heard about the suspicious packages sent from Yemen to the UK and America, but I thought this was a riot and thought you should know:

FOX's Megyn Kelly had just given the news that "two SYNAGOGUES in Chicago were destinations for some of these suspicious packages"....Two minutes later she read breaking news, live, right off of her computer..."Chicago FBI says that all places of worship must be on guard....Synagogues, Churches and MOSQUES...... because some packages were intended for 'places of worship'."
Right.  Ya THINK many mosques need to be vigilant?  :-)  Thanks, Chicago FBI, we love PC FBI alerts.

UPDATE:  I just heard Judith Miller ("a liberal on FOX?") say how well our intelligence is working through what looks like a terror attempt instead of a 'dry run' now that they've actually found an explosive, and I couldn't help but think of gratitude for the Bush administration for having put so much of this in place.    If Obama can say that "it's Bush's economy we're struggling with", almost 2 years later, can they give Bush "it's Bush's diligence" almost 2 years later, too?  Just wondering.  Or will this be all Obama's greatness :-)?



Anonymous said...

"Ya THINK many mosques need to be vigilant? "

A little taste of their own might be needed...ya think?

Ducky's here said...

Bush's diligence? Bush was there for the worst attack ever on American soil.

Has there been a successful attack under Obama?

You did notice, I assume, that the security screening picked these up, whatever they were.

beamish said...

Because of this 11th hour pre-election touted "counter-terrorism" victory, I'd say there's a informant inside the Yemeni branch of al Qaeda that is being asked uncomfortable questions right now.

Does anyone in this Obama Misadministration know the concept of a "honey pot" as it applies to counter-intelligence and moles?

No. We've been had.

FrogBurger said...

I personally get tired of the rhetoric Bush vs Obama in this context. I don't think one is working less or more than the other and hope nothing will happens.

So Ducky that makes you a jerk.

I agree that it could just be a decoy while something bigger is being prepared.

Z said...

Ducky, I"m cracking up here! READ MY POST! BUsh was "There" for the worst attack! Ya, it was HIS FAULT, right :-)? You know, he was told "an attack might include airplanes" but damn, he SHOULD HAVE KNOWN which planes, when and where...and, if he didn't, he should have closed ALL AIRPORTS until we were THROUGH WITH TERRORISM, right?
You poor lefties, Ducky! THINK, man.
You can blame Bush for a bad economy two years later, but let things have been found today, due largely to planning he put together, and this is THE WONDERFUL OBAMA'S CREDIT? OH, man, you guys ARE FUNNY!!
Sad that it was actually BRITISH security that gave us the tip; nobody's sure Obama's jerks could have got it, no matter HOW GOOD Bush's implementations were.

Beamish, are you suggesting this was done to make Obama look good?

beamish said...

No, I saying the disclosure to the public was done to make Obama look good.

He can't stop a terrorist his Justice Department is "monitoring" from shooting a military recruitment office in Arkansas.

He can't stop a terrorist his Justice Department is "monitoring" from shooting up an Army base in Texas.

He can't stop a terrorist his Department of Homeland Security has "banned" from flight from getting on a plane overseas and trying to ignite it over Michigan.

He can't stop a terrorist his Justice Department was "monitoring" and his DHS has "banned" from flight from getting on a plane and trying to leave the country after leaving a faulty truck bomb in Times Square.

But they can find ink toner cartridges made up to look like bombs in packages being FedEx'ed from Yemen.

Or rather, British intelligence can.

Funny thing, that intelligence treaty we have with Britian. We can spy on their citizens and they can spy on ours, and the intelligence agencies can share information with each other across the ocean that would take a warrant for each's domestic law enforcement to acquire.

Now I expect a barrage of "suspicious package" deliveries from all over the planet to draw resources towards combatting it that would be best used for avoiding the four above named counter-terrorism failures of the Obama Misadministration.

We're sucked into the honey pot.

lakerman1 said...

Obama considers Britain an ally? Since when? This is the president who didn't want the bust of Churchill cluttering up his office .... the president whose personal gifts to Queen Elizabeth and the PM were ignorant and insulting.
You would think, after listening to the faux president, that the U.S. stopped the plot, and found the packages. The U.S. did not. Saudi Arabia and Yemen governments managed to stop the plot, along with UPS tracking doen the whereabouts of the packages.
The administration never thought to warn Britain.
Maybe now he'll send the British security services a DVD of his speeches or a I-Pod.

And by the way, did anyone check his demeanor when ace gave his "we've absorbed more attempts" speech? He has no emotion, no essence of any strong convictions on fighting terrorism. He is simply reading something that he does not seem to particularly care too much about, and then he walked off with his nose in the air not taking any questions at all. .

Z said...

Lakerman1 (you mean like basketball Lakers??)

I was dismayed to hear that the administration has revealed that the Saudis tipped us off....that's the last time they'll do that, I guess.
We're all about THE NEWS here, got to have NEWS to fill every second; got to tell EVERYTHING for transparency sake..THIS, in an era that some common sense might be better. Of course, when you can't TRUST your people in the WH, maybe transparency is better than letting them run around in secret, but I have to stick to my thinking that the less said about how America learns of terror plots the better.

WHAT are they thinking?

Beamish..facing terrorism in the era of an Obama presidency is so scary. I'm reading Laura Bush's bio right now and am so touched with how much thought Bush put into things that he was so insulted for......He CARED, he did things behind the scenes that only conservatives ever heard about due to conservative news venues, etc.
I'm reading about a man and woman who are patriotic, who care, and who agonized for our country.
Would that those days were back.

Anonymous said...

The notion that they are attacking our mosques ranks up there with Navin R Johnson's insistence that the sniper was shooting at the cans of oil.

Name that 30-year old pop culture refernce.


beamish said...

Beamish..facing terrorism in the era of an Obama presidency is so scary.

Tell me about. Somehow the Blithering Imbecile In Cheif and his monopoly upon America's militant morons (aka the Democratic Party) believe its more comforting to announce that intelligence and law enforcement agencies were actively monitoring the Islamic terrorists that have attacked on American soil four times since he took office than it is for him to admit his misadminstration has been caught clueless four times.

Now far be it from me to suggest there's a learning curve to anticipate and expect from the Obama Misadministration. Most single-plot gravesites contain more brain activity than the left has produced in 200 years, if you squint to take the autonomic responses of worms under consideration.

The Ft. Hood shootings tell you all you need to know about Obama's approach to counter-terrorism - the Justice Department / FBI allegedly "monitored" this guy for months yet never informed the Army of what they had in their midsts.

This would be the same Justice Department trying to put soldiers and intelligence agents on trial for punching a terrorist in the stomach.

Now, I realize since Andrew Jackson it's been every Democrat President's goal to be the worst President America ever had, but damn.

At least Clinton beefed up surveillance and actually hoped Osama Bin Laden would dare download a Metallica song from Napster.

beamish said...


Just one of my favorite movies of all time... "The Jerk"

MK said...

Judging by the number of muslims fellow muslims have slaughtered over the centuries, i suppose moques should be wary, especially if they don't follow the real koran. A sizable number of muslims are, dare i say it, intolerant of those who won't murder and pillage like their pedophile prophet did.

Anonymous said...

Excellente, Beamish.