Monday, August 23, 2010

Teleprompter cues..............:-)

Oh, I KNOW this isn't very nice but, hey, he's doing so much harm to America that I figured "Which is worse, a little joke, or ruining America?" So, I'm posting it. Thanks, SilvrLady!


beamish said...


I still say he'd enunciate the ingredients of chewing gum if someone hacked his teleprompter to read that way.

He's already been caught delivering a speech the prime minister of Britain was going to deliver because someone mixed up the teleprompter cues.

The guy is genuinely clueless. Makes Jimmy Carter look like a rocket surgeon.

FrogBurger said...

Excellent. He needs it because he walks in a weird way.

Chuck said...

Onion News ran a clip about him having a teleprompter mishap that was real funny. Sorry, don't have the link

Anonymous said...

I saw the onion clip it was great.
Maybe if he did not hate information so much they could put instuctions in his Black Berry.

Z said...

You'll laugh at this loving account of Obama's time at Martha's Vineyard, I swear! OH, the poor man...staying on a lousy 30 acre property and only getting out for ice cream and a bookstore (I wonder if he got asked for ID with that ice cream?)...oh, the poor man...vacationing less than Bush by this point, as the articles ALL love to point out ...tho Bush was 90% at Crawford having international guests and meetings there..
Poor Obama has to have briefings and really can't get away from it all, according to this article.
Oh, BROTHER, the media is just too much in love!

OH, and it did forget to mention the MISS ME YET? T shirts with Bush's picture on them which all of us have heard are selling pretty well even on that leftwing island!?

MK said...

Why are you apologizing for it Z, haven't you heard of liberals famous sense of humor, you know the one they throw at conservatives all the time after smearing them. I'm sure liberals have it too otherwise they would demand it from us, so they won't mind if we make fun of their idiot hero.

Take the teleprompter and his focus groups away and i'm sure liberals will agree, obumboy is a bit of a dunce.

~Leslie said...

Laughing!!! That is so funny! It is okay, Z, we conservatives are the group that is allowed to laugh.

Thanks for posting that!