Monday, October 11, 2010

The TRUTH hurts....think there will be money for pills to kill the pain? Another excellent Pris's Post

From Priscilla:

This week, MacDonalds announced that they would have to drop their medical insurance (HERE) for employees because it was unaffordable for them to continue to offer it. At issue is a new requirement banning annual caps on benefits, which began phasing in last month.
Almost instantly, alarm bells rang in the White House. Ah, but they were quick to approve a waiver for MacDonalds, and exempt them for a year. Problem solved.

But wait, Jack in the Box figured if MacDonalds could get a waiver, why couldn’t they? Almost simultaneously, the dominos began to fall. As of now, twenty eight more companies have followed suit and they too have applied for waivers. That’s thirty, and it stands to reason the list will grow.

I guess you could call this timing an unintended consequence so soon and so close to the election!! Administration waivers are being issued to stop the dumping of medical insurance by companies, and where it stops nobody knows.

And here people thought they could "keep the insurance they have". Helloooooo! These waivers are good for a year, but a year from now Obama will be running for re-election, and I don't think he'll want this to be a topic of conversation. So, do we think the waivers will be extended? I do. With this administration everything is political, but we’re not supposed to know it. We’re supposed to think they care. At this point, anyone who believes that has a screw loose.

Of course we were never meant to keep our insurance because the costs will be driven too high for us poor slobs out here in the hinterland to afford, thanks to the government which planned this from the beginning. So, the govt. will knock on our doors and say, "we're here to help", ergo, the public option will rear it's ugly head once again.
Here’s a newsflash. The healthcare bill is the public option.

Just one problem. Timing is everything. Welcome to Obamacare.......ummm....uh...but not quite yet, there's an election just around the corner! One would get the impression the administration didn’t bargain for this or they would’ve delayed the imposition of this part of their plan to go into effect. So, they have to backpedal. One wonders if anyone in Washington has read this bill yet. These are the people who are going to decide our healthcare?

This is about power not pesky details like the American people’s well being, or the nuisance called the Constitution. No, the healthcare bill is a patched together, 2700 page document for the purpose of getting it passed. It was not put together so as to be workable except to make it impossible for average citizens to afford private insurance, thereby assuring the destruction of the private insurance industry, and the government taking it over. And power, ladies and gentlemen, is what this administration is all about, nothing more, and nothing less! 

Z:  I'd like to add this email I got from my insurance agent a few weeks ago:
"I do believe that once all the Obamacare requirements for insurance companies are in place, the premium  for your policy will be so high that you will have no choice but to go to the government pool. THAT WAS THE ADMINISTRATION'S OBJECTIVE!
 In any event, I have asked my clients to just stay "as is" until more info is provided and the November election has passed."

Thanks, Priscilla, for another excellent Priscilla's Post....   Please, everybody, get this to as many voters as you know; we've GOT to win on Nov 2 and do all we can to turn this awful health thing around!!

Our friend MUSTANG sent just emailed me THIS article, which included this information: 

"If the doctor is right, and he is not alone in saying this, the proposed sale of the three Mercy hospitals becomes a harbinger of what will happen nationally as a result of ObamaCare slowly tightening its government tentacles over the private health care system. Which means the sale of the three Mercy hospitals has added Scranton to what the Wall Street Journal has already called ObamaCare's "trail of destruction."  Z: You'll want to read the rest, believe me.   It's getting uglier and uglier....and the government's going to have to come up with an AWFUL lot of money to keep hospitals from closing down under the government's mandates....wait, doesn't that sound silly considering Obama says his plan will save money?   By WHOM?


JINGOIST said...

Great post Pris!
"The healthcare bill is the public option."

Yes indeed. And as Z wisely noticed, the true purpose of ObamaCare was to drive out the private sector insurance.

I think it's mighty clever for ALL businesses to apply for waivers. It's called "equal treatment under the law." We must do what we can to subvert tyranny.

Always On Watch said...

Waivers today, forced into the government plan tomorrow.

Does anybody doubt that such has been the plan of the Dems all along?

Joe Conservative said...

Force is the operative word. It's time for the Tea Party to "disarm" the federal government by first neutering the Democrats, and then giving them a LIMITED charter that no single party can over-step.

Anonymous said...

Country First

The limited charter Joe was talking about is the US Constitution. We need nothing more for America than to simply abide by the Constitution.

