Thursday, October 28, 2010

Disheartened? I sure am

We have a president who refers to Republicans (half the country) as "The enemy", we have talk show hosts calling Republican candidates "bitches"and saying they're "going to hell", we have campaigns calling other Republican women candidates "whores",  we have a media which skipped a pretty important story about possible fraud in Nevada, some would prefer not to say the Pledge of Allegiance and then say anybody who respects the Pledge is part of a 'mob' which, it appears, is just too patriotic for their taste,  we have a mosque probably going in 2 blocks from Ground Zero against the wishes of nearly every New Yorker and most Americans, this great country's letting scum print secrets about our military and can't do a thing about it, etc etc. There's so much more, but I just don't have the energy to mention and link away in 'comments' if it helps you to vent. 
Tuesday night, I watched two minutes of Anderson Cooper on CNN where he did a story ridiculing candidates saying anything they want, getting caught, and then saying "what I said was 'out of context'" ..For examples of this, he used 3 Republican candidates and Rod Blagojevich, as if they're all similar people (Clever and cunning on Anderson's part, huh? CNN in campaign mode. Does the DNC pay the liberal media?)!
And, Tuesday night, Meg Whitman got booed for not agreeing with Matt Lauer that informing Californians about Jerry Brown's shortcomings in office over the last forty years is "negative campaigning!" !!  And Brown gets cheered for saying he won't run negative ads after all he's done to Whitman ("the whore" and illegal employee hirer).........what?
Where's our country going?  Will civility ever return?  Do you think we have a chance?


JINGOIST said...

Z, I understand why you're disheartened. CA is a political MESS!! Boxer and Jerry brown ahead....WHAT!!

Here's what you can do. Help out Jim Demint's Conservative fund.

Linda said...

I will be glad when the election is over, but I hope we don't just return to same ole', same ole'.

Anonymous said...

It proves that CA has been taken over by the inmates of the asylum.

The fox is in the hen house and is eating all of CA alive.

FairWitness said...

Good morning Z,

I am thoroughly disgusted, too. I watched the whole clip of "The View" comments yesterday. Why is Sharron Angle a racist for challenging Harry Reid's policies, responsible for illegal aliens criminality in our country?


Just because Joy Behar says Sharron Angle's TV ad is racist doesn't make it so. She is full of baloney!

How did someone so damn ignorant get a spot on Barbara Walters show? What the heck is going on?

Anonymous said...

One Nation under God, divisible by a mulatto, pot smoking, coke snorting, community organizer, street thug, narcissist, Seiu loving, Acorn organizer, son of a Kenyan communist, disciple of an American hating chicago preachers black tribalism and as anti American as you can get.

Surrounded by frustrated Marxists, "former" terrorists, anarchists, political hacks and hatchet men of dubious distinction...

A mutt who has set back race relations over 3 decades in less than a year. Emboldened racial hatred and class separation. A mutt who's ruined our command structure while we're at war...and then emboldens religious fanatics with his total lack of understanding, naivete and ignorance of our real enemy, islam, as the son of an islamist.

We all knew it before we handed him the keys to the throne.

Who's really to blame?

FairWitness said...

"Who's really to blame?"

Indeed! We ALL, every last one of us, must get involved in elections, volunteer to help a good man or woman get elected, make campaign contributions and most of all -- GO VOTE!

Speak out, challenge PC -- read Socialist -- claptrap! Fight to save our nation.

Anonymous said...

Get out and VOTE??? How do we fight this:

"A federal appeals court on Tuesday struck down an Arizona requirement that residents prove U.S. citizenship in order to register to vote but upheld a mandate that they present identification before casting their ballots.

Opponents of the 6-year-old law that incorporated both provisions—designed to prevent illegal immigrants from voting—said the ruling would likely lead to thousands of registered voters being turned away at next Tuesday’s elections for lacking the necessary identification documentation.

