Friday, August 20, 2010

Who's trying to KEEP them SLAVES?: Black Americans speak out..........this is a joy

Thanks to friends and fellow bloggers LA SUNSETT and LESLIE for this fantastic video. SEND THIS AROUND, folks! People need to see this...Black America speaks in ways our leftwingers and media simply can't accept and won't publicize . Great stuff. Enjoy.


cube said...

Wow. Thanks for posting that. It what we've been saying for years, but it's so uplifting to hear it from blacks.

Z said...

Cube, ISN'T IT? It's so refreshing! Talking about how many black babies have died at the hands of Planned Parenthood, and how welfare has been the bane of Black America's existance..."keep them down", the mantra of the far left; I SO HOPE THESE OUTSTANDING AMERICANS IN THE VIDEO KEEP IT UP AND GET MORE PUBLIC AIRING...AMERICA NEEDS IT!

Linda said...

I reposted this. It is pretty powerful, and I'm glad there are some sensible blacks around. I always knew there were, but we don't hear from them often enough. The same can be said of our Muslim friends.

FrogBurger said...

Wow! Exactly what Thomas Sowell says in his books. But nobody wants to read either.

Brooke said...

What?!? Ducky hasn't been by yet to call everyone in this video an Uncle Tom and you a racist for posting it?


Thank goodness there are members of the black community that see the Democratic party for exactly what it is!

Anonymous said...

OMG! That was just beyond words. Awesome! Just awesome.

Finally someone has the guts to say this. Thank you.

This made my day!

Thanks Z! Hope you are well. xo

Anonymous said...

Z,this is a great video. Thank you for posting it.

Bless these people for speaking out and for standing up for the truth!

Maybe with any luck, their message will resonate with the larger community of Americans.

Especially black Americans who have felt the sting of paternalism from their government. From those who would tell them, "trust me, I'll hold your hand and take care of you".

Run away? You bet! Each of us is our own master.

This Pastor is so spot on. The chains of dependence are there, but, not as clearly seen as those made of steel.

Today's chains can be cut with the realization that it is the elitist government which keeps them in their place.

It is the government which decides how tightly held those chains will be.

It is the government which gives just enough to keep them on it's plantation.

And now, for the "progressives" in government this isn't enough. They desire to have us all on their plantation.

Well, we the people, say a loud NO, we will not stand for this.

So, I make the call to black people or any out there who have awakened to the "progressive" scheme to rob us of our freedom, to join us, join the grassroots effort to fight back against this insidious and evil effort to enslave us all.

We have to, once and for all, declare the poverty pimps as relics of the past, and assign "progressive elitists" to the same fate! To do that, just vote the bums out.


Ducky's here said...
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Brooke said...

Z: Did I call it, or what? LOL!

FrogBurger said...

Bet he even thinks progressives are responsible for draconian drug laws and mandatory sentencing that have put so many black men in jail.

The law doesn't put you in jail. The ones that break the law go to jail.

Victimhood at its best.

Z said...

You sure did, Brooke!
Apparently, drug abuse in the Black community is our fault, too :-)...had to delete yet another silly sarcastic comment..with relief.

FB, well, you quoted from Ducky's comment I deleted, but that's okay...your response is, of course, sublime.

Ducky's here said...

Why do you think this is particularly revelatory?

The black clergy is extremely conservative, this is nothing new.

Ducky's here said...

No it isn't your fault, z but it also isn't the fault of Liberals.

Sue said...

AWESOME! I got goosebumps. I posted this to Facebook. This needs to be seen! Have you seen the direction Glen Beck has gone in the past 3 days. Eyeopening, to say the least.

Also, would you go to my blog, last post, last comment (from "White House") and see if you know who or what has spammed me? Thanks, Z!

Brooke said...

Oh, my side, my side!

Keep commenting, Ducky. You are truly a laugh riot!

Z said...

Ducky, listen to the Blacks in that video, not all pastors...listen to whom THEY blame. And why.

Sue, I'll be right there...
Good that you used this video, too!

Brooke; ain't that the truth !!

Law and Order Teacher said...

I think the phrase is the soft bigotry of low expectations. I see it everyday in school. Smart black kids who are shamed into dumming themselves down. It is heartbreaking to see these intelligent young people being led down the path to a miserable life. I've seen the other side and the waste of human lives. Slavery indeed.

Z said...

>Law and Order..can you talk to these kids? Can you tell them they can succeed if they want to?

David Wyatt said...

Powerful. These people have a message that must be gotten out. I'm thankful they are doing it. The liberal screams & attempts to paint it racist are a last-gasp attempt to keep their death-grip on this country.