Monday, August 9, 2010

Muslim Surprises?

HERE is an article worth reading.......
FrogBurger's terrific wife just emailed it to me..........QUITE worthwhile reading.
What do YOU think?



Ducky's here said...

I think it's getting built. Get over it.

A victory for freedom of religion and a lesson that includes all religions.

Joe Conservative said...

The Muslim's don't own half the property... yet.

FrogBurger said...

I'd love to get a report on who's funding it. Anyknow knows?

Joe Conservative said...

ConEd still owns half the lease. I think it's time to apply some pressure to the "regulated utility"....

Opus #6 said...

A most excellent article.

And a crowing duck. Do you know what they do to ducks in Saudi Arabia? I'll give you one hint. It has nothing to do with freedom of worship.

FrogBurger said...

Ducky doesn't like opinions from a moderate muslim and a moderate jew if it goes against his goal of destroying the Western world.

I keep telling him to move to North Korea or maybe move back to Saudi Arabia but it's not as cozy.

Karen Howes said...

I'm glad that some Mohammedans have enough sense to realize how insulting this is.

But that's the idea.

Joe said...

Ducky: You are probably right that it is getting built. You are wrong that we should get over it.

You are also wrong that it is a victory for freedom of religion.

It is a lesson that those who hate us in the NAME of religion will stop at nothing to destroy us.

And you'll not be honored by them if and when they discover you sided with them, they, instead, will murder you.

That's what they do.

Chuck said...

I will support this when they build a large Christian church in Mecca near the Masjid al-Haram (and let the parishioners worship in peace). Until then, they can piss off as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, this has nothing to do with freedom of religion. There are mosques all over New York.

This has to do with triumphalism, and New Yorkers know it.

Freedom of religion doesn't give anyone license to erect a church, synagogue, or mosque, anywhere they choose. They're buildings not religions.

But then we all know, this doesn't affect Boston, so you don't care.



Anonymous said...

There are no “Islamists,” only Muslims who adhere to Islam.

There are no “moderate Muslims,” only Muslims who do not adhere to Islam.

Islam...a political ideology that seeks worldwide...DOMINATION...GET IT YET?

WHY...WHY...even debate an issue like this? They are lying, deceitful, disengenous scumbags whose "religion" demands a lie.

Fools...all fools.

And all you PC deranged nuts...better get ready for a reality check. There's too many people who are trying their damnedest to warn you just what Islime is all about.

Geert...Bridgette & Kaufman to name a few. White liberals are the stupidest, most naive asswipes the world has ever suffered from.

And these morons...these intellectually naive, naive, low lifes will get to see those virgins...first. The rest of us...will fight these animals to the death. The liberal scum...will just...surrender.


Z said...

Bingo, Chuck. Let's see a big church in Mecca..or Riyad or Taif or any Saudi city...I'll wait. THEN I'd approve this lousy place in NYC IF it were moved to a sensitive location.

Ducky's here said...

Well let's see, first she states that the mosque is nothing but gloating yet doesn't offer much supporting evidence.

Then she asks why the mosque won't have a church and a synagogue and you wonder if she's taking dope through the arm. Maybe she can give a list of synagogues which contain mosques or cathedrals with space for mosques.
The only Cristian church I know of which has made any outreach to Muslims and reserved an evening for all faiths to meet is King's Chapel (Episcopalian) in Boston. We just ain't there and that's sort of the point of all this. She's unclear on the concept.

Then she goes on about "bleeding heart liberals" blah, blah, blah. Now I'd like to cut loose and I can draw blood but they have two censors here keeping an eye on me.

FrogBurger said...

A gay bar will open at the mosque.

This to please Ducky of course.

Anonymous said...

A victory for freedom of religion and a lesson that includes all religions.

Bullshit. If islam were a "religion". It reminds me of the Germans who weren't Nazi's. Not all Germans were Nazi's, right? Yet all Germans were sympathetic to their Nazi government, right? Thus they were "moderate" Nazi's?