The appeals court is slated to hear arguments next week in a legal challenge to a separate newly enacted Arizona law requiring state and local police to check the immigration status of anyone they suspect is in the county illegally.


The Tuesday ruling stems from a ballot initiative, Proposition 200, Arizona voters passed in 2004 requiring individuals to produce proof of citizenship, such as a passport, to register to vote, and a picture ID, such as a driver’s license, or two pieces of non-photo ID, in order to cast a ballot.

Proposition 200 opponents have argued the polling ID requirements discriminate against minorities and the poor, who might not have the money to obtain the necessary proof of identification.

But the 9th Circuit struck down the proof-of-citizenship requirements as being in conflict with a national voter registration law passed by Congress, which has paramount authority under the U.S. Constitution to regulate federal election procedures.

Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor was part of the three-judge panel that decided the appeal, joining the 9th Circuit as she has from time to time on select cases since leaving the high court. She concurred in the 2-1 majority in Tuesday’s ruling."

One ILLEGAL vote ...nullifies a legal vote.

So...these people are too poor to produce ID? What do they use to drive with then?

I have to produce ID at a pharmacy to buy Advil Cold and Sinus treatment!

Chuck said...

I think the Dems are running a significant risk of doing long term damage to themselves.

Over the years the public narrative has been that Republicans are mean spirited and hateful.

This of course was due to the left controlling the media in the US.

We have always had nastiness from both sides but if one side controls the message than the public only sees one side of the issue.

This is not to say the public has been stupid, just uninformed. Many people get their news from one source only and for decades this one source has been one of the big 3 networks (all far-left), local newspapers (mostly far-left) who use articles from the Associated Press (far-left), and weekly news magazines (mostly dominated by the left). Then we had CNN (far left).

Now we have Fox News and the internet, the worst enemies of the far-left media.

People are seeing both sides of the story all of a sudden on Fox.

They are watching Youtube and seeing Alan Grayson's hatred, Joe Biden's idiocy, Barrack Obama's lies, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid's plans for America, the racism of the NAACP and the NBPP, the voter fraud of ACORN and select unions.

What they are not seeing is these things being covered on the MSM so they are turning it off. They are not buying newspapers. They have stopped subscribing to the far-left weekly magazines. CNN is on the verge of cancellation.

Back to the Dems.

They are in the middle of a dangerous trifecta:

-they no longer control the media

-they are becoming more desperate because of the loss of control, people are seeing the ramifications of liberal policies so they are becoming nastier, more vocal, and sloppier about when and where they make their comments. There always seems to be someone around with a handheld camera with Youtube capability.

-the Republicans are sensing a chance to seize control so, although still having their own moments, have been showing more restraint.

I think the Dems are flirting with the mask being ripped off and the public seeing them for what they really are. It could be a long while before they repair this image.

Sorry for the length, I just started typing ;)

Brooke said...

I feel your pain, Z.

I don't know if the left will ever find an ounce of civility. Now that they feel threatened, they are showing their true nature: Bitter, vile, cold-hearted, racist, misogynist and outright hateful.

Opus #6 said...

I am sitting here listening to a radio report that Jerry Brown leads Whitman by ten points. Disheartening for sure.

I will keep plugging away. I think the rest of the country has a much better chance of healing than CA. I pray for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I don't see a return to civility for a long, long time, if ever.

One major problem is that the Democrats campaign like street thugs & the Republicans have no conception of how to fight that way, or to counter it. You have to have manners & decorum before you can pass it on to others.

I know the pendulum is supposed to swing both ways, but I think that clock has run down.


Z said...

Picture Californians who've had experience with Brown over many years, who've heard him yell that ALL KIDS should go to university, even illegals, inferring that he'll pay, etc etc., and who'll pick him, someone who's never created a job in his LIFE, over a business woman like Whitman who built ebay.

