Monday, August 2, 2010

Voter Intimidation.....fraud.........worst than we thought?

PLEASE watch at least the top video...Every American NEEDS to see this.

And here is PART 1 of the documentary mentioned in the above video (you can watch the rest of the parts on YouTube), Gigi Gaston's WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED:

Most of us thought Black Panther thugs with night sticks were bad enough. It seems that the Obama machine was altogether pretty powerful and effective. Well, the mainstream media's still keeping all of this quiet (tho Gaston approached them first with her documentary), but it's DEMOCRATS complaining, and this information's finally getting out (it happened in 2008!). And...please read the LETTER FROM CAMP two posts down, it's SO important that I'd like you to know about it. thanks.


beamish said...

The two wings of the Democratic Party, slow learners and no learners, nearly fell apart in 2008 and hasn't recovered since. Those that weren't immediately repulsed by this aptly misnamed party and its hijacking for Obama's sake quickly joined the 57% of Americans that are strongly opposed to Obama.

On the one hand, I can understand why the Democratic Party nomination was yanked from Hillary Clinton when she had the votes and delegates for it. As a known factor, there was no way at all to make their research polling read that she had a chance to beat John McCain or any other potential Republican nominee. Hell, even my dirty socks would crush her in an election.

So, it was about the chance to win.

For power, the Democratic Party destroyed itself.

We should be happy about that. But, save the champagne and eulogies for November 3rd, the day after both houses of Congress return to Republican control.

Brooke said...

The cpu I'm at right now won't play video, so I will have to watch later.

Voter fraud, however, is a fine Dem tradition. I wonder how many cats, dead people and football teams will be voting three and four times this year?

Anonymous said...


Especially in Chicago.


Ducky's here said...

Can't Gigi afford a steadycam harness?

You need dramamine to watch the second clip. Do some studying if you're going to try hand held, it's much more difficult than you'd think.

soapster said...

"We should be happy about that. But, save the champagne and eulogies for November 3rd, the day after both houses of Congress return to Republican control."

Then what? Then we are free to let the bubbly flow?

The reality is that the Republicans may very well regain control of one or both houses of congress. Further, the fact is that there is or will likely be very little "changing of the guard" in that respect. And so, you end up with what?

What you end up with is the likes of McConnell, Boehner, and on an on merely regaining control of the very reigns of a system that they and many (not all) of their acolytes are culpable in bringing to this very juncture.

What's more, complacency and apathy amongst the electorate will very likely become the norm following the elections both in 2010 and possibly after 2012. With such apathy and complacency comes every potential for the American people to once again be subjected to simply big government of a different stripe.

I would like to think that my assessment is way off the mark but I don't believe it is. The only thing Americans hate more than big government is the absence of government protection.

FrogBurger said...

Typical from the extreme left and the commies. I remember my parents talking about the left always trying to rig or rigging elections in France. Those people have no respect for democracy. It's in their DNA. From the French revolution to now, nothing has changed.

beamish said...


Look at the date October 1st, 2007.

Why is that date significant? October 1st is the date the federal budget fiscal year begins. October 1st, 2007 is the fiscal beginning date of all financial rules and regulations passed by the Congress in power in 2006.

October 1st, 2007 marked the beginning of the Democratic Party controlled Congress' effect on the US economy. As all civics class students know, Congress is the branch of government with financial / budgetary / regulatory powers that hold sway over our not-so-free market economy.

October 1st, 2007 is the day the stock market nosedived from over 14,000 and has not recovered since.

I understand the minor league big-L Libertarian Party sideline snipes about there being no real difference between Democrats and Republicans while their Ayn Rand-thumping zealots fume safely unelectable in obscurity, but let's be serious, or "objectively" serious for a moment.

I myself am a libertarian, but not a Rand worshipper nor a big L Libertarian Party member. We're always going to have a two-party system.

But, there is no real reason why the Democratic Party has to be one of them.

I'd just love for it to be Republicans vs. Libertarians in a contest to see who can cut the size of government more and restore Constitutional principles better than the other.

First the Democrats, a party founded by people opposed to the Constitution (anti-Federalists) and the overall source of most of the real economic tyrannies imposed upon Americans (Social Security, Obamacare, etc.), must be eliminated from the playing field.

Can't win if you don't play, or can't field a team that can play.

We're seeing a resurgence of activist citizens clamoring for government accountability. These people, some "Tea Partiers" but mostly just libertarian and conservative fellow travellers, are not going to go away after this November's elections.

Cynicism keeps fenceposts up your ass while the world passes you by.

Z said...