Muslims have kept silent over their political ideologies attacks against humanity and their insane quest for world domination. Just as most Germans supported and hoped that the 3rd Reich would last 1000 years.

At the end they even armed the elderly and the youth to fight against the allies to the bitter end. Just as todays islamist nazi's do with their captive slave, "civilians".

Soon enough we'llbe pushed too I think we are now with all the NY'rs finally pushing back against the GZero "mosque".

It's about time the libs finally get it...and the desire for the islamist slime to reign over them.


Anonymous said...

"Well let's see, first she states that the mosque is nothing but gloating yet doesn't offer much supporting evidence."

Ducky, you think maybe muslims, Raheel Raza and Tarek Fatah, the authors of the article, just might have a better feel for how radical Islamists think than you do?

What kind of supporting evidence would you like? How obvious does something have to be, before you think, hmmmmm, that's kind of an in your face thing to do!

We're at war with radical Islam Ducky. It isn't a game. This mosque is nothing more than a celebration of the initial attack on America. This isn't rocket science, it's common sense.

Oh, I forgot, common sense is lost on you.


Z said...

Yes, Ducky, we are watching you.
And you'll be deleted again and again. This came close, by the way.
STOP the smug hubris.

Major, No, All Germans were NOT NAZIs or sympathizers. As matter of fact, a dear German friend published a book on the German resistance fighters which is approximately 4" THICK. We don't teach that here, I know that very well.
By the way..there was a MUSLIM PROTEST AGAINST THE MOSQUE IN NYC! I just heard about it...this is SO much more huge than just a protest; this is MUSLIMS going against the KOran...this is ENORMOUS and I honestly felt near tears when I saw it. It's a start. it's THEY who should be digging themselves out of disrepute, not US trying to dig ourselves into their good graces, for heaven's sake!

Pris..sing it, sista! GOOD ONE.

Anonymous said...

Major correctly underscored our problem. As a people, we place important value in truth. We swear to tell the truth, and when we do that and lie, it is a serious offense. This value is apparent when people are looking for a job… or keeping one. In most areas, honor is still important. Not among the communist left, of course … but that’s another matter.

Moslems can’t be trusted to tell us the truth. When they take oaths, their religion allows them to lie, conceal, and deceive … if in doing so they serve the will of their moon god. How can anyone with brains trust a Moslem? On what basis can we believe anything they say? How do we know, when they raise their hand to swear an oath, if they are taking the oath honorably? The answer is, we cannot trust them.

So pretend that these members of the Canadian Muslim Council write an article condemning the construction of the victory mosque … but secretly support it. Why should they do something like that? Well for one thing, if you want to defeat an enemy, you convince him there is nothing to fear. You talk him into believing there are moderate Moslems, unicorns, and an elfish cherub of a fellow who brings toys to children each year.

Don't mind Ducky: he can't help being a useful idiot to religious fanatics. He was married to a camel, you know.

Z said...

Mustang, trust me, I did consider what you say about the muslim protest, and it IS hard to believe muslims would go against their koran like this, but I DO believe they did in this instance.
Should we drop our guard? ABSOLUTELY NOT.
But, I will NEVER believe ALL MUSLIMS wanted to come here years ago and now demand Sharia Law and draw attention to themselves; I still believe some muslims want to live in America, free to practice their religion and fit in and not want anything more than that. I fluctuate on this, but mostly I can't shake this belief.

beamish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beamish said...

We all know a "moderate" Muslim is an "extremist" that hasn't blown himself up yet. The attempt at distinction is rather transparent.

My own little sister is a post-9/11 convert to Islam, and from that firsthand experience with the willfully delusional I'd be the first to tell you that duplicity and mendaciousness are the heart of that meteor-worshipping cult.

The intent of this mosque is to offend. It is the attempt to construct a a tribute to Muslims that managed to kill thousands of Americans on American soil.

When this mosque is bombed and burned down (I'll give it strong odds it won't last a year) remember to chide the whimpering leftists like Ducky not to "continue the cycle of violence."