The lowest blow I've heard yet was on CNN this morning when they suggested how many people Whitman and Fiorina have fired! That's that happens when people who don't know business get the if ANY person who's hired 15000 to 40000 people hasn't had to FIRE anyone? CNN NEVER mentioned the enormous company WHitman built, how many jobs she's, just who she's fired :-)
The Brown team's exposing the illegal employee a year later, just in the knick of time really has paid off.
THIS is where our politics have come to, folks...and it's surely not just California!

We have a candidate being BLAMED for firing a woman she found out was illegal. ARe we NUTS? That's what you DO when you find out your help's illegal.

Then we have every journalist bending over backward to prove that the fraud rumors are not based on truth in NV. It's just a coincidence that people went in to vote and the Dems names were checked ... 'no story here, folks'... astonishing, looks like it's all been planned or something.

Obama on Stewart's show got a little more thin skinned than usual, care came up and the best he could do was mention one woman who won't have to sell her house to fight her cancer (a very good thing, obviously)...instead, ALL OF US will lose our wonderful private coverage and our own personal beloved physicians because our insurance will be "far too high to pay", as my Blue SHield Agent warned.....he said I"ll have to go on the gov't plan and THAT is one bad plan.

welcome to Obama's ugly America.

Anonymous said...

I happen to agree with Meg Whitman. We must be very careful about the words we use because the nuances of demo-speech work against conservative principles. Since when is telling the truth “uncivil” discourse? Since when is telling the truth “dirty politics?” This is very much an Alinsky-Cloward-Piven approach to winning an election, and most voters are not even aware people favoring communism are manipulating them.

Another thing, I am tired of hearing Americans complain about gridlock in Washington. Read the founding documents, my friends. The founding fathers intended gridlock; it is how we avoid emotional decisions that turn into policy disaster for our country. The best example of this is Obama’s health care law. Pass the bill and then read it? What was the rush? Where was the gridlock demanding cooler heads to prevail? Rather than fixing the broken parts of our health care system that wasn’t working, Democrats rushed through a law that broke the working parts of our health care system.

You said it yourself the other day, and I agree: I want the GOP to slow down and think about the long term consequences of the laws they pass. As Americans, let’s dispense with claiming that truth is politically incorrect!

Ducky's here said...

After years of the venom pouring from rabies radio, your concern about Joy Behar does seem ingenuous.

Return to the same old same old, Linda? This whole thing reminds me of the final scene from Werner Herzog's "Stroszek". Well worth watching, a brilliant commentary on America, capitalism, the existential dilemma ... you decide.

The final eight minutes are the best thing he ever filmed, including the opening descent in "Aguirre".

"Yeah Chief, we've got a car on fire, a man on the lift and we can't cut the power to the dancing chicken."

And it doesn't matter what happens Tuesday. e can't cut the power to the dancing chicken.

Joe Conservative said...

And it doesn't matter what happens Tuesday. e can't cut the power to the dancing chicken.

Au contraire. It's the one thing we ABSOLUTELY MUST do. Stop the flow of $$$ to DC.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

If Fornicalia stays on the same path, it is simply doomed.

If the fed stays on the same path, it is likewise doomed. No matter who holds the reins.


FrogBurger said...

After years of the venom pouring from rabies radio

Anti protestant, anti jewish, anti blacks when they don't side with you.

I hope you don't call yourself tolerant.

FrogBurger said...

The guy is a community organizer. But he's actually not. We knew he wasn't a president. But organizing a community would require some skills to unify people, you'd think. Otherwise why would you call it a community. He can't even do that.

He has to divide us b/c what he behaves like is a neighborhood bad boy fighting for his block.

What he really is a child that hasn't gotten all the attention he deserved and has to talk big to get applause and admiration.

What he really is is a joke. And that's why he was on Comedy Central.

Gramma 2 Many said...