Imagine this much information and more being around for 2 years, and Gigi Gaston going to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc etc., and getting nowhere?
Then that 'nasty ol' conservative FOX' station decides voter fraud is important and they'll be "Breitbarting Gaston" before you know it.

beamish, I'm not so sure about Hillary unable to win. I wouldn't be chilling the champagne quite yet; with obama going on THE VIEW as an obvious continuing 'campaign presidency' and all the comments of RACISM aimed at the TPs, etc., etc., which hasn't REALLy caught in the public, they must be planning something huge just before November. Wait for it.
Come to think of it, even Ducky started using RACISM here at geeeZ in his comments before we got it from the must have been a meme in the progressive blogs, or WH instructions... I found that really telling.

Brooke, yet they say Republicans do it all the time!

Silvrlady, probably true.....but I'm getting the feeling the whole country IS Chicago now.

Ducky..right. Talk about the camera because the information's nothing you can refute or insult.

Soapbox, if you think the Right's apathetic, you need to remind yourself about the Tea parties. I think Americans are outraged and want a return to small gov't and will be beating the Reps on the head if they don't comply, too, if they win, that is, which I am not confident about.

FB..that's interesting. I didn't know that about France.

Z said...

thanks for confirming, Beamish, obviously from my comment I just published, I agree with you about apathy. Those days ARE OVER.

~Leslie said...

Ah the wolves turning on one another...

Do you think, perhaps, the two year stall before the information leaked is so people can be labeled whacko conspiracy theorists? I'm just wondering.

beamish said...


It's only going to get worse as my generation sees Social Security unable to pay for itself (2013) and Medicare / Medicaid unable to pay for itself (2017), even as we return to Clinton era taxation rate levels when the last of Bush's tax cuts expire at the end of this year (2010) and just about every state in the Union is broke.

The drooling Democrat answer will be to raise taxes even higher on a nation that is running out of money to fuel the economy as it is.

It will be my generation that stands up and says "Go knock on Franklin Rossevelt's tomb for your Social Security check. He promised it to you. I didn't."

Z said...

Good thinking, Leslie...
"look at these nuts, two years later and they are STILL harping on the PRIMARY of silly, how stupid of those Republicans"...

Of course, they won't say "..still harping on the voter fraud interviews..", that might make people curious, right? No, just THE PRIMARY! "SOUR GRAPES!" (ya, right...not)

IMAGINE a msm devoid of curiosity about voter fraud. Even GLORIA ALLRED says "I'm Democrat and I DO want transparency in voting, and honesty.." (I paraphrase, but...)
Took her side to lose to get any attention from her, but heck, we have to take anything we can get. And so does America.

Z said...

beamish, we've raised a generation just after yours who LIKES to have everything handed to it (I'm generalizing but our schools have done a DANDY job, you know that)

Z said...

i need to leave soon....back in a couple of hours.

beamish said...


My generation will hand the next generation a Republic, if they can keep it.

Ducky's here said...

Most of us thought Black Panther thugs with night sticks were bad enough.


I'm going to point out your use of the plural when it's been sufficiently well established that there was only one moron with a nightstick. It's up to you whether or not you value accuracy.

Anonymous said...

"Obama officially received the nomination for President on August 27, when his former opponent, U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, interrupted the official roll call to move that Obama be selected by acclamation.[3] U.S. Senator Joe Biden of Delaware accepted the nomination for Vice President on the same night. Obama accepted his nomination the following night in a speech at INVESCO Field before a record-setting crowd of 84,000 people in attendance."

Wasn't there talk when Obama was "selected" that this decision was made by the puppet masters pulling the strings — the decision was made before the convention? Interesting that those registered Democrats, especially those with voices having access to the media didn't do more to raise awareness as it was happening.

I can't see Hillary just waking up one morning and deciding to concede her coveted position to Obama ... UNLESS there was huge pressure placed upon her to concede by those who had something on her to pressure her to step aside in favor of Obama.

It's hardly a news story that political parties are the domain of a small group who actually control the direction and political stance of the party. Is the Republican party much different than the Democrat party? Not as far as I can tell, since Obama is simply GWB on steroids especially in the handling of the "financial crisis".


Ducky's here said...

I'm not sure the presence of Gloria Allred, noted publicity seeking gadfly, helps the cause here. Through all of this we don't have much in the way of anything, just standard convention confusion and a few disgruntled delegates.
For better or worse, worse if you're a progressive, Obama was the party choice.

More interesting is Gigi's complete decline. First she tried her hand at a feature that failed to get released. She had a few names in the cast like Alyson Hannigan but it was a complete nothing.

She tried music videos and went nowhere.

