Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sherrod and Breitbart...where'd it go?

It was all the RAGE, remember? Liberal America's media was REELING and the Obama White House was SO angry, too! MY GOSH, Breitbart had REALLY DONE IT NOW!

But, then.....Ms. Sherrod's husband's video came out and stories like THESE came out.........and Sherrod doesn't look quite so wonderful anymore, does she

And, suddenly.........END OF STORY. Where is the media on THIS? Are they happy again? Is Shirley on vacation in the South of France? Is the media with her? Where'd this story GO?

I care less about the story, frankly, than I do about the zeitgeist and "how quickly we forget" when the tables get turned again. They sure were ON IT when everybody was so angry at the Conservative!



Faith said...

It is funny how silent it's been for a while now. I've been wondering what's happening about her suing Breitbart, if she's really going through with it or what. Is that simmering in the background so we can expect it to erupt sometime in the future or what? He hasn't been saying anything about it at his blog, though I haven't looked in a couple days so I might have missed something. Eventually I'd expect he'd have to say whether it's going through or been dropped or what, no?

JINGOIST said...

Where's the media? I think you've pegged it Z. This vomitous black hole of taxpayer money(Sherrod) never deserved an apology, and that's been my stance all along.

Thanks for keeping this alive, we need to make sure this whole story goes viral before they shut down conservative bloggers.

Elmers Brother said...

"I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race." Barrack Obama, Dreams of My Father

Chuck said...

Z, this is no different than any other liberal outrage. It's all hot air.

What we have gotten to in this country is that the left makes a statement (usually untrue), the media runs with it, it becomes true. When they are confronted with the truth they slink away, the media all of a sudden has no interest in the story, the public continues to believe the lie because they are not being told otherwise.

I think the most telling part of this story is the lack of a lawsuit. I told my wife that if she were dumb enough to sue him it would be an interesting show.

In the media she can tell her side of the story with no concern about the facts and her side is the only side told. In court she would be held to a much higher standard and he would be able to tell his story. This is the last thing she wants.

Anonymous said...

you're right chuch, anyone notice that the NYT had to retract the story about the black congressman getting spat on by the tea party....the NYT did on, like page
A20 suggesting there was not enough evidence.

Anonymous said...

We want to help our friends at the NAACP out so they can repeat the bogus charges consistently in the future:

1. Rep John Lewis never said he was spat upon

2. For that matter, Rep. John Lewis never said he heard people calling him the “N-word”, it was Rep. Andre Carson who said he heard it. (I know, you’ve been TOLD that Rep. John Lewis said he was called the “N-Word” that day, but go ahead, Google it. You’ll see. He is not on record personally making the charge. Curious, isn’t it?)

3. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver DID claim HE was spat on, but then after he and everyone else in the world reviewed the video and saw that errant spittle from a man screaming “Kill the Bill!” is what hit Rep Cleaver, he walked back the charge.

4. As it is true Rep. Cleaver also said he heard the “N-word” the day he was walking with Rep. Lewis to the Capitol from the Cannon office building, this claim is completely and utterly false. You see Rep. Cleaver wasn’t walking with Rep. Lewis that day. We know this because we have video tape of Rep. Lewis and Rep. Carson walking to the capitol at the precise moment and at the precise place Rep. Carson claims to have heard the “N-word” fifteen times from fifteen people. Rep. Cleaver is no where to be found. And the “N-word” is nowhere to be heard.

Z said...

Anonymous, I thought of that the other day when they were accusing the blacks on the dais (see my post a few down under this) of doing anything to John Lewis. I don't remember seeing him IN the videos.
NOBODY was spat on..that's very clear.
What are you suggesting about that?

Faith, Glad you noticed that, too. Breitbart's laying real low, I've noticed. When law suits are threatened, I guess it's best to say nothing under the advice of your attorneys. Breitbart's no shrinking violet but he does have four small children to think about if this thing gets big.
I think Sherrod's reconsidering, myself. She sure doesn't want all that Georgia farm money she got too much advertised, as I said in my post !! And I"m sure the USDA chief Vilsack (sp?) doesn't want HIS huge involvement in that, either $$
What astonishes me is that it's fairly clear the WH is pulling the media's strings...that's something I never thought would happen quite to the extent it is.
it's something we need to be watching.

Jingo, struck me as odd how this case disappeared, and we all know that happens fairly frequently. Actually, we should keep track of them, could prove telling. (Telling something we KNOW, of course)

Elmer's Brother....imagine a media which wouldn't have found that fascinating in a presidential candidate? They'd have CREAMED a Black Republican candidate..imagine?

Z-man said...

This is one of my complaints about the msm in general, lack of followup. I'm sure you've heard of that workplace massacre in CT over a week ago. Two or three day news story but no followup. Did the guy have a history of mental disorders? nada, zippo. It was enough to call Bud racist. Breitbart & Sherrod, I was wondering where it went too. I still think it's an interesting story. It's like with Shaw, sometimes she's all over you and other times it's like where'd she go? Today it's the flight attendant.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I love how the MSM wrings the racism charge out every situation along with its mandatory trashing of any conservative within miles of the "racism." Shameful indictment of the alleged "fourth branch of government."

cube said...

I think Shirley's past caught up with her. She wasn't the big hero they all thought she was at first. And, because they control most of what we see and hear, they've decided to move on. Nothing to see here.

Z said...

Cube, interesting you'd use the term 'move on'....yup. double entendre!? :-)

Z-man...could be an interesting news show to just do something called "FOLLOW UP ON THE NEWS", you know? A show dedicated to journalists searching for the truth, impartial, just the facts. Oh, wait a minute: there aren't any that COULD do that anymore (right!?) sad

Law and's shameful, absolutely.

MK said...

The leftist media always go to ground when their particular heroes turn out to be not-so-great. And when they used said hero to smear a conservative, they go completely awol when it turns out their smearing wasn't quite justified.

beamish said...

I see it as a non-news issue. The left is shown to be stupid slightly more often than birds crap on windshields, so it's never brought to the screen. It's passe.

"Shirley Sherrod is a corrupt racist bureaucrat that makes the left look bad on specifics? Well, duh."

Anonymous said...

Lenin, 1917: Class-based International Socialism

Hitler, 1933: Race-based National Socialism

Obama, 2008: Class- and Race-based Post-National Socialism


FrogBurger said...

I love the blog without the Duck. Much easier to read. I don't have to do too much skipping :)

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of Breitbart because when Sherrod threatened a lawsuit, he didn't get all nervous and start back tracking. He's earned my deep respect ... for whatever that's worth.

Facts are amazing things, aren't they? Sherrod is a racist; and she is corrupt. Naturally, she doesn't think so because you see, she thinks that she is entitled to that $13 million settlement and a six-figure salary with USDA ... because of the slavery thing and the abuses heaped upon "her people" by -- GASP -- progressives.

I think its time Americans started taking back their country. That would be Americans whose skin color is red, white, and blue; everyone else can piss off.

Semper Fi

LibertyAtStake said...

It went straight to Andy Warhol's "15 Minutes" graveyard. The male stewardess is next.
"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"