What I find to be very sad is that so many people do not take the time to sort out fact from lies. They listen to two or three minute sound bites on their TV and make their "informed" choice based on that. It is no wonder we are going to Hell in a hand basket. People are nothing more than sheeple being led around by a nose ring. Until people are willing to get off of their arses and do a little investigating on their own, I do not see much changing. Why have the people not risen up and loudly protested the obvious fraud already being found in Nevada? Why have the people not loudly protested the decision in Arizona? As long as we are willing to sit in front of our TV and wait for the next government disbursment, we will never see change. We have created a society of brain dead leaches. You forgot the ditz who cheated at her debate. Sorry, right now I cannot remember her name. Her cover up was she thought it was a message from her daughter. However when the tapes were gone over, it was clear her aide said who it was from. They do not even try to hide the fact that they are cheating. They are counting on us doing nothing concrete, just complaining.

Dave Miller said...

This accusation of potential voter fraud, as it relates to Las Vegas, is the same bogus charge that the plagiarized blog Conservative16 had up.

What people fail to report, or even point out, is that several sources, from both Republican and Democratic camps, the Registrar of Voters, FOX News 5 and both the liberal and conservative newspapers in Las Vegas, the Sun and the RJ, report that has been no evidence of any fraud and these made up charges are both reckless and misguided.

The media has not ignored it, because there is nothing at this point to ignore. If the media was ignoring this, how would anyone hear such a made story?

Even the FBI is involved here in Vegas looking for the supposed fraud.

What people do not want to hear is that maybe there is no fraud. And if there is no fraud, there is no story.

You cannot make up a story, and then criticize the media for not reporting on it. It is illogical.

Anonymous said...

Dave, I think you are making a cogent argument; I also think you should acknowledge there is a reason for concerns about voter fraud. We can begin with the thousands of absentee military ballots thrown in the trash. We can cite numerous convictions, most of which involved the now-infamous (and invisible) ACORN organization. We can point to dead people who continue to vote in some states. Now we learn Senator Al Franken received 2,000 fraudulent votes. The entire city council in Troy, NY is under investigation. I don’t think you mean to suggest that these things should not concern us …

We ought to worry about such things as voter intimidation in Philadelphia (or anywhere else); we should be incensed (as a united people) when we learn that government policy is not to persecute perpetrators of crimes when they are of a particular skin color. None of these issues are imaginary. If it turns out that the Las Vegas incident was not fraud, fine. If it turns out that the individual in Miami was merely helping indigent citizens complete dozens of absentee ballots, great. It was probably just a mistake. On the other hand, perhaps greater sensitivity to voter fraud will limit such incidents. Wouldn’t that be a positive thing? Shouldn’t citizens have confidence in their electoral system?

Susannah said...

It's gonna be a mudslide until Tuesday, friends. Anon is right, though, we must VOTE!! Do not be disheartened over individual races. Press on toward the BIG picture!

Z, from your 'Chris Matthews' post, I extrapolated a rather philosophical post. I think addresses your question, "Where is our country going?" And Brooke just left a very good comment about what happens when the President gets down in the mud with the rest of 'us.'

Opus, I join you in prayer.

Z said...

Jingo, I'm not talking about California. YOu think California's in more trouble than America? no...not by a long shot.

Ducky you said "After years of the venom pouring from rabies radio, your concern about Joy Behar does seem ingenuous. a mess alone?"

Shows you don't listen to talk'd be weeping from the truth of it so I can't blame you for guarding your socialist mindset...and I have NEVER EVER heard anybody call a woman BITCH and say someone is GOING TO HELL on any mainstream conservative talk radio.

BY the way, when your WH or you can deny ONE F'ING thing Beck says about the connections of OBama and his cronies and how dangerous they are, then you have credibility with your nasty, useless insults which take advantage of my conservative blog to spew your ridiculous hate...until then, stop.
Although I DO think it's kind of cute seeing you Googling in my you try to find any little thing in my posts to dispute when you can't dispute the main point :-) I must admit that makes me smile.