Now she's trying the viral "documentary" circuit. It's pretty transparent.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

The Demorats themselves are setting this nation up for radicalization, but radicalization in a way it most certainly does not want.

The nation is indeed becoming galvanized, but in a way the Demorats most certainly do not want.

Beamish points out the obvious with control of both houses since 2007. "Bush's fault" just doesn't ring true but it does make sense to the brain-addled or the distracted. Like Douglas: "squirrel!"

There are storm clouds on the horizon ladies and gentlemen. If we fail in November, no one, repeat, no one will enjoy the thunder and lightning that shall ensue.


Sam Huntington said...

Ah, I see.

So then according to ducky we should never listen to a publicity seeking gadfly unless she spouts leftist propaganda, and then she is suddenly transformed into a goose that lays golden eggs. What a charlatan. I do not think there is a greater threat to democracy than voter intimidation—no matter who does it.

In an earlier time, white Democrats lined up with axe-handles to threaten black voters. Now we have black Democrats lining up with batons to threaten black and white voters. How is this not a concern to good Americans? If it only happens one time, it is a travesty to the American ideal.

Steve Harkonnen said...

These intimidators we all saw in Philly got away with it, but I bet they'd swiftly change their minds if Whitey pulled out a sawed off 30 odd six on them.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic Party has a bevy of Marxists, Leninists, anarchists, Maoists, Euro-”soft”Socialists, black nationalist/liberation theologists, and a smattering of other leftist, statist, collectivist, “redistributionist” splinters.

Following WWII and through the Cold War, if you didn’t know whether a country was communist, all you had to do is look at the country’s name.

If the name included the words “people” or “democratic”, without fail it was a communist country. It looks like that applies to a certain political party as well.


Ducky's here said...

No, Sam you should be open to discussion and solid evidence. Not much in that so called "film".

The right wing isn't very open to discussion. They never admit misinterpretation or inaccuracy.

Certainly z remembers that when Moses send his spies into the land of Canaan he told them that if the cities were walled the people were weak but if the cities were open they were strong.

Republicans live behind damn thick walls.

Notice Harkonnen going all gun loon again.

FrogBurger said...

Laughing my butt off, Ducky.

I was never told in my school years that Laval was a socialist. Nor was I told one of the deemed right wing and fascistic movements of 1934 in France evolved as the Socialist Party.

I really don't know who's the best at misinterpretation of History.

soapster said...

As much as I'd like to agree with your assessment Beamish, I don't think I can. The reality is that once the knuckleheads get elected, it won't much matter. As exhibit A, let us consider a one Scott Brown.

It is not a practice of mine to get my news and information from television. But, after his election, I couldn't help but navigate through the waters and I was completely in uproarious laughter at virtually all of the conservative pundits just falling all over themselves about his win.

"The shot heard round the world...", "This is a big thumbing of the nose to Obama and Democrat's healthcare proposal..."

His voting record thus far tells quite a different tale I'm afraid.

Cynic? Definitely though I reserve the bulk of this cynicism for the Federal level. The local and state level is the only hope to stand athwart this beast IMO.

Sam Huntington said...

And Ducky, you demonstrate mindless denial of the facts presented. Here we have two leftists proclaiming voter intimidation by black power thugs. Okay, we are sitting here in the court of public opinion where a preponderance of evidence does allow for conviction. There have been numerous complaints (and convictions) for voter fraud perpetrated by ACORN and other Soros funded organizations, yet according to you this is merely an over-reaction among the conservative right. I tell you this now, a study into how your mind works would take an entire school of psychiatry decades to unravel. They would want to know how it is possible for a brain to work without any electrical energy …

SHOCKA said...

Hiya Z,

Had this happened between a Republican candidate and a Democratic candidate, it would not have seen the light of day. The truth is that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by radicals and the normal do-gooders in this party have been overthrown. I stand with Glenn Beck on this. Mark my words, this will be the norm from here on out unless both parties and the American people stand firm against this. These radical types are a threat to all and they have no party loyalty. It is much bigger than Democrat or Republican, it is an American issue.

PS-It was great talking to you the other night Z. I hope the Pilates went OK!!!! I hope that you don't mind me sharing this one with my guys on the KC end.

Anonymous said...

"We're seeing a resurgence of activist citizens clamoring for government accountability. These people, some "Tea Partiers" but mostly just libertarian and conservative fellow travellers, are not going to go away after this November's elections."

Beamish, you are so spot on. What Soapy hasn't considered, is that when the details about healthcare, and new financial regs. are widely known, plus regulation of our energy usage, there will be plenty to keep the people energized and engaged.

Our lives will be impacted in ways most people don't have a clue about yet. But the media can't obscure it forever. The reality of it, will be there for everyone to see.