Our Constitution does not allow for unlimited power by any branch of government, but some judges think the welfare clause gives congress unlimited power over us. I worry that "some judges" would include 5 of 9 Supreme Court Justices. No, we don't get to choose Supreme Court justices, but Americans do pick the man who does. Bad choice, America ... bad choice.

This is typically an excellent post, Pris ...

Anonymous said...

I just heard on Fox there will be no S.S. increase next year for the 2nd time. Bet the Dem seniors will really appreciate that. I hope they send Congress a big 'Thank You' for raiding that fund over the years.

Thank you, Pris!


cube said...

I know one old geezer who has been a lifelong democrat was not too long ago insisting he would vote for Obama again 19 times if he could.

I wonder how he feels about the lack of social security increase for the second year in a row?

Z, I agree with you about the dem plan being to outprice the insurance industy and thereby
force everyone into the public option. I hope we can marshall the forces to repeal obamacare before it takes complete hold.

Brooke said...

"So, do we think the waivers will be extended? I do. "

Oh, you can take that to the bank. Right after that, those folks will be left to twist.

Susannah said...



No 'scaling back' the bill or 'scaling down' its ambitions...


Anonymous said...

Very insightful post, Pris.

At least Obama didn't dig in his heels and declare that everyone can eat carrot sticks to please his wife.

But to use some Ayn Rand logic: ... the tyrant imposes an enslaving law. The public revolts against the imposition. The tyrant relents. But the tyrant remains. The public feels relief ... until the next issue and the law remains in place.

What remains to be seen is whether decades of government regulation can be reined in by electing new faces. How much obstruction will they face from the remnants of the old and their cohorts in the media who help drive the agenda of enslavement?

It will be a long and tough job but a start must be made to roll back the tyranny of the looming dark age they seek to impose.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Very well said. I'm very glad that I found this place, thanks for it.I'll be back often.

Z said...

It is a wonderful post, isn't it...very good thinking, again, on Pris's part. She sends me emails with her opinion about things and I email back "I see a POST...get busy if you've got the time!" Thankfully, she writes them and, voila, the results...

Jingo, if all businesses applied for waivers, you think they'd have to repeal this whole thing?
I'm hearing more and more company lawyers will be settling in to examine this thing; you're talking dopes who didn't think Obama was serious, I guess, voted for him, and NOW are seeing the nasty fruits of their vote.

AOW....since the beginning. How fast did they get that 2000 page bill out? AWFUL quickly. Especially considering nobody'd read it, you'd think even the Dems would wonder how that happened, if they didn't know.

Joe, let's hope they're 'neutered' on Nov 2, once and FOR ALL.
But, we STILL have to worry about a generation of kids who honestly believe the country OWES THEM$$$ Now what?

Mustang, CONSTITUTION? I dread the day one more Supreme Ct Justice retires. May it NOT be during the reign of Obama.

Silvrlady, and don't you know some of those geezers voted for "obama the gravy train?"

Cube, my agent says that's the plan and there really can be no doubt.

Susannah, I HOPE SO! REPEAL must be the mantra after NOv 2. But, Republicans will have to do some fancy dancing while leftwingers start with the "they don't care about your healthcare" idiocy.

Waylong "It will be a long and tough job but a start must be made to roll back the tyranny of the looming dark age they seek to impose."
I honestly don't think our politicians have it in them to roll back any tyranny; it's just getting elected and keeping their job. I'm hoping and praying some of the Tea Party candidates who DO win will join with Cantor, Ryan, etc., and get going but I have my doubts.
Meanwhile, this morning, Obama's somehow found the gazillions of Stimulus money nobody could find and is promising infrastructure changes which promote lots of jobs; he'll pull ANYTHING out at this point to look like the Dems have the answer. He's not particularly smart but he's no dummy. And, people will fall for this.

well Grandmazazas, welcome to geeeZ! Thanks for coming by.

FrogBurger said...

I think all citizens should ask for a waiver and flood the WH/Congress with letters.

Joe Conservative said...

The limits of that charter may require re-emphasisis... as the Preamble to the Constitution states... PROVIDE for the common defense and PROMOTE the general welfare...

"Promote" is VERY different than "provide".

And if "reason" isn't enough, Sharon Angle's "Second Amendment" remedies may be called for.

Best be prepared.

Glenn Beck's #1 Fan said...

You WHO! ;)

Speedy G said...

The Democrats certainly know how to moonblink the public, no doubt about that.

Anonymous said...

The American Republic is and always will remain unbreakable.

