Monday, October 25, 2010

A powerful movement... working very well in France..........

Please watch this through, it's not very long and the remarks of French Islamic experts are so important and applicable to America's future, too.

We need to think of these things as this slowly is happening here, too. I'm not sure it can be stopped, frankly.
Please watch until the information near the end, from the experts, it's the point of my blogging this.


FrogBurger said...

Before I came to the US, you'd never see burkas.

Things have gotten worse. Why? Because the economy created by socialism and welfare has been sucking the big one for 4 decades now.

And the left has made those people victims of globalization, capitalism while their policies has created this mess.

Beware Americans. That's what the left looks like.

Everything they touch turns to "merde." Across all nations.

Ducky's here said...

I got a kick out of that uncovered blonde hottie walking down the street between all those scary muslims.

FrogBurger said...

That makes sense. You only get turned on by misery. Sicko!

Z said...

FB, you're so right. Meanwhile, we have a president congratulating islam for its "extraordinary contributions" to our country.....You remember Jousef Mohammed Adams, right? :-)

Ducky...PLEASE, please, do NOT COMMENT unless you see the whole video. You just look silly and contribute absolutely nothing.
Christians can't pray in the street, Jews can't pray in the street, the people who live that are can't go outside when this is happening, muslims are coming in from outside Paris for these exhibitions.
But, DUCKY says "Big deal!" :-)
By the way...some 'blonde hottie'.

Ducky's here said...

Oh stop, z. It's another heavily biased video.

The burqa is just not that common and they give it prominence. Then you call these people "experts". They deserve to be lampooned.

I did watch the whole thing. It's a hack job.

Z said...

I've lived there, but you know better.
Thanks, Ducky, it's good for a smile.
"heavily biased"....hilarious.

FrogBurger said...

The burqa is just not that common and they give it prominence.

That's why the French Assembly decided to ban it and both sides of the aisle agreed, idiot.

You're such a dufus, Ducky. The burqa was not common at all indeed when I left. But there are more. And the issue in this video was the prayers in the street. So your little intellect is missing the point here.

I hope you don't call yourself a progressive b/c this video can only remind me of the medieval times when women had to protect their hair or hide themselves. It wasn't even that drastic in the 500s in France.

Z said...

FB, in four years of living in France, I don't remember seeing a burqa, though I must have seem SOME, but even in the Muslim couscous districts, you didn't see it...I simply don't recall any.
Who cared back then?
This is a perfect example of how we did NOT have bias toward muslims until 9/11 and the way they've pushed only SINCE THEN, which I'll always find curious. Before 9/11 and the demands and constant threats, we didn't care at all....
London is saw them but only at the best stores like Harrod's...stretch limos would drive up and black-clad women with Jimmy Chou shoes peeking out from the black skirts, would be met by chauffeurs who'd pop out and dump all their purchases in the limo and then take them away.......VERY rich muslims, believe me.
And many were highly hypocritical...I'm associated with a company which did big business in Saudi Arabia and many of my friends who lived there during the huge project said that they saw many, many muslim women clad in black get on airplanes, then go into the bathroom and come out in little Chanel suits and makeup, etc ......I heard that many times.
I know there are many poor muslims in England but, especially in big cities, you can't go into their districts for fear of being assaulted. Germany's almost as bad; many muslims, a huge amount on the German dole, having children like crazy and telling Germany to get ready because they're not going to be German anymore.
Perhaps I can get my stepson in Munich to write me a piece on his experiences......all his lib friends are turning from PC to "what the HECK is going ON around here?"$$$$ They see themselves paying these people who sneak in and being treated like crap for it. I'd have to censor his writings! :-)

FrogBurger said...

Z, I had seen the usual muslim veil which doesn't bug me that much but not the burqa. There definitely is an islam issue in France.

When the #1 name for kids chosen after 9/11 is Osama in France, then you can worry.

Speedy G said...

mr. ducky won't be happy till the Muzzies block access to Fenway for prayers prior to a future World Series (provided the RedSux can overcome the Curse again).

ps - And the Muzzies won't be buying hotdogs and/or drinking beers... even after the rest of Boston goes hallal

Anonymous said...

