Saturday, October 23, 2010

Barbara Boxer.....I just heard everybody's blogging this; well, watch it again for me :-) .

You'll love this one!
Pray that woman is NOT reelected!   I'll never forget watching CSPAN about 10 years ago and she was making a presentation to a senate hearing and at least 2 of the charts and graphs she held up to make a point had spelling mistakes on them. That, and the fact that she's done so little for our state is so disheartening when I consider voters could pick her again.   As a California who has had to be represented by this woman for far, far too long, I was just cringing, so this video was a thing of beauty to me!


Steve: The Lightning Man said...

I love this vid. It's making the rounds in serious rotation amongst us all!

Anonymous said...

Z, this is so clever, and hilarious! I love it.

Thanks for the laugh.


beamish said...

I was gonna post this too but three of my favorite blogs beat me to it.

Zucker is hilarious.

Z said...

Oh, sorry, guys, I'm not making the rounds like I used to so I didn't realize it's everywhere...hate that!....and darn, I "WORKED SO HARD!" :-)

I sure did love it..very clever.

Opus #6 said...

Nothing wrong with spreading the word on one of the best videos of the month. I love it!

Sue said...

I hadn't see it yet, Z! Hilarious!!!

Major said...

Unfortunately....I believe that Californians are way too far gone to understand that they need to toss this useless 28 year professional "call me Madam" ( yup..I will ) from their state. Along with the unbelievable possibility that they'd once again elect governor Moonbeam to office. A freakin' out to lunch retread?

I thought that after Davis Californians had finally found some common sense. Then along come Ahnold. Who should have been terminated long ago. Since his kennedy wife really has him by the short hairs.

Alas...California is broke and has a tax burden second to none in the country. A primary example of failed social policies, graft, political corruption, incompetence and a failed experiment in "multi cultural" PC crap. You also live in a place where the voice and vote of the people seem not to long as there's some corrupt liberal judge who "knows best" and can overturn your votes!

The losers now have the power of the vote and outnumber those who have common sense and desire real change.

Looking at California one has to wonder why we should bail it out....or more importantly a serious warning of what can happen to others states with out of control career politicians willing and able to destroy a state for their own political survival and careers.

If these two meatheads should be elected...Boxer and Moonbeam...I'll never buy one item marked California again. Not their fruits and nuts....not their wines...Nothing from California will be welcomed to my home again.


Z said...

Major, go ahead and rail at me again for what I"m going to say, but I'd never insult anybody's state like mine is insulted. And I guess I just finally got tired enough to say that.
It's a fabulous place to live and it'll sort itself out, but probably not until our problems get to your state, too, whatever that is. That won't be California's fault...
This is about liberal policies, not California per se.

We didn't have this mess under Deukmejian or Wilson.
By the way, until Arnold picked himself a VERY liberal, FAR LEFT San Francisco Dem politico for his Chief of Staff or Chief Advisor, whatever they call it, he was more conservative, too. It's why we voted for him. He picked that woman and I remember where I was standing in my kitchen when the news came over on the radio, and I thought "That's the worst thing that could happen to California" and, sure enough...with Maria Shriver's liberalism whispering in his ear all night and this awful far leftist yelling at him all day, we lost BIG TIME..He caved.

Major said...

Problem is Ms.'ll find out on 11/2 whose state it really is.

I'm betting otherwise...and I see my glass as well, half empty.

The facts are that lovely as many parts of it are...has been hijacked by illegals, anarchists, fruits and nuts and liberal terrorists.

I don't know if scenery alone could ever satisfy me so long as a state was robbing me blind...denying my vote and voice and headed towards the cliff despite all the warning signs. You must may be way too late for California.



Anonymous said...

A recent Moonbeam quote:

"“The conventional viewpoint says we need a jobs program and we need to cut welfare. Just the opposite! We need more welfare and fewer jobs. Jobs for every American is doomed to failure because of modern automation and production. We ought to recognize it and create an income-maintenance system so every single American has the dignity and the wherewithal for shelter, basic food, and medical care. I’m talking about welfare for all”.

Scary...this dude is along with his bride boxer.

Anonymous said...

The grandchildren of a good friend in California go to school with her children or grandchildren (I don't know how old the witch is) but even my friend's granchildren said how how dumb she is. Dumb as a stump! They see her when she comes to the school. Pretty smart kids, I'd say!