Z said...

Can anybody tell me what you might have seen which prompts SO many viewers to my Obama/Hamas money post of '08?
I'm wondering if there's something in the news about this suddenly ? (Finally?)

Speedy G said...

Obama's war against the Chamber of Commerce (foreign contributions to campaigns)???

Always On Watch said...

Z: considering nobody'd read it

So it seems.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse!

Z said...

Speedy...check this out:

I believe it speaks well to the foreign money thing you linked...the truth for a change by Rich Galen.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all. I'm still trying to figure out how the Obama thugocracy were able to lean on the insurance industry, hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, the AMA, the medical device manufacturers etc, to keep quiet during the debate on this behemoth of a bill.

What possible kind of deals could've been cut, to buy their silence? Is it possible that lies and more lies were sufficient, when many of us could see the handwriting on the wall?

Anyone with half a brain can see ahead to doctors' shortages, lower quality of care, rationing, refusal by the bureauocracy of care for some, which I believe will include congenitally disabled newborns and the elderly.
Also some deemed terminal within a certain length of time. It's inevitable. All based on cost effectivness.

After all, a 2700 page bill is clearly filled with regulations, mandates, taxes, and fines.

All of this is what created the tea party, make no mistake. It's a rebellion, and well deserved by the left, Congressional democrats, and elitists who were weak knee'd and easily intimidated into selling out this country and her people. As the WSJ said, "Obama's trail of destruction".

And we're asked why we're angry? You bet we are.

Thank you Z, and Mustang for your contributions.


Anonymous said...


heidianne jackson said...

if congress is the only branch of the government that can establish laws (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) how is the whitehouse able to grant waivers for adherence to said laws?

awesome job, pris - per usual.

Speedy G said...

I believe that the new law may have granted waiver authority to HHS Secretary Sebellious, Heidianne.... least until the Death Panels get convened. ;-)

And Z, I think voter suppression pretty adequately explains Axelrod's grand strategy.

Anonymous said...

Waylon, his wife could stand to do 'The Carrot Stick Diet'. And a few other diets, too. All at the same time. Stay off the Kobe beef for which we are being soaked.


Ducky's here said...
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heidianne jackson said...

got it - thanks speedy.

Ducky's here said...

Let me tell you what the McDonalds health coverage consist of and WHY this 'denied rumor' is out there.

To have insurance coverage the employee pays $14.00 a week...

The benefit CAP is $2,000 per year...


And the new health care bill has a cap provision in conflict with this one trip to OR coverage...

>>>>>>>UPDATE: Sept. 30, 11:57 a.m. EST -- McDonald's denies it McDonald's Senior VP Steve Russell, who is the head of human resources, calls reports that the company will drop its coverage "completely false." Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has also denied The Wall Street Journal's report, calling it "flat out wrong."

"I am sorry that they were not more accurate in their reporting," Sebelius said.

Ducky's here said...

... of course if you do the math you'll realize that the employees are gettig a serious rip off

Anonymous said...

"We could avoid this nonsense by going to the German method and requiring health insurers to be non profit."

Are you referring to the German National Socialist plan of imposing eugenics through the national health care system? Such a caring system you embrace. What are you a wolf in duck's feathers?


Leticia said...

Every major corporation should demand waivers.

Let's see what will happen next?

Z said...

Ducky, that's least 30 other companies have said they, too, are going for waivers; think they only based their decision on McDonald's?

Also, I personally doubt anybody got it wrong, I believe somebody got to McDonald's.

beamish said...

Ve vill give you socialized medicine even if ve have to jail you first, ja?

Anonymous said...

Ducky, the amount of the insurance is irrelevant to the argument. The point is, MacDonald's was going to drop it, and they got a waiver as did others.

They can deny it, Sibelius can deny it. This story has been widely reported, as it was on Fox news this morning, and as it was in USA Today.

Next you're going to tell us Sibelius didn't warn the insurance companies to shut up.

We know how this thugocracy works, and we know that, for some reason, the industries involved are intimidated. Probably because they may seek these waivers, and don't want to rock the boat.

This is what happens when the little guy depends on the government. What it giveth, can be taken away, or denied unless they behave. If the administration has to lie, they have no compunctions in doing so.

Furthermore, you know it, so what does that make you? This is your socialist government which you've dreamed about for years I guess. And now, you have to twist and turn things upsidedown in order to discredit your critics.

I suggest you save it for people who are more gullible than you'll find here.