Saturday, October 23, 2010

Disturbing and shocking... what kind of talk is this for a president?

"The Empire's Striking BACK?"   Is this how a PRESIDENT should talk?   Should a PRESIDENT be slamming "insurance companies and banks?"  He keeps slamming businesses and acting as if all of them are rotten to the core....he so clearly shows the leftist pablum he's been fed all his life,  the views of his mentors, the thug mentality he learned in Chicago.   Are presidents supposed to treat the other side of the political aisle as filth to be done away with?  REALLY?  This is really disheartening.

I can't imagine an American president sinking this's shocking and disturbing and a real threat to any semblance of further civility in our country.  


beamish said...
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beamish said...

I didn't just hear Obama complain that his opposition is anonymously well-funded, did I?

This from the guy that actually sold multimedia text alert message subscriptions to Democrat "donors" who wanted to be the first to know who he was picking as his Vice-Presidential running mate (and skirted all sorts of campaign finance laws by "selling a product.")

C'mon, be serious. Nobody's fooled. Even Obama himself doesn't believe the shit he's saying.

Randy said...

Hitler did the same thing in Germany. One begins to wonder about "the great deceivor" decription of the antichrist.

The Bible says he will be a reincarnation, many scholars point to Hitler. The Bible says whomever it was died from a head wound.

So, lets all get into one of Obama's reception type parties and shave his head and look for a scar.

Any takers?

I am really not yet convinced on this theory, but sure is thought provoking.

Always On Watch said...

Lord! The irony of what he's saying is so thick that you can cut that irony with a knife.

Always On Watch said...

He's spouted so much demagoguery that his voice is getting hoarse.

Maybe he'll come down with laryngitis. Please, let that be so.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats' biggest problem is the poor economy. Yet Obama hasn't yet figured out a principle reason for the economic stall: business, small and big, is sitting on a collective trillion dollars rather than invest and manufacture.

How ironic that it is Obama whose got them in wait and see mode. For business fears his programs, increased taxes and off-loaded health insurance costs, and recoils at his anti-business rhetoric.

If the president would at least go through the rhetorical motions of supporting American enterprise, maybe his and his party's fortune's would rise. But a left wing ideologue, it seems, simply cannot bear the practical over demoguery.

Canadian Steve

Joe said...

According to President BO, we are the empire, he is the Emperor.

Dave Miller said...

President Obama is not the first, nor will he the first to be overly critical of certain segments of American society.

It was not too long ago that a certain Republican President kept an enemies list of certain members of the press and his VP was openly disdainful of those members of the press that dared to disagree with their admin.

Nothing unamerican here... just politics, sadly

FrogBurger said...

Nothing unamerican here... just politics, sadly

Except that this Obama jerk treat citizens who don't agree with him like a bunch of morons and thinks we're a bunch of idiots incapable of any thought process.

It's not politics, it's this community organizer, highschool-level intellectual that we have as a president. Sadly

FrogBurger said...

Maybe he'll come down with laryngitis. Please, let that be so.

I wish b/c I cannot stand his speech pattern anymore. I feel like he's barking now.

Anonymous said...

This, from a President who gave millions, or is it billions (it's so hard to keep track), in "bail out money" to unions, and the democrats now are getting millions in campaign money from those same unions. Can you say, money laundering of tax payer funds?

Btw, the I in SEIU, is International. Service Employees International Union. You don't suppose the dems are getting foreign donations do you? Of course you don't. Yeah, sure!

It is stunning that the only way the left can campaign or try to sell an issue, is to create division and hate.

But then, Saul Alinky's book, Rules for Radicals was dedicated to Lucifer, so why should we be surprised? He knew what he was doing, and his followers have no compunctions in obeying those rules.

Neither should we be surprised that when reciting from the Declaration of Independence, Obama recently omitted, endowed "by their creator", with certain unalienable rights. Twice he omitted, "by their creator". Accident? I don't think so.

He has the temerity to alter the Declaration of Independence to suit his ideology. It's clear that Obama believes he can do or say whatever he wants just like any other tin horn dictator.

He can even change our founders words and revise a sacred document to his liking.

Anyone who dissents or opposes this bunch is demonized, and an effort is made to silence them. This seems to be the only way for those who are incapable of telling the truth.


Anonymous said...

"It was not too long ago that a certain Republican President kept an enemies list of certain members of the press and his VP was openly disdainful of those members of the press that dared to disagree with their admin."

Dave, I believe that President resigned his office as did his VP. Also, I would remind you that two wrongs don't make a right.

Furthermore, the corruption in this administration and the majority in Congress, makes Nixon and Agnew look like amateurs.

