Tuesday, October 5, 2010


HERE is information on the Europe Terror Warnings we're all  being told about.......In the article and other pieces over the years about terrorism, there are many references like the following:

"The public concerns intensified last week after a Pakistani intelligence official said eight Germans and two British brothers were at the heart of an al-Qaida-linked terror plot against European cities."

Does that make you think "Ah, 'Germans and two British'...must be Heinz Kruger, Herbert Kallmayer and ol' Jimmy Skoggs from Manchester?"  GERMANS?   Of course they're not GERMANS.  I know that whatever these people are who are at the 'heart' of an al Qaida terror plot it has nothing to do with being German or British, but it always strike me as odd that they don't clarify the obvious;  Pakistani-born Germans and one Saudi-born Brit...or whatever they are might be a better, more honest way of identifying them.   Sure, we're moving toward homegrown terrorists, but it's not quite there yet.

I believe every Islamist in America who's been identified to a terror plot has been called "American" in news accounts, too.  Yes, technically, they're Americans if they've been naturalized..  But, it almost sounds laughable to read this, don't you think?   What DO you think?  Does it bother you as much as it does me?



Always On Watch said...

It's all about obfuscation and Islamophilia, the antithesis of Western civilization -- with a dose of fear thrown in. Mustn't offend Muslims, you know.

Linda said...

AOW has hit the nail on the head!

Mustang said...

The press are advocates; they manipulate words and phrases to their advantage. They do this because they can. It does make sense to identify people with their nationality —not unlike the headline involving Jim Jones, An American Evangelical who … Should we begin to identify criminals by their culture, it could become very confusing: Abu Shariff, a Pakistani-Russo-Scandinavian was arrested today and charged with fifteen counts of terrorism …

There are two “Anglos” who are now routinely identified as leaders within foreign terror apparatus, both were born in the US and grew up as poster children for failed parenting. We have also had several “domestic” terrorists, one of whom was a Mexican-American … so I think that while it bothers me a great deal, it is also true. Anti-American demonstrations are almost a daily occurrence in Michiganistan; we’d better get used to the fact that (to paraphrase AOW), the camel’s nose is inside our tent.

tha malcontent said...

They were Germans of Turkish origin,
linked to the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Z said...

malcontent...of course. But, to call them GERMANS or BRITISH or AMERICANS, no matter the truth that they became naturalized (while hating their host countries and living off of them and threatening their host peoples' LIVES...some day soon I"ll write about isl am in Germany right now from MsZ's perspective) is , really, so misleading and insane.

Mustang, yes, "domestic" terrorists...meaning any non-American-born jerk who lives here and is making trouble for us here, right?

AOW...surely mustn't do THAT. Okay to offend every Western country but..........not muslims.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I'm glad you've pointed this out, Z. This tolerance crap must go. The media needs to start telling the truth and just calling MUSLIMS out as the bad guys.

Z said...

they're calling the monsters who destroyed Tiffany Hartley's life by killing her husband in cold blood "Pirates"....what, "hi ho, blow the man down..cackle cackle"?
They're MURDERERS...why can't they say THE MURDERERS from across the MX border? PIRATES, like Pirates from the Caribbean?
I'm sure Tiffany Hartley doesn't think so. God rest his soul and be with his family.

Joe said...

MSM in both America and Europe are absolutely determined to avoid pointing fingers of blame at Muslims...even radical Muslims...when reporting stories if there is any way around it.

They call us (the right) Islamaphobic, but the ones who really are afraid of saying anything degogatory about Islam is the MSM. It is they who are the real Islamaphobes.

Joe Conservative said...

The experts in re-branding are just avoiding being branded.

~Leslie said...
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~Leslie said...

One must wonder if it is an attempt to normalize terrorism --you see...everyone is doing it.

It is an attempt to report the 'news' without stating the obvious: "Look, we know the terrorists are moslems, but since our paychecks are signed by the moslem brotherhood, we have to say they are Germans and Brits (and Americans, in other cases). So get used to the fact that everyone is a terrorist except the innocent moslems who are only out to spread peace and plant buttercups."

Ah how beautiful is the world of warped conclusions?

Debbie said...

It does sound laughable. They usually use the term "Asians", which to us would sound like Orientals, but no, Asians means Middle Eastern or more specifically Pakistani. Ooooohhh too PC to use the term Pakistani Muslims.

Right Truth

Ducky's here said...

Fits the profile. The overwhelming majority of these bombers are young and second generation. They are vulnerable to a real identity confusion and are easy recruits.

Arrest them by all means but also understand that the longer we indiscriminately slam all things Muslim we fuel this syndrome.

FrogBurger said...

For once I agree with Ducky on the identity issue. But what are the roots? The inability for european countries to assimilate those young people b/c of welfare policies that create unemployment in those suburbs.

Another success of the leftards.

Karen Howes said...

Really going out of their way not to say "Muslim", aren't they? My favorite is when Muslims are referred to as "Asians."

Of course, if these people were Christians, or military servicepeople, the headlines would read "CHRISTIAN SOLDIER RUNS AMOK" or something.

Z said...

Karen, if a buy kills his wife and taught SUnday School 30 years before that, it's "Sunday School teacher kills wife". That's happened many times.
But, don't let a MUSLIM be called out.

Ducky, when we indiscriminately slam muslims, let us know.

Here's an interesting link ...the guy who's been sentenced to life for the NYC Time Square bombing attempt is saying "Brace yourself..the war with Muslims has just begun.." We've known that for years, I wish the left would wake up FINALLY. BUt.....alas...PC is more important. Mustn't slam muslims.

All of your comments are SO true and I thank you for them.
How this happened in this country is beyond me. We were once a proud America where nobody'd DARE to even THINK of attacking our shores........maybe we shouldn't have swallowed and accepted the Yemen bombings, the African consulate bombings, etc etc...maybe we should have started hitting muslim cities back then, but WHICH? NObody likes indiscriminately killing people!
OH.............except islamists.

FrogBurger said...

the same thing will happen here if we have big gov and people on welfare with no life purpose and a 40% unemployment rate for youth.

Why do you think I like the US better than France? B/c it gave me opportunities, freedom, a sense of being accomplished.

You don't offer that to young people and they'll find refuge in drugs, alcohol, and for some religious or political extremism.

Z said...

FB, I wish more parents realized this, our schools and leftwingers certainly do not:

"Why do you think I like the US better than France? B/c it gave me opportunities, freedom, a sense of being accomplished.

You don't offer that to young people and they'll find refuge in drugs, alcohol, and for some religious or political extremism."

Well said.
But, what do you do with a situation like, for example, Paris, where muslims have had towns built for them, money given to them, and they ruin their apartment bldgs and burn the businesses out? THat's what muslim kids think is NORMAL LIVING. What do you do with people like that?

FrogBurger said...

You cut welfare for them and the other people. You create jobs. You reduce taxes. You make people work.

Then they'll be busy. They'll feel better about themselves.

Obviously the left doesn't like that because lost souls are the marketplace for collectivist ideas.

Tapline said...

Hello Z, I think its a first time for me here. Great post, I agree and I also know that we will not wake up the masses. The majority of people cannot comprehend what you are talking about. They see what has transpired and that we are at war with these elements, but they will not acknowledge that we have a problem in this nation or elswhere. Look at the mess Abu Grav Prison, (spelling probably not correct) brought to our troops, because we as a people could not fathom what was being done to human beings....War is Hell, and we better accept it as fact......stay well....