TO ALL OF YOU: If you think I'm only addressing California here, you're kidding yourselves. I"m talking MUCH broader than my State (I'm not even that up on California politics because I think our whole country is in such trouble)

Here's my point:

If we had integrity again, if our kids respected our country again, if more parents were with their kids to give them character, if more teachers taught like the best teachers, if Christianity wasn't open season to godless souls with such earthly power, if university profs would wake up and realize what harm they've done with indoctrination, if only we'd listened to that nut JOe McCarthy because he was trying to wake us up...IF , IF, IF......If only we have REAL constitutional scholars in the WH, people who cared enough to NEVER even THINK of buying private companies, going into debt like we are now...
Well...what's the point of my going on?
We have people like Ducky voting......we have courts saying people don't need to show citizenship to register to vote.

And now we have David Miller here telling us all to go home, the fraud's not real....ballots OFTEN just pop up with Democrat names on them by accident... :-) Apparently, even a hint of fraud should be ignored by the mainstream media...VOTER FRAUD ignored, isn't it worth discussion?
Thanks, Dave...I hope you're right..but I'm betting you're wrong and, anyway, any country who'd overlook what the Black Panthers did 2 years ago is on such a dangerous tack nothing else really matters.

FairWitness said...

Productive Californians who believe in the American way of life will have to step up and go to the polls on Tuesday, ALL OF THEM, if they want to turn California around.

If they are discouraged into not voting by the polls showing leads for Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer, then they concede defeat without a fight. I find all these polls suspect.


If you do not vote -- ALL OF YOU -- then you will neever know if there are enough of you in California to defeat the Democrats who have destroyed your state. Even if you lose, you will have done all you can to stop them.

Go vote, what's the worst that can happen? The Democrats are already in charge. GO VOTE - fight for your state!!!! GO VOTE - fight for your country!!!! Stop sending arrogant idiots like Boxer and Pelosi to run our government!

Z said...

Mustang, isn't it two guys in Miami arrested? You know how much proof the cops must have these days on those two guys to even get to arrest them for voter fraud?
Excellent comments, Mustang..

Joe said...

Joy Behar and Ducky are synonyms for one another...class acts...all of it low.

Z said...

FairWitness, I don't think anybody suggested we not vote here in California or anywhere else.

I don't know a Conservative who won't vote Tuesday.........let's just pray those with their big greedy hands out licking the face of that HUGE loser Brown with such a cunning tongue and HUGE promises he could never keep, who proved he's a loser a thousand times over the last FORTY YEARS, stay home.

That's the ticket, you dopey California Dems: Vote for someone who's never created a job, who's got a bad record, who hasn't ever balanced a budget...don't vote for the woman who created 15,000 jobs and built ebay beyond anybody's wildest expectations because SHE IS A BILLIONAIRE and fired her illegal the day she found she was illegal..we hate billionaires, right? |Vote for the guy who slams Meg for negative ads where all she does is reveal his for the guy whose lackeys built the story of the illegal a whole year AFTER she'd been let go and make her look real bad to hispanics...(but he won't do anymore negative ads :=)..God how gullible leftists are.

WHat jerks.

cube said...

We live in disheartening times, Z. I feel it too. I won't use a tortured metaphor about a car going off a cliff, but I do feel as though I've fallen into a rabbit hole.

Z said...

As an aside; some of you know I love to brag about my wonderful nephews and nieces.
Well, today we hear that one nephew scored 2250 our of 2400 on the SAT..Not bad, eh?
His brilliant brother, of course, scored 2220...still amazing score and, since his bro responded with "geeeeZ.." when he heard the news, I had to post the news here! :-)

FairWitness said...

I know you will go vote, Z, but there are millions of moderates and independents who will be discouraged by the polls showing Democrats leading and they need to go to the polls, too! My own sister-in-law and her husband, who live in Victorville, DON'T VOTE. They view voting as futile, that their votes count for nothing, so why bother? And that's exactly what the polls slanted in favor of Democrats are designed to do. They install defeat, demoralization, anguish, futility, helplessness and powerlessness in them. Those are the citizens I am appealing to.