Astounding! Ducky sees burqas all over the place, but his own eyes deceive him.

Yes Ducky, the videographer made it all up just for us. In fact it never happened. Everyone you don't want to believe are liars. Only you know the truth, is that right?

Well, France isn't hollywood, and it isn't an illusion. Could it be? Is it possible all this is real? Until you go to France and live there awhile, how the hell would you know it isn't?

Seeing is believing except for you of course. You really have to leave that theater you live in and realize there's a real world out there. Until then, you might consider zipping you lip.

Sooner or later there'll be a mosque near you if there isn't already. Every country which has a population of 5% of muslims or more is dealing with this problem and it is a problem.

Jihad is real. World dominance for Islam is real. That's the goal which Jihad exists for, and has for centuries. But not as far as you're concerned.

But don't expect sane, reality based people to be impressed by a dreamer. Most of us know the truth, but then the truth isn't important to you.

You have to shore up things that you have been taught for so long, you don't want to believe you've wasted years of your life devoted to lies. Keep the faith Ducky, you're going to need it.


Joe said...

Ducky: What will you do and where will you express yourself if Sharia becomes law here?

"...heavily biased video?"

Are you saying that the pictures of Muslims praying in the streets was photoshopped, as were the burqas in the video?

Major said...

"Perhaps I can get my stepson in Munich to write me a piece on his experiences......all his lib friends are turning from PC to "what the HECK is going ON around here?"$$$$"...

I'm counting on Germany to turn the corner. Nothing can prevent Germany from exercising their Nationalistic pride and defiance. Go Germany....kick their savage asses out....bring em to camps if they can't reconcile...and tell the Muslims
"Pissen Sie ab und sterben Sie Schweine".

PC? Hell no...and that's exactly what France and Germany now realize. If civil war breaks out ( as it has begun under the islam savages ) then they need to return the favor. Cause it looks to me like both countries are out of control and have had enough. If the governments can't / won't act...the people will.

Longtemps vivre une France libre and Leben Sie lang ein freies Deutschland

Geert Wilder for President!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The thing I find particularly frustrating with America and with Mr Obama in particular is that Europe has experienced all that we are ABOUT to -- and they are beginning, albeait slowly -- to reverse many of their social and budgetary leanings of the past because they are, in a word: UNsustainable.

Leftists and Demorats in America however, act with what I term "Historical Alzheimers" insofar as they can learn NOTHING from history and, further, they purposely WISH to learn nothing from history.

There is a Euro pushback on spending; there is a Euro pushback on social service and welfare provisions; there is a pushback on Islam and immigration.

As well there SHOULD be. NO country can be all things to all people. Nationals first; all others second or unfactored. It is as simple as that.

And trust me: the ONLY reason there is societal pushback is because of TOUGH economic times.


Anonymous said...

Z, thanks, I've just sent this link to a lot of friends. It needs to go viral.

I don't know how long it's going to take for this country to wake up, but it can't be soon enough.

People better realize it's not just the 'Muslim terrorist', but it IS the religion, because of the intent by its followers to proselytize the world, by force if necessary. It's their belief.


Z said...

FB, I saw VERY few in Paris my whole time there. Believe me, I DO know there is an islam issue, I never even hinted otherwise. I wish we could say that's incorrect. said "mr. ducky won't be happy till the Muzzies block access to Fenway for prayers prior to a future World Series (provided the RedSux can overcome the Curse again). "

If the Muslims block access to Fenway for prayers, Ducky'll be apologizing to the muslims for the darned baseball game that's interfering with their prayers.......

Major said...

"I don't know how long it's going to take for this country to wake up, but it can't be soon enough."

Well Ms.'ll probably be a "sustainable attack" of catastrophic proportions. Obama said we can "absorb" it. Wonder what NY or LA of SF will look under a small, deadly, dirty mushroom cloud. Where financial institutions, communications, shipping, most transportation ( airports, rails ) and Interstate travel will be crippled.

To say nothing about chaos, civil unrest, casualties and a breakdown in law and civil order.

Imagine...cities emptying of their populations to escape certain death after the enormous destruction?'s no longer a Hollywood sci-fi's a matter of when and where.