Ducky's here said...

Joe, I'm curious. You try to pass as an expert but have you ever held an extended conversation with a Muslim? Have you ever even met one?

Just curious about your bona fides.

Z said...

I just heard some construction workers won't work on the site...
Things could get really interesting.
But, they must be more sensitive. Not the mosque, of course.

Anonymous said...

When these muslims speak of "honoring" the dead....including the few muslims that died in the WTC attack. They're speaking of the muslim jihadist attackers and murderers blood....not the victims!!

They want to honor them as "martyrs" ( as OBL called them ) that caused, planned and carried out the attack. In their eyes and quaran...these killers were heros.

Again...not the victims whom they could care less about. The destruction of the towers was another symbolic victory for any previous or current conquest is / was. Thus the name, Cordoba House.

This is the real reason for that mosque....and any other bullshit that passes their lips is just that. They are lying as sure as they are breathing.

And if that mosque goes should surely come down....hopefully with the NY city council and Bumberg in the damn terrorists tent. The spinless, weak, PC addled scumbags they are.


Anonymous said...


"Next stops for Feisal Abdul Rauf, imam of the plan for a mosque and Islamic center near Ground Zero: Courtesy of the U.S. State Department, Rauf — a.k.a. Imam Feisal – is scheduled to spend the rest of the summer on a swing through the petro-dollar palaces of Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, and Qatar."

NOW WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS? raise his $100 million to build the memorial to his jihadist murderers!

For more details, here’s the column


Always On Watch said...

So-called moderate Muslims aren't considered true Muslims by the ones who are controlling the ideology.

Besides, all Muslims are ever searching for the will of Allah. And they're scared that their eternal paradise will be lost if the don't find the will of their fickle Allah. For that reason, some "moderate" Muslims get "radicalized," in actuality, a return to the most recent tenets of Islam.

christian soldier said...

Interesting that the Greek Orthodox Church destroyed near the site cannot get past the 'red tape" to simply re-build-but a new Islam center can-Hmmmmm

Always On Watch said...

In Human Events today, an essay by Robert Spencer, whom Duck detests, of course.

Joe Conservative said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ducky's here said...

AOW, take a trip to (Hilarious site, Beak got a mention in the Yeagley comments section).

They have a pretty good essay on how much Spencer is raking in from the suckers. He's just a paid hate monger.

Anonymous said...

That the replacement towers for the destroyed WTC always runs into roadblocks — yet the construction of a mosque gets fast tracked with the support of Mayor Bloomberg. Something's rotten in New York ... it even appears to be because the city bureaucrats and power elite in the city are are behind both issues.

When the Mayor along with assorted leftist quacks pretend it is a bout freedom of religion — they lie. A country founded on the basis of separation of church and state is now being strong armed by the idea that the construction of a mosque underlines the true freedom of America. Outright bullshit! Look at any Middle East muslim country and you'll find that islam is the state religion ... in other words ... islam is the state.


Anonymous said...

ducky, you really are such a little shit

Always On Watch said...

Does Loon Watch have an article on you? They should. Really.

Aren't ducks and loons cousins, or something?

Anonymous said...

Keeeerist...wake up! Especially pukes like quak, quak...

"Islam is a serial murderer of entire cultures and peoples. This is what Islam has done throughout its entire history. It enslaves, diminishes and impoverishes those whom it does not murder.

It has laid waste countrysides that we re once verdant and productive. For its psychopathic regard and brutal treatment of women alone, it is an abomination. Islam cannot be “reformed” – if that were so, it would cease to be Islam.

Islam IS the enemy. Islam must be destroyed, root and branch. With everything that implies.

Tell me...someone...tell me I'm wrong. Go deny the islamist to be willing to commit suicide. National, suicide.

Think this is too extreme? Go ahead...make your pitiful case and refute the facts that islam isn't a political ideology that seeks the destruction of the West and world wide domination.