Then it will be "Katie bar the door", because if we think people are angry now, wait until they have to live the truth!

There's another thing to consider. Being activist about what you believe, feels good. You share in that louder voice, and you know you aren't alone. Your sense of obligation to your country, your children, and your compatriots becomes necessary.

I'm counting on your generation beamish, I'm way ahead of yours in years, but as long as I have the wherewithall, and energy, I'll be right there with you. We need the youth to take up the fight. It's my kids' and granchild's future, and yours.

Ducky, when you have nothing to say, it's best to say nothing!


Chuck said...


The two wings of the Democratic Party, slow learners and no learners


Funny how the word "transparency" keeps popping up with Obama huh?

Z, our voting system has become a joke in this country.

Look at the shelf-life of the recent story about the Minnesota Senate election. Stewart Smiley won the election with illegal votes from felons. The story was dead on arrival.

Look how extensively the media has covered the story of 2 black men brandishing a weapon and harassing people outside a polling place.

Or, maybe you could look at all of the exposes on MSNBC about the disenfranchisement of the US troops.

I, quite frankly, think the Democratic party does not win an election without cheating.

This doesn't bother me that much though because liberals are amoral so it is expected.

What is puzzling is why the GOP is so quiet on the issue.

Why aren't they raising hell?

Z said...

Pris, I also wish people were paying attention to the changes in the ESTATE TAX; I know a French ultra liberal who came to this country about 20 years ago and became a citizen and has been as lib as it gets for years until he found out about the estate tax nightmare starting in 2011....He's registered Republican and now says "How could I vote for people with the ideology that I haven't worked hard ENOUGH and got taxed ENOUGH already so now my kids will get even LESS after I DIE? I came here to America to make sure I COULD leave them something..." Good stuff. I hope he sticks to it!

I disagree with you on 'engagement' though. While we all know good conservative kids with great values, they're in the minority; I don't see young kids even understanding what a REPUBLIC really is let alone stand up for theirs.

Shocka, girl, you're probably right..we know it's certainly an AMERICAN ISSUE. I'm so glad you're commenting and am delighted to have you share my blog with your KC buddies!
Pilates always goes well :-) it was great to talk to you the other night and thanks for your call just now!

SAM Huntington; how Ducky's mind works? You hear really negative news about your own party but you can't admit it into your brain so you condemn the critics for what equipment they got the evidence with or insult their's always KILL THE MESSENGER or TRY YOUR BEST TO IGNORE THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM EVERYBODY ELSE IS COMMENTING ON!
Simple. Tried and true. Scott Brown; he was BETTER than the alternative. Sadly, with all the good Conservatives we have out there ,this is what we're relegated to until we Conservatives finally get it together. "Better" is better than what we could have got.

BZ, i"M worried about that, too. People are VERy angry and ready to fight back. And SO righteous in their anger, I might add.

Waylon...I agree with you about Hillary. Think SOROS $$$$$

Chuck, it bothers ME because of the damage the Dems do every time they're in power!! I'm not sure they've always won through voter rigging but when you hear so many stories especially these last 10 years, one does have to wonder....

These videos are SO telling and they only used the more articulate speakers. Gigi Gaston's a HUGE self-aggrandizer but she's sure got it going on this thing; It's good to see at least two dyed-in-the-wool ultra libs like her and Allred telling the truth about their own party, that's for sure...this could do to change things around HOPEFULLY.

beamish said...

As much as I'd like to agree with your assessment Beamish, I don't think I can. The reality is that once the knuckleheads get elected, it won't much matter. As exhibit A, let us consider a one Scott Brown.

Do we have to? I mean, the average IQ in Massachussetts barely breaches 90 when out-of-state students flood in for classes at MIT.

I'm not all that impressed with Scott Brown, other than the facts that he's a Republican from Massachussetts that actually won a Senate seat (rare) and that he's from Massachussetts and not gay (even more rare). We're talking about a state than names a baseball team after an article of clothing. Flamers, all of them. In an actual sport, like football, their "Patriots" team is too embarrassed to claim the state or the city they're from out of fear the "are you gay" question will come up.

Still, the election of Scott Brown to the Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy, long term advocate of socialized medicine was a punch in the eye to the Obama administration, as was every other election Obama counted on going to a Democrat.

Having a Democratic Party label attached to candidates name will be lethal in the next election.

This doesn't mean we shouldn't work to toss out the Lindsey Grahams and Olympia Snowes of the GOP along with them.

The Democratic Party is damaged goods. Let's keep it that way, while improving the product of both Republican and Libertarian Parties. There's a lot of "homeless" voters looking for a party that truly represents their views.

