Saturday, August 28, 2010

Al Sharpton's "dream"

"OUR (z: that'd be black) KIDS" "OUR (z; that'd be black) people" "OUR (z; that'd be black) DREAM" was said throughout his speech today in DC to a Black crowd. Division to the Nth degree...

On the other hand, "UNITY" was the song a beautiful Black singer sang at the Glenn Beck Rally...the lyrics included words like "we're all part of God's world....." All Beck did most of the 3 hours was talk about how we must come together, to remind us that we are all 'created equal', we have to love our neighbors.......
Which is the 'side' that really wants to put aside differences? Ya, I think so, too. That's my kind of dream. I think it was Dr. King's, too.



Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to compare the MSM coverage of this event compared to that of the Glenn Beck Rally. Any guesses?


Opus #6 said...

Sharpton's rally was undignified.

Karen Howes said...

Al Sharpton... pffft!

Did you go to the Restoring Honor rally? I wish I could have!

MK said...

Tthe left only see skin color, everything is about skin color, the only reason obama is the president is because of his skin color. The left do not want equality, they want superiority for some minorities, ones that a dark skinned and also the ones that engage in homo bum-sex.

It will be a long, long time before the western left resolve to leave their inner racist behind. Here's to hoping they join the rest of us sooner rather than later.

Ducky's here said...

Glenn Beck and Al Sharpton.

Damn, we are in deep yogurt if those two are controlling the dialog to "bring us together" (can't be done).

Anonymous said...

Did Duckbill come out of his cave to say something? Didn't quite make sense, but no loss.

One of those speakers got up, spread his arms wide, & said 'I love black people'. Nice of him, but why was he wearing a white suit?


Major said...

"Glenn Beck and Al Sharpton."

So...ducky...which one do you think has more honor...more integrity...more honesty...more truth...more conviction...more sensibility....more love for country ( rather than race )...more love of God and country...more love of family...more appreciation of our heritage...more dedication to the future of America ( vs racial hatred, shakedowns and black on white violence )...more appreciation of MLK's honesty, dedication, commitment to equality and racial harmony, MLK's life long dedication to elevating America's blacks to a level unequaled anywhere else on this planet...

Think duck...who would it be? Keith Oberfurher....Matthews.....Madcow....?

This country is heading for a cultural war. And whose fault will it be? Everyone here...EVERYONE....supports equality...harmony and equality.'s worse now...than it ever was even in the 40's and 50's. Whose fault is that duck?

50 years of PC...50 years of setbacks...50 years of penance...50 years of mea culpas.

From white, Christian America.


Major said...

"a comeuppance is due the arrogant elites whose undisguised contempt for the great unwashed prevents them from conceding a modicum of serious thought to those who dare oppose them."

Ergo....the demise of liberal shits...who refuse to understand...America or Americans. and your filth are doomed.

Law and Order Teacher said...

It's good to know that more than three people showed up so that there was a crowd. The MSM are determined that there will be less than 100,000 which I guess is some slam against conservatives to them. Beck showed that if the ground next to the reflecting pool was filled there would be 200K if the ground next to it was filled it would 300K. Pictures clearly show that it was at least 300K. Damn it NBC, there are a lot of those pesky religious conservatives out there. Frightening, eh?

Z said...

Silvrlady, isn't it a riot? The Black rally was 'passionate' the Beck rally (black and white) was 'wingnuts' according to CNN news readers.

Opus, absolutely, and inflammatory as an old Klan mtg, I'm sure.

Karen? NO way, not from LA ..

MK, it's not us, it's the victimizers in the black community..I don't know a white racist.

Ducky, don't be silly, read my post!

L&O, I saw Beck say that exact thing, I remember it well..300K if it spilled out from the pool...and it SURE DID. I just finally saw a pretty good aerial picture Priscilla emailed me.

Major, the Black rally was SO disturbing, so full of Sharpton telling Blacks they have to get a piece; as if that piece isn't there if they study hard and made me sick to see that victim lie.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of 'Preacher' Al, does no one remember the false Tawana Brawley flap he ginned up for publicity, & to railroad some NYC police officers? After that debacle I will never understand why any responsible station gives him any air time at all. He's a total disgrace to what he claims as his profession. He is nothing but a vulgar publicity & race baiting clown. (Boy, did I clean that up!)


Anonymous said...

Al Sharpton is living proof that for some people in America racism is a business. Johnnymac.

Anonymous said...

"Racism is a business. ( With a BIG "R" )

Not a business's a damnable INDUSTRY....fostered by the perpetual whining, lying poverty pimps like you know who. Look at the brill creme jello fraud sharpton....ever see him without an Armani suit on? Meanwhile the "brothers" eat twinkies.

Anonymous said...

"Damn, we are in deep yogurt if those two are controlling the dialog to "bring us together" (can't be done)."

Sorry Ducky, but Beck spoke of unity. It was in evidence at his rally. Sharpton spoke of victimhood. He needs it!

It can't be done? Yes, it could be, you don't want it done. Who would work your leftist plantation if it was?