Friday, August 20, 2010

Vacation and Obama....again, and more

Mr Obama's on vacation again. I don't begrudge a president a vacation but the contrast with which the media handled Bush's treks to Crawford and the sweetness they're handling the Obamas' many trips around the country and the world is pretty amazing even for OUR media. The italicized paragraphs are directly from the article:

The White House said it was hoping for a news-free trip, but shortly after the president arrived, he announced a series of recess appointments. He filled four diplomatic and agency jobs under a temporary authority he gains while Congress is on recess, and he blamed Republicans for forcing him to bypass the normal confirmation process.

"At a time when our nation faces so many pressing challenges, I urge members of the Senate to stop playing politics with our highly qualified nominees, and fulfill their responsibilities of advice and consent," the president said in a statement. "Until they do, I reserve the right to act within my authority to do what is best for the American people." (Z: if you're hoping for a NEWS-FREE TRIP, don't make sneaky appointments. And, PLEASE, maybe some in the Senate don't feel your nominees are 'highly qualified', ever think of that? Or must EVERYTHING be a slam to the Republicans, everything's another campaign dig? Maybe the Republicans are just plain dead set against the people you're appointing, how's that 'forcing him to bypass'? Why can't THEIR wishes be respected? What's he putting in there, another...Van Jones, for example? The translation of his quote is "Look, there are guys I like that they don't, so I'm sneaking them in this way......sorry they made me do it" WHAT?)

Here's another gem from the article:

Martha's Vineyard has previously played host not only to Obama, but also two other presidents, Bill Clinton and Ulysses S. Grant. It has been a traditional gathering point for affluent African-Americans, and Obama visited even before he was elected the country's first black president in 2008.

Z: Imagine if the media'd said about a Bush trip to Kennebunkport "It has been a traditional gathering point for affluent White Americans...." ? A slightly different impression might be made, huh? :-) So, tell me again why leftwingers think Americans have suddenly become so racially conscious again? Tell me again who's leading that call? Why CARES if Martha's Vineyard, home to Carly Simon and so many other WHITE celebs is suddenly deemed a "traditional gathering point for affluence African-Americans"? And, really, can't a black president go anywhere without a racial explanation from our media?


Ducky's here said...

Someone should tell him that the African Meeting House is on Nantucket, but he's pretty much got it right.

Anonymous said...

They are doing a brisk business selling Geo. Bush 'Miss me Yet' t-shirts this year. Even to Dams. Oops! I meant 'Dems'. (Yeah, right!)


Chuck said...

The White House said it was hoping for a news-free trip, but shortly after the president arrived, he announced a series of recess appointments.

That sentence said volumes.

What he was hoping for was a reporter free weekend so he could go about his business of ruining the country unencumbered.

Lana said...

It is my opinion that until people stop using hyphenated terms to describe themselves (African-American, Latin-American etc) instead of American, we will continue to have race problems in our country. I would never describe myself as English-American, nor would my husband describe himself as German-American. Our ancestors came to this great country to find freedoms not permitted in their "home" countries. When they got here they did everything to acclimate to being AMERICAN. They were proud to be I am.

Always On Watch said...

I read on Drudge this evening that the water at Martha's Vineyard may be unfit for swimming -- something about fecal matter there.

Maybe BHO would have done better to vacation on the Gulf, huh?

Anonymous said...

The presidency is one of those 24/7/365 jobs. Even when on vacation, the president is always in touch, by phone or video conferencing. Under those circumstances, "vacation" isn't that important because the president is never out of the loop.


Joe said...

AOW: I knew there was some reason I've always called him President BO.

Z said...

Mitch, I agree with you; Where were you when the media treated Bush like he was ALWAYS on vacation when he rarely went without hosting meetings, conferences, etc, at Crawford?
This is less about Obama's amazing amount of vacations and more about hypocrisy, sadly.

Chuck, it sure does...

SilvrLady, I've heard that and find it astonishing; let's hope it translates to VOTES.

AOW; Well, they DID spend a full 27 hrs in FLA :-)

Lana...lucky you; I had a German husband, too.....wonderful man.
And YES, I never say AFRICAN-AMERICAN, for example...just today a friend said something like "....he was with a friend who's an African-American.." I said "he's BLACK" Man, why can't people just BE AMERICANS and if your skin's darker, FINE!!! ??

Joe : :=)

Linda said...

Yep, on vacation again. If he would take a vacation like most people, the country would be better off! NO WORK! NO APPOINTMENTS!

Major said...

" something about fecal matter there."

Yea....the POS is in the water. Ahhh...I mean the POTUS is in the water.

Z said...

Linda, I've considered that, too. "GO ON VACATION...DON'T DO MORE WORK, ALL YOU DO IS HARM!"

Except he does the worst work when he DOES go on vacation and sneaks things through...Of course, if he's not on vacation, he's sneaking things through late Friday or Saturday night. :-(

Karen Howes said...

Pity that fecal bacteria in the water put a damper on things. :-P

Anonymous said...

It's like he is purposefully driving down his poll numbers.

Brooke said...

He's like French royalty. He DOES NOT CARE.

MK said...

"And, really, can't a black president go anywhere without a racial explanation from our media?"

No, they're still trying to shake off their inner racist.