Resting on laurels is not an option for anyone these days.

Anonymous said...

As for the Democrat Party, they have given over to the executive branch, the power they had for oversight, stability, and Constitutional rights which protect the people through their representatives.

They began this trip of corruption during the primaries, which is highlighted by this scandal now being exposed. The DNC looked the other way. The "fix" was in, and scruples and rules didn't matter.

I don't accept the excuse that they decided to let it slide in order to win. When we allow ethics and rules to be ignored, we're cheating, and cheating is lying. It's only one more step for this behavior becoming pervasive, and unstoppable, until now, we're close to anarchy from the top down.

The blame belongs with the Democrat Party, the Obama machine, and the media. I would ask them, "how does it feel to sell out your country"?

Congress and the media have made themselves irrelevant, by emboldening this thugocracy. By looking the other way while this corrupt radical leftist political machine bullies it's way through our system of governance.

As we speak, it seems an administration memo has come to light which discusses an effort to find a way to bypass Congress in order to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.

This could not even be thought of, if the Majority in Congress respected Constitutional responsibility to the people, and frankly, if they jealously guarded their own power.

The media has made itself irrelevant as well. For the same reason, and that is, "the ends justify the means".

In doing so, they have no credibility.
In doing so, the Tea Party came into being. The people needed the truth to be told, and to be heard. Ergo, grassroots movements began. We would not stand for unexposed lies, misrepresentation, and disregard for public opinion.

The media and Congress "hoisted themselves on their own petard".


Hayden said...

This is what happens when a country's political system has been corrupted for decades. The water was just the right temperature for boiling frogs without their notice.

As for Ducky, I wonder how long it takes him to conjure up just the perfect lefty-commie twist to every truth he is faced with.

Anonymous said...

"What is puzzling is why the GOP is so quiet on the issue.

Why aren't they raising hell?"

Chuck, because they're spineless that's why.

Plus, they play a "prevent defense". Not to lose, rather than to win outright! (beamish, I added that just for you, heh)


Z said...

Hayden, Ducky actually giving the commie twist would be refreshing; as it is, he ignores any truth that he can't refute and just kills the messenger instead with ad hominems...safer.

Pris...'spineless' is right.

Karen Howes said...

I'm not surprised... voter fraud seems to be a tradition of the left.

It's important that this is being brought to light!

beamish said...


Sorry for my gratuitous football vs, baseball reference. It's getting really close to that time of year when men know that a real sport will soon supplant two months of the seemingly endless coverage of men standing around hoping it will rain so they can go back inside.

Z said...

beamish, you have SUCH a #I*&(*(#& way with words! :-)

Anonymous said...

Beamish, I knew I could count on you for a response. I hope you'll feel a little sorry for me, as my Dodgers seem to be tanking as we speak.

Just a little guilt trip for you my dear. It's not nice to kick a lady when she's down. Right now a little rain would be a reprieve!


beamish said...


Well, I can commiserate a little. The Rams #1 draft pick quarterback is holding out for even more money as pre-season approaches (no show at practice camp yet), it's unlikely the Rams will renew their lease at the EJ Dome, and the owner will likely move the team back to LA when it's all said and done.

I'm looking forward to rooting for a 4-12 team this year. :)

beamish said...

(This would be the QB the Rams wasted their #1 draft pick on, that hasn't played a single game of football since the middle of his junior year in college when he was benched with an injury through the rest of his senior year)

Anonymous said...

"the owner will likely move the team back to LA when it's all said and done."

Beamish, that old rumor again? I'll believe it when I see it.

"I'm looking forward to rooting for a 4-12 team this year."

You never know, maybe they'll surprise you. Although a QB who hasn't played football since his Junior year doesn't sound like a good bet does he?

I was rooting for the Dodgers to go all the way this year. I haven't given up, but, It's a longshot now. I'm ticked, because they have the talent and are looking lackluster. Coddled babies, all of 'em.

This was not the kind of surprise I expected, I can tell you that. However, anything can happen, so I hang in there.


cube said...

Don't you wish we had a press that was conducting investigative journalism rather than the daily lickfest of Obama and the democrats?

Beamish: BTW it isn't just guys that are clamoring for football season to start.

Z said...

Cube: "Lickfest", I love it.
And the leftwingers don't even see that we're turning into E Germany IN THIS COUNTRY due to our media which is SO in Obama's bag. disgusting...

if ONLY Glenn Beck would be listened to...did you see that so many of the SDS anarchists from the sixties are surrounding Obama now and are behind writing the Stimulus Bill? It's amazing. Absolutely amazing.