Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Mosque....Fairness in media? And an odd little thing from Pelosi

HERE is the TIME MAGAZINE piece from which I'm quoting in italics below......Think what you will about the content, but please remember this type of article when you hear FOX is biased or misrepresenting the truth. Yet, TIME is considered mainstream and FOX is "owned by the Republican Party", according to the left;

The last legal hurdle to the proposed Islamic center near the site of the World Trade Center has been removed, but The unanimous vote Tuesday, Aug. 3, by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission means the building that currently occupies 45-47 Park Place can be torn down, clearing the way for ignorance, bigotry and politics are more formidable obstacles.Park51, a project known to its critics as the "Ground Zero Mosque." Criticism spans the gamut, from the ill-informed anguish of those who mistakenly view Islam as the malevolent force that brought down the towers to the ill-considered opportunism of right-wing politicians who see Islam as an easy target.
Their cause is not helped when someone like Rauf finds himself being excoriated for some perceived reluctance to condemn Hamas and accused of being an extremist himself. If anything, this browbeating of a moderate Muslim empowers the narrative promoted by al-Qaeda: that the West loathes everything about Islam and will stop at nothing to destroy it.

I thought this the following statement was the cheapest and silliest shot in the article:

(Ironically, Islam's roots in New York City are in the area around the site of the World Trade Center, and they predate the Twin Towers: in the late 19th century, a portion of lower Manhattan was known as Little Syria and was inhabited by Arab immigrants — Muslims and Christians — from the Ottoman Empire.

TIME never mentions the point that so many victims' families are against it because they feel it's insensitive and want it moved and they don't say why they feel the imam's inability to label Hamas as a terrorist group is only "perceived".....but they sure do take this opportunity to disdain Gingrich.

There's more:

Rauf and Khan have said Park51 — envisaged as a 15-story structure, including a mosque, cultural center and auditorium — will promote greater interfaith dialogue. The furor over the project only underlines how desperately it is needed.

REALLY? (If you want to read more, HERE is the article from TIME in which I found the above article through their link) If you want to read a good representation from the opposing side, please see THIS BLOG, which Mustang brought to my attention......Of course, that's a small blog and TIME is TIME and is seen by many more people, but........we can try to fight.

THIS JUST IN: Pelosi wants an investigation into those protesting the PARK51 the way, when did the media stop calling it THE MOSQUE or MUSLIM CENTER or CORDOBA HOUSE, when people were starting to sour on it? Do you think they'll start investigating surviving family of those killed on 9/11? You? Me? WHOM?

Z ...thanks, Mustang and SilvrLady


Anonymous said...

Well, Madame Belicosi put her foot in it on this one. Called for an investigation to find out who is funding the protesters. Then, of course, when she realized she had stepped in it hip deep, she started dog-paddling backwards. Sad thing is, with where she is from we have about as much chance of getting rid of her as the chance of a snowball in the proverbial hot place.


Anonymous said...

"And these three – hope, confidence, and facts – are at the heart of my vision of peace.

We have heard the phrase “peace through strength” so often, its meaning has become blurred through overuse.

The time has come for America to recall once more the basic truths behind the familiar words.

Peace is made by the fact of strength – economic, military, and strategic.

Peace is lost when such strength disappears or – just as bad – is seen by an adversary as disappearing.

We must build peace upon strength. There is no other way. And the cold, hard fact of the matter is that our economic, military, and strategic strength under President (Carter) Obama is eroding.

Only if we are strong will peace be strong."



Anonymous said...

If only we could clone Reagan. I never will forget Lady Thatcher curtsying to his casket.


Z said...

I'm gone for a few hours but am looking forward to what you guys think of this:

SilvrLady sent it:
"The developers behind a proposed Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero deny any talks with New York Gov. David Paterson about plans to move the location of the facility, even as Paterson's office says it has renewed efforts to broker a deal over the project.

A written statement from the Cordoba Initiative, the group pushing to build the Islamic center in lower Manhattan, said no meetings have been scheduled between Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf and Paterson, "nor have there been any communications between the offices of Cordoba Initiative and the governor."

CORDOBA INITIATIVE...hmmm..what happened to PPARK51, as it's suddenly being called by NON MUSLIMS? The information FROM the Imam's still calling it CORDOBA.
Is it WE who are trying to make cold liver oil CARAMEL SAUCE?

FrogBurger said...

Listen to Mark Levin's podcast from yesterday. He had a moderate muslim on the show criticizing the mosque and Obamaniac. And of course the media don't pay attention to him.

FrogBurger said...

snooze, ducky.

JINGOIST said...

Good post Z! I was considering writing something about comrade Pelosi a bit later on. What an out-of-the-closet Stalinist!

WomanHonorThyself said...

excellent Z!..come see my latest..your blood pressure will rise girl.

Z said...

FB, no, the media doesn't care about the muslims who speak out against the insensitivity of the mosque. How much more dishonest can our media GET?

Angel, that's a WONDERFUL post..i can't imagine even Bob Beckel telling Americans to 'get over' 9/11! WOW your post, I'd love to read it! :-)

Elmers Brother said...

well the media is going to have to start criticizing Dems too...Harry Reid is against...oh wait he'll probably get a special dispensation like Robert KKK Byrd did.

Perhaps New York can now clear the hurdles for the one church that was destroyed on 9/11...St. Nicholas...I think.

~Leslie said...

They have to start referring to it as Park51 (such an ambiguous project name anyway) because attention has been drawn to the meaning of "Cordoba House" and the real history behind the Cordoba initiative. Keep writing and posting on the topic. It is important to keep it at the forefront.

And now we shall expose the atrocity that is referred to as the Park51 project.

Z said...

Leslie, BINGO! The CORDOBA name got exposed for its meaning, and now they come up with another name in the media. SURPRISE :=-)

windypoo said...

The grand dame Pelosi needs to tread lightly when calling for 'investigations' into other people's finances, lest someone dig deep into her own!

Z said...

Leslie, exactly right..suddenly, since CORDOBA INITIATIVE got heat, it's PARK51..very clever.

Windypoo..welcome to Geeez, and you are SO RIGHT!

Anonymous said...

You know, we liked it better when you people didn't read anything, didn't write anything, and pretty much did whatever we told you.

Your friend,

N. Pelosi

FrogBurger said...

Google "Pelosi" and look at the images results. You'll see the first photo. It's a good laugh.

Always On Watch said...

Now we read this:

8/18/10 - UPDATE 1: Speaker Pelosi has sent out a statement regarding her comments on investigating those who she believes may be funding the opposition to the mosque:

“The freedom of religion is a Constitutional right. Where a place of worship is located is a local decision.

“I support the statement made by the Interfaith Alliance that ‘We agree with the ADL that there is a need for transparency about who is funding the effort to build this Islamic center. At the same time, we should also ask who is funding the attacks against the construction of the center.

The Democratic Party should change its name to the Clarification Party. LOL.

Of course, clarification = backpedaling these few weeks before the November mid-term elections.

Anonymous said...

Madame Belicosi is one 'female' I would like to see in a burka! Then we wouldn't have to look at that fake Botox grin & those hollow eyes.


cube said...

First BO stepped into and backed up and now Pelosi stepped into it and backed up. This mosque is an explosive issue that most Americans are against. That should be enough for these "tolerant" moslems... yeah right.