So where's the press these days? Where are the Woodwards and Bernsteins huh?

What did it take to silence them today? Were they threatened with a Juan Williams treatment? Think about it!

Don't kid yourself, if the media was doing their job, Obama would be all over them like a cheap suit. The thugocracy is going after Fox as we speak.

It's true Nixon banned certain news outlets from the WH, but it didn't stop the press did it. So, what's stopping them now?


Z said...

oh, my, so much to address ....first, thanks for all your excellent comments.

Beamish; I can't believe you said that because, as I watch him the last few weeks (which is more painful by the minute), I can tell HE doesn't believe what he's saying. He's looking scared and almost surprised; maybe he doesn't read the stuff before he's right there reading the teleprompter? I COULD suggest that he's more American than we all think and, as he reads, he cringes at how damaging his words are but............WHAT AM I THINKING? :-)

Randy, I didn't know about the 'head wound' to find that. THe thing is, it doesn't really help to discuss who's the Anti Christ and who isn't...etc etc...we've got a country to save and this doesn't give much credence to the situation in a world which is not only so secular but so dismissive and belittling to faith.

AlwaysOW: Irony personified, isn't it. Irony, or hypocrisy.

Canadian Steve (hi) you mean that, if Obama at least faked patriotism and standing up for our country's businesses, they'd feel enough strength and optimism to get back into the swing of things and then the economy would improve and Obama'd be able to say "See? we did it!"? Very good point...if I've got you right.
As it is, so many of my friends in business or who work for others see everybody's stagnant, waiting, scared and cowering. Some America, huh?
Did you HEAR in that video his hatred for business? He says "insurance companies and businesses" like he's saying "Richard NIxon and PRO CHOICE!"

Joe, that part scared me too!

Z said...


FB, that's what he sounds like to me, too....we're just MORONS and he has to show his audiences what dopes this government is forced to deal with ....he's an inch away from saying "We've got to deal with these damned republicans who don't know what the hell they're doing and are trying to stop us from our socialist dream and so they have to be trained to get with the the meantime, make them feel like asses and maybe they'll get with our program"

Dave, did I have a problem with being critical? How can a president not be critical, how can a president not have a list of people he can't stand?
Obviously, from my post, I mean IN PUBLIC. Sitting presidents have NEVER EVER blasted the whole other side of the aisle as belittlingly and egomaniacally as this one and you know that. Okay, I did see CLinton slam Bush horribly (to where Tony Blair was even losing color in his face with embarrassment) when he spoke to the Labor Party in England about 10 years ago and I was watching LIVE from my home in Paris CRINGING and stunned that any president would do that overseas but at least he wasn't president anymore.
It's totally unamerican. Of course it is. We argue, we don't belittle and humiliate.

Pris "Anyone who dissents or opposes this bunch is demonized, and an effort is made to silence them. This seems to be the only way for those who are incapable of telling the truth. " So true.

By the way, do you all remember when Palestinians were on phone banks in Palestine making calls to raise money for the Obama election? SOme of you had videos of it....No foreign money, though...I'm SURE they didn't get MUCH :-)

Man, the left's trying EVERYTHING:
First it was RACISM, which didn't get them too far.
Then it was "The Right wants to stop your SOcial Security" People knew that wasn't true.
Then it was "They're big business and we CARE about you" and with Buffet and Jobs and Gates, and SOros, Americans were too smart to believe that one...(I think)
THen it's Slamming Conservative women to make them look horrid...

they're pulling out all the stops; I'm a little fearful of the October Surprise we have to know they're planning.

Also, Pris...great point; If the media WAS doing its job and exposing the late-night weekend firings and the truth behind the health care and stimulus packages and the Wednesday night parties at the WH and sending private jets with just the Obama DOG on it to meet them on vacation, and we go ON and ON.......
Obama'd be slamming them, too.

I'm hoping that people like Juan Williams are waking up to the Left and will stick to their guns in saying what THEY think, not what their BOSS wants them to FOX lets him and always has.

I wonder if NPR is really so mad at Williams or actually embarrassed at the open-mindedness at FOX which has encouraged WIlliams to represent his liberal ideas there...maybe that humiliated them into firing him? Just a thought
But that would entail conscience, so I'm probably wrong.

Brooke said...

Does Obama realize that HE IS THE EMPIRE?!?

Z said...

Check that out..make sure you read AP's slant on it. NO bias, right?

Sure, plenty of bias, and plenty of more gloom and doom and those mean old Republicans will ruin this country if given half a chance again.