FairWitness said...

2250 is awesome! So is 2220! Congratulations to your brilliant young Z-generations.

Z said...

thanks for the congrats, FW, you'd LOVE these two young men, they're fabulous! I'm so proud of my sister and her husband's parenting (Of course, I know they'll read this, so I AM sucking up a little!! ..that's said for them, too!!) BUt IT"S THE TRUTH!
(I love you guys!) :-)

ANd yes, FW, I see your point do make a good point about CA voters (kick your relatives into it!).

On the national scale, too, we have to make sure that Conservatives don't stay home because "it's in the bag for the COnservative"..It isn't!! It could change, especially with hints of fraud, we have to VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Z said...


There was yet another incident where they opened a meeting denying the pledge with "It takes too much time"......
I'm wondering who funds it because the more I look into it, it does not represent all women at ALL..It's beginning to look to me like the NPR or PBS of supposedly nonpartisan groups but I don't know if it's at all government-funded, do you? I can't find the info

Susannah said...

I don't know, Z. I'll do some looking too. What I DO know is that when I was really active in Young Republicans (pre-kids), we said the Pledge before every gathering - even if it was in the Golden Coral around a little 4x6 flag.

Not saying the Pledge before a Civic meeting is like not saying a prayer prior to or after a meeting at church.

Dave Miller said...

Mustang and Z, I am, of course only speaking about Nevada, but one thing we need to be of is letting the narrative get ahead of the facts, which it has out here.

Sometimes I think both sides get so invested in certain points of view, that their politics can color their reality.

Voter fraud is a subject so sensitive, that unless we have overwhelming evidence, proven beyond a reasonable doubt, we shouldn't make those charges.

The reason being is that the simple charge, once it is made, begins the subtle undermining of the elected.

It was an insidious practice when the Dems did it to Bush in 2000, and it was insidious as it related to Acorn in the 2008 elections.

Admitted in that case, there were people working for some ACORN offices who participated in "voter registration fraud" but there has been no conclusive non partisan evidence that any fraudulent votes were cast as a result of the bad registration issues.

As someone who serves in a country where actual voter fraud occurs, and I have personally seen it, what we tend to have is more along the lines of non ideological errors.

Let's face it, people make mistakes. And yes, when those mistakes are made when votes are being counted, it can change the outcome.

But mistakes are not fraud, and without real factual evidence, we should not try and categorize them as such.

Susannah said...

Z~ With just a cursory search , here's a hint:
"It's long been known that the League of Women Voters is a liberal lobbying group...These are the cards we are dealt; we know it and we take it in stride. We also know it of the media, and still we do our best to convey our message of conservative principles despite them...I am hoping that as Jen DeJournett's fast growing organization 'Voices of Conservative Women' will be able to put on debates in the future. At least they have the honesty to make their ideology a part of their name and mission statement."

Always On Watch said...

I just got word from one of my homeschool students regarding his most recent SAT score: Critical Reading = 800, Writing = 780, and Math = 700. Not too shabby, huh?

I've been teaching this young man in Language Arts, not Math. **wink**

And he's a conservative, too. **wink again**

FrogBurger said...

Let's face it, people make mistakes. And yes, when those mistakes are made when votes are being counted, it can change the outcome.

First solution to fix those mistakes: require a photo ID for voting stating you're a citizen.

Second solution: have ballot counted twice by both main parties till they find the same count. In France, ballots are opened publicly and passed to a representative to each party before being counted. It takes a while but there's a lot less place for frauds.

The US is the most free country but its voting process is sometimes the one of a banana republic, I find.

Sam Huntington said...