Tell me just what you think the future America would look like under Islam. Tell me what you think would happen to women....children....gays and the other ones...under the politics of islam.

Go ahead....I've seen it FIRST FOOKING hand. Go ahead...ignore the warnings...GO ahead....delude yourself into thinking..."peaceful, moderate Muslims".

Go for it.


Elmers Brother said...

Then she goes on about "bleeding heart liberals" blah, blah, blah. Now I'd like to cut loose and I can draw blood but they have two censors here keeping an eye on me.

No one is censoring you duhkkky. Clearly you lack the understanding that this is Z's virtual front porch. You're a guest and anyone who has guests know that if they behave badly they'll get tossed out on their ear. You're always welcome (though I think you lack the cajones) to start your own blog, where of course you can decide which guests stay and which ones get thrown out on their ear.

AND if you don't like the rules, you can leave. Thanks.

Faith said...

Tell me...someone...tell me I'm wrong. Go deny the islamist to be willing to commit suicide. National, suicide.

This is true, Major, we are committing national suicide. The US is going under. The liberal support of Islam, the very idea of a moderate Islam and the denial of its murderous intent are just part of this suicide.

And I will tell you why: It's because we are no longer a Christian nation. It's because half or more of the Christians who call themselves Christians aren't. It's because this nation is wallowing in offenses against the true God and there is little ir any repentance for them. It's because some Christian "churches" are the enemy of God that will support the world-leader Antichrist who is no doubt soon to come, and he could still be Obama it seems to me -- the Man of Sin. It's because some of those who are Christians are not living the life as fully as we should. Etc. etc. etc. The nation is being judged by God and Islam is one of His instruments against us. Your favorite solution of a military uprising can't even happen because we are paralyzed in our inaction, and I can only think of such a situation as supernaturally induced. Give yourself to Christ and learn the truth.

Ducky's here said...

Come on Tickle Me Elmo. Take a look at the comments.

You allow all sorts of vulgarity. Admit the double standard. In fact, I'm rarely vulgar.

All I do is ask our fundamentalist military like Major to name the cultures Islam has destroyed. He'll come up empty.

Fact is that between the mongols and the European Christians they have suffered considerable destruction but Major will explain all.

Then he'll explain why you wouldn't expect delays building the replacement towers. Pretty complex project. Of course the chapel and the museum are going to be open within the year.

Ducky's here said...

How come the "anonymous" who called me a shit doesn't have to end with a screen name?

Anonymous said...

Z says: Ducky, how about Austria? How about the Armenian people, whom they nearly totally wiped out? Or are you a denier of that?

as for vulgarity, who's ever accused you of vulgarity? I don't even mind vulgarity that much, usually, to be frank. I have said countless times that I'm sick and tired of your nasty sarcasm, your hanging on to some tiny point of my bigger blog subjects and hammering that instead of having the guts to address the whole point of the post, and the way you treat everyone as if you're the thinker and they're all dolts.

Simple. be kind, be informative, try to control your boundless ego.

Thanks, Elbroxxx

Always On Watch said...

"Vulgar" has several definitions, including

1. characterized by ignorance of or lack of good breeding or taste

3. crude; coarse; unrefined

Also, note these synonyms, with corresponding numbers:

1. unrefined, inelegant, low, coarse, ribald. See common. 3. boorish, rude.

So, some of Duck's comments are indeed vulgar, though not obscene or lewd (definition 2).

Elmers Brother said...


Z has deleted other people. Now do you have the cajones to start your own blog or not?

didn't think so

LASunsett said...

//All I do is ask our fundamentalist military like Major to name the cultures Islam has destroyed. He'll come up empty.//

Try Egyptian, Persian, Byzantine. Plus many local tribal cultures that were engulfed by Muslims through the centuries. They are far too many to count.

Islam has historically been and still is inherently an imperialist religion. It's very name means submission. This means by definition that someone must surrender under force or the threat of such.

How can you rationalize anything different, unless you are blind to the truth?