Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Faith Blog...and a super blog referral!

For the beauty of the earth
For the glory of the skies,
For the love which from our birth
Over and around us lies.

Lord of all, to Thee we raise,
This our hymn of grateful praise.

For the beauty of each hour,
Of the day and of the night,
Hill and vale, and tree and flower,
Sun and moon, and stars of light.

Lord of all, to Thee we raise,
This our hymn of grateful praise.

So much beauty in the world.......The photos above are shots from Salzburg, Austria, taken by Ms Z, Mr. Z's daughter....... Have a VERY beautiful Sunday...put aside the worries and cares about our country and our world and concentrate on God's beautiful creations!

A friend sent me THIS LINK.....It's a wonderful site called GIVES ME HOPE and it's all about the real important beauty in the world....take a look, it'll cheer you up, I promise!



FrogBurger said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for reminding us of beauty.

Always On Watch said...

I love this video, Z!

One of my favorite hymns, too.

I'm going to post it at IBA -- taking a break from all the ugliness.

Opus #6 said...

Beautiful, Z. We must remember it is a great world we live in and why.

JINGOIST said...

Among the incredible pictures one REALLY stood out. How about that bamboo walk? The other pictures were beautiful for sure, but I don't think I've ever seen anythink quite like the bamboo walk.

WomanHonorThyself said...

lovely Z!

Z said...

I'm glad you all liked the video so much...and the hymn and pictures.
It's important to remember good things...sometimes that's not so easy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Z. It does feel good to lose oneself in such pure beauty, if even for a few moments. It helps.


David Wyatt said...

Thank you Z! Reminds me of another of my favorites, Maltby Babcock's "This Is My Father's World!" God Bless.

TomG said...

Salzburg photo - what a coincidence, having just watched The Sound of Music for the first time in over a decade easily. The scenes are so spectacular, their valleys so perfect, it's easy to see how Mozart got so inspired to write his perfect melodies. Cheers, Tom

Z said...

Tom, I'm glad you came by when you did because my stepdaughter who took the shots corrected me as I'd had STRASBOURG instead of SALZBURG!! You wouldn't have known these, too, were the Austrian Salzburg of THE SOUND OF MUSIC! I guess I wasn't thinking when I typed Strasbourg!!

Thanks for coming by. Any time!

David, that's a really good song ,too, that's for sure.

Pris, wasn't that video amazing? I usually get bored with rec'ing so many of that 'beautiful whatever' email stuff, but I'm glad I stuck with this one!

sue said...

z - We always sang that hymn in the Methodist Church when I was growing up.

I wish you would label the pictures - sometimes I think I've been there.

~Leslie said...

Sometimes it takes more strength to quiet the world, the news, the stressful things for just a moment and take in the beauty around you.

Lovely pictures, Z.

Jewel -The Testy Infidel said...

Who performed the lovely Celtic version of this hymn. Simply beautiful! Oh, and the word verification reads creatici

Teresa said...

The poem was very inspiring and the video was beautiful.

Z said...

Sue,the Salzburg pictures? That's as good as it gets as she was all over the city for a wedding and I just took my faves and published them. I always tell where the pictures are from.
It's a beautiful city, isn't it?

Leslie, it sure takes strength when your mind is mourning what we're all mourning these days, you know?

Jewel, I don't it on Google...Most of the melodies for the words are a different melody and it took a while to find a good video with the melody I know.

Teresa, thanks, the words are from the hymn, FOR THE BEAUTY OF THE EARTH..really nice, aren't they!

sue said...

Z - I just said that because it seems like so often the pictures I've seen on your blog are from Germany and Austria, and I feel as if I've been there.

But there are so many beautiful scenes in those countries that I'm never sure. Salzburg is great.
We would take family there when they came to visit.

sue said...

My mistake - I sometimes read over things too fast.

Z said...

Sue, I'm not quite getting you...those are from Salzburg, Austria; you took people there to visit when they came to your house?

Anonymous said...

Z., I did a day trip to Salzburg in Oct. 1999 (part of my Germany trip) and absolutely loved the city. It was my first experience eating roasted chestnuts from a street vendor... the weather was blue skies, around 45-50 degrees F, sunny and brisk, and the chestnuts tasted wonderful. One of my favorite memories of that vacation.

Thank you for the pictures. So beautiful.

Mrs. FrogBurger

sue said...

