Saturday, August 21, 2010

Robert W. Snyder...we're so sad to see you go. Another patriot gone.

This is a real obituary in the Salt Lake City Tribune. Note the last line!


Robert W. Snyder, Jr. 1947 ~ 2010. Bob left us on June 19th after a day of doing what he loved, sailing the BJ at Soldier Creek with good friends and family. Bob was born September 2, 1947, .......(Z: I had the whole obit here but decided it's kind of personal and none of our business, really...............) HERE is why I had to post this, it came at the end of the information regarding his US NAVY service, marriage, children's names, etc:
In lieu of flowers and in memory of Bob's humorous outlook on life, please feel free to make contributions to whoever may be running against Obama in 2012.

TRUE ! Check Oplin-Hoopes Funeral Home link:


Elmers Brother said...

that's sad and funny

Brooke said...

Wow! LOL!

Z said...

It IS sad about this guy's passing but I loved the end so much I had to post it!
He must have had a seriously good sense of humor and a seriously good political head :-)

God said...
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Z said...

I'm deleting you again. I don't take comments from anybody who'd call himself "God".
No, of course what your comment said makes no sense to me! I'd vote for ANYBODY but Obama and so would more than half of the country, finally.
It's not even worth teaching you why...and this'll be my last comment. I'll be deleting as you go.

By the way, it's "too", not "to".

Jan said...

Z..thanks for posting this, because it says so much about the man, but much more.

I wonder how anyone in their right mind could not see the peril that was voted into this country in the last election.

It should give one something to ponder, when even a dead man speaks out against it!

BB-Idaho said...

He WAS from Utah (where Democrats are illegal) :)

MK said...

Well said, good man, rest is peace.