I think this kind of rhetoric is what's making centrist wake up to our side.
Who can believe that taking money from those with the money and stuffing it into the government is going to allow for an economy which thrives on BUYING? Who can BUY when they HAVE NOTHING LEFT?
Who wants to die and leave most of it to THE STATE?
Man, East Germany had NOTHING on Obama.

Z said...

I just watched the video again and, every time I do, I just can't BELIEVE a president would talk like this.
The innuendos are SUCH the lie about the Chamber of Commerce money even the NYTimes decried?
When are the LIES going to stop?
He's accusing the Right of HUGE MONEY when he's swimming in it...SEIU, BUFFET GATES SOROS JOBS...where's it stop?
He can't prove a THING.

BUt he can sure rile the crowds about 'nasty big business'....GOd forbid AMerican kids are being raised to think success doesn't horrid

Anonymous said...

Is this the same guy who was funded by out-of-the-country donations to elect him as President? And speaking of not filing papers to properly identify donors, isn't he the guy who has spent millions of dollars in legal fees to keep his papers from from public airing?

Money doesn't invest in uncertainty being create by demagogues, so it shouldn't be surprising that deliberately created uncertainty in the country and the world leads to less investment and fewer jobs, IMO.


Z said...

Waylon, EXACTLY!
I said this above "By the way, do you all remember when Palestinians were on phone banks in Palestine making calls to raise money for the Obama election? SOme of you had videos of it....No foreign money, though...I'm SURE they didn't get MUCH :-)"

Yes, much dough from over there..but that doesn't count.
As one of the guys in a Frank Luntz Focus Group on TV last night said "It's okay when the Left does's hell to pay if Republicans do"

Always On Watch said...

Z: they're pulling out all the stops; I'm a little fearful of the October Surprise we have to know they're planning.

I have to wonder what that surprise could be.

Joe Conservative said...

The Emperor isn't wearing any clothes... and the desperation in his failing voice is the most revealing evidence of his weakness.

Palin in '12! ;)

Z said...

JOE! "Palin in '12'" ARE YOU KIDDING?

Anonymous said...

The October surprise could be the 88 million dollars they're getting from the unions, or it could be this document dump from Wikileaks.

They'll run against Bush, using these documents to crucify him again. Hoping to motivate their base. In other words change the subject.
Everything is Bush's fault from the economy to the war, and do we want to trust the Republicans with the welfare of the country. Just a guess that's what they'll do.

The reality is though, the democrats have been in charge in the Congress since 2007. But the msm will avoid that like the plague. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Z, I do have to say, Nixon didn't insult the American people as if we were morons, and he didn't ever, go abroad and apologize for America.

You're right. Until Clinton, Presidents didn't go on apology tours around the world. Although Carter had the same attitude, cowtowing to our adversaries and enemies.

But Obama has refined it to a new low. At least Clinton didn't bow to world leaders.


Z said...

Clinton didn't bow to world leaders, but he sure did embarrass himself and our country in London that day I was watching him insult Bush with lines like "...he's turned back all the good I did.." I swear, Blair, a friend of Bill's, was pale...his eyes looking so quizzical like "In public, he's saying THIS?" it was horrid.

As for Nixon's list...did you ever see it? I sure didn't.


The Vegas Art Guy said...

The word you are looking for is enlightening because the curtain has been pulled back and now all of America can see what Duckling's party is truly for.

Education is not always pleasant but this is a teachable moment for all of us.

Z said...

The WIZARD behind that curtain's just a little man standing on a chair and hoping people believe he IS a're right, Vegas...the curtain's gone and we're enlightened now

Anonymous said...

Z, The cutain's gone? Heck, the emperor's clothes are gone.

As for Clinton;

He said, "Bush turned back all the good" he did? Like what?

A huge tax increase?

Slashing the defense budget and devastating the intelligence community? Which he called the Peace dividend? We paid for that in spades and still are.

Welfare reform which wouldn't have happened if the Republican Congress hadn't dragged him kicking and screaming to it.

Avoiding the terror threat inviting terrorism and chaos?

And then there was Monica Lewinsky, and that scandal which took all of his attention from his job as President, and gave the youth of this country a pathetic role model.

Oh yeah Bill you were just a real gem, you were.


Dan said...

I saw this. I have to say that I've watched those movies perhaps hundreds of times. (well maybe not hundreds, but it feels like it. My children love um) I assume Lucas is a lib so it is kind of surprising to me that he would make a movie that paints such a wonderful picture of Dems in all their dark side glory. Obama, his rich cronies, and his party are most definitely the Empire, complete with all their lust for POWEEEEERRRRRRR.