Thursday, August 19, 2010


If you think this is just another birth certificate video, don't watch it (it's not) However, please read for my main point down below!
I'm a bit tired of the Obama birth certificate question and know that courts are overturning the many lawsuits and that Hawaii closed their records to future requests for information, so nobody will probably be able to prove anything one way or the other but I also feel this video is very compelling. I will say that I think Michelle's saying that Kenya's Obama's homeland isn't as indicative as some might think. I know Armenians born here who say their homeland is Armenia, I'm sure Germans who might suggest their homeland is Germany only because it's the home of their ancestors, it depends on how one uses the term 'homeland'. I also think that some of Obama's statements can be taken two ways, BUT, one thing bugs me every time I hear it and it's when he talks about when Islam "...WAS REVEALED.." "REVEALED?" That's a very islamic-faith specific thing and it seems odd to me coming from a man who's lived most of his life in America. The terminology is SO Islamic, something an American wouldn't say, you know?

I post this, however, because as I listened it and got to thinking again of Democrat lawyer Philip Berg, one of the attorneys who's brought a lawsuit questioning the citizenship of Obama, I thought of other good American Democrats and how they don't see a problem even though there is SO MUCH evidence that should at least be looked into on this subject. I know the far left, whoever Obama's puppet-masters are, felt they could dupe the Right with the Alinsky-style intimidation and insults so nothing we say can sound sensible as it's presented by the media ("birthers", etc.), SO, doesn't it stand to reason they felt the same disdain for their fellow Democrats? Have Dems been duped as well?
Wouldn't you THINK that ONE BIRTH CERTIFICATE, one final proof of citizenship, could be presented that gives NO ONE DOUBT?
I'm getting just a LITTLE BIT (okay, a LOT) tired of good Americans being regarded by this administration as silly and uninformed for asking questions, aren't you?



Faith said...
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Faith said...

I'm not tired of this question, it's frustrating but it's important. The video raises important questions that should be answered definitively, though the unworthy opposition is working hard to keep it obscure and to smear anyone who still has doubts. Sure, I'm tired of that. Looks like it's stacked against us though.

I certainly agree that Obama talks like a Muslim -- "Holy Koran" and "revealed" -- yet there's a headline up on Yahoo today objecting to people who say he is a Muslim as if anyone is just stupid and uninformed to take such remarks of his seriously.

In this video he even openly declares he was born in Kenya -- what's all that about?

I thought finally there was an answer to all this when I recently saw the birth announcements in the Hawaiian newspapers on the date of his birth but the discussion on the video says even that doesn't make him a citizen both because of his father's British citizenship and because of his apparent citizenship in Indonesia as a child. But if there is no reason to doubt the birth announcements in those newspapers, that ought at least to put to rest the claims by the Kenyan grandmother and even his own claim to be a Kenyan? I don't know, the whole thing is bizarre. What IS the truth? Will we ever know in this life?

Anonymous said...

Questions about McCains eligibility were solved when he released his birth and State Department certificates. Why hasn't Obama released his birth certificate. What is he hiding? Does he assume we don't have a right to this information?

The issue could be resolved soon enough. You may be interested in my post for this coming Monday. We do live in interesting times.

Always On Watch said...

Wouldn't you THINK that ONE BIRTH CERTIFICATE, one final proof of citizenship, could be presented that gives NO ONE DOUBT?


I read somewhere on a news site that 20% of Americans are now questioning BHO's eligibility (citizenship) for the office of President.

Ducky's here said...
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Steve Harkonnen said...

I believe he's a closet Muslim, without a doubt.

As for his birthplace, I don't know, but if he came forth and presented some original documentation, all of this could be put to rest after the documents are certified as being authentic.

Linda said...

Yes, it would be so easy to put this all at rest, but because the birth certificate isn't being produced, the questions keep coming.

I can show my birth certificate. My grandmother, who was born in 1886 had one. All my kids and grandkids have theirs. It is a piece of paper that shows where your were born, and when.

Wouldn't you think the President of our great country would be proud to show it? No wonder there are so many questions,but these questions should have been asked and answered way before the election!

Chuck said...

Maybe he doesn't show it because he is embarrassed that he was born in the US?

Think about it...

FairWitness said...

You know Z, any "normal" person would have produced his original birth certificate by now. The fact that during the campaign, he posted the Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth document, instead of the original, shows there's something wrong here. If there wasn't he would have put this bed long ago. No wonder he doesn't give a damn about us, he isn't one of us. And he doesn't behave like a President of the United States should, because he knows he really shouldn't be and in fact, isn't the President. He's a fraud.

cube said...

WTF? Pardon my French, but on that video BO comes out and admits he was born in Kenya. Then MO admits his home country is Kenya. If they don't release paperwork to prove the opposite, why are people who believe he is a kenyan vilified?

Z said...

well, he DID fly to Hawaii that weekend his poor grandmother was dying and that weekend, they did shut the birth certificate up for good.........I always did find that a fascinating juxtaposition.

How do you all react to that line about ISLAM BEING "REVEALED"? Is that the way YOU'D PUT IT??

Opus #6 said...

The use of the term "birthers" is an Alinsky tactic. It works just as well against Democrats as Republicans and Independents. Oh, wait. It was designed to cow Americans into silence. Kudos to you, Z, for not falling into the trap. We have every right to insist Obama adheres to Constitutional requirements.

Always On Watch said...