Anonymous said...

Major, as long as your state is anonymous, you have no room to talk. So, please put up or shut up.

We know what the problems are here, and don't need a sermon.

I will say, California is also the state that gave this country the greatest President in my lifetime, which is a long time.

President Ronald Reagan to be exact.

I must say, to announce you'll never buy anything from California again is rather silly don't you think? What possible difference could it make to you?

Furthermore, I don't want a bailout. I want people to be aware of what happens when we spend more than we take in. Btw, has your state taken bailout money? Just asking.


Anonymous said...

I lived in CA for many years. It is a place like any other in the USA; there are damn fine people there, and there are some idiots. As Pris pointed out, CA has its problems with illegal aliens, but then so too does my state (FL), and any other state along the border with Mexico. And Arizona, too … can you imagine that place? I mean, Arizona now is railing against illegal immigrants—and these are the people who have sanctuary cities, and elected Janet Napolitano as Attorney General and Governor. Therefore, we could conclude that anyone from Arizona is a frigging retard, even though we do realize that Arizona, as with CA or any other state … has good people, and morons. This, I fear, will continue until we are allowed to deport the morons.

Major said...

The Great State of Montana....has not taken one thin dime...not one penny of federal bailout money.

Check it out....I've put up and don't have to shut up now, do I? However an apology is in order...or a correction...New York leads the country in hands out, hands down corruption and swiping federal moo-la.

At least those who are offended in I've seen here...are few and far between in realizing what desperate straits you're really in. You need to be offended by those who put you into this mess...and will again by all the current polling...and not those who point it out.



Major said...

Oops....seems it was California after all.

1. California--$35 billion
2. New York--$23 billion
3. Texas--$19 billion
4. Florida--$14.5 billion
5. Illinois--$12 billion
6. Pennsylvania--$12 billion
7. Michigan--$10.5 billion
8. Ohio--$10 billion
9. New Jersey--$8.5 billion
10. Georgia--$7.5 billion

With the exception of Fladuh ( earned since year 2000 ) and Texass ( metro cowboys )...all are libbie havens of tax and spend.

Up here in Bozeman...the pols would be branded and roped. But...we're just backwards hicks then, aren't we?



Z said...

STop offending then, Major, thanks.

Major said...

I give up....all you want is your butts kissed rather than some other observations.

It's your blog....and I guess I'm a Juan Williams of this place? Buck up.

I'll move to California where you can call me Major...I earned the right...darn it.


Z said...

Californians love their State and you don't like that. Fine.
Why keep hammering on people who understand FAR FAR better than you do our State's problems but are trying to buck up and face it and do something about it.

Major, sorry, I may not personally know Mr WIlliams, but "you're no Juan Williams"

Major said...

Last word...
"Why keep hammering on people who understand FAR FAR better than you do our State's problems but are trying to buck up and face it and do something about it."

Fine...but it's obvious that those in not know far far better. And too many of you are not in Sacramento to turn things around.

Is that OK to say?

Anonymous said...

Why Major, you sound offended. My goodness you can dish it out though can't you.

Do you really think you know more about where we live than we do?

One comment from you would have sufficed. You're like a dog with a bone, I swear. Why don't you ditch that chip on your shoulder, no one called you names. Enough.

I'm done!


Major said...

Oh Prisc...just get your deck chairs arranged OK.

I'm not offended whatsoever about it all.

And as far as knowing or not knowing about "your" state....what should I do? Read the Chronicle or the LA Times? Give me a break. I see it here all the time how you moan and groan about how biased, ridiculous and how outright lousy your home grown media is.

Apparently...YOU choose not to discuss the issues. And YOU are offended that I have the temerity to put them in your face and because I happen to live somewhere else..I have no "right" to diss California?

Who's the one who can dish it out but can't take it?

I read enough here....and many other blogs and news sources...same as you. It's called the Internet....ya know?

No need to be smug or offended. Alarmed might be a better condition.

Ta ta....

Oh..and "You're like a dog with a bone"
Damn right I am....for 21 years I've been Alan West in my own right.

Save it. I'm done.


major...with a small "m"...I've been chastised by the resident VDH.