It will has to happen. We have capitulated, bent over, PC'd our people to death about the realities of islamist goals.

We will...have to suffer. And worst of all , under a quisling, coward, muslim sympathizer ( look at his first days in office for a cold recall ) and a congress without any scintilla of real leadership.

Whining about our need to "separate" the radicals from the "moderates". There is no such difference.


Major said... prima facia evidence why we will lose the battle on our home turf....because we have pieces of shit like...Frank, Reid, Obama, Boxer, Waters, Dodd and too many more to name:
An example of a "senator" deriding a not Alan West....but any vet. Remember the late asswipe Murtha? Well..they still live on. And need to be sent packing.

"I have never seen a candidate stoop as low as was seen last night in Alaska’s senatorial debate…

The sitting Senator also came out against Arizona’s right to protect its borders. She calls for us to “enforce the laws that are currently on the books,” but doesn’t seem to understand that that is precisely what Arizona is trying to do to protect itself because the federal government refuses to enforce our laws. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by her lackadaisical attitude to border security when we consider that she has repeatedly voted against funding a border fence and voted in favor of amnesty.

But perhaps the most shocking part of all in this debate was when the incumbent Senator used Joe Miller’s distinguished military service as a means to attack him. Joe Miller graduated from West Point, fought in Desert Storm, and was awarded the Bronze Star for his service to our country. I find it astonishing that a sitting U.S. Senator from Alaska would challenge the honor of a decorated combat veteran. Is it any wonder the audience later booed her when she again challenged Joe Miller’s honor?"

What say you...MUstang? Pissed off enough over these scumbaags denigrating your service...your honor?


Opus #6 said...

Muslims have passed ten percent in France. Somebody tell Ducky that it is getting quite common there. And so are violent uprisings.

Anonymous said...

So Islam is the religion of the "poor"? Obviously it's the religion of the poor and the extremely rich ... afterall it's the Saudis financing the export of the extreme interpretations of the religion. So I'd say that Islam is a religion of the ruling elites and the poor and suffering followers. About a perfect controlling ideology for the eliuese of the world behind the erection of a New World Order.

Funny, the video also shows a Muslim lady asserting that Muslims only listen to God. They listen to their leaders who pretend that they communicate with God, IMO. Similar in many ways to any tyrannical ideology so it's understandable that another tyrannical ideology, socialism, would embrace the applications of Islam in its rule of the individual human soul.


Anonymous said...

Seems that this phenomenon has already washed up on the shores of America, Z. Right in the heart of that bastion of progressivism, New York City, on Madison Avenue.

Apparently not something new ...


Anonymous said...

Another link ... the other one didn't work.


cube said...

Historical Alzheimers is a very apt term, Bloviating Zeppelin. You deserve kudos for that one. Those crazy libs never took science and math classes, but now we know why they didn't learn anything in the history classes they did attend. Ha!

The moslem problem in Europe is already in America, but it can be pushed back if we elect officials who will push back against their obvious abuse of PC politics.

If the moslems want sharia law, then they should go live somewhere else.

Z said...

Waylon, what's hilarious is that the NEVER-AFRAID-TO-SHOW-ITS-LEFT-LEANINGS SNOPES has this as a MIXTURE of true and false because America's had a Muslim day during which these guys get their butts in the sky.

The whole phenomenon of praying every day, five times, in the streets IS new but Snopes can't quite handle that so it's a MIXTURE OF TRUE AND FALSE! You've got to love their trying! :-)

The best part of this video was how the muslims say they don't have a big enough mosque in which to pray so they have to go outside...when the truth is they drive IN to Paris, when they can stay where they are in their suburban mosques to pray.
It's all a BIG LIE and we're so stupid

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh...I hope they all wear burkas , masks and their silly dashika's (?)...better to spot them with and make easier targets to focus on....cause that time is coming.

Then how the rats abandon their "religiosity" when they become targets.

After all...we are their targets...our troops...our citizens ( shoe bomber, 911, times square and on and on and on...tired of their shit yet?

Ooops...Not ahhhh careless of me.

Ready for a nice new scope.

Z said...

I was tired of it two minutes after 9/11