I'm wondering if what the COLB shows that BHO doesn't want known is that his listed religion on the COLB is Islam.

Or, perhaps a father other than Obama of Kenya is listed. Wouldn't THAT be a doozie, after all the money BHO made from Dreams of My Father?

Of course, I'm just speculating.

But as long as the actual COLB isn't made available, I don't feel the least bit guilty in speculating.

christian soldier said...

Danish grandfather-to me-"Ve are in America-don't vory about the Old Country!"
He never got the w it was always a v!!
He was awarded the Purple Heart - served in WWI - as a new American immigrant (legal)..a great man and Patriot was he!!!
BTW- left you a link-artists using their musical and writing gifts to say it all!!
Oh-I'll leave it here-hope you don't mind:

christian soldier said...

BTW-I want this birth issue to continue--bho is not a truth teller!!

Z said...

Opus, I really hesitated blogging this because the leftwingers have run roughshod in preparation of making us look like utter and complete KOOKS for even questioning this stuff, but that is exactly the Alinsky-set-up and I'm not falling for it...
Remember before FOX Cable started, there was tons of "oh, man, a CONSERVATIVE station" all over the mainstream news. SO, people went into it very leery. Suddenly, people are realizing "wait a minute..FOX is the only place we get the truth and there are liberal news people and more liberal consultants and differing viewpoints presented than on ANY OTHER CABLE OR MAINSTREAM VENUE!", it's picking up...which is why Obama and Thugs are still batting away at it..

Always, exactly.if they're not producing, why do we stay quiet? Good point

Carol...I worry about the birth issue because this could create civil war if Blacks look at this as racist..and I THINK that might be part of the reason for the coverup. Not sure.
Will check your video later...I'm starving for lunch! :-)

Leticia said...

It is a tiresome question and it just takes one piece of paper to finally put that question to rest, right? So why doesn't he produce it and let the pieces fall where they may?

cube said...

This should've been evident
BEFORE the election of 2008. Any one that didn't see it then should be slapped vigorously about the head.

The worst part of the birth certificate controversy insn't that BO may not have been born in the USA, it's that he doesn't have the patriotism we expect from an American president. BO doesn't have a clue about US values. He just doesn't get it.

Fredd said...

Just drop the birther thing. He's in, he's doing damage, and we need to turn him into a major league lame duck in November.

Then in 2012 he's gone. He won't even get re-nominated, much less re-elected.

Faith said...

I posted my own blog on this earlier and got a comment from somebody telling me the video was tampered with, that words were cut out at the beginning to make it appear that Obama was claiming to be a Kenyan although he was only describing what others say about him.

This is a forged video, done by cutting out words.

I answered him that he didn't actually prove this -- read the link he gave -- merely asserted it, and that I don't see any evidence of such tampering on the video itself. If he can prove it, fine, but he hasn't.

Even if it were true that it was taken out of context, there's a lot more to the problem of Obama's citizenship than the statement about being a Kenyan.

Also. Yes, making big gains in November would help a lot, but if it could be proven that Obama has no right to the Presidency at all, as I understand it what he has done while in office CAN BE ANNULLED. Wouldn't THAT be great!

Z said...

You know everyone; the point is that any candidate who can't show a "dyed in the wool, DEFINITELY uncontestable birth certificate" can't run. Period. What's so tough about THAT????? Can you all prove YOU were born in America? Or where ever?

Fredd, you're right...I haven't touched this point and I posted the video for a point nobody else has commented on "When Islam WAS REVEALED" is odd to me. Nothing about the bc but says loads about him and Islam.

Faith...all of these clips have been used so much in other videos it's hard for me to imagine they cut them all JUST where this one did, you know?

I DON"T CARE, we're stuck with him...but that doesn't mean we're not ON TO HIM and won't be MORE CAREFUL *( Please God) in the future?

But, of course, until we have an HONEST MEDIA (which would have uncovered and revealed this bc discrepancy as fast as they did McCain's, which WAS valid), we're dead in the water as the America we knew and loved.

Faith said...

I DID comment on his statement that Islam was "revealed" in my first post, Z. He DOES talk like a Muslim even if he's nominally a Christian.

Z said...

Faith, right, I'd forgotten! Thanks for noticing that, too.

Mustang just emailed me that FOX is saying "he can't be a muslim because he ate ice cream during Ramadan", are we SO STUPID???

Joe said...

Despots don't have to tell you anything.

~Leslie said...

Figuring Obama has spent a great deal of money on lawyers over this issue, anyone with common sense can see the simple solution. To avoid the simple solution, is to give evidence that someone is hiding something...

cube said...

No one spends as much money as BO has to keep his past secret unless he has something to hide. I don't know what it is, but he IS hiding something.

Just a conservative girl said...

My theory on his birth certificate is the fact that as soon as he releases it, it no longer can be used to fling the term wingnut.

I also have a theory on his college transcripts, he didn't have the grades to get into those good schools and checked the race box in order to gain admission. Would you want to admit you got where you are by using the race card? I wouldn't.

Yes, there are some questions, but lets be honest here, even if he released it, people would still say it was somehow faked.

We need to get SCOTUS to rule on Natural Born Citizen. If you go by the federalist papers defition, he isn't qualified to be president as his father was not a citizen when he was born. But until the court rules on what that actually means, we can't do anything. I seriously doubt the court would take it up while he is still the sitting president.

beamish said...

Obama is a Muslim.