We lived in Germany. Our family would come to visit and we made several trips to Salzburg and of course S. Germany. My husband was in the military and we had two tours over there.

Z said...

Hi, Mrs FB! Oh, that description of the roasted chestnuts makes me feel such longing to be still living in PARIS< too! the street vendors pop up on the corners and sell those in the winter and it smells SO SO GOOD, doesn't it?
What a lovely day you had, thanks for that. Salzburg is definitely GORGEOUS.

Sue, I forgot you lived there..I'm sorry! Thanks for clearing that up. You enjoyed living there? How many years were you there?

sue said...

Z - We loved Germany. Our first tour was three years and the second about the same when we had the two girls.

I have such good memories of not only the German people - who were friendly and kind - but of the places we visited.

We went to Southern Germany, which is so beautiful, and also took side trips on the weekends. I haven't been back since, but love to think about it.

Pam said...

What a beautiful hymn, which I hadn't heard or sung in years. Thanks for bringing it to mind.

Z said...

Hi, Pam, so glad you like it, too xxx

Sue, I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much. I LOVED living in Germany but only lived there a total of a year or so..3 months , then 2 months, then 4 months a year later, etc..that kind of thing.
But, i had GREAT times there..Mr. Z traveled a lot while we were living there and we had furnished apartments a few times but then I rented a room from a woman who became a great friend of ours..she had a bedroom with an en suite bath and it was just right for us for a few months at a time... it was an amazing apartment and she and I got to be great friends.
I could live in Munich tomorrow...of course, going now would be very painful as those wonderful times were mostly with Mr. Z...his friends, his old stomping ground, his university, his restaurants he introduced me to. I attended German language school every single day, too..LOVED that. I got to know Munich well enough to give tours for wives who accompanied their husbands there for mtgs with Mr. Z, but it was still HIS CITY, you know?
Maybe in a few years I"ll go..his kids really want me to come.
What wonderful people there,you're right..and the food's so good, too. I love the traditional customs of seasonal foods, etc...lovely experiences. I could write more than four books of great paris and Munich experiences...

sue said...

Z - Of course, it would be hard for you to go back now, but I hope you do visit sometime.

We did go to Munich, but we lived first in a charming, sprawling town called Aschaffenburg. I loved it there. Later we moved to Hanau. The second time we lived in Frankfurt.

The food was so great. We go to a small German restaurant here where the decor is authenic and the food fabulous.

I learned enough German to get us around. I'm studying Spanish now but often German words come to my mind.

sue said...

z - My biggest dream would be to spend time in Paris to study piano and paint. I have only done a weekend tour there but it is better than nothing.

Z said...

Sue, good that you got that much German. I'm told that many Americans don't bother, even when they're there for years..Paris, too...they just speak English and I don't think you get the whole 'flavor' of a country without at least trying to speak the language.

I hadn't oil painted in years until we moved to paris and then I did..and have paintings all over my living room BY ME now :-) Not excellent by a long shot, but not too bad...and pretty rewarding. When there, I thought "if you're ever going to paint again, this is the place!"
I haven't painted anything since returning 7 1/2 years ago...except a few watercolors.

sue said...

Z - I studied French in high school but I think it is much harder than German.

I paint with acrylics - it seems to be more my style.

Z said...

I like acrylics, too, it's faster, but I did start liking the ability to move into the oils again hours later, before it dried, you know?
I'd probably do acrylics today, though...

I think French is more difficult, difficult as the German grammar is. The German accent is way easier ..but I was thrilled that the young French kid with whom I had lunch on Saturday (and blogged about) said my accent was really surprisingly good. THAT felt nice to hear!

sue said...

Z - Are you saying that with oils you can paint some more even before it dries - without having it smear?

Z said...

yup...the oils can stay wet for a few days and it works....I was pleased to see that difference when painting in Paris.
Plus, the odd thing was that oils used to STINK and they didn't...maybe they've taken the smell out somehow, it can't be peculiar to France since many paints come from there.
I know a lot of painters who prefer oils because they can more easily go in and change things.

sue said...

Z - Interesting. I have so many acrylic paints that I don't know if I would ever switch to oil. I do think that oil gives a much better looking painting - I mean, isn't that what the masters used?

I've never been interested in watercolor.

Did you read about the 8 yr. old boy whose paintings have brought him thousands of dollars? From