Voting is a national issue at the macro level, but problems and solutions is usually a local issue—including prosecution. People rage about voting irregularities, but how many citizens actually care enough to volunteer their time at the polls on voting day? My greatest concern isn’t about intimidation because most Americans will not allow anyone to intimidate them. No, my concern is early voting, where people vote early and often, and absentee voting where people return from the dead to vote —interestingly, mostly for Democrats. IMO, Clinton’s motor-voter law was a sword into the side of freedom loving Americans who desperately want to have confidence in their electoral process.

Z said...

David, on top of the fraud committed in 2008 against Hillary by the Obama people (I have the posts under 'voting' on my sidebar, I think), cases against ACORD, which were suprisingly postponed until NOvember, and other Dem fraud, it's hard to believe that ONLY Dems names suddenly pop up 'checked' on touchscreens, but nobody's saying this WAS FRAUD, we're just very leery of SOros' power.
OH, and that nasty little video going around of the computer programmer who said it was fraud that he saw which the media's never broadcast. That was fraud a while back, also against the Dems. I"ll try to find it and post it.

Z said...

Susannah, thanks even for that.....sad that the left will make a mocker of any group with the dignity and integrity to call themselves what they are, while the LEAGUE can hide behind fairness but show such awful liberal bias.
typical for the day, I guess.

AOW, congratulations!

David Wyatt said...

Dear Z,

I am admitting to you that I simply do not believe the media reports about liberal candidates leading in the polls. I believe they are trying to make news rather than report it; to discourage conservative voters to vote, thinking it's a wash anyway. Pay NO attention to them, vote anyway, as I know you will! In fact, I pray that it will only fire up the conservative base even more. I still believe we have a chance like never before to see 1994 all over again but on steroids this time.

Secondly, when a prey is on the run & about to be taken out, certainly it begins to growl & hiss, just load up the heavy ammo & ramp up the attack. We can do it. God Bless.

Z said...

David, I got a private email telling me your comment made good sense and I agree.
WHY the HECK would Biden AND Obama go TWICE to campaign in Delaware, where O'Donnell's sure to lose? I mean, I think she WILL lose but I don't think those men are so sure.

Yes, I really do believe you're right.......and we need to warn people about this and, in fact, I think I"ll do a post soon; we ALL SHOULD, maybe MOnday.

VOTE...don't stay home because you THINK the COnservatives will finally be able to grab this country from the leftwing hold....they will, ONLY if we all VOTE...We have to combat fraud, too.
THanks, David.


Anonymous said...

I'm listening to Dennis Miller right now. If you want a laugh he said, he's "beginning a campaign for Charlie Sheen to be a write-in candidate for Governor of California". So funny. Miller's great.

If the national election goes the way we hope it does, our work will not end there.

We'll have to stay involved and activist. I figure we'll have to keep stoking the embers of the people's grassroots movement. In other words keep the heat on Washington.

If we want things to get done to free us of the leftist steamroller, we have to make sure our side makes the Republicans/conservatives, realize we have chips in this game, and we're not folding our hand.

Z, congrats to your bright nephews. I see it runs in the family.


Z said...

Pris .."I'm listening to Dennis Miller right now. If you want a laugh he said, he's "beginning a campaign for Charlie Sheen to be a write-in candidate for Governor of California". So funny. Miller's great."

Very funny! I love Miller.

Also, someone said "Why is it the Sheen arrests and other troubles are hardly in the news and Mel Gibson was EVERYWHERE in the news?
Couldn't be because Mel is supposedly a Christian or maybe even Conservative, eh? :-)
What Gibson said was AWFUL but beating up your women's not too cool, either, huh?

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Don't get discouraged, get involved. They want you to be discouraged, they don't want you involved. And they really truly don't want you to vote.

I am going to vote today since it's Nevada Day and I have it off. I'll take the kids with me so they can see how it works.

My daughter still has her Palin for President sticker on her door. All those attacks on her in '08 really made her mad and she's not yet 14.

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